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  1. Please continue, waiting patiently, I think, maybe NOT, probably NOT, how much more do I sit on the edge for the next... Whyyyyyyy do you talented authors treat (TEASE) me this way?? For the love of Brian(who I don't know) Rescue me with another chapter at least.
  2. Peter J. Gee

    Chapter 49

    Oh dear, what is Timok up to? 🤧 if he hasn't reported this to the Kardoval !
  3. Without coming across as a smartass, I'm just curious, should the "if" be an "of" ? if your writing - to me is a question of your writing - to me is a statement
  4. HUSH now.... you keep wearing it as you are doing wonders Wonders WONDERS with this story.... it's all yours and I'm enjoying every step of the way🧢
  5. No conspiracies, looking for what is not obvious until you tell us or surprise us with " Like Remis" now that went well
  6. Having a long think about this chapter and the comments that followed (ignore my previous) I feel that we all made the decision that the Irish/Texan would be the best choice. Maybe it will or won't, but I have come to the conclusion that we were gently led by the author to that assumption. I had not sooner choose that option when the author put in front of me in black and white. The atmosphere and comradreship shown at the bar almost makes this inevitable. Shaw seems to be involving himself more and being involved more by others, but I can't stop thinking he is still somehow tied to Stefan (but I can't remember how exactly - maybe a re-read through is in order). The thoughts of Cyrus that needing time away from Kaplan (day or two) immediately gave the impression "Honeymoon Over" however I'm reading thing into this as it is not been implied. Another great chapter that inspires more fine reading to find the missing clues, directions or hidden agendas.🕵️‍♀️
  7. OH Bloody Hell, you've made my Tuesday/your Monday come early. What can I say but You ROCK, so now maybe I get nothing my Tuesday/your Monday. Had to stop reading to make this statement..... I'll you go and I'll get back into it. As per Patch "Your King" flavour of the month🥰(s,s,s,s,s,s,)
  8. Here ya go, Alpha,” Cookie said, placing a coffee and plate of snickerdoodles in front of me. “You’re my favorite woman on the planet, Cookie, and don’t call me Alpha,” I groaned the latter in consternation. “Why not, laddie; that’s what you are.” This statement leads me to 2 maybe (3)conclusions. 1. Is Rush the King/Alpha and Beckett the mini Alpha or 2. Beckett becomes Alpha of a split off pack Leaving King Rush (as a support group) or 3. Becomes Alpha of the Bear pack (stupid I know but that is what I thought reading)
  9. Over-alpha'd dumbass! Say hello to our first traditionalist-minded Alpha. I agree, but to keep an eye on one individual Alpha might seem trivial. With Cyrus (soon-to-be formal "pack fixer") taking NYSP, they have one less pair of shoes on the ground. Kordell didn't have any claimed land, so they might have assumed he didn't have as many people to terrorize. EC took a chance, and look what's happened. From your replies to comments I can only gather that there will be further confrontation within the EC to exasperate our group of friends. Kaplan will be playing a big part in the following chapters. ⁉️
  10. OH shit, I wanted to read all the comments, but refused to..... Another tease not cliffie, Does the new want to be Alpha start with these? dominate, submissive, cohort or otherwise???? This seems like it is going to be a tri-party shambles with my cutie Mason coming out successful, (wanted to say TRUMPs)but what is Mason without Vinnie Oh there are a lot things that could happen as this Author has a lot of leeway. (Basstardd). At the minimum I can see 3 directions it's going, but don't ask me which one. My Author can eludicate, but wait for it..... the cliffhanger / tease. Enjoy everyone, its a pleasure to read. (Another WolfM)??? I tink so.
  11. Peter J. Gee

    Embers 9

    When is a cliff hanger not?: when it is a tease...... WolfM just delivered! !!!
  12. Ya got me tinking. Headstall is sneeky n distracting me with lesson in not fornication, There might be a problem in buying the land as it was alluded to in Coy and Boone stating that they thought Phineas was trying to steer them away from Lots 281 + 282 to smaller Lots in the 170's. I C PROBLEMS ahead. Loved the land description could almost see/taste it. It did sound heavenly (good call EDEN) and I'll use Wes-Lee's hallelujah.
  13. Me again Gary, 1 down 1 up
  14. They were all changed likes. Still lovin the story again and again
  15. I think it's been 2 or 3 as of now, the last was when I received this notification
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