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The Golden City - 30. Knuckleheads

Chapter 30: Knuckleheads

I don’t know if Sadie could’ve predicted just how much laying under those stars again meant to me. It’s one of the last memories I have with my Mom, something I’ve thought about everyday since her passing. You might think that would make me sad, but being back here with so many people I love, it’s helping me heal that wound.

I know Adam’s seen this before, but the look on his face showed just how long it’s been and Dizzy, well he seemed mesmerized. The quiet Texas sky seemed to keep us under it’s spell, until finally Sadie reminded us we needed to be up early in the morning.

The ride back was silent, and when we finally arrived, well everyone fell asleep almost immediately! I wish I could say the next morning was easier on us, but visiting my Mom’s grave for the first time, it felt like even more of an emotional weight than yesterday.

“You want some space?” Adam asked as we approached the grave.

“Yeah,” I quietly nodded my head. “just for a few minutes.”

“Take as long as you need.” Adam encouraged as he, Dizzy and Sadie walked back to the dirt path.

I gave it a moment or two, but the second my eyes found my Mom’s stone I placed down the flowers we had bought and lowered to my knees. Without thinking I began saying every single prayer I had ever been taught, every prayer she had taught me. I felt water gather in my eyes a few times, but wiped it away, desperate to stay as strong as possible.

When I finally ran out of prayers I couldn’t help but open my eyes again and begin studying the stone on the ground. “I miss you,” I let out without thinking. “but I’m with Adam now and he’s taking good care of me. He even reminds me of you from time to time.” I exhaled as I began to run out of words. “I want you to rest peacefully, but if you can, well I don’t know what to do about Ezra.” I spoke, keeping my voice as low as possible. “I know you’re watching over, I know you’re guiding me, so please, help me know what to do.” I wrapped up as I felt my hand land on the stone in front of me. “I love you.”

There were a few more moments of silence until I heard a pair of footsteps behind me. I turned to my side to find Adam kneeling next to me.

“God grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” He began to pray as he placed an arm around me. He paused and looked to me, waiting to see if I’d finish the prayer.

“Living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as the pathway to peace, taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it,” I continued for him.

“trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will, that I may be reasonably happy in this life.” Adam began to pray with me. “and supremely happy with Him, forever in the next, Amen.”

“You remember that prayer?” I couldn’t help but ask, once more having to wipe water out of my eyes.

“Sarah made me say it with her every single morning.” He answered, trying his hardest to keep it together. “It was always her favorite.”

“We said it every morning we were together too.” I nodded as a tear finally began to escape my eyes. “I just, I thought you didn’t believe anymore.”

“I’m not sure I do.” He confessed. “But every time I missed her, I would say it, and after she passed, well I’ve been saying it every morning since.” He said, causing more tears to fall from my eyes. “It doesn’t make sense why she got taken so early,” He shook his head. “but she would say it’s all part of God’s plan, that everything that’s happened, it has a reason we just don’t understand yet.”

“Do you believe that?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“I have to.” He answered as his emotions finally got the better of him. “Besides, she was always right when we were growing up. Every damn time. It wouldn’t be like her to be wrong.”

“It wouldn’t.” I agreed as I let him pull me closer. We stayed quiet for a few minutes as we let everything sink in. I really hope you’re seeing this Mom. I hope you’re seeing that Adam is here when I need him. That he’s comforted me at every step of the way. That you made the right choice by leaving me with him.

When Dizzy and Sadie finally joined us, I made sure to finally open up to Dizzy about who my Mom was. About the quiet women who held onto a strong faith, and somehow still found a way to keep Adam’s independent spirit. She may never have been as free as him, but she always dreamed of it. I hope she’s found that now, even if it meant leaving first.

When we finished at the cemetery, things only grew harder as I had to say goodbye to Sadie.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” I exhaled, as the tears flowed freely from my eyes now.

