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The Golden City - 8. T.B.C.

Chapter 8: T.B.C.

Dinner with the Rites was an interesting experience. For just three people they were loud and full of life! Now that I know the people he really grew up with, well, it’s not hard to see where Adam got his laid back attitude from! It doesn’t seem like much bothers them and if it does they just shake it off!

Much to Adam’s dismay I got some stories about his teenage years. Nothing revealing, just stories about him in High School. He actually sounds a lot more like Dizzy than I ever would’ve thought! Apparently he was loud mouthed and energetic. I just hope that phase is in his past!

When it was finally time for the Rites to leave Adam promised that we would come visit them one day soon, and promised that we’d go over for a Memorial Day barbeque when the time comes. As we cleaned up I couldn’t help but randomly look at him.

“What?” He asked, turning back to me. “You yelled at me last night for staring.”

“I didn’t yell at you.” I defended.

“You were pretty much screaming.” He teased, breaking eye contact and walking towards the sink.

“Sure.” I accepted, refusing to play along with his game. “If the Rites are so nice, well, then why were you so secretive about them?”

“There it is.” He quietly sighed. “I’m glad you thought they were nice.”

“Adam.” I warned, noticing his attempt to side step the question.

“I just didn’t want to overwhelm you.” He lied with a shrug. “We’re taking this all one step at a time.”

“Okay, well now that step is finished.” I began, forcing as much eye contact as possible. “So can you just answer the question? Like actually answer it this time?”

He let out a deep breath before turning back to me. “Texas taught me a lot. The most important of which is to always play your cards close to your chest.”

“So you don’t trust me?” I asked, taking a seat at the table.

“No, I trust you.” He quickly tried to clarify. “But there are just some things I’m not ready to share with you yet. It’s nothing against you, I just need time.”

“So you’ll actually answer all my questions one day?” I pried with curious eyes.

“How many do you have?” He asked, finally looking back to me.

“A few.” I shrugged, pretending like they weren’t all that important.

“Like what?” He asked as our eyes connected.

“Like why’d you get kicked out?” I said in a brave breath.

“For thinking freely.” He replied with a raise of his eyebrows.

“And the real answer?” I pressured, knowing enough to see past his games.

“That’s T.B.C.” He forced a smile, before breaking eye contact and turning back towards the sink.

“T.B.C.?” I repeated in a confused voice.

“To be continued!” He teased in a shout. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and get up. “Where are you going?” He called out. “Come on! That was a good one!”

“That was your worst one yet!” I shouted back.

“I laughed at it!” He defended.

“You always laugh at your own jokes.” I provoked, glancing back to him.

“If you can’t make yourself laugh, then what’s the point?” He asked as I started to climb the stairs.

“Good night!” I dismissed, having had my full of bad jokes for one night.

In a weird way, I understand where he’s coming from. He was betrayed by everyone he knew in Texas. They basically banished the poor guy! And sure, I’ve started to prove I’m different from everyone in our hometown, but it’ll still take time for us to be fully comfortable around one another.

I still want answers, but I can wait a little longer. Besides, now that I know him, well I’m pretty sure he did get kicked out for saying something stupid! Maybe even for defending my Mom! But then why didn’t she talk to him? Was it something with her? Did she do something? Is that why she left him with me, to make it up to him?

The questions seemed to bounce around my head until finally I passed out. No matter what the answer is, I won’t let it get in the way of what me and Adam are building. I won’t let one detail from his past break the relationship I have with him. My whole life I’ve wanted a father figure, someone to show me what a man was. Adam may be, well, Adam, but he’s successful and kind. I’d gladly follow in his shoes.



The next morning came just like all the others, and before I knew it I was sitting in homeroom listening to Dizzy and Ky bicker about anything and everything.

“That’s not what I’m saying though!” Dizzy exclaimed as their conversation started to grow louder and louder.

