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  1. Well, well Edward... you've been hiding so deep in a certain type of closet your shoe was crunching the snow in Narnia. Now we see you for who you are. Nice to meet you Edward. Adrian is proving himself to be more than a fun-loving pretty faced boy. He is intuitive, caring, altruistic, stubborn, unintimidated by wealth, and he knows how to read his lover. Nice to meet you too, Adrian. And who's lying to who about not falling for the other? Brown's an absolutely vile prick but we do appreciate that he helped Adrian find the right buttons. Now the true fun and games can begin. I. Can't. Wait
  2. BerryRedBear


    I'm with you on this. My gut tells me the plywood and linoleum are hiding something. Also the missing furniture arouses suspicion. Were they prized antiques the aunt disposed off for a tidy sum?🤔
  3. I smell a soul-crashing betrayal brewing for one of our characters. And an unexpected sappy 'what-the-hell-happened-to-him?' romance for another. Keep it coming Laura
  4. Short and sweet💜
  5. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 1

    Will Raven be Julian's redemption? Is Julian redeemable? Is Julian worthy of redemption? Considering what he did to the likes of Sam and Lord knows how many others
  6. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 4

    They are thorough. Kelly is a mastermind
  7. BerryRedBear


    Athletes don't push society forward young Ian? I beg to differ. Athletes inspire and motivate, sometimes overcoming the greatest odds to play at the highest level in their field. They use their platform to instigate change or bring attention to certain social issues. I'm personally greatly inspired by Simone Biles, Tom Daley and Julius Yego #AthletesLivesMatter😁 . Off to a great start. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  8. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 30

    And 3...2...1...ACTION!
  9. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 29

    Well, Des is coming to his senses. Let's hope it's not too little too late. And who is Evelienne, really?
  10. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 28

    I don't know if it's the thrall but Des and Gabriel are being really, really careless. It's two days to the equinox and they are ignoring some glaring warning signs. How did they forget that Blair is on rotation this time of the month? They know how Sam behaves when Blair js away. This is the first time EVER that both Sam and his dog are missing and they don't even go over to Blair's place to check, just to be safe? Desmond has NEVER fallen sick. I'm surprised Gabriel is not more alarmed, and probably should have been more keen to let Sam know that something was wrong. I'm slightly upset with these characters right now. But maybe that's the point of this chapter,to get us properly worked up and build the anticipation. Waiting eagerly for the next one.
  11. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 16

    Desmond hasn't gone soft. He hasn't lost his touch, domesticated though he is now. That love making scene. Hot damn! Their synchronicity...two halves of the same whole.
  12. BerryRedBear

    Admirer X

    😌 How lovely
  13. BerryRedBear


    You spoil us. Ezra the Energizer Bunny is growing on me. So is Eamonn. I wish I was as adept at speaking my mind as he is. Glad to see Gloria has begun her post-KADA transition and is taking everything in stride. I remember when my momma broke her leg. Those were a long six weeks that I would never ever ever wish on anyone.
  14. BerryRedBear

    The Finale

    You got me. I cried. Hacking, chest-heaving sobs with snort and phlegm.😭 You outdid yourself in this chapter. I hope to see more of TTS I. 2019.
  15. BerryRedBear

    December, 2018

    Warmed me right to my cockles...as Lance would say
  16. BerryRedBear

    Chapter 25

    I have been enjoying this intense story very much. Like everyone else, I am practically on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. Is Aria okay? Is Amara okay? Probably not in Drew's absence. I hope they have or will read their 'dad' the riot act when they find out he is responsible. I hope Drew and the twins are never forced apart again after this (am almost certain) upcoming reunion. I hope Jeff keeps his head and accepts his friend for who he is and whom we loves. I guess we'll keep nail-biting as we wait to find out. @Nephylim Drew is 25 years old in chapter 2 and 24 in this chapter? Help! One of my favorite stories on GA.
  17. Every time I think I have seen the best of your writing, and then you pull out something spectacular. I read every word. I loved every word. Whoo! This one had got me hooked.
  18. So, do sloths do labor the same way they do everything else? Like, sloooowly?
  19. BerryRedBear


    How can Veikko justify not visiting Dom in the hospital to himself so easily? Does he feel any guilt about it or is that buried ten feet deep. And not just Veikko but all of Dom's so-called 'friends'. One whole month when they didn't even have school and nobody bothered to stop in? Dom, maybe you need new friends. Maverick has an ace up his sleeve. You just don't do an about-face like that for no reason.
  20. BerryRedBear


    Wow. You nailed it.
  21. BerryRedBear

    The Chasm

    so it was a firebreather. And just when Sal comes up with a recipe for mushroom mead, the dragon is gonna send their dreams up in flames. For a moment, I thought Kep and Sal would keep the knowledge about the dragon to themselves in the interest of minting money off the shrooms.
  22. BerryRedBear

    June, 2018 (B)

    This chapter was action- packed and enthralling from the word go. Whatever is going g on at Zoey's house may be worse than we even imagined. She just might be a totally psychotic nunce in dire need of psychiatric help. Go Gloria! Mama Bear comes to the fore with a roar. I love it. Am concerned for Sean. Somebody has to get hurt. Will it be Sean, Diego or Ollie?
  23. BerryRedBear

    June, 2018 (A)

    Oh no, poor Jullian. And poor Lance to be so versed in bruises that he could immediately tell it wasn't Jilly's fault. I hope Zoey gets what's coming to her. Maybe Jilly js learning some.of her aggression from her mother, definitely not her wrestler dad. Diego, how does it feel to eat humble pie, eh? It was about time. Glad to have the confirmation that Diego is not an irredeemable prat, bellend, wanker...and all those lovely words Lance would use. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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