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  1. Really enjoyed the first story so I can't wait for this one. Thanks for continuing the story so we can see where the boys end up. Any chance of coming back to Cards on the Table. Hoping to get more of the tale.
  2. The whole series was phenomenal. As with other great series always sad to see it come to an end. Many thanks for completing the series and even giving us a glance into the future. Perhaps you will come back to these characters and either fill in the time or chronicle president cj time in office Can’t wait to see what else you write. Please don’t put the pen down. You have a lot to say
  3. dlg0724


    What a great story. Sorry to see,it come to an end. Sequel?
  4. dlg0724

    Chapter 11

    Thanks for completing the tale of Ryan and Eric. Of course, we all hope for part three. I for one want to see how they get the son with Eric’s eyes and Ryan’s smile!
  5. dlg0724

    Chapter 59

    I’m late to discovering this wonderful series. Has been fantastic so far. Have to plug CAP. I started Granger story after reading the last complete book in CAP. Haven’t been disappointed and I think I am learning something. Poor Fowler though! Bloody natives.
  6. thanks for also making the books available on the premium part of gay authors. I picked up where I left off.
  7. do you have plans to publish your series at other sites than Amazon/Kindle. I prefer to keep some of my reading secret from others who share my kindle account. The series up to MetaBattles has been great. Hats off to all the work you have clearly put into this.
  8. Good luck on the publishing front. First werewolf series I have begun reading and I'm hooked. Who thought they could be so sexy! Series is certainly worth buying. please let us know where you are publishing so your fans can find you. You mentioned "appropriate payment" in another post but you didn't say where.
  9. Was reading metabattles and the series (books 4-8) have disappeared off the site. Any ideas?
  10. dlg0724

    Chapter 25

    Just finished. I echo the reviews above. You have some great characters and a wonderful plot. Looking forward to seeing where devin goes from here. Hope Alex can find some happiness also
  11. dlg0724

    Epilogue 2

    Looking forward to the next story. Hope you will consider a sequel so we can find out if parenthood is in the cards for these too. thanks for all the time and hard work you put into this story and the others you have written. Will definitely keep reading.
  12. dlg0724

    Chapter 27

    Keep coming back to this story. I get caught up, leave it for a while but too good to stay away long. Waiting to see where Matt and Andy end up. Hope you continue with them through college. Your characters keep getting more complex Great story line. Thanks
  13. dlg0724

    Chapter 25

    I have really been enjoying your series. Amazing job getting into the head of all your characters and bringing them to life. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into your stories. I would highly recommend Knots to anyone interested in reading about the struggles of youth coming to terms with their sexuality.
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