“Then what are you saying?” Ky exhaled in a fed up voice. “Because it sounds like you’re trying to backpedal to me.”

“Oh my god.” Charlotte groaned as our eyes connected.

“Would you two stop?” I interrupted, turning towards to them. “You’re giving Charlotte a headache.”

“Way to go.” Dizzy grunted, looking to Ky.

“Dizzy.” I let out in a stern voice.

“Sorry.” He submitted, looking as far from Ky as possible.

“Whatever is going on between you two needs to stop.” I warned in a serious voice. “It’s only been a full day of it, and Charlotte and I are already done.”

“He’s not playing around.” Charlotte supported, staring them both down. “We’ll start eating at separate tables during lunch if you two don’t stop.”

“Sorry.” They both grumbled before falling quiet.

“I didn’t know you had it in you.” Charlotte teased as I looked back to her. “Nicely done.”

“I figured we could use the quiet.” I shrugged with a smile.

“I’ve gotta go to the bathroom.” Ky muttered, standing up and walking towards the door.

“He okay?” I whispered towards Charlotte.

“He’s fine.” Dizzy answered, overhearing the question.

“He’s okay.” Charlotte agreed. “Probably just grumpy because Dizzy’s been messing with him all morning.”

“I haven’t been messing with him, he,” Dizzy began but when he saw the look on my face dropped it. “That’s not important. What is important is setting up what day we’re going to the Zoo.”

“Saturday?” I offered as he nodded his head.

“Sounds like a plan,” He smiled. “and you’ll be happy to know I finished book two last night.”

“About that.” I teased, leaning back in my chair. “I think I found us a shortcut.”

“What’s that?” He eagerly asked in an excited voice.

“My Uncle said you can come over and watch it, but we have to watch the most recent season with him when we get there.” I explained catching the smile from his face.

“How’d you swing that?” He asked, nearly sitting on the edge of his chair.

“I have my ways.” I shrugged. “But don’t make me regret it.”

“Never.” He teased as his smile turned into a smirk.

“That means don’t shove it in Ky’s face,” Charlotte emphasized. “or better yet, don’t even tell him.”

“That mean you two don’t tell me when you hang out?” Dizzy inquired, immediately looking back to me.

“Why? Should I be keeping you updated?” I provoked as our eyes connected.

“Transcripts and all.” He played along.

“Gross.” Charlotte rolled her eyes, noticing the flirty tone in Dizzy’s voice. I couldn’t help but laugh as frustration replaced the sly look on his face.

“Charlotte!” Dizzy yelped breaking eye contact and looking over to her.

“My bad.” She teased, more than happy with what she had done.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on my side?” He asked as their eyes connected.

“Your side for what?” She played dumb, knowing he would never say it out loud.

“You’re infuriating.” He remarked as Ky walked back into the classroom.

Before either of them could say anything Mrs. Mowry began homeroom. Just like yesterday they were quiet but the stare downs and cold shoulders said more than any word could. I know Charlotte said it will pass, but it really is getting old fast!

“Alright everyone, have a great day!” Mrs. Mowry encouraged as the bell ending homeroom rang. “Oh! Artie! The office gave me your gym uniform.”

“Gym uniform?” I repeated as she handed me a plastic bag full of red clothing.

“I’ve got it from here.” Charlotte smiled leading me out of the classroom. “Remember when Ky said sometimes cooking and computers switches with gym, well, today’s that day.”

“Oh no.” I groaned, looking down at the uniform in my hands. “You couldn’t warn me or anything?”

“Don’t worry Artie.” Ky tried to comfort. “You’re an athlete, I could tell from surfing with you.”

“I don’t know about that.” I complained, following them towards the front of the school. “What sport do we even play?” I asked, relieved that I had decided to wear my sneakers today.

“Well in the winter a lot of basketball and floor hockey.” Dizzy answered before anyone else could speak. “But now that it’s spring we’ll probably have to walk to one of the fields and play either football or baseball.”

