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The Golden City - 13. Mr. Misunderstood

Chapter 13: Mr. Misunderstood

There was just something special about rolling around on my couch kissing Dizzy. Maybe it was the threat that Adam could come down at any second, or the fact that I’m finally open with my sexuality, but god damn did we have sparks flying!

Eventually we wore ourselves out enough to put on Game of Thrones and cuddle.

“So that doesn’t turn you on at all?” Dizzy asked as a shirtless women walked across the screen.

“No.” I laughed, looking at the teen on my shoulder. “I think that’s what the whole being gay thing means.”

“But boobs are so soft.” He argued glancing up at me.

“Then maybe you should go date a girl.” I shrugged, trying my hardest to fake disappointment.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” He quickly tried to recover. “I mean, besides, you have something better.” He teased, placing his hand on my thigh.

“Don’t even think about it.” I dismissed, waiving his hand off my leg.

“Damn, I was close that time.” He smirked, keeping his eyes on mine.

“I’m sure you were.” I nodded before looking back to the T.V.

“Boys,” Adam groaned as he walked down the stairs. “didn’t I tell you to make room for Jesus?”

“We did.” I defended, pausing the show before it could be interrupted again.

“and what happened?” He asked, approaching the door.

“He never showed.” I shrugged.

“Ha!” Dizzy yelped as Adam rolled his eyes.

“Good right?” I asked as he looked back up at me.

“Really good.” Dizzy approved. “Just say it with a little more confidence next time.”

“Oh okay, Adam ask me again.” I teased, looking back as he pulled the door open.

“What?” He asked, glancing over to us. “No! What’s the matter with you two?”

“We were raised by electronics.” Dizzy shrugged. “We hardly know how to talk to people, it’s a real shame.”

“That’s not what I meant.” He groaned, slightly leaning out of the door. “Lindsay hurry up! They’re driving me insane!”

“They?” I heard Lindsay shout from outside of the house. “Who is they?”

As I felt my heart begin to beat faster I pushed Dizzy off of me and sat up straight. “Okay,” He grunted, letting himself fall back onto the couch. “there was a nicer way to do that.”

“Gee, you take one day off with the kid and you’re already flying the pride flag.” Lindsay remarked as she finally reached the doorway. “I take it you two had a pretty big heart to heart.”

“You could say that.” Adam nodded, looking back over to me.

“How you doing heartbreaker?” Lindsay smiled as our eyes connected.

“Heartbreaker?” Dizzy repeated. “He’s not a heartbreaker, he’s a flatliner!”

“Dizzy!” I yelped, looking right back ay him. “Shh.” He threw his hands up and kept his lips shut but as he saw Adam begin to chuckle, he made sure to flash him a wink.

“And who is this um, loud, child?” She asked, looking over to Dizzy.

I looked up at Adam but he simply took a step back and waited for me to explain. “Well.” I began as I noticed Dizzy inching closer for support. “I uh, I spoke with Adam last night and he told me he was gay.” I gulped as my heart began to race even faster. “And I realized some stuff. Like that I, I’m gay too.” I finally forced out through my nervousness.

She nodded her head as her smile grew. “Didn’t see that coming.” She exhaled as she studied me closer. “You really are a mini Adam.”

“He is, isn’t he?” Dizzy asked, looking over and staring at Adam.

“What’s that look?” Adam asked, taking a big step away from the couch. “It’s creeping me out.”

“I’m fine with that.” Dizzy nodded with a smirk.

“With creeping me out?” Adam inquired, but I could tell he knew what Dizzy meant.

“Sure.” Dizzy shrugged, enjoying the chaos he had caused.

“Lindsay this, this is my friend Dizzy and we uh, we’re dating.” I continued to explain as a blush coated my face.

“So those girls you were talking about?” Lindsay began looking over to Adam.

“They were guys.” Adam confirmed for me.

“Huh.” She let out, looking back to Dizzy. “When you said the person you were dating is adventurous, I didn’t expect this.”

“You called me adventurous?” Dizzy asked with a growing smile.

“I called you annoying and she misheard.” I teased, matching his smile.

“So then has Artie met Bradley?” Lindsay asked, immediately drawing my attention.

“Who’s Bradley?” I immediately turned back towards Adam as my smile turned devious.

“Lindsay.” Adam grunted with a stern look.

“Ooooo.” Dizzy began. “I bet he’s hot.”

“He is.” Lindsay quickly nodded her head.

