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The Golden City - 47. God's Plan

Chapter 47: Gods Plan

As I walked back downstairs to find a sleeping Dizzy and Adam, I couldnt help but smile. So this is what my summer will be like, huh? Waking up at the crack of dawn, working my ass off at the shop and coming home exhausted. To some people thatd sound like a grind, but so long as Adam and Dizzy are with me, well, I think itll be kinda fun!

After all, Im no stranger to hard work and while the shop aint easy, well, it isnt exactly farming in the Texas sun! I mean talk about being drained! Farm work will put you down so hard, you wake up just as tired as you were when you fell asleep!

But I wont rub that in, Dizzy deserves to feel good about his day of work. As I grabbed a book off the counter, I couldnt help but take a seat right next to his head. He let out a slight grumble as I sat down before picking up his head, moving forward and laying it in my lap. A small smile formed on his face as I began to gently pet his hair.

I always thought I knew what love was. My Mom, Sadie, Adam, I love them all and I know they love me. But I had no idea there was a different kind of love. I had no idea when I looked at Dizzy, I would feel the love I have for him. The excitement and nervousness that never seems to go away, no matter how many days we spend together. The curiousness, that would have me sitting for hours listening to every word he says. And that weird feeling, the one you actually feel in your heart. The one that I always thought was made up for dramatics. The one that just makes me feel warm inside.

Maybe that all sounds cheesy, but I really dont care. Im in love with Dizzy Armstrong and no matter what life brings, his fingerprints will leave a permanent spot on my heart.

As Adam began to wake up, I kept my nose in my book and kept my arm on Dizzy. Weeks ago, I wouldve been embarrassed letting him see us like this, but Im not afraid to let my love for Dizzy show anymore. Besides, as much as he hides it, I know it always makes Adam thrilled to see us take the next step in our relationship.

Get a room.A groggy Adam teased, but like clockwork the front door started to open and Mason stood in the doorway. Perfect timing.Adam smiled towards the door but Mason simply shook his head.

You sure about that?Mason quietly laughed as he saw how disheveled Adam was.

Mhm.” Adam hummed as he stood up and began to stretch. I was hoping to go on a walk and wake up a little more.

You want to go on a walk?I asked Adam while shooting Mason a skeptical look.

He wants to go smoke, the walk is just a convenient way to do it.Mason corrected, showing hed been around long enough to know Adams code.

Thats not true.Adam let out in a big yawn. If I just wanted to smoke, Id do that here.He argued but I could tell hed been caught. But if you want to smoke on the walk, we can.Adam said in more of a statement than an offer.

Yup, you caught me.Mason played along as he looked over to me and shook his head. Im the one who wants to smoke.He smirked looking back to Adam.

Its been a long day of work for the both of us, weve earned it.Adam encouraged as he walked over to a nearby drawer and pulled out a small white pack.

Mason let out a deep sigh but nodded his head. If we smoke, youre not falling asleep at nine tonight.Adam nodded his head causing Mason to let out a deep sigh. I mean it.Mason insisted in a laugh.

Ten?Adam asked with a smile as he joined Mason in the doorway.

Youre obnoxious.Mason jokingly complained as they slipped out the door. The second the door shut, I heard Dizzy let out a small groan. I tried to hush him, but he turned over and slowly opened his eyes.

Theyll be gone for a while, go back to sleep.I encouraged in a whisper as I gently pet his hair once more. He stayed quiet as a small smile spread on his face. Youre cute when youre tired.I matched his smile but he stayed quiet. Might just be because its the only time I see you with your mouth closed.I teased as I felt my heart began to pump faster.

As our eyes connected, I placed my book down and felt my hand move from his hair to his side. He let out another short groan as my hand began to gently rub his side, but grew quiet as he felt it lower and slide past the elastic of his shorts.

His smile grew as I found his member and slowly began to stroke him. Artie,He finally spoke but this time I saw doubt in his eyes. you havent been hooking up with me because you feel you have to, right?

I couldnt help but laugh at his question as I slowed my hand. Why do you always ask that?I giggled as my hand slowly let go. I really like you and that includes hooking up.I reminded him, trying not to slip up on the L word. Especially when I get to be in control. I pointed out as I began to stroke him again.

Mmm.” He hummed too tired and overwhelmed by the sensation to get his thought out. Really like?He suddenly repeated. Well Artie, I think I lo..He began but before he could get the words out I covered his mouth with my other hand.

