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The Secret Life of Billy Chase 6 - 40. Chapter 40


- Mmmmm...well, I got what I wanted! Hehehe! Almost got a second helping too, but I couldn't find someone who would let me come over!

Despite a few protests at first, I got Sam to come over to my house while my mom was out and give me the lovin' that I had been craving the past day or two. And I'm feeling really good about it. I'm not so sure about Sam though. I mean....he was into it. I know he was. Hehehe, BOY, do I know it! Erections don't lie.

But after we were done...Sam was getting dressed, and he just got this....I dunno....it was like this really 'far away' look in his eyes. I don't know what his problem is. He got laid, I got laid, what's the difference? You know?

Anyway, so the day started with my mom 'hinting' at me that today would be a good day to maybe call my father and ask to spend some time with him. Right. Like I'm gonna do that when I could be doing something much more fun with Sam. Don't get me wrong, I'll go see him some time. Just not right now. I mean, why should I feel guilty about it? He left US. Not the other way around. If he was so concerned about spending time with his son, maybe he should chosen his family over that skank bitch he's staying with now. Then again, there are times when I wonder if my mom just wasn't doing her job as a wife either. If my dad was happy, he wouldn't want to look elsewhere, right? I might even be able to understand that better if that was the case. Kinda like with Lee. If Lee is too much of a wimp to pay me the proper attention, then I'm looking for the next best thing. And that's what my dad did. So...you know, in that respect, way to go, Dad! My mom will live. Next time she'll be better at it. Lee is.

I did break down and talk to Brandon for a short while this morning. ONLY for a short while. I called first, and he was fun to talk to for all of five minutes before he started talking about Stevie again. Saying how he feels bad about hurting him and that Stevie calls his house constantly, wanting to talk. Yeah, I remember the feeling. I did it too. I wonder if Brandon felt this bad when he broke my heart by breaking up with me. I know that he's hurting, and that this is important to him....but....ugh! Dammit, I just don't fucking CARE! Am I heartless for that? I don't give two shits about his problems right now. At all. If Brandon wants to come over and make out with me, then awesome! Let's talk. But without any hopes of anything intimate happening between us...I'm just not inspired to care anymore. I'm not. There is no reward in me comforting him or holding his hand through this. If I exhaust myself and make him feel better...what then? Is he gonna leap into my arms and shout, 'Billy, I love you! Let's get naked and make up'? Somehow I doubt that. He'll drain me until I'm all out of emotional energy and I'm just as miserable as he is, then he'll decide to feel better, and we'll go back to being 'buddies'. Like some kind of G-rated Disney cartoon bullshit sitcom. Screw that. I wasn't rude to Brandon, not by any means....but I looked for the first possible escape from that conversation and I took it. I'm sorry Brandon, but I just don't think I see much value in interacting with you right now. I just don't.

I used to be fooled by the idea that love was the goal to shoot for. But it isn't. I doubt it even exists, to be honest. It's just a clever way of keeping the boy you're fucking from fucking somebody else and not wanting to fuck you anymore. That pretty much sums it up. And if that's the case, I might as well go looking for something a bit more tangible...like Sam! Hehehe!

SO...I know that Sam was on punishment, and this was his last day, but his mom was going grocery shopping and my mom wasn't around....so I told him to come over. I'm like, "Dude, just run over really quick! You're mom won't be back for at least an hour. She won't even know you're gone."

He's like, "Billy....dude, it's one more day. If I get caught..." But I totally convinced him that he wasn't gonna get caught, as long as he left as soon as she did. So then he's like, "Why do you want me to come over so bad, anyway?"

I could have made something up, but instead, I took a shot. I said, "Because I'm really horny right now. Hehehe! And because I wanna make you feel good. I want you to make me feel good too." I felt so naughty saying it to him, but I meant every word, so why not, you know?

Sam giggled a bit, and he's like, "Billy...we had an agreement about this."

I said, "I know. But I'm breaking it. Just for today." There was a short silence, and I added, "Unless you don't want a really hot, sloppy, blowjob right now. And maybe...you know...something 'more'. Hehehe, but that's up to you." I heard Sam try to laugh it off a bit more, but I wasn't laughing. Getting that boy back in my mouth where he belonged was my only mission for this weekend, and as I heard a sigh escape his lips, I just KNEW that I was gonna get it done. I just knew it.

So finally, Sam says, "Well....she's not leaving right away. So...when she goes, I'll sneak out the back. K?"

I said, "Cool! I'll be waiting for you. See you soon." The second I hung up the phone, I started cleaning my room up a bit and I put the top lock on the front door, just in case my mom came back early. Sure enough, Sam came knocking about 2 minutes later, and I ran to the door.

I knew he'd be nervous about getting back home before his mom returned from the store, so I didn't waste any time being 'friendly'. I yanked that sexy blond inside and pressed my lips against his like my life depended on it. I think it caught him off guard. He kinda pulled away from me at first, but I kept kissing his face, and trying to get my lips on his tasty neck. He's like, "Whoah....wait a second. Are you sure we're alone...?"

