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Love Of Family - 14. More Bonding

Jaycen, and Troy get a chance to really bond with the teens. There is a slightly upsetting memory, from Troy's past that gets retold. However, it's not told with any graphic details. And it brings everyone closer together.

At The Ranch

Troy and Jaycen carried the boys plates, and trays up to their bedroom. “What do you think the chances of us sleeping in our own bed are?” Jaycen asked with his Cheshire cat grin.

“About as good as winning the lottery, twice in one week.” Both men chuckled, as they approached the door.

Jaycen sat his tray, with the plates on the credenza, outside their room. Quietly, the twenty-eight year old opened the door. Troy leaned the tray tables against the wall, and stood beside his husband. The sight of their three teens, peacefully sleeping, brought a sense of fatherly pride to the two men. Seeing the two older teens, on their sides, with one arm protectively around Levie, brought tears to the couple’s eyes.

The older brother in them, caused both men to smirk. A playful, devious spark, shone in their eyes. Silently, the couple tiptoed closer to the bed. Troy pulled the cover back, exposing the boys bare feet. Jaycen smiled mischievously. He, and Troy tucked the ends of the blanket, between the mattress, and box spring. The two men silently counted to three. At the same time, they both jumped on the bed. Troy, across the angelic teens lower legs, and Jaycen, across their upper bodies. Not saying a word, Troy began lightly scratching, and running all ten fingernails across the six bare soles he’d pinned. Immediately, the room was filled with a symphony of high pitched, and boisterous laughter, cackles, and squeals.

“What the fuck…” Brandon inquired, amid his tickle induced cackling. Desperately, but in vain, the blonde tried freeing his trapped ticklish soles.

“Bropops, you’re both cheats.” Levie squealed while trying to scrunch his defenseless toes.

“You two are so dead, when we’re free, and, have recovered.” Greg’s threat was rather useless, sandwiched between his boyish laughter.

Despite his ticklish predicament, Levie noticed the playful glint in his bropop’s eyes. “No, Jaycepop, don’t do, what I think you’re gonna do.” The teen pleaded, between his adorable squeals, and consistent giggling.

“What’s he gonna do?” The other two ticklish teens asked at the same time. Their boyish giggles harmonized with Levie’s.

“I can’t tell you. The Bropops would tickle me even more, for the betrayal.” Levie’s giggling rose in pitch and volume, as Troy’s fingernail lightly scratch up and down each one of his flexing toes.

“Don’t worry baby boy. I’ll protect you, and take them both on.” After his declaration, Troy pulled Greg’s toes back, and stroked his fingertip back and forth across the base of his new little brother’s toes. This caused a very high pitched squeal, to escape the nineteen year old’s lips. Everyone stopped, and looked at Greg’s still giggling body.

Levie giggled, and kissed his mate. This time, the giggling wasn’t because his ticklish feet were being exploited. “I love you babe, but not even I would try taking on both my Bropops at the same time. At least, not again.” Levie’s statement caused Troy, and Jaycen to join his giggling.

“What do you mean again?” Brandon started softly giggling. Troy’s fingertips, lightly stroked the top, and sides of his feet.

“About two years ago, our baby brother decided to try and ambush Troy, and me. Jaycen’s giggles blended with the three teens.

“We’d just finished a hard workout, in the gym downstairs. This little bugger, decided he’d take advantage of us being tired, and sore.” Troy paused, and tickled the soles, and sides of the squirming boy’s feet.

“He lasted, about two minutes before he was completely helpless, and begging for mercy.” Jaycen chuckled, and kissed his boy’s forehead.

“Fine, I’ll take them on one at a time, and protect you.” Greg’s laughter once again filled the room, as he was getting his turn with Troy’s fingers.

“Who’s the best brothers in the whole galaxy?” Troy asked. The brunette smiled, and continued his feather light tickling.

“We are.” The three teens responded between their boyish laughs.

“I think you asked the wrong question baby.” Jaycen smirked, evilly. He leaned down, and began blowing raspberries on each of the trapped teen’s necks, while tickling their stomach’s through the blanket. This added to Troy’s foot tickling, caused all three boys to screech and wildly laugh. “Now, who’s the best Bropops in the entire galaxy?” Screams of you are filled the bedroom. The two men, grinned, and let their captive’s go. Jaycen got the trays, brought the plates in the room, and started heating them up in the microwave on the dresser. Troy got a damp washcloth, and started wiping the panting boys brows.

