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  1. From a sentence or two in chapters 1 & 2 I find that I'm strangely drawn to who was Wes and Lee's killer and it wasn't Will, but I want to read the story for as Gary says it's going to be a long journey. I'm in it for the long haul. Cheers Gary, hooked in two chapters, now reel me in.🤐
  2. Only 4 Chapters in and I'm HOOKED or ADDICTED, Budding Romance, Action, Thriller, Supernatural, (the list goes on) Read to find out...... Disappointment not an option.
  3. As Patch1 said MORE. I started at 5:00 pm and now at 7:00 pm I am waiting for the next. Love the way you are leading into the romance / mating (?) and the possible and more likely the quest for Stefan, who I think knows that Vinnie is searching as per chaptere 1. Great read and well written.
  4. As Marty says, A brilliant wee tale. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter in the remarks following this tale and it almost became a tale in itself, my first thought was that it would overshadow the chapter, but it strengthened not detracted (2 tales in 1, 3 if you count the demons)
  5. Although I Have loved the story, I feel that the author has cut it short. It has a purpose, it has an aim. but its been tooooooooo fast.

    Whats more     WOLFM    ????


    You R GnG2 SrPRSE ME

  6. Peter J. Gee


    Well I could say I saw it (remember the slave pens) but how you incorporated it into the end of the story (Epilogue ) really made me think I was way off track. It's always a pleasure to read your writings... All time favourite "Running with the Pack", if you write nothing else, then I'll read Running with the Pack which I'm about to do very soon (specifically 06/05/20 = american date setting). I'm also starting to struggle with your writings and that of Rob Colton ==== The same==== Will stay here till the end, Your Servant Peter
  7. Well hey to all, I've read this story before and I can't tell you what happens next. but it is good, really good. Its a pleasure to come back to a story that I've enjoyed and still be amazed at the twist and turns. Thanks Andrew.......
  8. Peter J. Gee


    Maybe (thanks Wolf) I should change " They are already there to "They have already been there". Wolf don't you just love the speculation...... (I am not a great fan of Levi, but it's not him (maybe the butler ??) However, from all these speculations, you will adjust as required. I will enjoy this either way Levi Yay / Levi Nay
  9. Peter J. Gee


    Come onnnnnnnn is it Monday Yet ??? Are we there now ???? Please
  10. Peter J. Gee


    I also can't confirm or deny since I DON'T know what comes next. Either way, I couldn't ruin the next chapters Anyway to Wolf, you've got me hook line and the heavy sinker again.
  11. Peter J. Gee

    IT Issues?

    Just a quikkie note, when meeting with Alpha Peter Goldner, Peter became George ??? confusing
  12. Peter J. Gee


    Nor will you get one
  13. Peter J. Gee


    Love that word IF Ethan and Aiden are already there and it's a good setup.... So say I
  14. Ok, I am lousy at writing reviews but I agree with Droughtquake, I used a lot of tissues. I thought I knew where it was heading, but buggar my days, I missed the mark each time. A very good read which tends to get you to follow a train of thought but evolves into another. Love the intrigue, implied suspense. Taught me some Italiano
  15. Wow this is the third recognised (my timing) that time that I have read this. but want to do it. I know that I will cry, but enjoy each moment, thanks no gifs etc
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