“I know,” She exhaled, combing my hair with her hand as she held back her own tears. “but I’ll come visit in a few weeks. I swear it.”

“And you’re going to visit every few months, right?” I asked, holding onto her tightly.

“Of course.” She accepted. “I’m just a call away Arthur. I always will be.”

“I love you.” I let out, knowing it was time to go.

“I love you too.” She said, giving me one last squeeze before letting me go. “You two better look after him.” She warned Adam and Dizzy as she wiped the tears from her face. “He’s really special.”

“I know.” Adam nodded as I felt his hand land on my shoulder. “We’ll keep him nice and safe for you.”

“We promise.” Dizzy finished for him.

“Good.” She smiled as she pulled Dizzy in for a hug, before taking a step forward to Adam and hugging him. She held onto him as she whispered a few words to him, but all I could make out was the beginning of an apology. She really meant it when she said she was wrong about him, I can tell she’s coming around for him, I can tell she’s starting to trust him again.



When we finally got back in the car, the ride to the airport kept the somber tone that had grown in the cemetery. The weekend had taken its toll, and there was no doubt we could all feel it. The second I sat down in the airplane, I fell asleep and when I finally awoke well we were almost landing already!

As we walked through the airport, I found myself glued to Dizzy, not because I was scared of the crowd, but because I just needed him close. I needed him to lean on. I could tell he noticed, but didn’t say anything as we made our way through baggage claim and onto BART to head downtown.

Every now and again Adam would glance over to us, but I could tell he understood, and to no surprise Mason was waiting for us to do the same for Adam when we got home. When Mason saw the state we were in, he made sure not to ask too many questions, instead Adam put on a movie and once more we found ourselves falling asleep on the couch.

“You alright?” Adam asked as I woke back up, and Dizzy went to the bathroom. “You’ve been hanging pretty hard on your boyfriend.”

“I’m alright.” I nodded my head. “I just need some time.”

“I understand.” Adam nodded his head.

“Plus you’ve been doing the same since you got back.” Mason teased with a laugh. “You’re never this physical.”

“It’s been a long weekend.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Well rest up, because you’ve got work tomorrow,” Mason continued to taunt. “and Lindsay will kill you if you try and take the day off.”

“I know,” Adam groaned. “tomorrows going to be a long day too.” He complained.

“At least you don’t have school.” Dizzy complained as he stepped out of the bathroom. “Talk about a waste of time.”

“That’s what everyone says until they finish high school.” Mason warned. “Sure class is boring, but getting to spend all day with your friends and boyfriend, I’d go back to school for that.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Dizzy dismissed, knowing Mason raised to good a point to argue.

Adam let out a small laugh before playing another movie and letting the room grow quiet once more. The day continued like that, until finally Dizzy went home, leaving me with Adam and Mason, and as much as I enjoyed hanging out with them, well I still found a way to slip up to my room.

As I locked the door behind me, I couldn’t help but finally look at the business card I had been too scared to examine yesterday. A circular logo sat at the top right corner with the name “McNeil Corporation” under it. Next to sat the name “Ezra Green” with the title of “Chief Executive Officer” under it.

I couldn’t help but snicker as I saw his phone number under it. So, he was a CEO this whole time, and still didn’t reach out to my Mom? As if his suit didn’t make him look rich enough, being some big fancy business man proves it!

I quickly stuffed the card into the drawer of my nightstand, already fed up with what I had seen. I can’t think about any of this right now, It’s just been way too long a weekend. Instead I picked up the book next to my bed and began to get lost in it, that is, until I got the text from Dizzy I had been waiting for.

On my way, is Adam in bed?” He texted as a smirk began on my face. I may have been worn out all day, but I didn’t forget about me and Dizzy’s night together. If I’m being honest, I’ve been looking forward to it since we planned it! He’s always held the cards for the romantic part of our relationship, tonight it’s my turn.