The teens looked at each other, and after Levie’s nod, they pounced. Greg and Levie worked together. They wrestled with Jaycen. After almost losing a couple times, they finally pinned him face down on the bed. Brandon had his own difficulty, taking Troy down. However, thanks to a few lucky breaks, he persevered. The struggling, and giggling brunette was placed face down, beside his husband. The teens piled on top of the older men, so they wouldn’t have the chance to turn the tables. Within seconds, the two men were writhing, and laughing hysterically.

“I love the way you two woke us up. It was amazing. It feels like the love you have for Lev, is the same you feel for me, and Greg.” Brandon said, as he tickled the back of Jaycen, and Troy’s knees. The blonde loved hearing the couple’s cackling, and squeals. He grinned, lay across the kicking legs, and tickled the two pairs of wrinkled soles.

“I’m gonna love being part of this family. There’s definitely tons of laughs.” Greg leaned down, and kissed his older brothers. “I love you, Dads. Thank you, for accepting me, and Brandon into your hearts.” The teen whispered. He gave the couple one more kiss, then started wiggling his fingers in their armpits. Jaycen and Troy struggled to get free, but keeping the boys pinned, tickling them, the wrestling that followed, and being tickled took a lot out of the two men.

“Ready to give up?” You know, I can tell them all your worst spots.” Levie giggled, and worked his fingers between their ribs, and along their sides.

“Okay, okay, we give. You guys are the best baby brothers, and sons in the galaxy.” Jaycen yelled out, with Troy nodding his agreement. As soon as they were let up, the couple had all three boys between them, wrapped in a loving hug

“That really was amazing. Thanks for playing with us Bropops.” Brandon closed his eyes, and pressed himself against Jaycen’s chest. “Jaycepop, your heartbeat gives me the same feeling of security, love, and comfort, as my Dad’s.”

“Troypop’s does the same for me too.” Greg stated, while pulling the brunette’s arms tighter around him.

“They’ve had that affect on me, ever since I can remember. I’ll have to give Tompop a try.” Levie smiled, and kissed everyone around him. His heart was overflowing with the amount of love surrounding him.

Hearing the three declarations, made the two men cry from being so happy. There was so much love in their hearts, it couldn’t be contained. “You three boys are our world. As long as we’re breathing, we’ll always love, and protect you.” Jaycen said, kissing each boy. Troy did the same, then kissed his husband. They released the boys, and continued heating up the plates. “We’ll let you boys eat, and you can have one beer a piece, from the mini fridge beside the dresser.” Troy, and Jaycen ruffled the teens hair, then left the room.

“They really didn’t have to leave.” Greg kissed Brandon, and Levie. “Though, it is nice, the three of us having this time together. It’s been a crazy day.”

Levie went to the fridge, and got three beers. He put his index finger to his lips, then motioned for Greg, and Brandon to join him by the door.

“Jayce, there’s so much love in those boys. I never thought anyone could be as loving as Lev, but Greg, and Bran are just as loving.”

“I know baby boy. I couldn’t stop crying, when Greg called us Dads, and Bran called me Jaycepop.”

“Do you think Linda and Tom will be okay with the boys wanting us to be another set of parental units?” Troy asked wiping his tears, and laying his head on Jaycen’s shoulder.

“I think they will love it. Just like we love the idea of sharing Levie with them, The only thing it does, is strengthen the family, and bring us all closer. Besides, we’ll be in-laws anyway. You know eventually, Lev and Greg are gonna get married.”

“Jayce, how can you be sure. The boys just met last night. Shit, with everything that’s happened, it feels like we’ve known Greg, and Brandon, as long as Levie.”

“Exactly, that’s how I know those two will be together till the day they die. Sharing the experiences they have, has cemented the bond between not only Lev, and Greg, but Bran as well.”

“I love you, Jaycen Stillman. I’m looking forward to the future of our growing family.”

“Right back at ya, my love. I feel the same way.” The two men shared a gentle, but passion filled kiss, and headed downstairs.

The three teens stood beside each other, holding hands. “Wow! It’s awesome, hearing how they really feel about all of us.” Greg laid his head on Levie’s head.

“Jaycepop, and Troypop really do love us. Thank you Lev.” Brandon said, embracing the younger teen.

“What did I do, exactly?”

“You shared your Dads, and incredible heart with us.” Greg was on Levie’s other side, hugging him as well.

“You’ve shared each other with us too, and, gave me a new Mama, and Papa.” Levie and Greg sat together on the love seat, and Brandon was beside them, in the recliner.