Once more I stopped stroking him as our eyes connected. I know youre not about to say that just because Im jacking you off.

Thats not the only reason.He blushed as I pulled the hand from his face.

Just give me a little more time.I lied, trying to buy myself another week or two before he could beat me to saying it.

I could tell by the look in his eyes he understood, but saw his head pick up. His hands began to pull at my shorts. Guess Ill just show you.He smiled as he finally managed to get them low enough to see my briefs. Im lucky this thing didnt poke my eye out while I was asleep.He commented on the pole that sprang up from its confines.

Wait.” I forced out as he finally pulled my briefs down. Not in the living room.I warned as I saw his head lowering.

You sure?He asked, grabbing onto my six inches with his hand. Maybe if we get caught, Adam will stop harping on us for staying in your room.

Or hell send you home like your Mom was telling him too.I reminded him as he rolled his eyes.

Can you not mention my mom when your dicks out?He asked with a growing smile.

Can you not mention my Uncle when my dicks out?I asked, gently pushing him off of me. Youre totally ruining the mood.I teased in a giggle.

Looks like youre doing just fine to me.He smirked, looking back down at my crotch. As I stood up and went to raise my pants, I felt him pull them to the floor.

Youre so annoying!I began to laugh as I started to walk towards the stairs.

Just keeping my eye on the prize.He smirked as he grabbed my shorts off the floor and quickly started to follow me. I could only laugh harder as I felt him give me a light smack on the ass as we walked up the stairs.

I cant believe how much Ive changed from when I first arrived. Hell, even a month ago I donthink Id be this comfortable having Dizzy chase me upstairs like this. But now, well I think I want him even more than he wants me. The love I feel, its even spread into our sex life, and for the first time, I know Dizzy sees that.



As our afternoon fun came to a close, we couldnt help but just lay back and catch our breath. Weve hooked up like four days in a row now.Dizzy commented with a wide smirk on his face. And youve started most of it.He turned to me.

Well maybe if you left me more satisfied, I wouldnt have to.I teased, seeing his smirk turn to surprise.

What has gotten into you?He commented in a laugh, but I could tell he wasnt expecting an answer.

Im not ashamed anymore.I answered, shocking us both. He looked over to me, but stayed quiet, waiting to hear what I would say next. It sounds so stupid, I mean I had you and Adam supporting me, I shouldnt have felt ashamed.I began in a sigh. But a small part of me still did,I turned over so I could look him in the eyes. I tried to push through by goofing around with you in public and sometimes it worked.A small smile began, but quickly faded. But there was always a part of me that felt like I was doing something wrong.

What changed?Dizzy couldnt help but ask as he thought over my words.

I shrugged my shoulders as I tried to rack my brain. Sadies acceptance helped, but something about Ezra,I hesitated as I tried to pick out my words carefully. when he got here, I thought he was so strong and wise.I began to vent as Dizzy stayed quiet. He reminded me of some of the men I looked up to back in Texas.I explained as I felt Dizzy began to place his hand in mine. But the longer he stayed here, the more close minded he became.I gently shook my head. He was threatened by everything around here.

There were a few moments of silence as I tried to find the right words. I dont want to be like that.I finally confessed. I thought men like him were strong, but theyre just scared.I raised our hands to my face and laid a kiss on his. He tried to tell me God would disapprove of us, but if that were true, why would God have brought me to you?I asked, but got no answer back. My Mom always told me to trust in the plans God had for me, and it took until this weekend for me to realize that youre part of them.

Even if I dont believe?He asked, trying to contain his smile.

Even if you dont believe.I nodded my head before leaning forward and landing a kiss on his lips. So I dont doubt us anymore.I began to smile. Its been a long past few months,I confessed. but now I know Im exactly where God wants me to be, I can just feel it.

Dizzy nodded his head as his smile broke free and laid another long kiss on my lips. As he broke away I quickly went back for more, and just like that, another round of well, festivities, kicked off again.

Man,” Dizzy heavily exhaled as I crawled back up to the top of the bed. was it a part of Gods plan to blow me more? Because youve definitely been doing that.

Are you trying to end this hook up streak at four days?I asked drawing another smirk from him.

All Im hearing is day five is on the table.He began to laugh as I hopped off the bed and grabbed my clothes.

So are six to ten as long as you stop saying stuff like that.I reminded him as he crawled off the bed and starting to look for his own clothes. I couldnt help but stop and take a closer look at him. The way his hair was all screwed up, the smile still on his face, those beaming blue eyes and that thin body he tried to keep in at least decent shape.