I tried my hardest to keep reading, but I couldn’t keep my mind clear. I’m usually so good at controlling this side of me, but what can I say, Dizzy traveled all the way to Texas for me, comforted me the whole time, then gave the testimony that helped Adam keep custody. He’s just been hitting the perfect buttons recently!

Suddenly I heard a quiet jiggle of my door handle as someone tried to turn the locked knob. The second I saw my phone buzz with another text from him I couldn’t help but quietly laugh to myself. I stood up and quickly stripped of all my clothes but my boxer briefs and grabbed the cowboy hat from my dresser before walking to the door and unlocking it.

“Were you trying to get us caught?” Dizzy whispered as he slipped through the crack in the door and locked it behind him. He went to say something else, but as he turned to me he froze. “I uh,” He began but his words froze as a goofy grin began on his face.

“I uh,” I repeated as I leaned forward and gave him a deep kiss.

“I know you said you had ideas on how to celebrate,” He finally managed out. “but I didn’t know you meant it.”

“I think about this kind of stuff too ya know?” I smiled, leading him back to my bed.

“You sure you do?” He teased, trying his hardest to hide the surprise on his face.

“Mhm.” I hummed as I went in for another deep kiss. He went to say something but before he could I pulled him down onto the bed, the same way he had with me in the past. This time, I had him exactly where I wanted him to be instead of the other way around. With every motion I took, I made sure to stay in control of our actions. All that time he took to help me feel okay with my sexuality, well I want to show him it spread to the bedroom too.

“Alright, I, I need a minute.” He forced out, stopping our activities before they could grow too intense.

“Already?” I teased with a smirk as our eyes connected.

“No, I just, we haven’t done anything all weekend.” He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s all backed up.”

“Sure.” I sarcastically replied, taking a moment to push his buttons.

“You’re a piece of work, you know that?” He teased as I crawled back up to him so we could be face to face, but I stayed quiet before connected with a deep kiss on his lips.

“You’re really into this tonight, aren’t you?” He managed out as he broke away from my lips.

“I’m always into it,” I shrugged my shoulders. “but let’s say we’ll make tonight extra special.” I began as I crawled over to the side of the bed to find the condoms and lubricant Adam had left for me.

Once again I saw shock enter Dizzy’s face as he saw just what I had been planning. “Where’d you get that?” He forced out.

“Adam left it for me, he said it made him feel a bit better about me growing up.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“But we, we’ve never done that before.” He remarked as I pulled the box open. “It took like, two weeks for you to even blow me.”

“That was like a month ago.” I dismissed as I pulled a bright colored square out of the box. “I’m ready for this, I mean it.” He nodded his head as another dopey smile filled his face. “Besides, I trust you.”

“Do you even know how to use that?” He giggled, watching me slowly tear open the wrapper.

“How hard could it be?” I asked, but Dizzy laughed as he saw confusion enter my eyes once I got the latex circle free.

“Look.” Dizzy instructed as he guided my hand, he went to place it on my length but I quickly shifted over to his. “Alright, now you just roll it on.” He explained, holding himself still and helping me gently place it on him. “You know, you know what putting it on me means, right?”

“I know.” I forced a nod as I opened the bottle of lubricant.

“And you’re sure you’re okay with that?” He asked, as surprise continued to grow on his face.

“I think, I think I’ll enjoy it more like that.” I admitted as a blush grew on my face.

“Me too.” He smirked as he took the bottle from me. “Why don’t I help you with that?” He offered with a growing smirk.

This time I had no choice but to give control back to Dizzy. And as much fun as it was to be the one in charge, well, there’s something special about having him in the driver’s seat. He was just as gentle as our first time, making sure to check with me every step of the way. Yet when it was time, well he made sure to leave nothing behind. And when the climax came, well the past few months barely even scratched the surface of what this felt like!

“Woah.” Dizzy let out as he tried to catch his breath. “You, you alright?”

“Yeah.” I gulped as I started to come back down to earth. I noticed his smile widen as he noticed the mess on my stomach.

