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  1. purrbaby

    New Year's Eve

    Is this story purposely not part of the CJ/Squad/Boomers, etc. series/universe? I noticed you didn’t include any of those labels.
  2. purrbaby

    Chapter 14

    What’s going on with Auntie? Leaves for two weeks with no communication except Nohr? When she knows there have been issues in that town? Very strange.
  3. purrbaby

    Jimmy & Richie

    When will the story be republished? Can’t read the new chapter because the story is gone.
  4. purrbaby

    Chapter 1

    I hope so. There are so many questions that you left hanging unanswered.
  5. purrbaby

    Oce Chapter 14

    Nice chapter. Are Nigel and Daniel the same person?
  6. purrbaby

    Chapter 16

    Any possibility of an update on when you might return to this story? I’m proud of myself for waiting 4 months to send this! 😊🤷‍♀️
  7. purrbaby

    Chapter 33

    Great chapter, but a question is bothering me. Did I miss/forget what happened to Ryan’s parents?
  8. purrbaby

    Chapter 37

    Is Jay the “mole”? Maybe they are being blackmailed?
  9. purrbaby

    The Nuclear Option

  10. purrbaby

    Chapter 3

    Adding another request for continuing the story. PLEEEAAASSE?!? 🙏🙏🙏
  11. purrbaby

    Chapter 17

    What happened to Mark?
  12. purrbaby

    Chapter 16

    Good chapter, but it double posted.
  13. purrbaby


    I missed something? Only mention of police was reference to his daughter (?) Sara being on parole?
  14. Can’t get enough of A & Z! Thanks for the story and hope your holidays are wonderful.
  15. purrbaby

    Chapter 1 The Tree

    I know that this is intended as a one-off, but hopefully you will reprise Chester and Jordy in the future.
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