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  1. ZekeNix


    A charming and delightful story, perhaps because of its innocence and lack of guile. Between the boys themselves and with GW ... and Ivor himself. The freedom to explore and learn is on a level that many can only dream of. As mentioned by others, I suspect many of us wish we had learned in such a safe world. Zeke
  2. ZekeNix

    The Big Apple

    I was wondering if JJ and Shaun have tried Nutella instead of peanut butter. Nutella pic: https://www.pngegg.com/en/png-wgfno There's lots of gifs of peeps totally covered in the stuff Zeke
  3. ZekeNix


    Geron: "which way the mirror is pointing" is an excellent way to describe the ambiguous identities and relationships Ivor is creating Zeke
  4. ZekeNix


    cute pun Zeke
  5. I'm with you. I've been geeky for a very long time, but no longer current on the stuff JJ is talking about. Still love to hear geeky talk Zeke
  6. Good thing it is totally safe to swallow p--s, cuz you might end up swallowing some rain.
  7. Definitely a fun chapter 😉 But, if JJ's going to be a billionaire, I'm pretty sure he's gonna have to use lots of Big Words to get there. IMHO Zeke
  8. ZekeNix

    Chapter 43

    Somebody's got to stick up for the Bad Guys. If not their creator, then who? Personally, Aaron, I like the worlds you create with a wide range of character types and their stories. Zeke
  9. I'm with Philippe, as usual. It was amusing watching the virtual uprising among your loyal readers. I hope you enjoyed it, too, Aaron. Zeke
  10. Chunky would add an extra dimension to it all ...
  11. In defense of the DMV. About 20 yrs ago, Indiana contracted out the whole department. Customer service got so bad that about 10 yrs ago the state had to terminate the contract. They converted the operation to state civil service. Since that time the quality of service has risen significantly. The employees are always knowledgeable and friendly. And they have really embraced web services. etc. etc. So not all the DMV's are bad. Zeke
  12. ZekeNix

    Buttered Balls

    Sandwich technology created by a nude chef. What more can we ask for? Zeke
  13. ZekeNix


    "Ex-teenager" I love it! Here's hoping we all keep some of that teenage-ness alive in our lives. Zeke
  14. ZekeNix


    Cute story about exploration and discovery. Will we hear more of Ben and Jake? Zeke
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