“I didn’t even have to touch you.” He proudly bragged.

“Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?” I asked as he slipped out of me, and let himself fall next to me.

“You wish.” He exhaled as he laid his head next to me. “I think I set the bar too high for myself on that one.”

“You’re such a jerk.” I couldn’t help but laugh as pride began to emanate off of him.

“You’re really that into me?” He suddenly asked as the look on his face began to change.

“Well yeah,” I let out, surprised by his question. “would I have let you this close if I wasn’t?”

“But still.” He shook his head, unable to wipe the smile from his face.

“You’re really patting yourself on the back for this one.” I teased, unsure why he was so thrilled.

“You really are naïve.” He shook his head. “It’s not just that, you, tonight, I’ve never had sex feel like this before Artie.” He exhaled as he began to grow serious. “I thought our first few times were good, but this, it’s chemistry I didn’t even know existed.” He sighed.

“So I did good too?” I asked in a laugh.

“Sure.” He answered, but I could tell I didn’t fully understand what he was trying to say to me.

When we finally cleaned up and went to bed, I found him more physical than usual. Not just sexually either, he just seemed to really cuddle up to me. Like I had earned a new level of affection from him.



The next morning when we woke up Dizzy stayed just as physical with me. Kissing and hugging me every chance he could get.

“This isn’t going to fly in school.” I giggled as he snuck one last kiss before we headed down the stairs.

“I can’t help it.” He groaned as I led him towards the kitchen. “You put me under some kind of spell Artie Price.”

I felt another smile cover my face as I heard those words and began to read the note Adam left me. “Well this might snap you out of it.” I handed him the note as I quickly grew serious.

“Artie, have a good week in school. Keep working hard and making me proud,” Dizzy began to read. “Dizzy, I heard you slip in through the front door last night.” Dizzy hesitated with a nervous laugh. “If you sneak in to spend the night with Artie again, I’m taking my key back.”

“Would you stop laughing!” I exclaimed as Dizzy did his best to hide a nervous giggle.

“At least you got a nice note.” Dizzy complained. “I got a threat!”

“You got caught!” I corrected in a groan.

“I knew I should’ve used the back door.” Dizzy shook his head. “I’ll make sure to do that tonight.”

“You saw the note.” I quickly rejected. “You’re not staying in my room again for a long time.”

“Artie,” Dizzy began to whine.

“He’s nice enough to let you sleep on the couch whenever you want.” I interrupted in a stern voice. “We got caught, let’s not push it any further.”

“Fine.” He surrendered but a smile quickly returned to his face.

“What now?” I groaned as our eyes met.

“I’m still under your spell.” He teased leaning forward and stealing a kiss from my lips.

I rolled my eyes but quickly went back in for another kiss. “I guess that’s good.”

“Mhm.” He hummed, but I had to pull him towards the door before he could try for another one.

As much as I tried to act as rational as possible, well the truth is since I woke up I was feeling the exact same way as Dizzy. If I thought we were close before, well I guess I had no idea what close really meant.



“Look who made it back to California alive.” Charlotte teased as we stepped into homeroom. “Congratulations.” She quickly stood up and hugged me.

“Congratulations man.” Ky nodded as he reached over and gave me a strong pat on the back.

“Class,” Mrs. Mowry called out as me and Dizzy took our seats. “does anyone know if their parents are not coming to parent-teacher night tonight?”

I shot Dizzy a confused look as I heard her words before quickly raising my hand. “I’m not sure my Uncle knows.” I spoke up as our eyes connected.

“I spoke with him last week, he said he’s coming.” She explained with a smile.

“Oh, thank you.” I replied, as I tried my hardest to remember if he had told me about it. I mean, I didn’t even know it was tonight! How in the world did he?

“Crap,” Dizzy groaned as he turned to me. “Adam definitely told my mom about it.”

“Dizzy,” I began as I turned to him. “this school probably made sure your mom had the conference circled on her calendar.”

