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  1. elisabeth1

    Chapter VIII

    Glad to see Christopher display some chutzpah! Gregory crouching in a puddle in his (wet) dress clothes and fishing for the rest of his clothing was particularly delicious. Can’t wait to see what happens during the reading of the will.
  2. Whew that was worth the wait! I can’t wait for things to escalate between them - the tension continues to ratchet up!
  3. So glad Ira is back! I do feel sad for Ira, having to deal with so many lies and so much deceit just when he’s become a Dama for the first time.
  4. I bet the cub-puppies would be SUPER cute!
  5. Hooray, a new chapter! I knew Walker would come to the rescue!
  6. I’ve missed this story until today, and it’s been great fun catching up all at once. There were some super intense and angst-filled chapters, so I’m glad I read them all together. I loved that once Drake realized what he wanted he was willing to jump in and commit completely. Can’t wait for the epilogue!
  7. I’m loving these two together! Larry is so fun. I can’t wait for him to learn to love himself and Walker at the same time.
  8. elisabeth1

    Chapter 26

    I waited until the story was complete to start reading, and I’m so glad! It was enjoyable to read all at once and I think I would have missed too many details if I read one chapter at a time. Up until the very end I still wasn’t sure how the trial would turn out. Nice work!
  9. elisabeth1

    Chapter 10

    I’m terribly sorry to hear that! I’m thrilled you intend to continue the story and wish you all the best for a full recovery.
  10. elisabeth1

    Chapter 10

    I’ve just caught up, and I’m almost sorry to have done so! My heart sank when I saw the last update was August. I’ve loved the story thus far and I hope you’ll return to finish it!
  11. I’ve spent the last week reading the Blueblood books, starting at the very beginning. Now I’m caught up and fully invested in Colin and Devon’s story (and that of all their friends and family). Thank you for sharing this creative and intriguing adventure with us. Throughout the books, I also feel that I’ve become emotionally invested in your love story Eric. I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved Daniel. Thank you for sharing him with us through your writing.
  12. Oh my goodness, go save the twins already! I’m so nervous for them.
  13. elisabeth1


    Oops, yes, I crossed pairs. While the sexy scenes might have some merit, I don’t think Simon or Lucien would want to take on both Amshel and Felix!!
  14. elisabeth1

    Chapter 42

    Loved this story, and I can only imagine the hijinks Drew and Quent will get up to in business together!
  15. I can’t wait, but it seems like chapters 1-3 are missing! I can only access chapter 4!
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