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Magic in the Air

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Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Angus asks his supposed boyfriend Jason to the school formal. Not being ready to publically come out, Jason turns him down. Angus, in need of someone to go with, decides to magic himself up a date.

Any mention of historical figures in this work of fiction is taken in licentia poetica and used purely to aid the narrative of the story.  It is not meant in any way to infer the accuracy of the portrayal of their roles in history, nor the accuracy of any charges of witchcraft levelled against them.

Copyright © 2014 Andy78; All Rights Reserved.
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  • 06/12/2014 (Updated: 06/12/2014)
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  • 5,036 Words
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    • 5,036 Words

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This was a fun, and exciting story. The element of magic enhanced the story over all. The characters were fantastic, and each came alive.

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