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  1. A well written and engaging story. Interesting characters that develop over the course of the story. It addresses environmental and social issues and offers hopeful future alternatives. Highly recommended!
  2. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 42

    Brilliant, simply Brilliant, thanks Mark!
  3. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 23

    Does this mean that Will's new 'Dad' could be named "Bubba" and have a lovely set of prison tats??? As always, incredible story telling.....Thank you Mark!
  4. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 40

    Powerful chapter moving us forward to new possibilities, great tension and insight into their thinking. Well worth the wait, thank you!
  5. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 1

    Thank you Mark, brilliant start. I, like so many others, can not wait for it to continue! Thank you for such a well-written and compelling beginning to my favorite series. Amazing complexity and layers already! gj
  6. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 26

    Twas a wonderful holiday gift well worth any wait! Each is a treat. Thank you for the excellent efforts at detail, characterization and superb storyline! gj
  7. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 25

    Exciting Swashbuckling Chapter! Wonder Thanksgiving gift!! Thanks! gj
  8. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 19

    The whole series over the years has shown themselves to be unique, intriguing, fascinating, and a joy to read. But I must say, the conversation with Walpole, is one of the most entertaining and amusing things I think you have written....and considering how much I enjoy all your writing, that is saying something! It is fun to read and re-read....Thank you!! gj
  9. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 22

    Mark, your stories have become a natural part of existence for your willingness to provide such well written chapters with amazing regularity. The quality and volume continue to stun! As treats, they offer a variety of fun events, insights into human behaviour, challenges to ideas and expectations of the 'everyday', and often, an emotional roller coaster dipping and twisting through our deepest fears and communal experiences. This last part, such as with 911, has allowed me to personally explore via your writing, many of my own thoughts and emotions in a way to help me better understand myself and even help to heal from traumatic events. Thank you. This time last year, you had given us Chapter 9 of 911, the family was again in Claremont, but this time they were blindly rushing towards the horror of 911. It was an unusual story for the central 'event' was something we understood could not be avoided, had such a specific time, and we could only wait through the summer to see how you might take us through this shared experience. It was traumatic, but was also a brilliant way to explore this historical tragedy. In your email announcing this current chapter of Flux, you indicated that you were, in effect, moving 'beyond 911'. Flux, to me has been a brilliant follow-up to 911 for it has allowed us to see the many ways people grieve, screw things up, and sometimes move-on. 911 will nevrer be completely over for any of them (or anyone alive at the time it occured) but thank you for allowing us to share in this healing/discovery process. It would have been easy to have such events as Wade become Will's new dad, but you do not every 'do easy'. The changes in relationship status and reforming of alliances/partnerships/friendships/love interests has been realistic and amazing. Where ever you choose to take us wth the remainder of Flux (which I hope has many more chapters!) and beyond, will, I am sure, continue to be equal parts entertaining and challenging. Again, thank you for these continued selfless gifts you continue to give your fans. gj
  10. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 2

    Well gosh and golly durn Mr Arbour..... You done did it..... After a heart-wrenching prologue, A powerfully revealling Chapter 1 and what I would say was a beautiful love story in Chapter 2 (brotherly between Will & Matt and so much more with Wade)..... you have gone and destroyed my hopes and even desire for a Brad/Wade copulatory merger of power/lust/money!!!! You, Mr Arbour, continue to amaze with your powerful story-telling. Thank you, the trajectory you have thus far set for it is exciting and I am sure will, as always, take your fans on a wonderful exploration of actions, motivations, and consequences... Congratulations on the 911 win for it is well deserved! Best Regards, Gene
  11. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 78

    Bravo Mark, Superlative ending to an incredible tale of love that explores the joy, pain, and inspiration that love/life brings. Such a gift to your readers, thank you. Gene
  12. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 75

    While its Valentine's Day in our world, you didn't challenge our blood sugars with sentimentality, another thing for which to be thankful! Loved the various parts, but the interchange between Matt and Wade was the most impactful for me. I thought back to how Matt had been such a hero when it was discovered Wade's home life was a horror. The question I have is was that time 'Matt's one shining moment'....'an apex for his honor'..... a momentary but brilliantly supportive 'quirk', or was it a response from the dominant core of his being? He was brilliant and supportive then, but it appears that it was his moment of glory and not an indicator of his dominant or overriding personality traits. Yes, Matt is graduating, suffering severe familial loss, responsibilities as captain of the team, but those things would be handled differently if he was truly heroic....alas, instead he is handling them as a typical frail human. In a day-to-day setting, I see him as a golden retriever puppy instead of the Wade's St Bernard. The puppy is fun, but still pees on the carpet and just expects others to clean up after his mess. He will wag his tale ( in this case, a particularly apt expression for Matt ), look cute and all will be well. Wade is the old St Bernard, every ready and waiting to take on the next challenge. As more and more occurs, the old dog (Wade does seem to have an old spirit) will get more and more irritated with the antics of the puppy, especially when the puppy gets in the way of his responsibilites. What could have happened, given Wade's background and over developed sense of honor, is for Wade to have let Matt's heroic moment trap them in a relationship that did not work. Feeling that he owed Matt for that help and refusing to let his own life move forward. That would eventuallly have led to a meltdown. Better now than latter, (unless you are a drama addict!). I do wonder if Wade and Matt could come together again after Wade enjoys his newly emerging freedom from much of his past and becomes accustomed to his massive responsibilities. It is really hard to compare Wade becoming a father, assuming responsiblity for incredible wealth, dealing with powerful politicians, as well as graduating & horrific losses with the things Matt are facing. Yes, to Matt, his issues are huge, but really, being Captain of the hockey team verses consulting on who the next US Senator or Governor could/would be? Their life experiences are so widely diverse right now. I respect Wade for having tried to share it with Matt, but it seems Matt justs want to pee on the carpet and expect everyone to say, ' awww, there there, good boy'. Given time, Matt may find it in himself to be the Hero he was in that shining moment resucing Wade from Wade's father, or Matt may just be a good old boy, very human, but not on the level of Wade. Dissappointing considering what he could be or could have been, but it would make Matt very, very human. Wade is thrust into the extraordinary and by all indications, seems to be rising to his calling. Maybe, one day in the future, they will meet in a bar in Washington. Matt there after seeing a professional hockey game and Wade after a fundraiser for his own Senate Campaign. It will probably be more the '45 minutes of pleasure' verses a 'renewing of the relationship' that had so much potential, but in the hands of Artist Arbour, who knows! gj
  13. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 73

    Does this mean if you did a 'double hold', we would get another chapter by morning? ; ) I do so love this story, it is entertaining, powerful and challenging. The ever-roiling emotions seem quite realistic considering all they have gone through and I think that having characters act unusually at times is both fun as well as could be expected considering, again, what incredible challenges they have faced and are facing. The occasional odd behaviour is very human. As I read through the 'sturm und drang' of the reviews, I am amazed at your near 'saint-like' patience and good humor with your unruly devotees!!! I know it is more than I would have so it is just another point of admiration. Thanks again.. Gene
  14. gjtravel2a

    Chapter 72

    A superb chapter that seems to tie loose ends up while opening a whole host of new possiblities! Will Wade become Will's Step-Father???
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