“I can do baseball.” I quickly blurted out.

“What?” Charlotte giggled, turning to me.

“We used to play baseball almost every day in Texas.” I explained, trying my hardest to reel it back. “I’m not any good, but I know how to play.”

“Then maybe you can teach me.” Dizzy teased.

“I don’t think so.” I laughed as Ky watched the conversation unfold.

“You’ll fit right in.” Ky tried to comfort but as we entered the locker rooms, got changed and started the walk to the field I felt nerves starting to take over.

“We really have to walk all the way there?” I asked Charlotte as a field finally appeared in the distance.

“Yup.” She sighed. “The hassles of going to a city school.”

“You get used to it.” Ky shrugged, glancing over to Charlotte to give us some space then back to me. “It’s actually a pretty nice field. Our high school plays there and all, so its’ like, legit.”

“And they let us use it for gym?” I asked, shooting him a confused look.

“Until we eventually ruin it and they’d had enough.” He laughed, taking a step closer. “You’ll be just fine.”

I nodded but stayed quiet until we finally got there. The field was just as nice as Ky had promised, maybe even better. It made my Texas high school field look like a patch of dirt! Dugouts sat on both sides, with rows of seating above them.

“You guys know the rules.” One of the Coaches began in a tired voice. “No one in the dugouts or stands. Pick your teams and let’s get going.”

I gulped and hung near Charlotte as lines began to form. Ky was one of the first taken, then eventually Dizzy and even Charlotte! I tried my hardest not to let my disappointment show when I was one of the last two left to be picked. Dizzy and Ky tried to plead a case to take me, but before I knew it I was the last one left.

“Hey!” Charlotte cheered as I walked towards our team. “We’re on the same team!”

“Perfect.” I grumbled, trying not to let the shot to my pride show.

“Are you upset because you got picked last?” She teased with a smile.

“Are either of you actually playing?” One of the guys asked before I could say anything.

“Nope!” Charlotte happily rejected.

“I will.” I replied looking up at the kid much bigger than me.

“Great.” He complained, taking a long look at me. “You bat last and play outfield.”

“I used to play infield back in Texas. Second base.” I began, trying my hardest to make a case.

“That’s great kid.” The teen dismissed before walking back towards the group. With a deep sigh I followed along and found myself in the field just watching the game unfold. Dizzy was as hopeless as I’d imagined, but they stuck him at first and told him to just catch the ball. While Ky made sure to let that athletic nature of his show. One things for sure with him, those muscles are not just for looks!

When it finally became my turn to bat I heard a few groans from my teammates. “Are you sure you want to play?” The kid from before asked.

“Positive.” I grunted, picking up one of the metal bats.

“We have two outs and a man on second. Just get a single and he should score and tie the game.” The teen instructed. “Can you somehow manage that?”

“Maybe.” I shrugged, walking towards the batter’s box.

“Maybe?” The kid repeated, beginning to stare me down. “What’s that mean?”

“It means maybe.” I dismissed, refusing to look back at him.

As I stepped into the box and looked up at the pitcher I felt my heart begin to race. I’ve done this a million times before in Texas, hell, I even used to lead off during my old gym class! I may not be the greatest at making contact, but if there’s one thing I am its fast!

As the first pitch came in and gave me a cold strike I heard a few groans sound out from my class. I tried my hardest to lock in and before I knew it I was working a full count.

“Good job, just take ball four.” One of the kids shouted. “Get yourself on base and someone will take care of it!”

“Don’t even swing!” Another kid shouted.

I tried my hardest to ignore their words and focus on the task at hand. Yet as the next pitch came in I felt my body act on its own. With a defensive swing I connected with the ball, sending it right at Dizzy.

“Woh!” He exclaimed, ducking out of its way as I began to run. “You could’ve killed me!” He shouted as the ball quickly made its way down the first base line. I tried my hardest to ignore him as I rounded first and pushed myself as hard as I could.

