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  1. purrbaby

    Life Goes On

    Or I guess it could be a jump off for an entirely new story going in a totally different direction? But I think Bob is a much better matchup, changing the paragraph makes more sense. 😬 👨‍❤️‍👨
  2. purrbaby

    Life Goes On

    Nice ending. Just a couple questions. Mike didn’t invite his daughter to the wedding? ”Sunday afternoon Mike and Pete said goodbye to their sons and drove back to Springfield while the boys returned to the university.” Didn’t you mean Bob?
  3. purrbaby

    Chapter 10

    Great chapter, but one question. Zala is Barron’s wife and also his brother in law (that committed suicide)?
  4. purrbaby

    Grand Opening

    Is the story really “complete “? I noticed you set that status already.
  5. purrbaby

    Chapter 6

    Just seems very weird that Beau and Grayson are into threesomes and sharing. But who can say what is weird anymore?
  6. purrbaby

    Chapter 2

    As for how Tristan is related to TJ, if there is an unknown egg donor then who was the surrogate that carried the two pregnancies? They would know who the surrogate was. I also kind of like the idea mentioned about someone substituting Tristan Sr sperm.
  7. purrbaby

    Chapter 1

    Will there be any future drama regarding the prenup?
  8. purrbaby

    Chapter 30

    5. If they don’t need to be alive, I’d say either Julian or Brayden.
  9. purrbaby

    Chapter 19

    I might be overly critical, but am I mistaken in my memory that Grayson is the youngest (freshman HS and not legal)? But she is thinking of letting him move to NY to be near his sophomore/junior College boyfriend? Did I miss something?
  10. purrbaby

    Chapter 13

    Or they have just “conveniently disappeared.”
  11. purrbaby

    New Year's Eve

    Is this story purposely not part of the CJ/Squad/Boomers, etc. series/universe? I noticed you didn’t include any of those labels.
  12. purrbaby

    Chapter 14

    What’s going on with Auntie? Leaves for two weeks with no communication except Nohr? When she knows there have been issues in that town? Very strange.
  13. purrbaby

    Jimmy & Richie

    When will the story be republished? Can’t read the new chapter because the story is gone.
  14. purrbaby

    Chapter 1

    I hope so. There are so many questions that you left hanging unanswered.
  15. purrbaby

    Oce Chapter 14

    Nice chapter. Are Nigel and Daniel the same person?
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