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  1. I’m deleting my account once I figure out how to do it. Fuck this!!

  2. Hmm. I’m puzzled. Should I assume that no comment means that it’s not good? Feedback isn’t everything but it is something. Anybody wanna beta read and let me know what sucks and what doesn’t?  

  3. Umm...really? What a weekend. 

  4. This is part of the new story entitled "LUCID LOVE" which I actually started writing some time ago. The actual story has changed from time to time, and is somewhat based on someone that I actually that I met a few years ago. No, the story is "FAKE" but some of the feelings and emotional connection are based on this person that knew. The story is MATURE CONTENT and the segment that I'm posting here for feedback does contain MATURE CONTENT. I'm hoping to get back into writing as soon as possible and I'm going head strong with this project as long as the passion burns of course. Even if no one likes it I'll probably keep going with it because I actually enjoy just escaping with my words. -----------------------------------------------------
  5. Lucid Love is my new story that I'm working on and right now I'm two chapters in and I can't wait to go on with chapter three. I guess it's because I am a writer that I keep working on it - I can't just sit here and do nothing because I don't write that great. Lol. Even though I may not be a good writer, or good enough to entertain people then I'm still going to work on this project. Why? Because it's a story that I really want to write. This story involves the emotional connection that I had with someone just a few years ago and I actually still have feelings for (Ooops! Really?) He was quite a nice guy that gave me that special feeling, and actually made me feel special. I posted a section of the story in the Sneak Peak section of the Writers Circle, and I thought for those that actually read my blog that I would give you the complete chapter one: So this is my new adventure that I'm working on, and I hope that someone will enjoy it and be a little intrigued to wanna see more. Over time, yes the writing will hopefully get better but at least hopefully I can tell a story that people would want to read. Hopefully! Because I have a ton more ideas that I would like to put down, but I better take some time and focus on my current project - Lucid Love
  6. Okay so last night I just sat down and started writing for the hell of it - I'm still thinking I suck so I don't want to put it out there for everyone to see yet - The story is called "Lucid Love" and it's kind of based on someone that I used to have feelings for...actually still do but he doesn't:


  7. I don’t know if I’m continuing with my writing. I don’t feel like I can mentally support myself when my OCD attacks me. You guys make it seem really easy to write a story. It’s not fair. Lol. Plus my eyes are the other problem. I can still do stuff and that’s what pisses me off. 

    I actually took my “Superboy” idea and put it together with a different story that I have. It’s kind of the same story but not really. 

    But—I don’t really see it happening now 


    1. Ron


      "You guys make it seem really easy to write a story."

      You think! Don't feel so f'n sorry for yourself. Writing is a struggle, for most of us... and, what's more, going into detail of the why and what for would take a great amount of space, also time... time we could spend lamenting our own fragile efforts.

      Do or do not.

      Cheers and best of luck!

    2. Valkyrie



      You guys make it seem really easy to write a story. It’s not fair. Lol. 

      Completed chapters and stories are the end result of a lot of hard work.  The end product is just that... the END of a process starting with a first draft, then revisions, then going through beta readers and editing.  Good writers are constantly learning and looking for ways to improve.  It's certainly not an easy process, but it's one I, personally, quite enjoy.  If your OCD is affecting your enjoyment of writing and making things worse, maybe taking a break is a good idea.  But if you truly want to continue, then you will at some point.  Taking care of yourself comes first.  