“Third! Third! Third!” I heard the shouts of my teammates yell from along the base lines.

Yet as I made my way towards third and saw the ball still in the air I let my Texas instincts kick in. “What are you doing?!” One of the kids shouted at the top of his lungs.

With everything I had left I charged home as one of the infielders picked up the ball. I watched all the kids in my old gym class do this, and now it’s my turn. Just like I had hoped the infielder panicked and threw the ball wide as I slid into home plate and jumped to my feet.

“Yeah Artie!” Charlotte yelped from where she was sitting. “I mean I only watched the last part of that but it looked good!”

“That was stupid base running.” One of the kids remarked as I approached.

“No it wasn’t. Always pressure the infield.” I explained, trying my hardest to catch my breath. “Throw to home is the hardest in baseball. Especially if it’s not a play you’re used to making.”

“And where’d you learn that?” One of the kids asked in a dismissive tone.

“Texas.” I proudly answered, finally able to stand up straight. “So can I play second now?”

“What? No!” One of the other kids began, but the captain gave me a nod.

“Take a hike Jacob. You bobble the ball all the time. Kid’s from Texas, I’m pretty sure all they do is play baseball and football there.” The captain defended, looking back to me. “Don’t make me look stupid.”

“I won’t.” I assured, trying my hardest to hide my excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not super in love with baseball or anything, but I need to prove I’m better than last pick in gym class! I mean they took Charlotte ahead of me and she isn’t even playing! I’m a country boy, it’s in my blood to protect my pride! Besides, getting to flash some skill in front of Dizzy and Ky wouldn’t be all that bad either. Maybe it’ll help them realize I’m not some damsel in distress they need to save!

I never thought of myself as all that good at sports. I always struggled to keep up back home. It was like everyone else was just stronger and faster than I was! But suddenly that doesn’t seem the case. The kids in California are good and all, but they have nothing on the kids I grew up with! God, back in Texas we would’ve torn these guys up! This game would’ve been over in the first three innings!

Nothing I did was as great as my first at bat, but I still seemed to pull together a respectable game. I got a couple of put outs and assists in the field and added a couple singles to my batting! They even encouraged me to try and steal second once, but that might’ve been to get me away from Dizzy who was chewing my ear off!

“I thought you said you were bad at sports.” Ky teased as the game wrapped up.

“I am.” I nodded my head. “Maybe Californians are just worse than Texans.” I couldn’t help but tease back.

“I’ll remember that.” He warned in a laugh.

“Hey!” The captain from my team called out as he walked up to us. “Arnold right?”

“Artie.” I corrected in a sigh.

“Oh, sorry. My names Jose” He apologized, looking me up and down. “You know, the local school team could use someone with your speed.”

“Sorry, I don’t play baseball.” I shrugged, hoping he would take the hint.

“That’s not how it looked to me.” He pressured, trying his hardest to force eye contact. “Look, the teams more of a “for fun” thing than it is competitive. Come hang out with us and play some baseball. We only practice three times a week max.”

“I don’t know.” I swayed my head as Ky, Dizzy and Charlotte eagerly watched me.

“Why don’t you think about it and let me know in a few days?” He asked, trying to be as nice as possible.

“Alright.” I accepted, not actually taking it seriously.

“You should do it.” Ky encouraged as Jose left hearing range.

“I don’t think so.” I dismissed, hoping he would drop it.

“It’s right down the street from your house, and like he said it’s just for fun.” Ky cheered, looking into my eyes. “Who knows, maybe you’ll even get good enough for a scholarship to college.”

“And then hell will freeze over.” I rolled my eyes. “I got lucky that first at bat. Anyone but Dizzy would’ve caught that ball.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Dizzy defended in a loud voice. “You launched that one at me! I saw my life flash before my eyes!”

“That was a hard hit ball.” Ky agreed, surprising both me and Charlotte. “I don’t know too many people here in California that would make that play.”