Mrs. Mowry let out a small laugh before trying to cover it up with a cough. “She’s laughing at you!” Ky suddenly called out.

“I just had a cough.” Mrs. Mowry corrected as she tried to fix how she was sitting.

“Don’t lie.” Ky continued to tease.

“You can laugh.” Dizzy rolled his eyes. “Artie has gotten funnier since he first moved here.”

“I was funny before I met you.” I corrected as he flashed me a wink.

“Dizzy why don’t you go call your mom to make sure she’s coming?” Mrs. Mowry suggested, happy to find an out.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waived as he stood up, he stopped at my desk and flashed me another wink before heading towards the door.

Charlotte looked at him then back to me as she picked up on the slight change in how we had been acting. “Huh.” She let out, beginning to us stare down.

“We just,”

“I want all the details later.” She interrupted, not even bothering to hear my excuse.

“Fine.” I exhaled, but knew I would’ve told her all about it anyway. “That means you have to tell me about your date with Jose.”

“It wasn’t a date.” She blushed as a smile crept on her face. “We were just,” She began to tap her fingers against the desk. “getting coffee.”

“Mhm.” I hummed knowing there was much more to the story than she was telling. “Then Dizzy and me were just hanging out.” I shrugged.

“Fine.” She shook her head. “We’re sitting alone during lunch and swapping stories.”

“Deal!” I accepted as Dizzy wandered back into the room.

“Adam told her,” Dizzy groaned as he turned back towards me. “and about the note this morning.”

“You’re in trouble.” I teased, flashing him a grin. Mrs. Mowry ignored our teasing and made a note before starting to ask other students.

“You’re in trouble too.” Dizzy corrected, returning the smile. “She said they’re going to make Mason check in on the two of us tonight.”

“Mason has work tonight.” I shrugged my shoulders. “They’re bluffing.”

“Your Mom and Adam are a team now?” Ky asked, looking over at Dizzy.

“Adam hired her as his assistant.” Dizzy explained. “So I guess so.”

“You didn’t tell me that!” Charlotte exclaimed as she began to stare me down again. “You better have some story during lunch.”

“Story about what?” Dizzy asked with a smirk.

Before anyone could say anything else the class bell rang. “Alright everyone, have a great start to your week!” Mrs. Mowry dismissed as students began to head to their first period classes.

“I better get to class and see what work I missed on Friday.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Come on Charlotte, we’ll catch up on things as we go.”

“Fine.” Dizzy rolled his eyes as we headed towards the door. “Wait!” He called out. “We have first period together!” He caught on but by then me and Charlotte had already disappeared into the crowd.

We spent the rest of the day gossiping as much as we could. I told her all about the trip to Texas, while she told me about her date with Jose. By the sound of it, it went really well! They even had a second date over the weekend! I have to admit, at first, I wasn’t sure they would be a great match, but I guess Jose has a soft side for art! Who would’ve guessed?



When school ended, Dizzy and I headed back to my house to find Adam patiently waiting there.

“You boys get my note?” He asked as we dropped our backpacks by the door.

“I can’t read your handwriting.” Dizzy lied with a shrug.

“We got the note.” I answered, shooting Dizzy a serious look. “Sorry Adam,” I quickly spoke. “we won’t let it happen again.”

“Sorry.” Dizzy agreed as he finally grew serious. “It was my fault, I talked Artie into it.” He lied once more, trying to take most of the blame.

“I don’t care who’s fault it was, I can’t have you sneaking in here without me knowing.” Adam warned in a strict voice. “What if your Mom woke up looking for you? What if she called me asking where you were?” Adam lectured, trying to drive his point home.

“Yeah.” Dizzy accepted with a nod. “We screwed up.”

“But you knew right?” I asked, as I drew Adam’s gaze.

“This time.” Adam nodded. “Who knows how many times you two have done that before.”