“Lindsay!” Adam repeated in a louder voice.

“Sorry.” She shrugged. “It was going to come out eventually.”

“Who is he?” I insisted in a louder voice.

“We started seeing each other a week or two before you moved in.” Adam sighed as he was forced to open up further. “He’s never even been over, it’s really nothing serious.”

“Wait, but I’ve never seen you go out.” I pressured, trying my hardest to connect the pieces.

“You’re not home very much,” Adam pointed out. “and I get out of work earlier than you get out of school.”

“So when do I get to meet him?” I instigated, knowing Lindsay would force him to be honest.

“When things get a little bit more serious.” Adam defended, starting to close himself up again.

“You’ve met Dizzy.” I whined as Dizzy moved even closer to me.

“Yeah.” He supported, throwing his arm around me. “You met me.”

“And I’m so glad I did.” Adam sarcastically replied. “Didn’t I tell you two to make room between one another?”

“Oh please Adam.” Lindsay rolled her eyes as she took a seat on the couch near us, making sure to hold a white box in her hands tightly. “When we were teenagers my Dad practically had to pull you and your boyfriends apart.”

“Boyfriends?” I asked, making sure to emphasize the S.

“Yes, I happened to be very good looking as a teenager.” Adam proudly bragged, finally joining us on the couch.

“I believe it.” Dizzy smirked, looking back over atß me.

“Again, creeping me out.” Adam complained, staring at the box in Lindsay’s hands. “What do you have?”

“What do you think I have?” She sighed, pulling it open and flashing us the half a dozen donuts that laid inside before slamming it shut.

“Woh!” Dizzy yelped. “I don’t know who you are, but I like you.”

“I’m Adam’s best friend,” She proudly announced. “and you boys eat a good dinner and you can each have one.”

“Wait,” Adam began before anyone could get too excited. “did something go wrong with the donations?”

“Nothing went wrong.” Lindsay sighed as she shot Adam a serious look. “The bakery operates just fine when you take off. I just thought Artie would appreciate some donuts.”

“Alright, sorry.” Adam backed off.

“What do you mean donations?” I asked, looking over to him.

“It’s nothing.” He dismissed. “I was just being stupid.”

“You could say that again.” Lindsay smiled. “We donate the leftover donuts to local soup kitchens and whatever shelters will take them.”

“That’s why so many homeless people in San Francisco have no teeth!” Dizzy teased, making sure to show off his personality.

“So this is the one you went with?” Lindsay teased as she looked over to me. “Nice. Real nice.”

“He’s fun.” I shrugged with a blush.

“I’m more than fun.” Dizzy defended as he thought it over. “I’m, well, adventurous!”

“Yeah, you’re a regular Indiana Jones.” Adam rolled his eyes.

“Glad you think so.” Dizzy smirked, making sure to flash him a wink as the room grew quiet.

“I know you think it’s funny to flirt with me,” Adam groaned, shooting him a serious look. “but I’m willing to bet Artie doesn’t feel the same way.”

“I don’t know.” I swayed my head. “It’s kinda funny that it flusters you.”

“It does not fluster me, it just, it,” Adam stuttered as his face began to turn red. “it creeps me out.”

“He’s totally flustered.” Lindsay remarked with a growing smile.

“Lindsay!” He yelped in a loud voice.

“Oh don’t be a baby.” She dismissed as she rose to her feet. “Now are you boys going to help me cook, or just sit there like a group of bums?”

“Cook.” Adam answered, making sure to keep his eyes on me and Dizzy.

“I can stay for dinner?” Dizzy asked with a growing smile.

“If you help.” Adam answered, joining Lindsay as she headed to the kitchen.

“Then thank God I always pay attention in Mr. Jacobs’ class.” Dizzy teased as we both stood up.

“Yeah? What did we cook on my first day?” I provoked, as he gave me a light push forward.

“Fish.” He confidently replied. “I remember everything about that day.”

“Like how you crawled through the window?” I giggled as we slowly walked towards the kitchen.

“I prefer the world climbed.” He corrected.

“Are you two going to help, or are you just going to flirt all night?” Adam pressured as he glanced over at us.

“Uh oh.” Dizzy began. “Someone’s getting jealous.”

“Lindsay, you take him and I’ll take Artie.” Adam rolled his eyes.

“Why can’t we just work together?” I protested causing Lindsay to shake her head.

“Because I’d like dinner to be done tonight.” She shot down without missing a beat. “Plus I need to get to know the kid who’s spending so much time around my two favorite people.”