“I’ll think about it.” I waved off, feeding him nearly the same line as the kid from the baseball team.

“Really think about it.” Charlotte agreed as we pulled away from the other two.

“You’re taking their side?” I complained, looking over to her.

“I’m not taking any sides, what’s with you boys today?” She clarified in a serious voice. “But you’re still new here. It can’t hurt to go out and make some more friends, you know? Get involved, make High School fun for yourself.”

“You’re telling me that?” I asked, shooting her a cautious look.

“Hey, I’m a part of the AP Art program.” She defended. “I stay late some days to work on pieces and we have showcases and all. I’m involved. Hell even Dizzy’s part of the programing club and Ky sometimes goes with the surfing club! Having something outside of our friend group won’t kill you.”

“We’ll see.” I insisted, eager just to change the conversation.

I could tell she wanted to pressure me a little more, but decided to let it go. The rest of the day I did my best to keep it out of my head. I’ve got bigger things to worry about! I don’t need some stupid sport getting in my way!



When classes finally ended I tried to slip away, but Dizzy found me before I could make my escape.

“So, Game of Thrones?” He eagerly asked.

“Today?” I replied, looking over to him.

“Is that too soon?” He wondered with a growing smile.

“I can if you can.” I shrugged starting to lead him towards my house. “Just, be cool around my Uncle.”

“Worried I’ll embarrass you?” He giggled as his smile grew into a smirk.

“Something like that.” I sighed as we slipped away from the crowd unnoticed and made it to the park. “Just, like Charlotte said, don’t shove this in Ky’s face.”

“I would never.” He giggled as his smirk grew. “You like him?”

“Just as much as I like you.” I replied, refusing to move an inch either way.

He shut his mouth and nodded his head, realizing I was onto him just as much as he was onto me.

“Hey!” Adam shouted, not even bothering to turn away from his video game. “How was school?”

“Same old same old.” I replied placing my bag by the door before taking Dizzy’s. “Dizzy you remember my Uncle Adam.” I said, calling attention to my friend.

“Oh, hey.” Adam greeted glancing towards us before returning his stare to the game in front of him. “You guys can watch whatever after I finish this game.”

“There was a guy to your left.” Dizzy warned as his eyes seemed to lock on the T.V.

“Where?” Adam asked, quickly turning that way.

“In the corner with a shotgun.” Dizzy explained, but as Adam entered the room he quickly lost the battle. “Rookie move. Should’ve thrown a flash grenade or something.”

“Yeah?” Adam asked, humoring the guest. “You play this game?”

“Only have a 3.5 kill death ratio.” Dizzy bragged as I started to get lost in their conversation.

“A what?” I asked, looking over to him.

“Don’t worry about it.” Dizzy dismissed. “What’s yours?”

“3.8.” Adam proudly replied.

“And you still die to campers?” Dizzy teased, starting to get his normal gust of energy. “That’s weak.”

“Alright, then you why don’t you finish this game?” Adam offered, holding the controller to him.

“Gladly.” Dizzy smiled, taking it from him and grabbing a seat on the couch.

I couldn’t tell if Dizzy was good or anything, but he and Adam seemed to have fun playing the last few minutes of his game. It seemed like they just connected over it. Before I knew it they were both shouting and laughing at the game.

“What are you doing?” Adam asked, as the game ended and Dizzy pulled up a menu.

“Adding myself so we can play together later.” Dizzy shrugged.

“I’m not playing with a fifteen year old.” Adam shot down, trying to discourage what Dizzy was doing.

“I’m sixteen.” Dizzy corrected. “Besides, I’ll add you so I can play with Artie, and if somehow you wind up with the controller, maybe we could play a few rounds together.”

“We’ll see.” Adam surrendered, allowing Dizzy to do as he pleased.

“Besides, you need someone to protect you from shotguns.” Dizzy smirked, glancing over to him.

