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  1. mmike1969

    Chapter 15

    1) for a closet case like Connie, I find it extremely difficult to believe he was willing to dance in a club with other guys. 2) having sex with your staff is dangerous. And Will should be aware of this. 3) can’t wait to see what happens in NYC 4) thank you Mark in keeping me entertained!
  2. mmike1969

    Chapter 14

    Um… food? a new to me car? a faster computer ? Accessories to my new faster computer?
  3. mmike1969

    Chapter 14

    Ah yes, shortly returning to meet Queen Bitch JJ
  4. mmike1969

    Chapter 13

    [quote] “I really felt that we had reached a point where we had a bond,” Stef said. I suddenly got that part of this was about betrayal, and another part was what I’d been irked at him for. He’d implied that I was a poor judge of potential employees, when in reality he was questioning his own judgment. /[quote] This needs to be said: Stef, you have ALWAYS had bad judgment of people. The only ONE thing you have done right the entire saga (so far) was to be with JP. Every single (sexual) relationship you had was a disaster, every single person (except for old bitter lady, forgot her name) you hired to be your assistant was a disaster and honestly, JP was the only thing keeping you in line and alive.
  5. 1) I find it very hard to believe Stef would help out John buy a townhouse / condo without updating it beforehand. 2) JJ is STILL whining about 5 LBS???!!?? Wait until he becomes an adult and gains real weight. 3) I’m shocked the driver (unnamed because JJ doesn’t care most likely) doesn’t quit. Even professional drivers don’t put up with shitheads for long. 4) I could swear John already had a car bought by someone else earlier in the Stories... 5) Wait until Will has sex with a Marine. Those guys are freaks.
  6. mmike1969

    Chapter 74

    Ug. Don't drug cartels have a habit of killing people at a funeral?
  7. mmike1969

    Chapter 73

    Going back to the previous stories and I'm putting on my tin foil hat on: 1) We never did get back with David Louis Parnell from The Streak. What's his involvement? Is he related to the now dead Marquees? 2) Brian Parnell's mother also died in an auto accident (Mark does love gory deaths.) Pennsylvania is not that far from Virgina. 3) For a family that is concerned about the safety of most family members, with Stef and his armored limo and a squad of bodyguards, I'm surprised they are actually allowing JJ to take public transportation, even if it's making him go see his doctors. Especially since the unknown forces in the background KNOWS that Alex is friends with JJ and they did have guards in Boston.
  8. mmike1969

    Chapter 72

    I'd sent him to Kmart
  9. mmike1969

    Chapter 72

    Well no since I was anticipating the hot sex between a former figure skater and former football player
  10. mmike1969

    Chapter 72

    JJ living only with $2k a month and no private car and no unlimited credit cards... How will he survive?!?!?. 🙄 I'm with Brad on this. If JJ made a promise to see a doctor, he should of followed up in this. Edit #1: And we see Zach again... How long before they have sex, have a fight, both leave to separate corners, have sex again, apologize, get mad and have sex again before Will dumps Zach? Edit #2: Oh and BTW Mark, NYC subways stopped using tokens several months earlier.
  11. mmike1969

    Chapter 64

    So I'm reading older books in the story (Millennium) and I totally forgot about a feature in the house in Malibu: Quote "“I think it is,” Dad said to him firmly. “I decided that the house in Malibu, the one that your mother considered her residence, is yours.” Hmmm. Does that also include a remodel of Darius's new Love Den?
  12. Yes, it's simple really: Have Tony and his Camaro go off a cliff as he got rear ended by a runaway truck hauling fertilizer.
  13. mmike1969

    Chapter 66

    Mark, you heard Canuk. He demands a chapter with Grandmama and Frank.
  14. mmike1969

    Chapter 65

    I can actually imagine Cody and Marcel asking themselves "WTF is going on now with those bitchy assholes?!?!?" And sometimes you gotta wonder why Ace is sometimes clueless? Maybe the family forgot he's still around with...what is it now? wife #3? I've noticed when someone in the story goes off character, they usually wound up dead. Stef is the next to die isn't he?
  15. mmike1969

    Chapter 63

    1) Family property doesn't mean you bring your boytoys to randomly pair off to fuck on MY bed in MY room. Especially since I wasn't invited to stick around or at least watch. Having a ten bedroom house in Palo Alto is one thing. The Various Parties are being held elsewhere like the pool area or the empty bedrooms. You are not interrupting me with your sexual escapades unless you knock over a metal suit of armor. If I remember correctly, the condo in NYC was a three bedroom plus an extra room for "staff". So no, you don't get to have an open orgy if I want to sleep. 2) Trying to live 50+ to the max is fine. But not when your Boytoys are fucking on my bed!
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