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  1. chonga

    Chapter 13

    Oh wow....I am in love with this story, and very intrigued by what Bastian became after what was done to him. Can't wait for more. ☺
  2. Thank you for reading my Cardmaker story, I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it. I hope you're aware it isn't completed, and that new chapters will arrive very slowly.

    1. chonga


      I love your stories, you are an excellent writer and I'm truly enjoying what I've been reading.

  3. I just love this story. Its beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.
  4. chonga

    Chapter 19.1

    Well, Fran has done it again ☺. And in regards to what she said, "Protect and follow the innocent mind" I think is very clear that she meant herself. Since she is soo powerful and still immensely innocent. But I could be totally wrong 😉. Anyways, is going to be fun finding out what will happen. Thanks for another excellent chapter 👏
  5. chonga

    Chapter 9

    OH MY GOD😱 I have no words. I'm on the edge of my sit. Please don't make us wait too long for the next chapter.
  6. OMG....Robby is in Soooo much trouble. He is going to get it. And from his pregnant twin. Lol.....I can't even imagine what grandsloth is going to say to that. As always, can't wait for more.☺
  7. chonga

    Chapter 8

    OMG....Now that Nico and the King are in absolutely good terms, Nico has something to hide from him ugh......Thanks Becca....I understand the situation and Ruy been Nico's godson he has a duty to help. Specially since Ruy asked for said help. Let's hope this it doesn't create something between them. Again.
  8. chonga

    Chapter 8

    I am loving this story. Can't wait to see what's next for everyone.
  9. chonga

    Chapter 18.4

    Amazing chapter..... I've said it before and I'll say it again.....Fran rocks. She is my favorite....
  10. Can things get better with Ryan and Killian soon please? I just love happy love stories and that girl getting in there is just not working out for me😜
  11. OK. I'm crying.... Just a little. But just like Ryan, I know it's not over for these two. Can't wait for the reconciliation. I love it 😁
  12. chonga

    Seeking Truth

    Oh this is exiting.... I can't wait to read how Stefano found the killer(s).
  13. chonga

    Chapter 17.2

    Omg....Fran is at it again, my favorite little shifter is doing amazing things. I just can't wait to find out what those amazing things are. ☺
  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. chonga


      Thank you 😊


    1. chonga


      Thank you very much 😊

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