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  1. Miles White

    Chapter 41

    I am truly enjoying reading this story, no sex is great! I can't wait for Brad and Tony to get together. Since I found your first story, I have read them all and wait patiently to each and every new chapter. These stories touch my heart due to the fact the children are being taking in and cared for. I do and have always cry seeing and hearing about all the children being abused and kicked out to fend for themselves. THANK YOU, for your stories and the time you take to write them and share with us. Keep up the great work, who knows, maybe the right people with the means will find your stories
  2. Miles White


    Loved!!!!! would love to see more with these two. Great work!!!!
  3. Miles White


    Loved this story, wishing there is more to follow, would make a great series. Keep up the great work.
  4. Miles White

    Chapter 21

    When can we expect more chapters? I keep rereading all of these stories over and over while waiting on more. Thanks, Merry Christmas
  5. Miles White

    Chapter 1

    Great story, I love me some Cowboys, some horses, and some Cowboys, did I say Cowboys? lol, great work, can't wait for more of this, this is my second time reading this. Please write more and take this story further.
  6. Miles White

    Chapter 38

    Love this story, keep up the great work!!!! Hope you are feeling better, don't over do it.
  7. Miles White

    Chapter 18

    Great Story, can't wait until more!!!!!!! thanks for the great work
  8. Miles White

    Chapter 5

    Love the story, sorry I haven't commented earlier. longer chapters please, but you are the writer and it is your call. Keep up the great work!!
  9. Happy Birthday Miles!


  11. I have really liked this story since the beginning, and it is getting even better. Keep up the great work, Please make the chapters longer, just saying, it's your story and your time, just an anxious reader here is all. Thanks for giving us all a great read.
  12. Miles White

    Chapter 15

    Mark, keep up the Great Work!!!!!! I am loving these stories of yours. I find myself looking each day when I come in from work to see if you have posted.
  13. Miles White

    Chapter 47

    Ok, I am offended LOL, Now offend me some more with another chapter. Great work!!!!! Keep it up, I really do love this story.
  14. Miles White

    Chapter 45

    I may not always agree with some of the things you write, BUT, I will not get in here and rudely slap you for your opinions or thoughts. I do want to let you know I really love the story here and really enjoy and look forward to reading more. I think more of Maria is just as important as more Miss Julie. Continue the great work!!!!!
  15. Happy Birthday!

    1. Miles White

      Miles White

      Thank you, you are too kind




    2. Daddydavek


      Not at all!  Everyone is entitled to enjoy their day!  I hope yours was good!

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