“I’m one of your favorite people?” I smiled, joining Adam at the counter.

“You’re number one.” She nodded.

“Hey!” Adam yelped, looking back at her and drawing a laugh from everyone.

I tried my hardest to focus on what I was doing, but it seemed like Dizzy was working just as hard to distract me! Lindsay tried her hardest to keep him on track, but at the end of the day she was no match. Eventually she had to tap out and switch with me just to keep him quiet!

Yet even then I could tell she was starting to like him. Just like with Adam, Dizzy was growing on her. The new family I was building was finally coming together, and I don’t know of anything that could make me happier! The rest of our night was loud, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.



When both Lindsay and Dizzy finally left Adam and I took our normal spots on the couch. Just like every night before he picked up his Xbox controller and I found my nose in another book.

“You have fun today?” Adam suddenly asked, glancing over to me.

“Yeah.” I nodded, looking up from the book and into his eyes.

“Maybe we can try to do something like this every weekend,” He nervously began. “like try and spend a day together or something.”

“Wouldn’t that be a little hard with work, especially if I start working for you soon?” I asked, shooting him a confused look.

“You think too much.” He complained. “We could always just go out to dinner after we both get off of work.”

“I’d like that.” I smiled as he put down the controller and started to dig through the pile of mail on the table.

“So,” He began, pulling a white envelope out of the pile. “I, I got this letter for you a day or two ago, and I’ve been waiting for the right time to give it to you.”

“Who’s it from?” I asked, feeling my heart beginning to beat faster.

“Sadie.” He replied in a serious look. “You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to.”

“I want to.” I nodded as he extended the letter to me.

With a slightly trembling hand I ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter. Before I could even unfold it a photograph dropped from the now empty envelope. Adam motioned for me to focus on the letter as he bent down and picked the picture up from the ground.

“Wow.” He remarked as he took a long look at it. “That, you were a cute kid.” He teased, turning it around and showing off a picture of eight year old me leaning against my mother. “I’ll go find you a frame for it.” He decided as I stayed quiet.

I eagerly unfolded the letter as he disappeared down the basement stairs.


I pray that this letter finds you well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers every single night since you left. I found this picture of you and Sarah a few days ago, and figured you would want it. I know these past two weeks probably haven’t been easy for you, but you’re a strong kid, I bet you’ve even made some new friends! I’ve never been to California before, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful there. Don’t be afraid to put down whatever book you’re reading and explore the city. It’s what your mother would’ve wanted.

Please don’t let yourself become a stranger Arthur. I know you’re hours away, but you know my number. I’d love to hear how you’re doing. I’d love to hear about San Francisco. Most importantly hold onto your faith tightly. It’s the greatest gift your mother could’ve given to you. It’ll keep you on the right path, no matter who you’re around over there.

Stay safe and may God be with you.

Love always,

Sadie Barnes

I took a deep breath as I read the letter over and over again, before finally taking out my cell phone and staring at her contact on my phone. In a brave motion I tapped her number and raised the phone to my ear as it began to ring.

Arthur!” She excitedly yelped as she picked up on the other end. “I’m so glad you called! I take it you got my letter!

“I just read it.” I confirmed in a shaky voice. “Thanks for sending the picture, I, do you have any more?”

Maybe.” She answered as she began to think it over. “I’ll look in the morning and send whatever I can find.

“How, how did you find our new address?” I asked, worried about who else from Texas could try and find us if they wished.

Just spoke to the right people.” She side stepped the question. “Enough about that though. How’s San Francisco? Are you leaving your room?”

“It’s beautiful.” I quickly answered. “I-I’m hardly home. I’ve seen so much of it already, and I have so much left to see.”

Have you seen the Golden Gate Bridge yet?” She asked, trying to sound as excited for me as she could.

“I went there my first full day here.” I answered as Adam emerged from the basement.

“Found one!” He exclaimed, showing off a small black frame. “Who are you talking to?”

“Sadie.” I answered, watching as he managed the photograph into the frame.

Yes?” She asked, confused as to why I had suddenly said her name.

“No, I was talking to Adam, he asked who I was on the phone with.” I over explained, but froze as I heard a sigh escape her lips.

“Hi Sadie.” He shouted towards the phone, knowing it would get under her skin. “I’ll go put this up in your room.” He offered, climbing the stairs to give me some privacy.

“I still don’t understand why you hate him.” I announced in a strong voice.

