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  1. raj1s


    I am also disappointed with the way things were left with the Edwin/Lothar story line, but I'm hoping that maybe there's a sequel in the future with the relationship between Edwin and Lothar playing a pivotal role in the Angel/Demon conflict.
  2. raj1s


    You have no need to apologize! Time marches on and life take precedence for each of us. That said, this installment was AWESOM!!! I can barely wait to see the fallout of the rebuttal and where things go from here.
  3. raj1s


    I don't often comment, but I can't hold it back tonight. You can't understand until you feel like you've lost everything. Fortunately I didn't lose everything. in late August, 2005, I still had my wife, both of our sons, and a stray cat that we had taken with us as we evacuated Arabi, La before Katrina swamped the levees and washed away everything that we couldn't pack in our car. But the real blessing was how people, total strangers who didn't know us, stepped up and helped us and gave us a new start, a new hope. It was hard for me, but I hope that Troy can swallow some of that pride and let Grant be blessed by giving the support and aid to someone in need. He needs to understand that while it is a blessing to receive, it may be an even bigger blessing to give.
  4. raj1s


    Phenomenal installment! So glad that Artie finally saw through Ezra and realized that Adam was his rock!
  5. I'm happy to learn that the story will continue! I like that you have intertwined "The Boys of Summer," Pate and Timmy, but I feel that I'm missing some of the backstory with Yonatan, Matan, Black, and other characters in this story. Are these characters introduced in other series that I can access (or will I need to wait for the next installment(s))?
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