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  1. It is short, to the point, no frills added. Now that I know you exist, it won't be the last.

    Here is...

    Wishing You

    :wizard: :wizard::wizard:Ty4650 :wizard::wizard::wizard:

    A Very Happy Birthday!!!




    1. Daddydavek


      Just to pile on, have ....

      A Very Happy Birthday!!!


    2. Ty4650


      Thanks guys!  I'm well past trying to keep track of these things!  But it's nice to know you care.  Thanks again!

  2. Ty4650

    Chapter fifteen

    Has anybody picked up on the obvious Easter Egg in this chapter? The name of the lawyer (Jubal Harshaw) and the reference to "a cult based upon Martian philosophy"? That is a very neat reference to "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Heinlein. Well done chapter!
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Ty! Hope it's a good one! :)

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I'm happy to wish you another Happy Birthday my friend. I hope you have an AWESOME day and a FANTASTIC year :)

  8. Ty4650

    Writing Tip: Out Of The Ooze

    Bravo! I hope you turned this paper in for your psychology class. Were I teaching it, you would receive an "A". Very original, thanks.
  9. Happy Birthday Guy,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :-)

  10. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  11. Happy BOYthday!

  12. Ty4650

    Let The Music Play CH 24: Checkout Time

    Thanks Steve, I intend to be more active here (and in some other forums) as I have been "hankerin'" to do a little writing of my own and I think I have finally reached a point in my life where I think I would like to put some of the ideas rattling around in my head on paper. Also I have a good background in creative writing, editing, etc. and would like to offer my services as an editor if it should be needed. Feel free to contact me if you think I might be of some assistance. Thanks again for the welcome. Ty
  13. Ty4650

    Let The Music Play CH 24: Checkout Time

    Hey, guys! First let me say that this is my first time posting here, so be kind to me if I screw up..... I have never been into following the forums of the stories I read (and I read a LOT!) But CJ, your writing has inspired me. I just discovered your stories last week. I can't imagine why I haven't discovered your stories before, but I am very glad I did! Good Job, DUDE! Now on to the second reason I decided to post. I thought I had misread a part of the story (chapter 21 to be exact) after reading all the posts about J/S getting Mario to go to the States to off someone. Well, guys, it seems that I may be the only one to pick up on what I think is a misinterpretation by some as to what Mario was asked to do......and I quote from chapter 21: "...because he needed Mario

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