“Yeah, but this time you knew and didn’t say anything.” I analyzed. “You easily could’ve made him sleep on the couch.”

“I was too tired to get up.” He lied as he looked back towards the T.V. “Yesterday was a long day.”

“Mhm.” Dizzy hummed, growing as skeptical as me.

We both kept our eyes on him until finally he let out a deep sigh. “I just understood, alright?” He finally spoke. “You guys wanted to be close after everything, and this time I let it slide.” He clarified, looking back at me. “But it’s not happening again, and I mean that.”

“I understand.” I quickly replied. “Thank you Adam.”

“Thank you Adam.” Dizzy repeated with another grin.

“Besides,” He stood up. “Dizzy’s going to be in enough trouble tonight when his teachers talk to his Mom.”

“Crap.” Dizzy groaned as he leaned back in his seat. “Can I sleep here?”

“She already told me to send you home if you try.” Adam shrugged his shoulders as he headed towards the stairs. “Don’t worry, I’ll order you a pizza for your last supper.”

“That’s not funny!” Dizzy pouted as he sank even further in his seat.

“How did you know about parent-teacher night anyway?” I asked, remembering my question from before.

“I get the school emails, duh.” He teased. “I’m also all hooked up with your classes, so I can see your grades whenever I want.”

“What?!” I exclaimed as I quickly looked at Dizzy. “That’s a thing?!”

“Don’t they have that everywhere?” Dizzy asked, before quickly remember where I grew up. “Oh yeah, that’s a thing.”

“I haven’t checked yet, so calm down.” Adam dismissed. “But we’re going over your grades tonight anyway.” He shrugged before quickly disappearing up the stairs.

“Guess that pizza is both our last supper.” I muttered, joining Dizzy, lounging on the couch.

“Why? An A minus got you down?” He teased as he began to lay against me.

“I have a C in computer science.” I mumbled as I crossed my arms.

“I pretty much do your homework for you.” Dizzy let out as he shot me a cautious look. “How do you have a C?”

“I keep bombing her stupid tests.” I complained in a sigh.

“Eh.” He swayed his head. “It’s still just Adam. You think he knows anything about computer science?”

“He still might be mad.” I argued as our eyes connected.

“Oh no, he might be mad.” Dizzy said, making sure to emphasize the uncertainty. “Plus, either way, we get the house alone to ourselves for a few hours.”

“Worth it.” I cheered, drawing an immediate laugh from Dizzy.

When Adam came back down the stairs he was dressed up as nicely as he could manage. He gave me and Dizzy one last lecture before warning us that Mason was stopping by to check on us and off he went. To no one’s surprise, Mason never stopped by and me and Dizzy made sure to enjoy our night alone together.

“How do you even fight a dragon?” Dizzy asked as we laid back on the couch watching T.V. “I would just run.”

“I don’t think you can outrun a dragon.” I skeptically replied, but before I could say anything else the front door began to open.

“Here we go.” I heard Dizzy exhale as Adam and Colleen walked through the front door.

“Ryan Dizzy Armstrong,” Colleen immediately began. “get your stuff, because you have a lot of explaining to do.” She boomed, shooting Dizzy such an intense look I thought the eyes would pop out of her head. “And did you apologize to Adam for last night?”

“I did.” He answered but as he walked past her, still received a swat on the head. “Sorry Adam.” He forced out again.

“You’ve got some explaining to do too.” Adam warned as he looked over at me.

Dizzy made a face at me, but received another light swat from his Mom. “Your stupidity is spreading to him, and now you’re both knuckleheads.” She lectured as she turned back to me. “Congratulations on winning your case by the way.”

“Thank you?” I forced out, unsure how to answer.

“Go say goodbye.” Colleen ordered Dizzy as he walked over and landed a quick kiss on my lips.

“If they find me dead tomorrow, it was my mom.” He whispered as I had to bite my lip to hold back from laughing. “Bye Adam.” Dizzy sighed.

