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  1. Wyndham

    Chapter 10

    He needs to give Ali a chance. Gorgeous guys like the barman are too good looking to sustain a 'normal' relationship. This old cynic doesn't believe they could remain faithful for a start.
  2. Wyndham

    Chapter 9

    I should be so lucky..! Many, many years ago when going to the gym was still possible for me, I used to have dreams about meeting some of the guys in the gym. It almost worked out a few times, but, no luck.
  3. Wyndham

    Chapter 8

    Another fabulous chapter. Keep them coming
  4. Wyndham

    Chapter 38

    I'm stumped at what to write. All the best compliments have already been written. So all I can offer is a simple thank you for a great story, well written.
  5. Wyndham

    Chapter 5

    Worth checking a few of the other later chapters with the same problem.
  6. Wyndham

    Chapter 11

    Me too. I'm really enjoying it, especially imagining the boys in their speedos. Swimming was always my favourite class at school even though the swimming master always worked us really hard.
  7. Wyndham

    Chapter 10

    I don't know how I would have copied if I had been in the same situation. We never had any high jinks in the swimming changing room at my school - pity!
  8. Wyndham

    Chapter 6

    Oh the anticipation..!
  9. Wyndham

    Chapter 5

    Something has gone wrong with the font size at the end of chapter Five. Another good read.
  10. Wyndham

    Chapter 4

    There's everything to like about this story. Cute guys, speedos, nudity, good humour and laughter. Well done.
  11. Wyndham

    Chapter 7

    Quite right. Never saw that coming. Still living the story.
  12. Wyndham

    Chapter 3

    Don't apologise. You are setting the place just right. Still living the story.
  13. Wyndham

    Chapter 2

    I'm really getting into this story. Well written, thank you.
  14. Wyndham

    Chapter 1

    Such a pity that this story appears to have been abandoned. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first chapter not least because of the good grammar and spelling, something sorely lacking in many online stories.
  15. Difficult chapter this with so much going on. At least the good guys seem to be okay.
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