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  1. ltc_fireman

    Chapter 1

    Thank you!!! It was driving me nuts
  2. ltc_fireman

    The Winner

    Total GOAT🐐 move! Good story, I liked how you've weaved the squad in and branching out with the 'minor' characters. And with all the bitching, you know damned well people are reading!
  3. ltc_fireman

    Chapter 1

    Welcome back Mr. Sinclair. Time to do some re-reading!
  4. ltc_fireman

    Part 4

    Another great story! Loved it!
  5. Great Chapter! I'm enjoying this story!
  6. ltc_fireman

    Dream On

    Ditto! AWESOME chapter!!
  7. Excellent job in conveying the emotions during and after the loss of a child while on a call. Been there, done that, and I still remember every single one.
  8. ltc_fireman

    Chapter XX

    Good chapter but I liked the old spacing better, at least on my laptop it was easier to read. I wonder what other think.
  9. Just AWESOME!!! Good and happy emotions are the bestest!
  10. ltc_fireman

    OBC Chapter 1

    My greatest fear EVER is finding a snake in an outhouse!!!! Welcome back!
  11. ltc_fireman

    Chapter 20

    Awesome chapter, nice to see the guys being boys for a while!
  12. ltc_fireman

    Chapter 13

    Another wonderful Chapter. I like the Lit and art aspect. What's hiding in the closet???
  13. ltc_fireman

    Chapter 11

    Welcome back. Another great chapter. Milo and Bren's story while sad is important for the growth of the characters.
  14. Have you gone on hiatus? I miss your updates! Love the story
  15. ltc_fireman

    DSJ Chapter 14

    Have you gone on hiatus? I miss your updates!
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