He’s just not like us Arthur.” She dismissed, trying to side step yet another question.

“He’s more like me than you know.” I warned, silencing her. “Look, if you want to keep talking to me, you’ll have to accept him.”

I can’t do that,” She rejected. “and I’m not sure that’s really fair. I want a relationship with you, not him.”

“Because he’s gay?” I asked, but got no reply. “Like that even matters. Who cares?”

He’s a sinner.” She finally began again.

“No, he’s not.” I insisted. “He took me in when no one else would. He’s fed me, housed me, and been there for me every time I needed it. He pays for me to go out with my friends, and tries to leave me lunch money every morning. He paid like a hundred and fifty dollars so I could be on the summer baseball team and didn’t even complain!”

It’s not that simple.” She tried to argue.

“I think it is.” I insisted in a yelp. “My commandment is this,” I began to quote the Bible. “love each other as I have loved you. Isn’t that what Jesus said? Isn’t that how we’re supposed to live?”

Two weeks out there and you sound just like him.” She groaned, clearly not impressed by my tone.

“Good.” I continued in a loud voice. “I’m proud to. He’s my Uncle, and he’s’ been there for me every step of the way so far. If you actually want a relationship with me, you’ll learn to bury the past. If you can’t accept Adam, you can’t accept me.”

Arthur this is all a bit dramatic.” She tried to argue.

“Well maybe that’s what happens when you keep a teenager in the dark his whole life.” I warned, unable to bring my voice down. “Don’t call or write me again unless you accept Adam for everything he is.” I warned, before ending the call and letting out a deep breath.

“That was, intense.” Adam exhaled as he climbed down the stairs.

“You were eavesdropping?” I groaned, looking back at him.

“You were yelling.” He shrugged, taking a long look at me. “Thank you Artie.”

“Can we not talk about it?” I asked, putting my phone away and picking my book back up.

“Why? You don’t want to talk about how much you love me?” He teased with a smirk.

“I just don’t want to talk about Texas.” I grumbled, forcing my eyes into my book.

“You’re that angry about it?” He pressured, trying his hardest to understand what I was thinking.

“It’s just a bunch of, a bunch of, bullshit!” I finally let out. “Sadie acts like she cares about me, but she doesn’t! I bet she sent that letter out of guilt!”

“Why do you say that?” He asked, trying his hardest to force eye contact.

“Because she wasn’t even willing to take me in.” I explained in an angry voice. “She kept saying she’d always be there for me, but she never actually wanted to take that step.”

“Artie, that’s a lot to ask of a person.” Adam swayed his head.

“You did it.” I argued.

“I know, but I, I almost didn’t, remember? You practically had to beg me.” He recalled. “And yes, I’m so glad I did. But it was a scary decision. I mean, I’m still trying to learn how to be an adult myself! Bringing a kid into the mix wasn’t easy.”

“So you’re going to defend her?” I asked, glancing up then right back down.

“Not defend.” He tried to clarify. “I get what you’re saying, it’s just, taking someone in isn’t a small step you know?”

“I guess.” I sighed, starting to fall back into my own head.

“That’s not all, is it?” He pried in a concerned voice.

“No, maybe, I don’t know.” I stuttered. “I just, I miss it too, alright?”

“You miss it?” Adam repeated in surprise.

“Yes. I miss Texas.” I confessed. “I miss sitting on the dock fishing in the lake. I miss riding bikes down dirt roads. I miss farming. I miss waking up to watch the sun rise. I miss hanging out with people in fields. I know that sounds stupid, but I just do.”

“It doesn’t sound stupid.” Adam tried his hardest to comfort. “You’re homesick, I understand.”

“Do you?” I asked, finally looking back at him.

“Yeah.” He forced a nod. “Believe it or not, well, I still miss Texas from time to time. I know I said I don’t but it can be hard not to. The food, the sights, the quiet, I don’t know, it can be nice. Okay, maybe I don’t miss our home town in particular, but I’m not going to let those fanatics ruin the whole state.”

“Me neither.” I agreed with a nod.

We spent the rest of the night reminiscing about our home state. At first I didn’t believe him about being homesick, but the more we spoke, the more I could see just how much it meant to him. I guess what I said really was true. I’m more like Adam than Sadie knows. Actually, I’m more like him than I know!