  8. I can’t balance my emotional shit and my passion for writing 🌹

  9. UPDATE: Thanks for the comments to everyone that has done so. I live with regret every day of my life, and I don't want to get into a long discussion right now but a part of me feels that this entry was a mistake. I know that everyone means well, but I guess I wasn't ready to hear some of the stuff, and it's quite depressing right (lol). And with everything else that I'm trying to hold down emotionally, I probably should've kept my mouth shut (lol). It's not your fault, it's mine. I guess that's why I'm struggling to get busy writing, because IF I lose my eye sight then my world collapses and everything will go dark. I know that people that are blind can do things that people with eye sight can do, but for me it would take more effort. The problem is that I suck as a writer (it's the honest truth).
  10. BREAKING NEWS!! I thought I would share the truth with everyone, because you have been so nice and pleasant to me. I said to a few people along the way on here that I struggled with writing, there are several things that cause me to struggle. I know that this being a huge forum that possibly some on here will suffer with the same thing - not in the same way, but maybe you will GET ME! I think that's the problem sometimes lately is that people don't get me - they don't understand why some 40 something is struggling in such a hard way - Good grief just get on with your life, move one and get over things that messed up your life. Really? (that's why I normally say to my friends when they act the way they do, but this isn't about them) I don't want this to be a major thing, and I don't want to be some long explanation of something that could probably be summed up rather quickly. That's also a problem with me, I get distracted...Oops! You see. Anyways, on to my issues that I want to share with all of you, or those that at least give a shit, and believe me I won't be offended if you don't even take the time to read this - I would completely understand. First, I struggle with the agonizing demon of being Obsessive Compulsive - Yes, I got a doctors note and I'm officially been diagnosed as this crazy festering (is that a word?) type. And of course OCD is a huge thing, and it's different for everyone. One of my crazy, messed up triggers is "Words" and how they sound. WHAT? Seriously, several years ago I went crazy (privately) when I heard myself say I word and I started repeating the word over and over again. I would say the word, trying to make it sound proper in my head (usually I gave up). I know - it sounds crazy. Be honest, because it does to me also. And--that's sort of the reason why I write in present tense, because I don't get fouled up by the "-ed" words and that strange way some of them sound (lol). But of course I'm doing in now, and maybe because writing a story or whatever is more long lasting, and not some quick fix hook up like writing a blog entry. I don't know, go figure. So, that's some of my dilemma when I sit down to work on my writing - Sometimes I stare at the screen and sometimes I'm typing and sometimes I'm deleting everything I just did. Understand? Or do I need to clarify more? (Feel free to ask me questions if you need more ideas of what I'm talking about...lol) Second, and probably the most devastating of everything that I was going to say today, and probably the main reason for why I'm going on this massive rambling that most people don't care...Ooops! I have Diabetes, and after I lost my job in 2016 I lost my insurance and couldn't get my medication or go to a doctor...whatever I had to do. Long story short (too late), I developed these things in my eyes that I call Fuzzy Dots, and they are quite annoying, but not a major deal at this time - but over time they might become even worse OR I just might lose my sight all together (even legally blind would be bad). FD's are like if I'm reading something on the computer, and I'm looking at a certain word, I can tell that certain areas are blurred out or "fuzzy". For example, if I'm looking at the word fuzzy, it's like the words below it are blurred out, and if I look at a certain part of the word, the beginning is blurred. The most frustrating part is trying to explain things to people ESPECIALLY when you're Obsessive Compulsive. I am currently going to an doctor that is helping me, but his appointments are like six months apart and it's like I wanna get this worked out NOW (pulling my hair out). I do go to see him in January, and I'm basically going to flat out ask him - Is this something that can be fixed? - If he says that it can be fixed, then I have to figure out if financially I can do it. If he says that he can't do it, then I have to figure out how I'm going to hold it together (because believe me, life sucks right now for me, lol). So there are my two major problems why I find it hard to write. It's not that I don't have ideas, believe me I have the ideas. But I get so distracted by my OCD and by my Fuzzy Dots. Most of the time I sit there in my chair, feeling sorry for myself because it's like my life is over. I think about losing my eye sight, and the fact that enjoying things will most likely slow down even more. I'll have to go through the chore of learning how to use a computer (as blind person). It's bad enough that