Need another close look?He asked as he noticed my stare. Unlike when we first started dating, I kept my stare on him and shrugged my shoulders.

Pencil dick.I finally remarked as I pulled my shorts up.

Uncalled for!He shouted through laughter, shocked by my comment. I didnt even think you knew that word.He shook his head as he pulled up his boxers. Maybe youll be the reason the streak ends at four.

I didnt say it was a bad thing.I flashed him a smile, but could still see surprise on his face. I actually like it.

Easy for you to say,He grumbled as we continued to get changed. youve got like a cucumber in there.He couldnt help but laugh at the comparison as I walked over to him.

Youre perfect Dizzy.I insisted as I laid a short kiss on his lips.

Guess I cant argue with that.He blushed, finally getting his shirt on and following me towards the door. But for the record, pencil dick is not a compliment.He let out a sigh as I began to laugh. and cucumbers can be intimidating and hard to please properly.

Thats why Im letting you practice.I shrugged my shoulders, continuing to show the conversations were no longer a problem for me.

I dont want to talk about sex with you anymore.He began to laugh as I felt his arm go around my side. Youre so mean.I went to say something but froze as I heard the TV from downstairs. You just had to go for round two, didnt you?

I didnt hear any objections.I sighed as I shrugged free of Dizzy's grasp. We were just napping.I warned him as I finally started to descent the stairs.

Man, that was a good nap.Dizzy loudly announced as I glanced back and shot him a death stare.

Save it.Adam yelled from the couch.

It really was,

Save it!Adam insisted, not even bothering to turn around. You guys want to go up there when were not around, thats totally fine.He explained, causing me to look back towards Dizzy with a surprised look.

But I cant spend the night in his bed?Dizzy asked, not understanding where the line was.

Sixteen is still too young to share a bed every night.Adam replied as I rolled my eyes. Besides, you already struggle getting up for school, I get the feeling staying in Arties room will only make your bed time later.Mason began to laugh as he looked over and saw blushes forming on both our faces.

So its not about sex?Dizzy finally asked, drawing loud groans from everyone in the room. What? Were all men here.Dizzy laughed, enjoying how uncomfortable he had made everyone.

Its about boundaries.Adam finally answered as we joined them on the couch. And right now you can respect mine by dropping this conversation.

Just wanted a clarification on the house rules.Dizzy excused, now trying to play innocent.

Well this has been fun as always,Mason remarked as he stood up. but I really have to get home.

So early?Adam asked in a disappointed tone.

I left my laptop behind and Ive gotta finish some more applications.Mason complained, but as their eyes connected, he began to smile. Besides, youre going to pass out in an hour anyway.

Fine,Adam conceded in a sigh. but youre staying over tomorrow.

Deal.” Mason agreed as he leaned in and gave him a kiss. See you boys tomorrow.He turned to us and waived as we did the same.

The second the front door shut, Dizzy looked over to Adam with a smirk. Sucks he has to go home.Dizzy begun as he elbowed me.

Yeah, but hes been talking about wanting a new job for a couple weeks now.I shrugged, not understanding what Dizzy was getting at. I think hes sick of being a bartender.

He is.Adam agreed, beginning to smile as he realized Mason and I were starting to form a pretty solid relationship.

Yeah, but it sucks he has to go home.Dizzy repeated, being much less cryptic this time.

Its not too bad.Adam shrugged his shoulders and looked over at Dizzy. You should try it sometime.

Or Mason can try spending more time here.Dizzy instigated as trouble started to brew in his eyes.

Are you trying to get sent home?I sighed as I finally realized what Dizzy was trying to play at. You know Adam doesnt like to be pushed.

I think he could use it.Dizzy insisted as he looked over to Adam.

Im not asking him to move in after two months.Adam shot down, not even bothering to look over at us.

Because three months makes such a big difference.Dizzy continued to push. Just think about it.

I did.Adam admitted, surprising us both. Even if he said yes, wed all be crammed into this house.

Yeah, its not like you have empty space.Dizzy teased, looking past the kitchen and to the small empty area near the sliding glass doors. Not like you can make a second living room.

Adam shook his head but stayed quiet, knowing Dizzy had a point. When I moved in, you did say youd look into making a space for me and my friends there.

Artie.Adam sighed in a disappointed groan.