“Sure.” Adam rolled his eyes. “What are you two watching?”

“Game of Thrones.” I announced immediately drawing Adam’s attention.

“Already?” He nervously asked. “I figured you’d want to finish the books first.”

“They’re so different I heard it doesn’t matter.” I provoked, seeing what his reaction would be. “I’m still going to read them, I’ll just watch along.”

“And Dizzy, whoever you answer to says you can watch it too? Adam asked, realizing he was the adult in charge.

“Sure.” Dizzy shrugged, looking back at him.

“Oh boy.” Adam sighed, walking towards the kitchen. “Artie can we talk real quick?”

“Okay.” I hesitantly agreed, following after him.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Adam apprehensively let out.

“You promised I could.” I replied, unsure if he was going to go back on his word or not.

“I know.” He nodded. “I know you’re mature enough to handle it, but is your friend?”

“When he wants to be.” I answered, knowing Dizzy would be fine with it. “Besides, what’s going to happen? Are the police going to take you away for letting us watch a T.V. show?”

“An angry mom will come knocking on our door.” He shook his head.

“That’s not going to happen.” I dismissed, looking back towards Dizzy. “First, he can keep a secret. He breaks rules all the time. Second, she’ll be mad at him for watching it, not you for showing it.”

“That makes me feel better.” Adam said in a sarcastic tone.

“It’s fine!” I insisted walking back towards the couch.

“Yeah, don’t be such a party pooper.” Dizzy instigated from the couch.

“You’re right. A show full of nudity and gore is fine to show two teenage boys! What could possibly go wrong?” Adam teased in a loud voice. “If anyone asks I didn’t know this was happening!”

“Sure.” I nodded as Dizzy scrolled through the menus to put it on.

“It’s on HBO Go.” Adam explained, keeping an eye on us from the kitchen.

“I thought you didn’t know this was happening.” Dizzy couldn’t help but tease.

“Do you want to watch it or not?” Adam shot back as their eyes connected.

“Sorry.” Dizzy quickly backed down with a smile before finding the right app.

As the show started we both grew quiet and Adam went upstairs to give us more space. I know he was a little worried, but he’ll get over it! If he actually didn’t want us watching this he wouldn’t have agreed to it. Besides, Dizzy’s mom didn’t say he can’t watch it. He’s just taking a peak before he finishes the books!

Dizzy was a little goofy at first, making comments as often as he could about any nudity or fighting we saw, but quickly dropped it when the show pulled him in. I tried my hardest to keep a divide between us as we watched, but the more time passed the smaller that divide grew. Until finally we were laying shoulder to shoulder, watching the show.

“Dizzy,” I groaned as he rested his head against my shoulder.

“Shhh, the show.” He teased, hoping I would let it slide.

“I don’t know,”

“I feel like you owe me this one.” He smirked, glancing over to me.

“Fine.” I surrendered, easing up so I could get more comfortable in the way we were laying. Eventually I even felt my own head relax against him.

“This was nice.” Dizzy smiled as the second episode came to an end.

“One more?” I asked in a hopeful voice.

“You’re lucky I stayed still for that long.” He laughed, but didn’t move. “I guess lying with a cute guy helps though.”

I felt a deep blush overtake my face as I heard those words. “I, uh, “

“You’re straight, I get it.” Dizzy played along.

“That’s not what I was going to say.” I clarified, letting him stay where he was. “I just,”

“You’re just worried about Ky.” Dizzy finished for me. “So this is for keeps then.” He remarked, more to himself then to me.

“What?” I asked, not understanding what he meant.

“These past few days I figured the most either of us would get was a kiss before you started chasing some girl.” He confessed as his smile grew. “But given how long you’ve let me lay on you, you’re in this for keeps.”

“I don’t know.” I exhaled. “Maybe.”

