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  1. Miles White

    NF Chap 19

    Great chapter, great story!!!!! Thank you for posting so fast, I seem to be a picky reader, stories about boats, water and travel always comes first. I have really enjoyed reading this series. Only one bad thing, I can't wait for the next chapter to be posted. Great writing and story telling, keep up the great work.
  2. Miles White

    Embers 11

    Great chapter. I think Ethan and Aiden need to help Brandon learn who he is. Not being able to smell him, masking his scent hmmmm who else is good at doing that? Who knows, he may have some elemental in him as well, could be he Brandon was interfering with Ethan's abilities. May be a DNA testing would help.
  3. I really do not know what to say, WOW!!!!!!! you have had me crying, angry, laughing, I really have enjoyed this story, I hope there will be more, there just has to be continuations. New journals written. EXCELLENT work!!!!!
  4. Miles White


    Wonderful story, this was my second go around reading it. I hope there will be a continuation or more about the royal family and granny. Keep up the great work.
  5. Miles White

    Chapter 3

    Really digging this story!!!!!!! I can't wait to find out more about the family and the secrets that might follow them, and all the secrets in the house as well. PATIENCE huh? That is so cruel. I love stories involving royalty or past time. Keep up the great work, you keep impressing me more and more with your stories. I am really hoping this story will be a long one with lots of unveiling of of family history, about the jewelry, and the house. Is this the same house the King had built?
  6. Yes indeed, a new story and it has me hooked for sure. I can not wait to see where you will take us in this story, and what all we will see and find out. Again my friend A Great Story. Looking forward to reading more!! Keep up the great work.
  7. Miles White

    Chapter 31

    Great story. I fell the boys and men are free and can enjoy their life living together as one big family. They get a voice as where a slave wouldn't. New mattress, that will help a lot. I think Granddad isn't really that old and in poor shape. I fell he is just lonely and missing his family, as Deacon said he smiled more when Lucinius came each time to visit. What a guy (Lucinius) brings his family to stay long periods of time. Family, either blood or chosen is one of the greatest things. Having someone around to talk with, work out problems with, a good and true family will be with you throug
  8. Enjoying this story very much. So much the boys have done, I can understand in one way wanting to leave for home, then again about staying. What the what with the whisper in the ear, good night. That can't be, the two of them need to let their feelings known. Keep up the great work!!! Good story.
  9. Miles White

    Chapter 21

    Guilty as well lol, well well well, an olive press and from one of the senators at that. Granddad loves his grandson. I really can't wait to see what all is going to come to pass. Glad Duccius didn't kill a bear lol. Maybe when the grapes are ripe and they make wine he will send me some, Ah sipping my red now, and a toast to you and your stories. Great work. (maybe the following chapters will be long as scrolls) lol. Everything is good as is. You know I start looking for new chapter at6am cent. time, and when I get home at 7pm. That is how much I enjoy you works.
  10. Miles White

    Chapter 19

    Just goes to show you how things can be when everyone gets along. Each is free and works as if it was theirs. Dad just needs to get over his pitty party, Lucinius knows how to treat others and is reaping from all the good he gives to others. I would think all parents would want more for their children. For them to prosper, and have more, to exceed more than the parent. Mother has taught him well, as well as his grandfathers. I think his grandfathers are seeing some of the results of their help and teaching, they are even learning. The meat locker for one, the irrigation for the orchards and cr
  11. Miles White

    Chapter 18

    It is really nice seeing a family come together, even if one is only there cause of illness. I think in a way he sees his mistake with Lucinius. Lucinius is really smart and seems to find a solution for every need. I think dad has been so jealous all this time. Wondering if mom might have a hand in dad being ill. Oh well, life goes on. Keep reading the scrolls and fill us in. Great work, looking forward to reading more.
  12. Miles White

    Chapter 16

    I am so glad that the brothers are getting to spend time together. I feel Lucinius is like older brother now, teaching and letting his brother learn how to really treat others. Treat others like you want to be treated. He is truly being blessed by the gods, the land being so fertile, all the plantings growing so well, and then the great harvests. Lucinius is like a magnet, everyone seems to be drawn to him. I can't wait to see what all with happen , keep reading and translating the scrolls please.
  13. Great story!!!! keep up the great work. I just hope Jai and Shakti can get together. Poor Jai, heart broken all the time. With the way the boys are making the island more livable who would want to leave. Seems all the smart passengers were saved.
  14. Miles White

    Chapter 10

    I am happy all has worked out so well for Lucinius. Grandfathers are great!!! Apollo gets a high five for putting Appias in his place. Sewage not only waters everything, but fertilizes as well. A hole month, wow, now for his brother to come. I think Appias needs to keep his ass at home lol. Looking forward to more please. Great story and I hope it is not close to finished. Great villa, good land, good crops and live stock as well as good help. Wonder how the Senate will react to all this.
  15. Miles White

    Chapter 9

    Dad, Dad, what you gonna do? LOL, it is all turning around on Dad. Curse your son and he gets blessed. Can't wait to see what all unfolds. I think he will end up having more than his father. Grapes growing? I see a future of wine being made and sold, pigs as well. With all the other things his Grandfathers has promised to give him, and with the help of the friends in the Senate, Wow, who knows how blessed Lucinius will be. Keep up the great work, loving reading all you post.
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