“Come on Dizzy, move your feet.” Colleen scolded as she saw how slowly Dizzy was walking. “Even now you’re acting like a fool.” She began to yell at him. “Honestly, do you not know how to act in school? Should I send you back to preschool?” She asked, as she led him out the door. “I mean, dancing whenever the teacher turns his back to the class, are you five?” She continued as she shut the door behind them.

I went to laugh but quickly caught myself as I saw the look Adam was giving me. “I know I have a C in computer science, but it’s really hard for me.” I began to explain.

“It’s not about that.” Adam dismissed as he took a seat on the couch. “I mean, I wish you were doing better than that, but you have A’s in everything else, and I’m pretty sure you just found out computer science is a subject last month.” He analyzed as I nodded my head.

“So what’d I do?” I forced out in a nervous voice.

“Almost every teacher said you talk too much.” Adam exhaled. “First teacher blamed it on Dizzy distracting you, second teacher said you and charlotte talk all class, third teacher brought up Dizzy again, fourth teacher said it was Dizzy and Charlotte,” Adam hesitated as he looked into my eyes. “you understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah.” I forced out as I thought it over. “I get it.” I accepted in a sigh. I’ve never had teachers say anything bad about me before! Hell, they usually talk about how mature I am! But now I guess things are changing, I guess I’m not exactly the same student I used to be.

“Are you sure you get it?” Adam asked, as he began to scold me in a strict voice. “Because I’m not going to screw you up. Sadie told me about the type of dedication you had in Texas.” Adam continued to lecture. “Now you get here and what? You can start goofing off? How long until that starts affecting your grades?”

“I don’t know.” I forced out, caught off-guard by how strict he was acting.

“Well you better figure it out.” He warned in a loud voice. “Now that my custody is protected by the court, things are going to start changing around here.” He said as my heart begin to beat faster. “I won’t be the fun Uncle who just lets you do whatever the hell you please. So here’s your god damn wakeup call!”

I nodded my head as I began to nervously tap my foot against the ground. “I’m sorry Adam, I, I’ll stay focused in class again,” I began, but before I could say anything Adam’s serious face began to crack. “What’s going on?” I asked as he began to laugh.

“You should’ve seen your face!” Adam exclaimed through his laughter. “I got you so good!”

“What?” I let out, as I tried my hardest to calm back down.

“That’s what you get for goofing around in school!” He shouted, proud of the act he had put on.

“So things aren’t changing?” I asked, still not quite understanding what was happening.

“I mean, I guess a little,” He shrugged his shoulders. “but overall I’m pretty happy with what I heard. You have good grades, and you’re fitting in well. You just need to stop talking all class.”

“So I’m not in trouble?” I had to ask once more.

“Nope.” Adam rejected as he sat back in his seat. “Mason’s coming over to watch a movie if you want to stay up.”

“You’re so mean!” I shouted as I nearly jumped out of my seat. “Do you have any idea how bad you scared me!”

“Good.” Adam began to laugh once more. “You deserved it!”

I rolled my eyes and let out another sigh as my heart rate began to return to normal again. “I’m going to bet Dizzy isn’t this lucky?”

“Each teacher spoke to his mom twice as long as they spoke to me.” Adam shook his head. “I actually think she might kill him.”

“I guess I wouldn’t blame her.” I teased as I thought about just how much trouble I’ve seen Dizzy start, and I’ve only been here two months!

“You were scared of me.” Adam happily bragged as he turned back on the T.V.

“Shut up.” I rejected as more laughter escaped his lips.

“You’re a good kid Artie,” Adam finally grew serious. “I’m proud of everything I heard tonight.”

“You’re serious this time?” I asked as he nodded his head. “Well aside from tonight, you’ve been a great Uncle.”

“Oh please.” Adam dismissed as he waived his hand. “You could use a little tough love in your life.”

“Sure.” I sarcastically agreed as I let him focus in on whatever show he wanted to watch.