“Then Arthur Price, I think you should choose me.” He began in a goofy voice. “I’m exciting, funny, charming, pretty damn cute and now I’m best friends with your Uncle.”

“Then maybe you should chase after him.” I smiled as his playful attitude seemed to rub off on me.

“I prefer the younger model.” He smirked. He pulled away and went to go for a kiss but caught himself before he did.

“I’m not some trophy to be won.” I warned, trying my hardest to form a serious face.

“No, you’re not a trophy,” Dizzy began to flirt once more. “but you can bet your ass I’ll show you off like one.”

“I’m being serious.” I insisted as another blush coated my face.

“That’s what you’re worried about with me, isn’t it?” He asked, keeping a calm tone. “Ky’s a nice guy. He’ll treat you all proper and nice. But me, you know I’ll be a ride, and that scares you.”

“It doesn’t scare me.” I defended, maintaining eye contact the best I could.

“Well whatever it does, that’s why you’re holding back.” He dug, starting to piece it all together. “You’re worried I see you as something to conquer, but I promise I don’t. You’re much more than that Arthur Price, and I swear on my life I’ve never felt that way about any guy or girl before.”

I felt myself grow breathless at his words as I gave him a blank expression. Before anything else could happen he leaned in and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Thanks for having me over. We should do this again sometime soon.”

“Sure.” I said, slowly getting to my feet. “Maybe in a day or two?”

“Sounds like a plan.” He smiled but quickly hid the goofy look on his face as Adam made his way back downstairs. “So you think you’ll join the baseball team or not?” He asked trying his hardest to disguise the conversation we were just having.

“The what?” Adam asked, freezing in his tracks.

“Artie got offered a spot on the baseball team today during gym class.” Dizzy bragged. “He launched a ball right at my face and hit an in the park home room. One of the players said they need his speed.”

“Prices are known for their speed.” Adam proudly bragged. “Your Mom was a track runner in High School.”

“She was?” I excitedly asked, catching Dizzy off guard.

“Sure.” Adam nodded his head. “She was pretty amazing. I think it’s all that racing her and I would do when we were kids.”

“She never told me that.” I said, studying him closely.

“She was humble like that.” He winked. “I think you should join the team.”

“Yeah?” I asked, starting to seriously consider it for the first time all day.

“The guy did say it’s more for fun than anything.” Dizzy encouraged. “What’d he say? Practice is only like two or three times a week? You can manage that.”

“Plus it’s a good way to deal with stress.” Adam supported. “And you are a health nut.”

“Alright, I think I’ll give it a try.” I accepted as my smile grew. “But it’s nothing serious.”

“Of course not.” Dizzy smirked as he pulled the front door open. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Later.” I let out as he shut the door behind him.

“That’s one weird friend you’ve got there.” Adam teased, but I could tell he approved.

“Yeah, he is.” I laughed before falling into my own head.

Did Dizzy somehow just tap into all my insecurities about him? Can he read me that well? I know Charlotte said he can be poetic and sweet when he wants to be, but I wasn’t expecting that! It was like he took his attitude from the bridge and dialed it up by ten! I know Ky is great, but Dizzy just made this a lot more difficult!

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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Yeah, Artie is straight. That’s why Charlotte is only his BFF. If he’s this indecisive, he really shouldn’t be playing Dizzy against Ky the way he is. He says he’s not, but actions speak louder than words.  ;–)

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9 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Damn I want Dizzy back off Artie he's mine!!

Isn’t he a little young (and fictional) for you?  ;–)

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Just now, droughtquake said:

Isn’t he a little young (and fictional) for you?  ;–)

Don't you and reality ruin this! He's adorable!

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I am starting to feel like a broken record. Great chapter.  What we don’t really know is if Ky and Dizzy have always been combative. For sure it is tiring. Again Charlotte to the rescues, and way to speak your mind Artie.  It will be interesting  when Adam finally answers some questions.  It is more than obvious with the body contact that Dizzy is making a move. Artie is going to have to decide what kind of friendship he wants and if wants more than just a friend, who he wants it with.  This thing is getting complex. 

