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  1. purrbaby

    Chapter 16

    Good chapter, but it double posted.
  2. purrbaby


    I missed something? Only mention of police was reference to his daughter (?) Sara being on parole?
  3. purrbaby

    Zander's Question

    Can’t get enough of A & Z! Thanks for the story and hope your holidays are wonderful.
  4. purrbaby

    Chapter 1 The Tree

    I know that this is intended as a one-off, but hopefully you will reprise Chester and Jordy in the future.
  5. purrbaby

    Chapter 11

    Ch. 12 notice showed up in my notifications. And the chapter info says it was posted today.
  6. purrbaby

    Chapter 11

    Did this get posted again, accidentally?
  7. purrbaby

    700 strikes against Shane

    I agree. As much as I am glad that Donovan is becoming more self aware, the outright meanness and disregard of his feelings by both the ONNAS (- the D) and the DAKS is in no way justified. With “friends “ like these who needs enemies. I will withhold ultimate judgement but wrongs by Donovan do not justify the hateful behavior of the others. It just makes them seem even worse. Plus the DAK (- the S) have still not offered any explanation for their behavior during the Davis incident.
  8. purrbaby

    Chapter 3

    Chapter text repeated, but a good chapter.
  9. purrbaby

    Chapter 13

    Serve him right if Ayu is Chris’ mate.
  10. purrbaby

    Chapter 53

    Are we 100% sure about Deke? He would be the ultimate mole.
  11. purrbaby

    Trash Talking and Walking

    We’re waaiiiitttiinngg! Do we need to come over and prod the techies?
  12. purrbaby

    Trash Talking and Walking

    Hope you don’t keep us waiting for the next chapter! 🙏
  13. purrbaby

    Chapter 9

    I was thinking that she might be helping Scott? (I haven’t read this story before, so I’m just guessing.)
  14. purrbaby

    Chapter 8 - Give Me Strength

    Did I miss something? Who is Grey?
  15. Thank you!


    I pay attention to all reactions and comments not matter how long ago I posted the chapter or story. :)

    1. purrbaby


      I’ve been going back to the beginning and rereading the series. It’s been helpful to refresh my memories. The entire series is wonderful and I look forward to new chapters very impatiently. 


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