analyze everything that I say, and write - but I'm not getting any younger. Most of the people on here around my age already have six pages of content (WTF...AC Benus...lol). I'm not asking anyone to feel sorry for me, or to rush over and put their arms around me (Hmmm, wait! What am I'm saying? That's a different topic). The ultimate idea would be that someone could write my stories for me, that would be awesome. But that would mean that you would have to love the ideas as much as me, and finding someone like that is probably going to be rare. I like to write a certain way, and like most of you have been saying - Write how you wanna write! - Do what works for you! - I get it, but I still can't sit down and write a simple paragraph like some you can (I know practice, practice, practice - humbug - lol). I have been writing for a long time now, but the problem is that it stays locked up rather tight (deleted), or it's in a format that people won't read, like a script. That's it for now, this is longer than what I was planning on and I was obsessive compulsive about 64.2% of time so I better stop before I beat someone pointless (me). If you would like to hear more about some of fetish ideas that I mentioned in my previous entry I did hide a link in my blog somewhere - I don't wanna make a big deal about it, but that's where my writing was a year ago with script writing (ANYWAYS).
  11. Crazy Thoughts are like flowers blooming in a field where they just grow like crazy weeds whipping around a tree, and they seem to have no destination - I don't know what I'm going to do with my writing right now. Superboy is a fantasy type story that was grew from a fetish thing (lol). I guess I could explain a little - Several years back, probably years but most likely just one year I started wring scripts for "Adult Oriented Purposes" - I actually still have the web site, but I haven't logged in for some time. I wrote stories - cheap stories - that basically turned me one. I then put out for customs, and if they were willing t pay a few bucks I would write whatever fantasy they wanted. Honestly, I wish that I could draw, and it doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but at least having the ability to draw details and maybe people would pay for that. But, all of that to say this - Superboy - was part of that fetish fiction. It grew from the enjoyment of certain things and it was just word porn (lol). Then I had this great idea to actually put a story to it, and I thought how much I enjoyed writing the story that it would go far. Well, I'm thirty chapters in (actually you'll probably be amazed at this, but I wrote the whole thing on my Iphone), and I thought that I was actually going to start book two really soon because the ideas kept pumping through my mind. That is what's so crazy - I have all these ideas and I struggle with my writing and wondering how good of a writer I actually am. I know it takes practice and I'm taking that into reality, but I've been writing scripts for like ten years (that is why I like present tense) - and I know that book writing is quite different, because you have to say more (show more) in a book than a script. I think that's why my writing sounds like a script sometimes. I actually don't write a technical script like some are familiar with. I write the story. I don't focus on camera shots unless it's very important to the story. Everyone tells me to do what is good for me. And I appreciate everyone giving me advice when I post on here. I agree with what you're saying, but I guess that most people don't read scripts, and that's why I wanted to move to book writing, and I thought that I would just keep doing what I'm doing and put the dialogue like in a book (instead of script). A part of me enjoys writing my chapter outlines and I hoped that people would just be entertained in reading those (lol), because I could finish a book really quick because they come out faster than the actual book (lol). I'm actually going to try a few things in the next couple of days - I'm going to look over the writing prompts and write for the fun of it, and try to write some entertaining stuff. I may let some of you check it out (like beta readers) not because it's going to be released, but to see what people think. It does help when you get feedback on your writing (good or bad), because how do you know IF things are getting better or worse? Unless you're actually publishing your book and waiting for people to buy a copy. Some of my other Crazy Thoughts - Some of my other stories that have been sitting in my brain are still there and would like to start writing those as well. Superboy is kind of my testing space - it's what I'm using to practice my writing. I don't think it's ever going to get published (except for free online reading, of course). Like I've said before, I would have to change some non-original content like the mention of Krypton which is based on something else which is not mine (obviously, and most people know that). So yes, Crazy Thoughts are good because they will bring ideas into your head, but sometimes your thoughts can become weeds in your imagination if you don't do something about it. They will sit there and fester and bring down other things.
  12. My writing sucks. Lol. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DarkBishop


