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Love Of Family - 5. Meet The Wilmonts

Brandon tells his parents about Greg and Levie's new relationship.

Brandon was packing the last of his things when there was a knock at the door. “Dad.” The sandy blonde enthusiastically leaped into his Dad’s arms, giving him a hug. “Mama.” Brandon smiled widely, as he repeated his previous actions, only a bit more reserved since he didn’t want to hurt his Mom.

Love ya too baby boy.” Tom Wilmont chuckled in amusement over the greeting he and Linda always received from both their boys. The patriarch took a minute to look around. “Where’s your brother? I didn’t see the truck outside.” Both husband and wife gratefully accepted the offered cups of coffee.

Well, actually there’s been a development with Greg.” Brandon and his parents pulled out the stools, and sat at the breakfast bar.

Development?” Linda asked with a slightly concerned look. It didn’t matter one bit that she and Tom hadn’t given birth to Greg. From the moment they met the bright eyed, affectionate boy, when Brandon brought him over to play, the couple accepted him as their own. Especially after taking him in as a foster son five years ago. Her motherly pride shined in her eyes, as she remembered the day Greg informed them he was changing his last name from his birth name to Wilmont on his eighteenth birthday. Greg told the family, he’d do it sooner, but he didn’t want any undue drama from his biological parents. Linda was brought back to the present, when she felt her husband’s warm hand covering hers. The couple’s shared loving smile did not go unnoticed by their immensely proud son.

It seems, Greg’s found his one true soulmate in his new roommate.” Brandon paused to sip his coffee. “He told me last night, the moment his and Levie’s eyes connected, he knew they were meant to be.” Brandon got up, filled three plates with scrambled eggs, sausage patties, and hash browns. After serving his parents and topping off their coffee, he sat back down to join in the feasting.

Wow! Don’t you think it’s rather soon? Considering they only met last night. I mean what does he know about this boy and his family?” Tom asked as he locked eyes with Linda.

Calm down Daddy-Bear.” Brandon chuckled at his Dad’s loving protective nature. The one thing people learned quickly was don’t mess with Tom and Linda Wilmont’s children, they both packed heat, rode Harley’s, and they didn't back down from anything or anyone. “I had an extensive talk with him, both last night and this morning. Greg told me Levie said he wanted to be with him, that he wanted a monogamous relationship even if Greg wanted to see other people. And the only thing Levie asked of Greg was to be honest with him if he slept with anyone else while they dated, and to not lie.” Brandon went on to explain how Troy and Jaycen had right away accepted him and claimed him as their brother.

Tom and Linda sat in silence as Brandon completed his recounting of the previous night and this morning. “Wow! I’m impressed with the affection and open hearts attitudes those young men showed to Greg. And not just with words, but actions.” Tom said as he lightly rubbed his chin, an action he often did when he was trying to remember something. “Bran, did Greg ever mention their parents or last names?”

Stillman I believe. Yes, Levie, Troy, and Jaycen Stillman.” Brandon responded with a questioning look on his face.

That’s it” Tom ecstatically blurted out, causing both Linda and Brandon to jump.

What’s it dear?” Linda asked as she composed herself before gathering the plates and cups to load in the dishwasher.

You remember hon, about eight years ago, there was a story in the local paper about a couple’s death in a car accident, just after giving their twenty year old son and son in law custody of their ten year old son.” Tom smiled proudly at the recollection.

Oh, yes, I do remember that. I always wondered how that situation turned out, and what would possess a Mother to willingly give up custody of her young child, even if it was to her older child.”

I don’t know all the specifics, but from what Greg told me, Troy and Jaycen were completely loving and parental with Levie. Apparently, they even extended that towards Greg as well.” Brandon explained how the couple left a month’s worth of beer and condoms with the boys. He also explained how Troy specifically told the boys not to drink and drive, or be drinking with anyone they didn’t already know.

Well, the over protective mother in me wishes they didn’t leave the beer. However, Levie must be trustworthy for them to make that decision. I know Greg likes a beer every now and then, especially after a hard day at the bank. So, I guess leaving a months supply isn’t the worst thing they could do. At least the boys aren’t out trying to buy it illegally.”

