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  1. purrbaby

    Chapter 28

    Question for @Yeoldebard, is Blake intended to be the mate for both Erith/Gara and Adam? My memory is telling me that Erith mentioned that earlier and now Adam has as well.
  2. purrbaby

    Chapter 2

    I suspect the contractor will be an issue. Just something about his attitude rubs me wrong.
  3. purrbaby

    Chapter 5

    “looks like we may have a couple. Haleb? Cunter?“ Maybe Cater/Caler or Hunleb?
  4. There is so much potential for another story (or two)! Maybe one tying up the loose ends of Kim/Niki/Heather and the children and another for Bo/Noah?
  5. purrbaby

    Chapter 29

    I refuse to believe that you are ending this story this way, even though you’ve already marked it “complete.”
  6. purrbaby

    Chapter 28

    Ok I’ve tried to be patient. You said @lilansui “see you in 8 hours”, but it’s been over 18 hours now. You’re killing me/us! This story is too good (as all of your stories are), and it is torture to wait for the next chapters. 🙏
  7. purrbaby

    Chapter 19

    I’m wondering WHO they have in their pocket, just waiting to get them out of this. You really think that they weren’t warned by someone ahead of time?
  8. I’m withholding judgment. I don’t trust that G all of a sudden is a “good guy.“ I almost believe that G AND Corey are both bad instead.
  9. purrbaby

    Chapter 119

    Did I miss Billy getting kicked off track team?
  10. purrbaby

    Volc Ch 1

    Are you really putting this story on long-term hold?
  11. purrbaby

    Chapter 115

    I am wondering if the Ambassador is the weasel in the wood pile?
  12. purrbaby

    CoF Ch 7

    But he already said there weren’t any notifications on his phone. How did they get into the property?
  13. purrbaby

    Chapter 8

    “Someone was walking on water. The food hit the spot, “Bobby I’m going to hit the hay. I’ll see you in the morning if you’re still here. Lock up.” “ It’s there, easy to miss if reading quickly.
  14. purrbaby

    Chapter 2

    I am wondering if Bobby’s dad might have done something to stop the scholarships? Maybe he wants Bobby to stay working in the store? I think the trouble might be coming from both Kent and from Peter.
  15. “The boys were seriously pissed as several of them were related to the kids who were murdered. They took it personally, and we started our reprisals. We started doing to them exactly what they were doing to us.” Raping and cutting their throats would be my guess.
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