Sorry,I began before catching myself and looking over to Dizzy. But space is a bad excuse.I suddenly began to push. Dizzy and I could even go hangout at his place if you wanted some time with Mason.Dizzy smiled as he realized I was on his side. We dont want to be the reason that you and Mason move slow.

Adam let out a deep sigh as he finally looked over to us. If I turn that space into another living room, will you two actually watch TV in there?

Yeah.” Dizzy quickly answered before I could say anything.

Youre not just going to keep sitting here and bothering me?He asked, not believing us.

I couldnt help but laugh knowing he had a point. Sometimes we will.I had to concede. But sometimes, Dizzy and I like our space too.I reminded him as Dizzy began to nod. And maybe, maybe if its not too expensive, the couch could be a pullout bed.

The second Adam heard those words, I noticed something spark in his eyes. Alright.Adam nodded his head. You get a space for your friends, I get more room to myself and Dizzy gets an actual bed.

Whoa,” Dizzy began as his smile faded. Thats a lot to ask.He sheepishly forced out. I cant ask you to buy a bed for me.I noticed his eyes drift to the floor as he started to feel uncomfortable.

Okay, then its the perfect guest bed.Adam shrugged his shoulders. For you or any of Arties other friends.

Charlotte could sleep over!I exclaimed as Adam began to nod his head.

Thank you Adam.Dizzy forced out as he began to blush.

You can thank me by using that living room and giving me some breathing space.Adam laughed to himself. I have to admit, I didnt expect Adam to get so excited about the idea, but I guess it is something weve needed. Dont get me wrong, the set up we have now is fun but we all do tend to get on one anothers nerves. I think some space will do us good, even if its only across the kitchen from one another.

That space isnt very big though.Adam warned us both as he stood up and started to walk over to it.

I lived in a trailer.I reminded him. Ill take any space I can get.As we reached the spot, I realized it was slightly bigger than I first thought. This is perfect.” I felt my smile grow.

Whyd you even leave it empty?Dizzy asked as he looked over to Adam.

I didnt need two living rooms, and a sitting room just sounds stupid to me.He shrugged his shoulders. At one point I was going to make it a smoking area, but Id rather just smoke outside at that point.

As Dizzy took another look around the area, he leaned over to me and gave me a quick kiss. How did we go from Mason moving in, to me getting a room?Dizzy asked as he looked over to Adam.

You were here first.Adam shrugged his shoulders, but I could tell he was just trying to avoid the question.

If you want the space for Mason…” Dizzy began but trailed off as Adam let out a sigh.

Do you want Mason to move in?I finally asked, realizing we hadnt really considered how Adam felt about it.

Adam grew quiet for a couple moments as he thought it over. Itd be really nice to have him around more.He finally answered. But we have so much going on around here.

And yet he still comes over all the time.Dizzy argued as he and Adams eyes met. I mean he already stays over like three or four times a week anyway, whats three more?

I nodded along with Dizzys words. I dont think things are going to calm down either.I confessed, hoping my words wouldnt scare Adam. It just feels like something crazy always hits us out of nowhere, but thats kinda just life, isnt it?I asked but Adam stayed quiet. When I first started dating Dizzy, you told me to embrace the experience, maybe you need to do the same.

We both grew quiet as we gave Adam some space to process it. We love you Adam.I finally said, leading Dizzy away from the small room and towards the stairs.

Dizzys sleeping on the couch.Adam finally yelled as we reached the steps.

Damn it.Dizzy grunted I began to laugh. But I love you Adam.He said as Adam rolled his eyes and started walking towards the stairs.

Look,” Adam finally began in a sigh. you boys have given me a lot to think about and I, I appreciate that.He said as a small smile formed on his face. I cant promise anything, but Im glad to have your blessings.

Its your house.Dizzy couldnt help but laugh. You dont need our blessing.

You have a house key, dont you?Adam asked, as Dizzy nodded. Its your and Arties house too.Adam insisted as he pushed past us and started to climb the steps. Good night boys, I, I love you both too.He let out, but kept his eyes forward as he left us.

You didnt let me say that before, and now he beat me to it.Dizzy teased as I rolled my eyes and started to climb the stairs.

Goodnight Dizzy.I dismissed, but looked back to catch a wink from him.

Looking forward to making it five days tomorrow.He kissed the air towards me, causing me to shake my head and smile.



That night I slept better than any night before. It really did feel like everything had finally fallen into place. Like I had found the peace Id been looking for since my Mother passed.