“Umm, babe, I know you’ve been open to sharing Jayce, and Troy with us. How do you feel about sharing Triton?” Greg asked, with a bit of hesitancy.

“Babe, I’ve already introduced you, and Bran as his new Papa, and Uncle. I’m not sure what you mean.”

“When we put the boys in their stalls, we shared a very happy, and emotional moment with Tri.” Brandon said, then took a bite of his barbecue ribs.

“Really? That’s amazing. what happened?” Levie gave the other teens his full attention.

“Well, Tri stood outside his stall, and motioned for me and Brandon to go over to him. Bran said he thought Tri wanted us to say goodnight, and tuck him in. Triton nodded.” Greg paused, and took a sip of beer.

“I told him, I loved him, and thanked him for accepting us. I also told him, he was an awesome nephew.” Brandon giggled, thinking about the interaction between him, and the loving white stallion.

“I could feel the same bond you and I share, extending to Triton. And, I felt his bond with you, extending to me, and Bran.” Greg paused again, and sighed. “I placed my hands on both sides of Tri’s face, looked in his eyes, and asked him if we had the same bond he shared with you. Triton nodded yes. So, I’m asking, if you’re okay with that, since you did save Tri’s life.”

Levie set his beer down, and sat in Greg’s lap. He placed his hands on either side of Greg’s face, and gave him the most powerful, but tender kiss he could muster. “Gregory Alexander Wilmont, I’m more than okay with that. I’m excited, and can’t even describe how happy I am. Triton, is so special to me, it makes me feel good, knowing you and Bran love him just as much.”

Greg, and Brandon shared a look of confusion. Then the two started laughing like hyena’s. “Lev, where did Alexander come from?” Brandon asked what he and Greg were thinking.

“Well, I didn’t know Greg’s middle name, or even if he has one. Alexander just seemed to fit perfectly with the first and last names.” The red head giggled, and ate the last of his ribs.

“Yeah, it does sound awesome with my other two names. But, my middle name isn’t Alexander.”

“What is it?”

“Allman” Brandon, and Greg responded in unison.

Downstairs, Jaycen and Troy were sitting at the kitchen table, and listening to the boys through the vent. “That’s epic, our new kid’s named Greg Allman.” Jaycen said, as he and Troy started chuckling.

Levie dropped his fork, and stared at his mate. “No, freaking way. Greg Allman, really?”

The teens astonished reaction, caused Greg, and Brandon to burst out in laughter. “Yes, really babe. My birth parents were classic rock fans. They loved The Allman Brothers. I’d gotten so used to the sound of the two names, I decided to keep the middle name, and change my last name.”

“I love it.” Levie got up, gathered everyone’s plates, and brought them to the kitchenette sink. He made quick work of washing them, and placed the plates in the drainboard. After wiping his hands on the towel, Levie grinned, ran to the bed, and jumped on top of his brother, and mate. Before they could react, he started tickling them wherever he could reach.

“You’re sooo asking for it babe.” Greg tried to threaten between his giggles.

“That’s it, you’re toast, baby bro.” Brandon grabbed hold of Levie’s ankles, and handed one to his brother.

“Oh, shit.” Levie tried to kick his way to freedom, but the grip, Greg, and Brandon had on his ankles were stronger than his attempts. Levie was quickly thrown into a bottomless pit of ticklish sensation. Brandon’s nails rapidly dragged, and scratched the length of Levie’s wriggling sole. On the other side, Greg was gently nibbling his mate’s toes, and slipping his tongue between them. The ticklish teen didn’t know which tickled worse, it didn’t matter though, the result was the same. A minute or two later, Levie yelled out his surrender, in the form of multiple uncles, and I give.

Jaycen and Troy sat at the kitchen table, and giggled. “Sounds like our baby boy’s getting to have some more laughs. Should we go help them handle him?”

“Nah, I think they’re doing just fine babe.” Troy smiled, and kissed Jaycen’s nose. “They really do love us huh?”

“Well, you heard the same thing I did. Do you feel bad for eavesdropping on the boys?”

“No way, they heard us, outside the doorway. So, we’re secretly even.” Troy giggled, and squirmed, as Jaycen gently nibbled on the brunette’s neck.

“I had no idea, you could hear so much from this vent. Fuck! Do you think Lev’s been able to hear us… You know, making love?” Jaycen and Troy looked at each other, then started giggling uncontrollably.

“If he has, he’s learned a hell of a lot from us.” Troy said, as he broke down with laughter.