Just like the days before Adam was able to calm me down enough to give me a good night’s rest. This is why I’m so glad he took me in. This is why I won’t talk to Sadie again unless she accepts him. Sure, maybe it has a little bit to do with my sexuality, but it’s much more than that. Adam’s an amazing guy. He deserves so much more than to be thrown away like yesterday’s news!



When the school week finally began I noticed Dizzy watching me a little closer than usual. It was as though he knew something was up, as though Adam told him! I really need to pay more attention when they talk through their video games!

Ky hung around us but was quiet. He was trying his hardest to adjust back into the group, but I could tell it was hard for him. We all tried our hardest to make sure he felt welcome, but there was still some tension that needed to be resolved before everything could fully go back to normal!

Yet Tuesday night when I got home from baseball practice I found some of my clothes neatly laid out on my bed. Blue jeans with a belt laid on it sat at the bottom as a nice button up plaid shirt sat above it.

Went out with Bradley. Get showered and changed and have a good night with your friends.


A note above it with forty dollars next to it read. I eagerly followed directions and jumped in the shower. What in the world could Adam mean? It’s a Tuesday night after all! What does he mean have a good night with your friends?!

After I got dressed I anxiously sat on the couch and read, excitedly waiting for the next hint at what my night held. I must’ve texted Dizzy and Charlotte fifty times each but got no response from either of them, until finally I heard a knocking begin at my front door.

“Hello?” I nervously asked as I pulled it open to find Dizzy, Ky and Charlotte all standing there. I froze for a second as I realized how nicely they were all dressed. I mean it was nothing fancy or anything, but it was clear we were going somewhere special!

“Well, come on.” Dizzy encouraged with a wide smile. “We’ve got a bus to catch.”

“What’s happening?” I skeptically asked, looking around the group.

“You’ll see.” Charlotte insisted. “Just come on!”

“Alright, alright.” I giggled, following them down the street to the bus stop.

The ride to our mystery destination was full of laughter and goofing around. Even Ky was playing along with most of the jokes and smiling! For the first time since I got here things felt, well, normal again!

“Here we are!” Dizzy proudly announced.

“The Make Out Room?” I asked, reading the large sign sticking out from the front of the building.

“Look, it’s one of the best clubs in San Francisco.” Dizzy tried to explain. “Every now and again they have teenage nights where they turn it into a club for teens.”

“And tonight,” Charlotte excitedly began. “is country night!”

“No it’s not!” I shouted as my heart began to race.

“Yup.” Dizzy nodded as both our smiles grew wide. “I uh, well, Ky found out about it.”

“No,” Ky quickly began. “it was totally Dizzy’s idea. He wanted all of us to do something to help you feel less homesick.”

“But you found this.” Dizzy insisted.

“We were both searching for things. You would’ve found it eventually.” He humbly tried to step back.

“Thank you Ky.” I smiled as our eyes connected. “Maybe we’ll find you a guy inside.”

“I, uh,” He let out as a blush filled his face.

“We’re totally finding him a guy inside.” Dizzy agreed as we got on the long line.

It took some time for us to get inside, but no one really seemed to mind. We were all having too much fun to complain! I don’t think it even mattered if we got in or not! We tried our hardest to scout out guys in line for Ky, but I could tell he was a little reluctant. Maybe he still needs a little bit more time before he’s ready for that, but that’s not going to stop Dizzy from trying to give him a push!

When we finally got inside I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw a giant crowd of people in the long dance hall. Country music blasted over the speakers as a bunch of kids around my age were dancing close together. I would’ve thought a teen club would be a bit, well, lame, but it seems like everyone here is having a lot of fun!

“Arthur, may I have this dance.” Dizzy began with an outreached hand.

“You wish!” Charlotte yelped grabbing my hand and pulling me away from them. Just like that we were dancing along to songs I had grown up loving! She tried her hardest to pull me out of my shell more and more as our dancing grew more animated. A few times I glanced over to Dizzy who was watching on with wide eyes.

When a slow song finally came on I let Charlotte go and swapped her out for Dizzy.

“Hey there.” He teased as he pulled me in close. “I thought you only listen to Christian rock?”

“You’d be surprised at how much the two overlap.” I smiled as I rested my head against his shoulder.

“I don’t think I would be.” He giggled as his hands lowered to my hips. “I’m sorry you miss home.” He suddenly exhaled.

“Don’t be.” I replied, holding him closer than before. “It is what it is. That’s something that’s going to happen from time to time I guess.”

“Well every time it does let me know. I’m going to make sure I always cure your homesickness.” He explained as we both grew quiet and swayed to the music.

