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  1. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 1

    Now you've done it. Cant wait to hear about thanksgiving great story
  2. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 17

    Hoping all is well.
  3. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 37

    I am constantly amazed at your ability to maintain not just one but two epic tales at the same time. It is interesting to find a dashing young man that Granger has not even attempted to bed, nor does he seem to be tempted by. No wonder some of us are suspicious of him. I expected more angst from Granger when he had to watch Valiant sail into battle without him, in spite of his confidence in Weston.
  4. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 14

    Just discovered Black Widiw on Friday. Loving it. Way to go JJ! I'm gong to have to take a few more days rereading to put all the pieced together. Has anyone been brave enough to compile a "family tree"?
  5. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 34

    I only began reading the series in 2012. The title Oddesy caught my eye and after reading the first chapter I decided I'd best go back and start at the beginning. Very glad I did. I was also glad when I caught up and was prevented from going on s reading binge - eyes burning at two in the morning so I could get in one more chapter. I fear we have not heard the last of the Elgins, bad pennies just keep turning up. I have no doubt the quest for the one eyed priest will yield some surprises as well. You always keep us guessing.
  6. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 50

    I've been following quietly from the start (books 1 & 2) and love to speculate on what's going to happen next. I'm often surprised by what comes up, and I'm sure the characters have surprised you from time to time as well. Keep up the good work - and the good writing!
  7. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 3

    Well, I was at the opposite end of the spectrum from Lynette, I thought Tom was going to tell him that it was a family company and Noah, in spite of the name change wasn't family. I'm still blind about the seeds of discontent, except for a lot of changes. I imagine I'll be enlightened as time goes on. Waiting with anticipation for the next chapter.
  8. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 1

    I ran across this on Nifty, although I have been a Moving On reader for some time (and occasional commenter.) I've now signed on to the Moving On website, so don't know if I will post here much, although I did find Moving On while perusing Gay Authors. I dearly hope Zach doesn't get hurt too badly by this. I was a surrogate stepdad for 6 years, when his dad and I broke up it got very messy and I know the boy was hurt and confused and the father made sure there was nothing I could do about it. No doubt there is a long and winding road that led to the separation / breakup / whatever. But y
  9. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 44

    you had me in tears. well done.
  10. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 41

    A couple of centuries ago when I was young we used to visit San Francisco every year the day after Thanksgiving. It wasn't known as Black Friday back then, and while somewhat crowded the stores weren't packed. Mostly the day was marked by the appearance of Santa in all the big department stores, and the fact that Christmas decorations had magically appeared as well. Looking back on it I can imagine that there wasn't a store decorator in any urban area that ever got to actually enjoy Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. Oh for the days when Christmas decorations really didn't show up till afte
  11. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 9

    nice to see alex showing some muscle when bonnie started pushing again. and yes she is trying to make kei's life what she believes it should be, which of course is not whats best for him but best for her, she is unable to see the difference between the two. very nice transitional chapter.
  12. KaimukiMan

    Chapter 38

    Well Zach's move to the center of the story is certainly true to life. I had the joy of playing stepdad for almost 6 years. Glad to see the father move on, but loosing the son in my life was a killer. As anyone with children or who has dated someone with children knows, they become the pivot point around which everything else must be balanced. I'm very glad you broke the chapter in half, much more readable this way and it give the people important in Scott's life a chance to shine on their own. It's hard to compete with Disney after all.
  13. ". . . she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead." I never really doubted it, but I'm glad to have it confirmed. Aside from that I am going to miss Atlantis, her crew, the Professor and Mary Ann; oh wait.. wrong ship, wrong story. It has been quite a ride, and although I came somewhat late to the story (not quite a year ago) my Tuesday's haven't been the same without news from the far reaches of the globe. Would have been nice to have attended the wedding, perhaps the goatwriter will see fit to incorporate that into some other tale some other time. And while it is
  14. KaimukiMan

    Valentines Day

    Looks like i picked the right time to start reading this story, hope you won't let it drop again for so long, but I understand that sometimes the muse just stays away. You have a unique ability to work the sex scenes in so naturally, make them an integral part of the story. I've totally bought in to your characters, even Tom the Tormented. God knows Mark is going to get hurt somewhere along the line, but such is life sometimes. Max is going to absolutely freak. They are going to have to put him back in that hospital bed with both the wrist and ankle restraints. Loving it.
  15. not sure how long ago this was written. started reading the chapters a day or so ago and have gotten wrapped up in the story. to be honest its nice to have a chapter end where i'm not sitting on the edge of my chair wondering what comes next. i think if i had to read it a chapter at a time it would drive me nuts. very well written.
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