“Well, shit. They’ve been able to hear us the whole time.” Greg said, as the boys listened to the Bropops conversation.

“They were right about one thing.” Levie said, trying to hold in his giggles.

Greg, and Brandon smirked. “You did learn a lot from them. Didn’t you?” The three teens started cackling.

Levie leaned over the vent. “Yo! Bropops, instead of eavesdropping on each other, c’mon up, and join us. You two old guys might learn something from us young bucks.” Giggling, Levie ran and hid behind Greg, the moment Jaycen and Troy appeared in the doorway.

“Nope, I already told you, baby boy. I’m not the human tickle shield.” Greg pulled his giggling mate from behind his back.

“Fine, I’ve still got Bran.”

“Think again baby bro.”

Levie started to run for the opening between Jaycen and Troy, but was tackled by Jaycen. He threw his younger brother over his shoulder, and playfully spanked his ass.

“That’s child abuse.” Levie wriggled, trying to get loose.

“Yeah, so’s this…” Jaycen smiled, and gently tossed the teen onto the bed.

Before he could get back up, Greg pinned Levie’s arms, and Brandon, his ankles. “You’re supposed to be on my side.” The red head squealed, while struggling uselessly.

“We are, we’re helping you find the joy of laughter.” Brandon chuckled, and dragged his finger across his brother’s bare sole. Levie yelped, and started giggling.

“Hmm, I think Troypop wants to have a bit of fun.” Jaycen sat in the recliner, and watched the show. “Where’s the popcorn?”

Troy, made a show of buffing his nails against his shirt. “Any last words baby boy?”

“Yeah, uh is that a new shirt, it looks amazing on you.” Levie closed his eyes, and instantly started bucking and screeching with laughter. Troy’s evil fingernails scratched and stroked along the entire terrain of the red head’s bare feet. After a couple minutes of non stop tickling, Levie was let go. Panting, he crawled over to Troy, and sat in his lap. “I love you, Troypop. You’re one of my favorite Dads.” Smiling brightly, Levie kissed the older man’s cheek, and wrapped him in a signature Levie hug.

“My sweet angel boy. I love you, more than anything. Jaycepop, and I are so lucky to have three amazing boys to love.” The brunette, kissed the three teens.

“Jaycepop, Troypop, Lev told us, you’ve been together a long time. Have either of you, been with another boy, before committing to each other?” Greg asked. He opened his arms, and Levie scooted over to him. The red head, wrapped his mate’s strong arms around him, like a blanket.

Jaycen, and Troy looked at each other, then at the teens. “Wow! That’s a good question, Greg.” Jaycen held his husband’s hand, looked into his eyes, and nodded.

“There’s not really a clear cut answer to that question, baby bro.” Troy said, with a far away look in his eyes. He was about to reveal something, he hadn’t thought about in over a decade.

Levie perked up, and stared at the Bropops. “What do you mean Troypop? I don’t even remember you with another guy.”

Tears started falling from Troy’s eyes. “To be honest Lev, I’ve never willingly, been with another boy. I’ve only been in love with Jayce.” The tears came faster, as Jaycen held his love’s hand, and kissed his cheek.

“It happened, when we were fifteen. You were five, baby boy. The swim team had just won the state championship, and Troy was the overall winner. The boy who placed second, Carol Murdoch, had a thing for my baby boy here. He despised me, and the fact that he couldn’t lure Troy away. So, a couple nights after the big win, there was a party. Carol, put a date rape drug in one of the drinks he brought Troy. At some point during the night, I was ready to leave, and went looking for Troy.”

“Well, Jayce found me, I was almost unconscious. Carol, was forcing himself into me.” Troy started sobbing, and pressed his face into Jaycen’s chest. The teens wiped their tears, and listened, almost breathless.

“I don’t regret what I did, but I regret letting the anger overcome my senses. I completely lost it, and attacked Carol. I beat him so bad, he had to go to the hospital. It took four guys, from the football team to pull me off that guy. Mom, Dad, Pap-Pah Lyle, and Mam-Mah Ev went to bat for me. They kept me out of jail. They also kept Carol’s family from suing us, because there were witnesses, who came forward, and told what Carol did. We had, and still have a lot of friends from back then. They were pissed as hell, over what Carol did.”

Troy wiped his tears, and looked at the three boys. “That’s why we told you at the townhouse, we didn’t want you to drink around people you’re not familiar with.” He looked over to Brandon. “That now goes for you as well, baby bro. Please, be safe, and don’t drink around anyone you don’t know really well. It would kill us, if something happened to any of you.”

