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  1. nassauman9

    Chapter 12

    You do know how to bring a smile to my face.....I could use a Tom in my life now...lol.
  2. Wayne: I've been catching up and reading a lot of your stories. This one was particularly moving. Keep on writing!!!
  3. A new story line and characters!!!! YES big time.:)
  4. Mark:

    To say the least these are very trying times. I so look forward to your being able to write chapters and continue the sagas. In addition to the fact that they are so well written.....the characters have become family in a way and it is comforting to see how they progress through their "lives". Please know you have the support of a lot of people. Thanks for being here!!



  5. nassauman9

    Chapter 18

    You have been missed!!
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. nassauman9

    Chapter 13

    Definitely one of your best stories!!
  8. I just binged all 24 chapters in about 2 days.....faster man...faster!! Can't wait.:)
  9. nassauman9

    Cut the Cake

    There is more than one answer depending on where the rectangular piece was removed. If the piece was clearly to one side a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner would ensure that one piece was half the cake. Or, a vertical cut could be made, if the piece was clearly to the left or right of center...or a horizontal cut be made if it were clearly above or below the half way mark. OK...yes I'm a math geek....but I do like your stories. BTW.....I love carrot cake but without the frosting. Do you put raisins and nuts in yours? LOL.
  10. nassauman9

    Chapter 18

    I knew he would be singing that song from Carousel. It was the perfect choice. And, I must say the tears were running down my cheeks. As always, you have such a great spin on stories. I look forward to your next one. And, you will never walk alone.
  11. nassauman9


    Sequels....that would be nice!!! This was a fun tease.
  12. nassauman9

    Chapter 11b

    I think you have developed the story very well. People just need to be patient.
  13. nassauman9

    Chapter 16

    Your stories are always a pleasure to read. I would hope that some teenagers read it, as well. Do they allow under 18 to do so here? But you give hope and encouragement to all the characters. Reggie would be a great character to follow as he ages! Great job, Ron!!
  14. nassauman9

    Chapter 14

    One of your very best chapters!!!
  15. nassauman9

    Chapter 13

    First of all.. you have a good semester Mark....and don't get too bogged down so that you don't have the necessary time to write all this good stuff!! JJ just went up in my estimation...he's not the easy pushover that you might expect. Great ending to the chapter!!
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