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Artie is finding his way. He seems well on his way to getting an acceptance that he never had in Texas. Back there it was him and his mom against the world. i expect good friends area bigger priority than a boyfriend,... and coming out

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Adam went to high school in California!  He didn't have to drop out after all. This means that the Rites had to provide him with at least the same amount of support that a foster kid would get but without receiving a subsidy. That said, the Rites seem to be as loving as they are generous,  and they treat Adam more like an informally adopted son.  No wonder he considers them his new family.  I think they must be in Las Vegas instead of San Francisco, because Adam really hit the jackpot!


I also hope that Artie joins the baseball team: He's been in San Francisco for less than a week, and he needs to meet more people and continue to broaden his horizons. (Joining a sport will definitely push the envelope for him). And trust me, Artie, Ky and Dizzy will still be waiting for you at the end of practice!  😄

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And what if he chooses the capt of the new baseball team eh, think about that one.


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Love the banter between Adam and Artie. Well done.

Unlike others in this post, I find Dizzi interesting, but way too much like hard work.

Adam on the other hand...😍😆

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Still questions about Adams past and why he left and his sister didn’t talk to him.   I agree with others and don’t trust Dizzy.   He does seem to have a reputation of love them and leave them and if I were Artie I would be afraid of being just another conquest.   He is moving way to fast right now.  Thanks for the chapter ace. 


Still team Ky here!!

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Another great chapter! You’re unraveling these complicated characters oh so slowly! The relationships between each and every one of them are also developing at a slow and steady pace! Yeah for Artie getting in Dizzy and Ky’s face about this competition and fighting over him. Dizzy could very well sweep Artie off his feet, but I don’t think he has it in him to be good for very long. Poor Ky isn’t even aware of the situation between them. Ky could be seriously hurt if Artie chooses Dizzy. This has disaster written all over it! Adam needs to come clean and clear the air about what happened within his family. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter!😃❤️

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"well, it’s not hard to see where Adam got his laid-back attitude from!" The fact that this sentence ends in a preposition is a tiny error -- contemporary grammaticists would not even note it, the only reason I mention it is because it is not necessary. To say 'where Adam got his laid-back attitude!' is perfectly satisfactory.

 “Look, the teams more of a “for fun” thing than it is competitive. "the team's more of a "for fun" thing..." That is a contraction of 'team is' and needs an apostrophe. (God, I hate punctuation!)

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we were laying shoulder to shoulder, watching the show. Not unless there are eggs involved! The verb, in this case, s\b lying. 'in the park home room.' Should that be 'in the park home run?

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He’s just taking a peak before he finishes the books! - He’s just taking a peek before he finishes the books!

All the days I have been reading this series and I finally got one that even DQ missed!!!

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Well I for one thoroughly enjoyed this chapter even with the grammatical errors that some find necessary to point out!!!

Another great chapter and a great story I'm thoroughly enjoying Aceinthehole.  Thank you!!

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On 8/27/2018 at 1:43 PM, Will Hawkins said:

we were laying shoulder to shoulder, watching the show. Not unless there are eggs involved! The verb, in this case, s\b lying.

They were telling each other fibs while watching TV?

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6 hours ago, KayDeeMac said:

Well I for one thoroughly enjoyed this chapter even with the grammatical errors that some find necessary to point out!!!

I was reading through the first 15-20 chapters this week, and noticed a particularly high amount in this chapter and the ones around it (also a few inconsistencies I'll circle back and straighten out once the story is done!). Thank you for bearing with us! 


I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I've enjoyed reading your comments over the past few days! Hope you continue to enjoy it!


Edit: I almost forgot to add that my editor has been going through old chapters and fixing them up. He's sent me a few that I've been meaning to repost. Tomorrow I'll take a look and get to it!

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