In a flash Levie, Greg, and Brandon were by the couple’s side. Jaycen, and Troy were encased in a loving circle of hugs, and kisses. “Bropop, I…” Was all Levie could get out, before he broke down. He looked at Jaycen, and leapt into his arms. “Thank you, for saving Dad. I love you.” The eighteen year old, clung to his brother, with his head on the older man’s shoulder.

Jaycen, and Troy were both overwhelmed by the affection, and love they were getting from the boys.

“Did you ever feel like blaming Troypop?” Brandon asked, a bit sheepishly.

Jaycen stared into his husband’s eyes. “Not even once, I knew where his heart was, and always would be. Right here, with me. It’s getting late boys. Why don’t you three get some more sleep. I know Troypop, and I are pretty tired. Having three rambunctious teens to play with, is damn tiring.” Jaycen chuckled, and tried, but failed to dodge a pillow Levie threw at him. Suddenly, Troy’s laughter echoed off the walls. The teens looked at him, like he was crazy.

“What’s so funny Troypop?” Greg asked.

“It’s just…” Troy started to explain, but started laughing again, and hitting the bed with his hand.

“I’m soo gonna make you pay for having to explain this baby boy.” Jaycen glared at his hysterically laughing husband.

“I’m about five minutes from sending you both to Shady Pines.” Levie giggled, as Greg’s fingers squeezed his sides.

“Troypop’s laughing, because at the hospital, Uncle Stu said something, I threw a pillow at him, and missed.”

“Yeah, then Uncle Stu, told Jayce, we’d have to get you to work with him on his accuracy.” Troy’s laughter increased, when his feet were trapped, and getting tickled by Jaycen’s nails.

“Well, I could work you in with Greg, and Bran. You know how great I am with beginners.”

Jaycen playfully growled, and pounced on Levie. He put the squirming teen in a choke hold, and gave him a noogie, while Greg, and Brandon giggled, and watched with Troy.

“Okay, okay, you’re not a beginner.” Levie squealed. “I love you both. Thank you for being great Bropops.” Levie snuggled between Jaycen, and Troy.

“We love you too Bropops.” Brandon, and Greg sat on the other side of Jaycen and Troy, hugging them.

“Thank you, for being brave enough to tell us about what happened Troypop.” Greg wiped his tears, and placed a kiss on Troy’s cheek.

“We both love you guys, so much. Now, try to calm down, and get some sleep. Goodnight boys.”

“Goodnight Bropops.”

Jaycen, and Troy kissed and hugged their boys, then turned the lights out, and closed the door. Outside, Troy sighed, and leaned against the wall.

“You okay baby boy?” Jaycen leaned down, picked up his husband, and carried him to their room.

“Yeah, it’s just that was hard.” Troy buried his head in Jaycen’s chest. “Brandon, and Lev were right. Your heartbeat, does have a loving, and secure feeling. I love you.”

“I love you too Troy.”

This was a really fun chapter to write. It's awesome seeing the bond strengthening between all these guys. And, it gave them a much needed break, and release from all that's been happening in their lives.

Yes, I actually said Shady Pines. LOL

I hope everyone enjoys reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for reading, and please continue to react, and comment. I always enjoy feedback.

Love y'all

Copyright © 2021 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

It's great to see the guys really bonding as a family. I think Troy recalling what happened to him and telling everyone, has helped bring the family closer together.

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34 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

It's great to see the guys really bonding as a family. I think Troy recalling what happened to him and telling everyone, has helped bring the family closer together.

Yeah, his memory did a lot to strengthen their bond.

I love this chapter, cause Jaycen, and Troy don't just say how much they love the boys, and see them as their kids. You get to see them put action behind those words. Like, they don't play with, or cuddle Levie, more than Greg, and Brandon.

I mean other than when Levie does something to make them retaliate. LOL

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I was debating giving the last chapter a cliffhanger rating.  Since we are still hanging, I will definitely go ahead with that rating in spite of this sweet interlude of brotherly bonding. :2thumbs:

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14 minutes ago, raven1 said:

I was debating giving the last chapter a cliffhanger rating.  Since we are still hanging, I will definitely go ahead with that rating in spite of this sweet interlude of brotherly bonding. :2thumbs:

Thank you, that's an awesome comment. And, with their life so far, you never know what's gonna happen. 

  • Love 2
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