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  1. Layne

    Chapter 12

    nice chapter like always 😀
  2. Thanks for reading along.  I appreciate it.

  3. Layne


    I’m so sad to see it end definitely one of my favorite stories. You did an amazing job writing this !!! ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Layne

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    I feel Noah’s mom should, it’s already been some time since he came out to her. I feel if she truly loves her son, she should. I love how Jordan is ready to spend his life with Noah. It honestly made me cry when he proposed. Their love has grown strong now even through all the obstacles they went through to get there.
  5. Layne


    A poem never felt so true... amazing!
  6. Yep, thanks for telling me that. :)
  7. Layne

    The Darkness

    I love how your poetry provokes emotions. This particular poem is deep.
  8. Layne

    Chapter Thirty-Five

    I am so happy that Noah and Jordan are rebuilding their relationship where things left off. They are happier together!!! 😊 I also like how Noah is becoming more comfortable in being himself in public.
  9. Isaac’s POV As Joey rested his head on my chest, soft sobs escaped from his mouth. His arms gripping tightly around my body as his short fingernails dug deep into my skin. I continued stroking his back to comfort him while his mind fought off the negative thoughts creeping in. Moving his body closer to mine to show him that it will be okay. Whispering serenely, “Don’t worry, it will all be okay. Just let it out, Joey.” Joey’s body quaked in agitation when he glimpsed at the sight of the beginning tears forming in my eyes. He released one of his arms from around my body, then proceeded
  10. Layne

    Flat Lining (Flash)

    I like how it ends.
  11. Nice chapter! I love your style of writing and the characters.
  12. Layne

    Chapter Thirty-Three

    Poor Noah... but Jordan seems happy now. I know Noah is hurting because he loved Jordan.
  13. Saturday morning traffic is exhausting especially when your work shift begins in 5 minutes and you are only halfway there. God why can’t the cars move any faster, I mean what is the big hold up? My heart was pumping as seeing Joey again was already sending electricity through my veins. Oh, would this car move out of the way? I need to see him, be near him, and hear his soft voice once more. Since today was Saturday, that meant I could have breakfast with Joey but not if I come in late. Once I finally arrived at the facility, Dr. Ray was standing there shaking his head as the clock above sh
  14. Layne

    Chapter 28

    I hope you’re okay now. You’re right abusive fathers have no right to mercy not after all the damage they cause. They always find a problem in everything and nothing is ever good enough for them. Grew up with one too and he could never admit his faults. Always tried to play the good guy yet behind doors he would hit us until our bodies were bruised as children.
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