The more we got lost in the music the more we seemed to forget where we were, until finally our lips connected. I pulled away at first, but it seemed as though our lips kept finding one another, until finally the slow song ended and a much faster song took its place.

“This is my song.” I nodded with a wide smile.

“This is your song?” Dizzy repeated with a roll of his eyes.

“It’s Luke Bryan.” I shouted loud enough for him to hear me. “Me and My Mom loved him.”

“Let’s see it.” Dizzy shrugged as our dancing turned more excited. I don’t know what came over me as our movements seemed to escalate more and more. It’s not like we were doing anything shocking, or anything to draw attention towards us. Hell, every other couple was just as bad ass as us! But still, I never imagined myself cutting loose this much, especially not with another guy!

“You’ve got good rhythm. Dizzy smirked as the song ended. “We’re going to have fun together.”

“Oh yeah?” I flirtatiously let out, but instantly dropped it as Ky and Charlotte made their way over.

“Alright, didn’t Adam tell you not to take it too far?” Charlotte warned Dizzy.

“Maybe.” He shrugged as he tried to hide his blush.

“You spoke to my Uncle?” I asked, looking over to her.

“No, but I got the run down.” She explained. “And I’m personally offended I haven’t met him yet.”

“You can come over this week. You all can.” I decided as we started to dance as a group instead of in pairs.

Dancing with Dizzy was fun, but there was something special about being a group. About being all together the way it should be. If only Sadie could see the man I’m becoming now. She would never talk to me again! Yet deep down, well, I’m starting to believe that’s a good thing!

Some quick housecleaning that needs to be done. I started my summer job this week which, while a lot of fun, takes up a lot of my time and energy. Unfortunately because of that I'll most likely only be able to post around 2 chapters a week. I know this may be disappointing but it'll allow me to deliver content at the best quality I can! Thanks for understanding!

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

Can't wait to meet Bradley.  Odd that Artie has lived with Adam for two weeks and still hasn't met him.... Coincidence, or a mystery?


I'm proud of Artie for how he dealt with Sadie: Even though he was excited to hear from her, he did not accept her "bullshit" and stuck up for his uncle and, in doing so, for himself.


I love the club scene, with all our teen friends enjoying each other and just enjoying life. (Now I know the ax is going to fall!)


And Ace, since when does a summer job excuse you from writing day and night to feed the insatiable hunger of your avid readers? (What could be more important than our selfish desire to know what happens next!)  

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What a great chapter. Thanks.  I am glad that Artie stood up to Sadie.  She seems just as brainwashed as the rest of the hicks from his old home town.  I was great that all his new friends took him out to country night at the teen night club.  They were all very understanding of his homesickness and it was very sweet.  Thanks again. 

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4 hours ago, Wesley8890 said:

Great chapter, you know if you wanted you could end it here and it would be nice and happy. 😉

Have you read any of @Aceinthehole’s stories before?  ;–)

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Excellent chapter, so many high points. I have read the other comments and not sure if I can do any better than to say ditto with the Jesus comment, Artie’s support of Adam and how Artie’s friends have rallied to provide Artie with a real live acceptance experience.  The one comment I am not sure about is “the ax will drop”. I know there have been some major negatives in other stories you have written. I can see possible negative plots. The thing is, there are some lives that go along positively.  I have a favorite British Author. I know that his partner died of cancer.  In a couple of his books one of the main characters has died of cancer.  I recently wrote him and expressed my aw at his ability to take such a negative real event in his life and weave it into a story. Life can have negatives.  It has always been my opinion that how you come out at the other end of a negative is a true measure of who you are. Excellent story, it is well enough written it could be plucked right out of a real life story. 

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Thank you Ace for another great chapter. The fact that Adam has finally accepted that he’s the parent and he’s starting to be more comfortable in raising Artie. The confrontation with Sadie was perfect! The group of friends is very supportive of Artie and taking him to country night at the nightclub hosting teen night was the perfect salve for his homesickness. I’m really happy Ky is making great progress in rejoining this group. He really deserves to find a very nice, very attractive and amazing guy! (hint,hint,hint) You should take all the time that you need for writing around your new job. We’re willing to be patient between postings. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️

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I wondered if Sadie would ever pop back up. She was disappointing as I expected.  

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Sadie's just another bible thumping hater !  Was she really that close with Artie's mother ??

And I agree with all the others who say write when you can Aceinthehole. I am grateful to be able to read your great stories.

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