Everything was just, perfect. I have a boyfriend I love, an Uncle who would do anything for me, and maybe even soon, another Uncle who seems to do nothing but encourage me.

The next morning felt like I was floating on clouds. Dizzy tried to continue our streak in the morning, but I shot him down, knowing I couldnt be late to homeroom. After all, Ive got someone very important to share stories with.

Sure enough, the second I stepped into homeroom, I saw that certain someones eyes light up. Artie.She smiled as I took my seat next to her.

Charlotte.I repeated, noticing Dizzy walk right past her and towards Kai.

Hello to you too Dizzy.Charlotte called out to him, but he simply gave her a wave before walking behind Kai and grabbing onto his shoulders.

Stop.” Kai grumbled as he tried to shake free of Dizzy. Stop!He insisted, but Dizzy went from grabbing his shoulders to giving him a full bear hug.

Those two.Charlotte rolled her eyes as she redirected her attention to me. Anyway, you owe me some stories.

I know, they were part of your order at the shop.I teased as she began to laugh.

I hope you knew I was playing around.She offered with a smile. I know you wouldnt actually ignore me,She said as I began to nod my head. besides, those donuts were perfect.

You can thank Adam when you come over later.I offered as she quickly began to nod her head. Kai knows too right?I asked, but turned around to find both he and Dizzy looking at me. The second they saw my stare, they looked away.

He does.Charlotte answered as I looked back to her. Ive got a feeling your boyfriend is filling him in right now.

I let out a sigh as I nodded my head. Im sure theyre talking about a lot more.

Like?Charlotte asked, hoping I would spill.

Dizzy and I have kinda been more inseparable than usual this weekend.I answered as I felt a blush forming on my face. I, I cant keep my hands off of him.I saw Charlotte struggling to contain a wide smile as she heard that. I, I love him Charlotte.

Charlotte nodded her head and had to look down to make sure Dizzy couldnt see her face. You tell him that?She finally asked.

Im waiting for the right time, his Mom told me to look into the Marin Headlands.I answered, only seeing her excitement grow.

Because the bridge is your spot?She asked as I nodded once more. You two are so perfect. Her smile continued to grow.

I couldnt help but laugh to myself. So you wanted to hear about what happened with Ezra?I asked, happy to change the subject before Dizzy could hear us.

Fuck Ezra, I want to hear more about this!Charlotte insisted in a laugh. So you cant keep your hands off of him?She asked with wide eyes.

Nope.” I proudly shook my head. Were like rabbits,I replied, trying not to gross her out. but its like the best its ever been.

And youre the one to initiate?She asked, wanting to know more than I expected.

Like all yesterday and the day before.I answered with another blush.

Yes Artie!She shouted, but quickly grew quiet as Dizzy and Kai looked back over. We both couldnt help but laugh at their confused stares.

When homeroom finally started, Charlotte and I couldnt help but exchange smiles, a trend that followed us throughout the day. Finally, during lunch, I was able to fill her and Kai in on what happened with Ezra. They both insisted that they knew I would do the right thing if I had to, but I could tell Charlotte was surprised.

They were both happy to leave it at that, and honestly, so was I. Im done even thinking about that man, hes taken up enough of my time.

When the last bell rang, we all met at the front steps and started the familiar walk back to my place.

Feels good to be back to normal.Dizzy announced as he led the way. Just the four of us going to Arties to drive his Uncle crazy.

One day, youre going to push your luck with Adam too far.Charlotte warned Dizzy with a serious look.

Hes making a second living room with a pullout couch just for me.Dizzy taunted her with a smug look.

Its actually for all of us to come hang out.I corrected him with a roll of my eyes. If Charlotte or Kai ever want to crash there, youll be back to the other couch.

Im fine with that.Dizzy shrugged but kept smirking at Charlotte.

Thats good, because I cant stay over too late today.Kai began, trying to distract Dizzy from baiting Charlotte into a fight.

Why not?Dizzy complained in a loud voice as he quickly looked over to Kai. Got a date?Dizzy teased, now moving on to provoking Kai.

No, I mean, with Ryder Sullivan maybe.Kai began to laugh as his cheeks turned red at the name.

Ryder Sullivan?” Dizzy repeated as the smile quickly faded from his face. Where are you going tonight?Dizzy asked as a panicked look started to replace the smug one.

The Fillmore.Kai replied, nearly stealing the smug look off Dizzys face. Messiah is headlining.

Thats tonight?!Dizzy asked, nearly shouting his question.

