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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. To be honest, I LIKED the soapbox. When it was completely unmoderated. Was it ugly? Yes. Was there regular massive arguments and did discussions regularly descend into all-out flamewars? Yes. Where there also some very interesting and completely calm discussions in that section? Also yes. To be honest, I think the politics ban on this site is an utterly misguided attempt to make all of the members always happy all the time, and it is failing. The fact that this ban exists on a site which is political in its very nature is ridiculous. The Unmoderated Soapbox was a wonderful thing, a
  3. Well, first... @Graeme: "As for politics ... the last decade?" Looking back at old political arguments (right back into the 1800s)... no, it isn't worse. I'd say if there has been any difference, then it is that the last couple of decades have been unusually calm in terms of political stuff. (This is from a UK perspective, I know but.... here at least it has been said there is not a single period of modern UK history that couldn't be represented with images of police horses wading into a rioting crowd.) I will also say I really, really miss the soapbox and think this current total ban
  4. I'm not saying he's cowering in a corner, either. (Although mentioning a puppy might be dangerous - we're risking a multipage flamewar about whether he was a dog person or a cat person there ) But if he did take a bit of a break and then there is this level of pressure...? It could make it very easy to just never quite come back. (Especially if his own opinion of his old work has dropped, because then it would just feel really awkward as well).
  5. And if his readers were the reason he wrote, and with the level of praise put on his stories... that is a LOT of pressure. Like, the amount of expectation to finish perfectly and to write more and for it to be equally popular and... I could easily be wrong. But still - I remember what the forums were like when he was writing. I'm sure he really appreciated how popular his writing was, but that doesn't make it any less stressful to write for those fans.
  6. In all honesty, I sometimes wonder if it was his following on GA which could have driven him off. I remember when he was first writing on GA - while The Log Way and Desert Dropping was being written - and he always struck me as a little seperate, possibly shy, then. He wasn't massively active on the forums and very rarely went into the chatroom (which was massively central to GA at the time). He finished those stories, hung around for a little, then faded away from the site. He came back later and started writing again but had clearly already lost a lot of affection for his earlier wri
  7. So, you admit that there is a massive gap between men and women, but you refuse to talk about it because...reasons? Women were only mentioned in passing as part of a list of examples of inequality in the writing industry. You threw a wobbler at this mention because you thought it didn't exist. Now you see that it does exist but it is irrelevent anyway? Why is it irrelevent? Because you say so? Because you took massive offense at a passing mention, felt the need to stamp down on it and were then informed of your mistakes? I find it interesting that you say it is irrelevent, but only aft
  8. For the people who weren't here, what.... 6 years ago? 7? Something like that. Well, There was a member on GA called Kitty, remember her being pretty prominent. Drama happened (don't know all the details but certainly pretty dramatic) and she and another member broke away from GA to start their own writing forum called The Hub. This then kicked off a massive bloody flame-war between the two sites which left neither side looking particularly good and only sorta settled into an incredibly uncomfortable situation where mentioning the others existence was a banning offence on either site. That
  9. So you agree with me that, according to your own argument, real-world fiction is automatically less creative than fantasy fiction? Or is that calling your fiction uncreative, which makes it different? No, I meant roaming. Hence the legs. It's what it roams on.
  10. But that would be like me saying that your Modern Real-world fiction is inherently less creative than, say, Sasha's fantasy because you are using a pre-existing world and as such are just not creating in the same way. And while maybe setting stories in the modern world is a way to learn, true writers create a fantastical setting. Which would be utter bollocks. Let's get something straight... creating worlds is not difficult. Creating characters is not difficult. Lets give it a go, shall we? There is a small island-kingdom. The population is tiny, the island is remote. While the
  11. But you aren't actually presenting an argument here. In your opinion, fanfic isn't creative....because.... just because? That's it? There have been a lot of reasons in favour of the creativity of fanfic thrown at you, but you haven't responded to any of them. You just keep stating your opinion that it's uncreative. You don't actually present anything to back it up.
  12. One place I remember being really nice as a starting ruler: Duke of Gwynedd, Wales. (Think its Gwynedd... basically, the ruler of the northern half of Wales). Gives you a reasonable-sized starting location, a few vassals to rule over but few enough that it's easy to remember who's who. Also, you start independent, which gives you quite a lot of freedom and although England is right next to you, you generally have quite a while before they even look in the direction of Wales. (If you start just after Hastings, then england will probably spend quite a while stuck in civil wars as the remain
  13. Why don't you set Steam to offline mode? The ads / storefront doesn't load, updates don't download or any of that stuff - you just get the menu for launching games. Yeah, the DLC is basically opening up different types of noble for play. With the basic game you can play any of the Christian lords. Then, say, Sword of Islam opens up Muslim rulers for play, Old Gods opens up pagans ect ect. If you buy the DLC, then you probably want to start with Sunset Invasion turned off. It is an alternate history scenario where the Aztecs hit on trans-atlantic colonialism first... B
  14. Yeah, one of the DLCs for CK2 is the Save Converter. Basically, you play to the end of the CK2 timeline, run your savegame through the converter and pick it up where you left off in EU4. Apparently they put a lot of effort into making sure that things transfer over really well, including a bunch of stuff for a Re-formed Roman Empire or an Order of Norse Pagan Knights CK2 is also just ridiculously fun. You will feel like a terrible person by the end of any game because...well, you will have been a terrible person by the end of any game. ...And even if you make all of your decisions co
  15. I noticed 4 is out, will probably pick it up when I have the cash. (By which point Steam will have probably decided to stick a big sale sticker on it for a day or something ) I think the stuff they did for linking up up with Crusader Kings 2 is pretty cool. A bunch of the hidden countries which have their own traits and things but which are only available if you manage to have them exist in a CK2 Save which you then transfer over. (The Roman Empire is really bloody hard to create.... but if you do, then its apparently ridiculously powerful in EU4 as a reward for having created it. )
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