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  1. chonga

    Chapter 35

    I am in love with this story. Every day I looked forward to the new chapter which now I'm going to miss soo much. Thank you for such a beautiful story ☺
  2. Moose farts...😂😂😂 No doubt, my favorite Ira saying.
  3. chonga

    Chapter 26

  4. chonga

    Chapter 25

    Oh wow.....I know Desmond's intuition is very strong and I am hoping, very strongly, that at the very last minute he trust his guts and stops Sam from getting the tattoo because it he doesn't, I have a felling that Blair is going to be very, very upset with him 🌋
  5. chonga

    Chapter 11

    Oh no. It seems to me the dream Sam had about Eve, Blair and Spector is staring to happen now in real time. Oh Wow.....very existing.
  6. chonga

    Chapter 15

    I love Pip, he is soo cute they way he speak English, I'll miss it when the they get implants done and updated. Will Adrian and Zane see each other soon? They've come soo close to each other soo many times. Like always, excellent chapter, can't wait for the next.☺
  7. chonga

    Chapter 9

    Well, I guess we are going to find out if its Blair or Eve that makes Specter act weird. Can't wait.
  8. chonga

    Chapter 8

    Something fishy is going on, glad Specter is there , because I have a feeling Sam is going to need all the help he could get.
  9. chonga

    I Turn Thirty!!!

    Beautiful chapter. I'm crying happy tears. I love happy chapters. Thank you.
  10. Omg....Noooooo. I can't believe his own twin brother is going to have a hand at hurting Larry. I have very conflicted emotions right now, angry at what is going on, sad at how Larry's own brother is having him killed, scare because there is a possibility at Larry's beautiful alpha not getting to him on time.😲 Please, don't have us waiting too long for the next chapter. 😥
  11. chonga


    Oh wow....that was a beautiful chapter. Baby news always bring a smile to my face and this made me very happy.☺
  12. chonga

    Chapter 13

    Oh wow....I am in love with this story, and very intrigued by what Bastian became after what was done to him. Can't wait for more. ☺
  13. Thank you for reading my Cardmaker story, I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it. I hope you're aware it isn't completed, and that new chapters will arrive very slowly.

    1. chonga


      I love your stories, you are an excellent writer and I'm truly enjoying what I've been reading.

  14. I just love this story. Its beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.
  15. chonga

    Chapter 19.1

    Well, Fran has done it again ☺. And in regards to what she said, "Protect and follow the innocent mind" I think is very clear that she meant herself. Since she is soo powerful and still immensely innocent. But I could be totally wrong 😉. Anyways, is going to be fun finding out what will happen. Thanks for another excellent chapter 👏
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