      I’m taking a look at other stories, the first chapters, and seeing how they write. Most writers on here are quite good. Lol. My OCD is going to get the better of me. 

    3. Headstall


      Hang in there, and don't be too hard on yourself. It takes time, and a lot of writing, to get even remotely close to where you want to be. The main requirement is the passion to be a good writer, but it is a craft that takes hard work and research. Read everything you can about the basics of writing, and then use what you're comfortable with. It might not be easy, but that's what makes it worth all the effort. And trust me on this, we all know what you're going through. Cheers... Gary....

    4. Mikiesboy


      Look at an early piece that you can see hasn't been updated and then look at their work a few years on ... hopefully you will see improvement. Like others have said ... effort and patience.

  13. Reworking Chapter One of Superboy - Not easy, but trying!  Some of you make it look so easy @Talo Segura

    1. Talo Segura

      Talo Segura

      I read quite a lot, which helps with writing, and the more you do it, better you get, I hope. ☺

  14. @Talo Segura - Thanks for the example of Superboy. I appreciate your effort in this and it sounds quite nice. I have some other problems that I don't really want to get into on the forum, but it's hard for me to do things. At this point, I'm putting a hold on "Superboy" and all my writing ventures because of personal issues. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. Someone mentioned about doing a graphic novel or comic book - that IS exactly what I wanted to do but my drawing is horrible. Finding an artist would cost money for anything worthwhile. I use to write scripts for years and that's why I wrote in Present Tense - I honestly don't understand why Present tense looks any different than Past Tense. Because when you read a story you're then reading something that has already happened, but instead you write in a tense that shows the story happening right now. I guess I'm too stupid to see what people are saying (lol), but I guess I see that my biggest thing is that "I'm not that great of a writer" - be honest, I look at what you wrote and see what I wrote and most definitely people are going to read your version more - BUT because of my "Personal Issues" it's harder for me to use "certain words" - Enough Said. If I had money I would hire a ghost writer to write my story for me and be a writing team OR have someone co-write with me but that takes someone that is sold on your idea and wants to spend time writing on your idea. Ahhh. Anyways - Thanks!
  15. How in the world is this possible? How can I have an idea decades old and I'm still holding on to it? Is it possible that I struggle with letting someone else write it? Truth is, I struggle with the reality that this story deserves a better writer, because I want it to be perfect. Is that why it's taking so long? Am I building my talent, and trying to get to the point where I"m good enough, or am I hoping that someone will step up and write the DAMN thing? Lol. You don't even know how long I have been working this idea in my head and it develops mostly with listening to upbeat alternative rock or techno music. WOW, what the heck is this story and why is it so hard to let go of? It's not something I wanna let go of--so--that's why it's still there. Am I going to reveal the story HERE? Will I let people in and know what the story is all about? I don't know, because I still don't know if this is going to get done, because I don't know if I'm the one to do it. It's not the holy grail of of stories, believe me I'm not trying to say that it's the best story idea out there, because it's not. I'm sure that there are plenty of great stories right here on GA. There has to be. These many writers and ideas, there are plenty of good stories that probably deserve this recognition more than mine (Guaranteed). So what's the next step for this story? You need to listen to NF (Lost in the Moment) and you will know what I"m dealing with. There's a lot of pain right here in my brain, and sometimes I see my characters being the very ones that are there existing for me. They're the ones looking back, waiting for me to bring them to life. I saw a picture this week that inspired me to go for the next chapter in this story--"The King"-- On Netflix. I haven't watched the movie yet, but the actor that plays the King (Oh my Goodness). Just seeing his picture it made me think of my story, and the characters there were waiting to come to life. I know I'm crazy (Lol). So, answer the question - What is the next step? My next step is this, I'm going to hope that either I find my writing ability OR that I find a group of people that would interested in knowing more about the story. Do I want to publish, or just put it on here--That, I don't know because I don't know how deep and complex it's going to be--but to wet your appetite and let you see what I thought years ago. I thought this story was going to be the next Potter, the next Narnia and even Game of Thrones a run for their money. Am I serious? Yeah, and right now I'm so excited but yet it still sits there in my brain, developing and developing. All this to say, if you have a story that you always thought of doing but thought WHY--Don't give it up. Do it. That idea may very well be your holy grail.
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