Linda, you know Greg would never buy beer before legal age. I’m intrigued by their family dynamic, and am looking forward to getting to know them.”

Umm, well, you’ll probably be getting another son. Especially, since I told Greg I already accept Levie as my new little brother. And I’ll have two new older brothers. I don’t think Troy and Jaycen are young enough to be your kids. They’re both twenty eight, and I believe Greg told me celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, as well as being friends for twenty five years.”

They’ve been friends since they were three, and married ten years? They had to have been high school sweethearts.” Linda’s acceptance of the three brothers as additions to their family was growing by the second.

I wonder if they’re the same Stillman’s who own that ranch outside of town.” Tom questioned as he turned on the morning news. He and Linda sat on the couch, holding hands to digest before loading boxes in their truck.

Yep, that’s the same Stillman’s.” Brandon confirmed as he went to finish packing in his bedroom.

Tom was about to join his son when his phone rang. “Hello, Tom Wilmont.”

Tom! This is Lyle Moore.”

Lyle! How are you?”

I’m good, but I’ve got some bad news for you.”

What’s wrong?” Tom went in the kitchen so he wouldn’t disturb Linda or Brandon.

The new store deal went south. I’m not approving any of your funds to be released to this company. I just got some disturbing faxes this morning, and after a few confirmation calls, am one hundred percent sure this company would bleed you and Linda dry.”

While I’m glad about the discovery, what are we gonna do about living arrangements? The house had already been bought, and the new owners are moving in as we speak.”

I guess we’ll have to stay with one of the boys until we find something my love.” Linda embraced her husband from behind, then reclaimed her place on the couch.

Thanks for the call. I’ll be in touch soon Lyle.” Tom hung up, and kissed his wife on the way to their son’s bedroom. He paused a moment to collect his thoughts, then knocked on the slightly open door.

What’s up Pop?” Brandon looked up from his place on his bed.

Well good news is we’re not moving or opening a new store. Bad news is we’re not moving and opening a new store.” Both Tom and Brandon broke up laughing. “Lyle discovered something shady with the company we were gonna invest with, confirmed everything this morning, and killed the deal.”

If you’ll help me unpack, and you guys put what you don’t absolutely need in storage, then the other bedroom is yours as long as you and Mama need.” Brandon got up, hugged his Dad, and kissed his cheek.

Have I told you lately how amazing you are? Both my boys.” Tom wiped the tears from his eyes as he and Brandon shared another hug.

Yeah, you have, but I always love hearing it. And you’d better get used to saying all three of your boys, because Levie’s just as amazing and full of love and affection from what Greg’s told me.” Both father and son were jerked from their loving moment by Linda screaming their names.



The two men quickly ran into the other room just as Linda collapsed on the couch in distress. She quickly regained her barrings, and turned the sound up.

As you can see here Bob, the Stillman Ranch was rocked with a bit of danger this morning. Two of the owner’s Troy and Jaycen Stillman were assaulted and held hostage by an ex employee. The couple were saved by their two younger brothers. You can see here in the footage, Greg Wilmont freeing the two men, and guiding them into the office building. And here, Levie Stillman, who’s ranked 5th best archer in the state taking aim and shooting the armed gunman, Milo Walsh in the right butt cheek, just seconds after he fired on the sheriff and his deputy.”

Wow! Now that’s what I’d call a pain in the butt.”

Me too Bob, we’ll have more details later. Back to you in the station.”

Linda had the TV off, and was waiting at the door. “Let’s go boys, there's some new family members who need us.”

Right behind ya Mama. Let’s take my car, I’ll drive.” Brandon said as he turned out the lights, and locked up.

Sorry for the shorter chapter, but I think I've gotten enough in it to give you an idea of the love and support Greg has, and that will be extended to Levie and his Bropops.

As always, thanks for reading, and I'm grateful for any feedback and comments.

Copyright © 2021 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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It's a great chapter and the description of the family dynamics makes for compelling reading. I look forward to your future chapters.

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3 minutes ago, Rickbgo said:

It's a great chapter and the description of the family dynamics makes for compelling reading. I look forward to your future chapters.

Thanks, I really appreciate, and am grateful for your comment. I'm almost finished with chapter six. 

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