I can’t believe I actually fell for that! Adam suddenly getting strict with me? There’s no way that happens! I don’t even think he would know how to do it! I just hope Dizzy’s okay! By the sound of it, Colleen was not letting him off easy tonight! Then again, he’s made it this far without changing, I don’t know if there’s any punishment that could calm Dizzy Armstrong down!

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

I don’t know why Adam was surprised that Artie took him seriously, Strict Adam had already demanded that Dizzy not sneak in again at night! So from Artie’s point of view Adam's getting tough speech just continued on that same trajectory. Adam can’t always be the fun uncle/big brother.  ;–)

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Just because Adam won the custody battle doesn't mean that Artie's safe.  The court proceedings went well - - too well - - and the anticlimactic nature of it makes me think that the true climax is up ahead. :unsure2:


From the anxiety of a court case to the mundane: What better way to lull our suspicions than with a Parent's night at school. (Now, I'm more nervous than ever!)


"Your stupidity is spreading to him, and now you’re both knuckleheads.” I love Colleen's observation, but I disagree: If Dizzy is Knucklehead Smith, then Artie is Jerry Mahoney. :P


Can't wait to find out what happens next! ❤️

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On the one hand I don’t want this to turn into a wish fulfillment tale where CEO daddy tries to buy Artie’s love with stuff to assuage his guilt over not having been in Artie’s life all this time, but on the other hand, I’m afraid of what wealth can do in some [Texas] courts against a Gay bio-son and his Gay uncle. But it also depends on kind of company daddy is CEO of – the ‘company’ could consist of just a couple employees struggling to turn a profit! Or it could be a scam – I could have business cards made that listed me CEO of a fake company, it only takes a little money and a bit of creativity. I trust @Aceinthehole will surprise us with something worthy of his talents!  ;–)

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It is amazing how you show Artie (and Dizzying Adam) continuing to grow, independently and as a family (come on Dizzy is family by now). Both the characters and the readers got a chance to lighten up and  have a giggle this chapter !!

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I’m a little curious about what the McNeil Corporation is but I’m sure we’ll find out one day. I don’t think Artie needs anymore tough love as he gets that from Dizzy or is that rough love? 😂 Adam should have realized Artie would freak a bit at his stern act if only because on some level I think Artie is still concerned/insecure about being tossed out. I know it’s not logical but it’s a common fear someone in Artie’s situation would likely have considering all he’s been through as well as how he’s only known Adam for a few months at this point. If Adam became that strict it would probably kill him and while he didn’t admit it he’s probably a little happy that Artie acts like that in school as it shows Artie is happy as well as acting like a typical kid. This was a sweet chapter and thankfully I’m...kinda sure Dizzy’s mom won’t kill him.

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Excellent chapter! The closeness that has intensified between Artie and Dizzy after their sexual coupling is just too sweet. The note left by Adam was quite amusing and the game that Adam played on Artie after the parent teacher conferences was perfect. The interaction between Adam and Dizzy and his mother after the conference was truly funny and sympathetic at the same time. I think mom is going to threaten him with being able to see Artie regularly while insisting that he grow up! He’s clearly not doing very well in his classes and will now have to pay the price for his errant behavior. I also think that Adam will also go along with whatever punishment Dizzy’s mom comes up with. Artie and Dizzy may be in for some changes in their dealings with one another now that Adam and Colleen are coworkers giving them plenty of time to cook up plans to rein in their sons behaviors. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️

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5 minutes ago, flesco said:


Thank you for using the correct homonym! So many people forget that ‘rein in’ comes from the action with a horse. They get the word confused with ‘reign’ (as in royalty) which wouldn’t make any sense in this context.

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You’re quite welcome! I read constantly and pay attention to language and grammar and the correct usages of homonyms.

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On 1/16/2019 at 11:07 AM, Wesley8890 said:

I hear the death March for dizzy

You should know by now....it would be the Dizzy Defiant Death Dance! 🤪

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