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  1. JackBinimbul

    Art in progress

    Where I toss up pieces I'm currently working on
  2. Looked through all your pumpkin work and it's really quite amazing.
  3. Ya know...I know it's supposed to be about visibility and all, but I have such strong objections to NCO. I have watched people peer-pressured in to coming out to friends and/or family when they aren't ready or are at risk for doing so. I've watched people berate, ridicule and even out "friends" who have refused to participate. I've watched anti-LGBT groups trolling NCO hashtags for fresh, vulnerable victims. The most at risk are minors who may not take into account the nuance, intricacies and far-reaching impact of jumping on the bandwagon. While I fully support som
  4. That's how you break your foot as a martial artist, Mikie. Though if you wanna arabesque someone to death, I'm willing to watch.
  5. Things have either changed with this system in the past year or I've gone senile. 1. Is there a way for me to change which image shows as a thumbnail for the entire gallery? One of my galleries has a thumbnail display of an image that isn't even in the album anymore. 2. Is there a way for me to move an image from one gallery to another while preserving comments and whatnot or do I have to delete and upload it again?
  6. JackBinimbul


    Album for art from an unnamed novel I'm working on.
  7. No one is allowed to give me rep because it's currently at 666. 

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I think that horse has already left the barn. Sorry, Jack. :hug: Glad to hear from you again. :)

      I got married back in June! :D And my 14 year old brother-in-law is coming for a sleepover today. His name is Michael, but everyone calls him Mickey. Dinner is going to be pork chops with shallots and sage butter; four cheese macaroni, balsamic roasted veggies; and a rose apple tart for dessert. So, I'm going to be busy in the kitchen with Mickey and my hubby, Morgan, tonight. :)

    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      start heading for 696 and 6666 :lol: 

    3. JackBinimbul


      @Page Scrawler Congrats on the marriage!

  8. JackBinimbul


    I definitely have the most trouble with lighting. I'm forcing myself to do more pieces like this so I get out of my comfort zone and work on it. I have a habit of working in soft pastels and it makes everything look flat, so I'm trying to get away from that. Thanks for your comments!
  9. Many More Happy Returns of the Day Pretty Guy... :wizard::wizard::wizard::music::music::music::kiss::kiss::kiss:

    1. Daddydavek


      I'll piggyback on Emi's and also wish you a very Happy Birthday!

    2. Headstall


      Happy Birthday, Jack! :wizard:

  10. It was indeed delicious! My issue was I forgot to make it deep dish before it was too late (whoops!).
  11. I felt that way until just this year. But A. I dislike having to pretend I don't have a boyfriend. B. I got tired of people threatening to out me. I knew I'd be pretty much disowned, all the same.
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