I asked you a few weeks ago, and you said you werent interested.Kai shrugged his shoulders. So I went ahead and got myself tickets.

Charlotte rolled her eyes and turned to me. You understand them?She asked, but I could tell she assumed I was on the same page as her.

Theyre a new band, really popular or something.I tried my hardest to remember. Their singers like really good, but crazy or something, Adam likes them.

Do you think hed come get tickets with me?Dizzy quickly demanded as he looked towards me.

Sold out.Kai replied before I could as we entered the park near my house.

God damnit!Dizzy exclaimed, now becoming more dramatic just for the fun of it. You dont even like hard rock, you just think Ryder is cute.

Neither do you.Kai reminded him in a laugh. But Messiah is different, who doesnt like them?

Us?Charlotte guessed, looking over to me.

Us.I agreed with her. My Uncle was playing their music a week ago, and some of it was screaming. It just sounded angry and sad.I shook my head as we reached the stairs to my house. Who would even listen to that?

Its not anger, its passion.Dizzy argued as he began to pout. And now Im going to have to wait a year for them to come around again.

Ill make sure to send you videos.Kai provoked with a smirk, as Dizzy took a half hearted swing at him, only causing Kai to laugh harder.

Can you two stop.Charlotte complained as they began to wrestle on the staircase. Kais going to throw you down the stairs.She warned him as I rolled my eyes and finally started to unlock the door.

He wont do shit.” Dizzy continued but the second I pushed open the door, I froze. All the horseplay behind me turned to silence as I saw a familiar face sitting on the couch, talking to Adam.

Sadie!I exclaimed as I dropped my back pack and ran up to her. She could barely stand up before I wrapped my arms around her, nearly taking her right back down on couch.

I told you Id be here when you got home from school.She began to laugh, but I refused to let go.

As if things couldnt get any better, Sadie actually came all this way just to see me. I have so much to tell her. I have so much to show her! Shell even get to meet my friends and Mason! Ive had to do a lot of fighting these past few weeks, but now, its about time I start living. Sadie Barnes, welcome to San Francisco.

Copyright © 2018 Aceinthehole; All Rights Reserved.
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I’m glad that things are going so well for Artie and Dizzy especially after Artie told Charlotte he was in love with him. Then they get home from school and find a surprise person waiting for Artie, Sadie actually did what she said and showed up at Adams house like she told Artie she would. I hope that after he gets done crushing her with hugs he’ll get around to introducing her to his friends and boyfriend. This could be a very interesting visit.

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Sometimes life seems perfect--usually right before the axe falls--but I'm glad that Artie gets to experience such happiness. 

Yay, Messiah!  Now I wonder if Ryder and Teddy may cross paths with Artie and Dizzie!

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What a fun end to a great chapter! You continue to impress me with the way you write Dizzy and Artie! Their dialogue is so real, and the way they act together is right on the mark! Mix in Adam and you have a family you'd like to know! Thanks. 

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Ryder Sullivan!  When I read the name, I thought, “Why does that sound familiar?  Oh, yeah!  Messiah!  Yes!”  I love how you bring elements of stories together to touch.  Nothing big.  They just cross paths.  Of course, Kai and the others would want to see Ryder!  It would be nice to visit with him, but this is his dark period, so...

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Great chapter again. Fingers crossed for mason moving in and completing the family. Like everyone else thrilled to see the mention of Ryder and Messiah. Nice to see Sadie too, just hoping she has come for good reasons and that she isn't the bearer of bad tidings, otherwise welcome indeed to SF. Thanks for the new update :)

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Excellent chapter! The love between Artie and Dizzy is growing at an exponential rate. Dizzy’s maturity has increased dramatically since Artie’s arrival, as has Artie’s belief in himself. His self confidence has increased dramatically, while Adam’s acceptance of the guys relationship has developed into a true family dynamic. Adam just needs to take the next step with Mason and ask him to move in with them, thereby completing the family. I am glad that Sadie kept her word and was there when Artie got home from school. All the pleasant things that are happening I’m afraid is the calm before the next major storm hits, namely Ezra. He’s definitely not going to give up, I suspect that he will claim that Adam is an unfit parent for Artie, and an investigation by children’s services will begin. I hope that I’m wrong. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter! 😃❤️

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Yes - I have to agree that Hurricane Ezra may be in the forming stages!!! But another great feel good chapter.  So so glad Sadie made the trip. It will reinforce the relationship between Artie and Adam as a family unit!  Great chapter - thank you! 

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