I'm like, "Yes. Totally alone! C'mon!" I had to half drag him into my bedroom, and I fell back on the bed, pulling him on top of me. I tongue kissed him hard, wrapping my arms and legs around him. I don't know why he seemed to fight me off a bit at first. I mean, it took him a few seconds to actually 'get into it'. I know I'm a boy, but it's not like we had never done this before. Just fuck me already! You know?

When I started tearing his clothes off of him, Sam looked like he was starting to have second thoughts about the sex. And I was waaaay too horny to have him reject me now. Screw what he wanted! I just needed him naked, and quick. I pulled his pant off, figuring that once I got my mouth on him, he'd be much more interested in letting me finish him off.

Sam was a bit uncomfortable, but I got him to stop squirming once I sank those six sweet inches into my mouth. Oh GOD....he tasted soooo good today! Maybe it's just because I wanted it so bad, but my tongue was like...electrified by the very warmth of him. I spread my fingers out on his inner thighs, and was breathing hard as I sucked him for all I was worth. He literally had to hold onto my shoulders just to balance himself...even while he was laying down. I could feel him throbbing a bit, and I could taste some of that salted honey flavor as he got closer and closer to exploding, so I stopped. I got up and stripped down as fast as I could. I did NOT want Sam to change his mind!

I got on top of him and slithered my body all over him while kissing him deeply on the lips. Like I said, Sam wasn't as into it as I wanted him to be. It was getting to be kinda frustrating, honestly. His hands were on my back as I was humping myself into him, and I reached back to make it so he was gripping my ass. Things got wild for a bit there. I was getting that feeling again, and I had this urge to get Sam to fuck me really hard today. Like...I wanted it! The harder, the better. I was literally aching to have him inside me at that point. I was sucking hard on his neck, and I moaned, "Sam? Fuck me. Fuck me hard, ok?"

I think he stopped breathing when he heard that. He was like, "Billy...? I don't....I don't think we should...."

I said, "Shhhh! No no no, it's cool. It's ok. I want you to. Fuck me. Please? Sam....please, stick it in me. Right now. I need it. Please???"

He didn't really answer me. In fact, he seemed to get even more uncomfortable than he was before. Arrrgh! How difficult is this???

I reached back and took a hold of his hardness, and spread my legs so the cleft of my ass would be open for him. Maybe I was a bit too excited, because it didn't go in the first few times I tried. Even when I pushed it up against my hole really hard. Sam tried to stop me, but I wouldn't let him. I slid down between his legs really fast, and I sucked him hard, getting him as wet and ready as I possibly could. I didn't want him to cum yet, so I had to stop once or twice to just lick his balls for him while he calmed down a bit. Sam has the sexiest balls, you know that? I don't know, they just are. I love having them in my mouth.

Anyway, I got him sopping wet, and I was quick to straddle him again. I didn't let him talk. Didn't let him think about it. I just did it. And with a little work, and a bit of pain....mmmm, he popped inside. It was like...the second my tight ring opened up for him, I got twice as hard as I was before. It just felt awesome...having my best friend in the world in me....alive, and hot, and quivering. Feeling me. Creating this perfect connection between us. It wasn't like AJ just plugging away at me, no matter how much it hurts. Sam just laid there and let me slide down on him an inch at a time. My legs felt weak from the penetration. My breath was short. But I put my hands on Sam's smooth chest, and I just sank down further and further. Until he hit that tingly spot inside of me, and I swear to God, I almost came all over his belly right then and there! My whole BODY shivered, from head to toe, and I whimpered out loud as I let my ass rest comfortably on Sam's lap. He was inside me all the way. I wiggled my butt a little bit, feeling it tickle my insides, and I giggled down at Sam...who gave me a little smile in return.

I rose up a little bit, and I could feel his hardness slowly sliding out of me. It felt good, but empty. I couldn't wait to sit back down and be filled up with his love again. It didn't take long for us to find a steady rhythm, but as he kept rubbing over that special little spot inside of me, I just....I got this really warm feeling inside. I wanted more. Like...I couldn't help myself. The more he gave me, the more I wanted. And I wanted it HARD! I began moving my hips more, and I bounced up and down on him, milking him with my tightness as he held onto my hips. He pushed his ass off of the bed to push into me, and I kept slamming my ass down with his up thrust. Wishing that he could get even deeper inside of me. I kept wanting more. And all too soon, I felt Sam's rhythm being thrown off, and his legs kicked out involuntarily a few times...then his body went rigid. His head thrust itself backward, exposing his neck to me. And I leaned forward to suck hungrily at it as he came hard in my constricted tunnel. I know that Sam was totally lost in his orgasm. He was trembling something fierce, and he cried out in short whimpers, despite his attempts to hold it back. I think it was those sexy little noises, mixed with the increasingly wet feeling on my hole as he slid in and out a few more times, that set me off. I kissed Sam deeply as I came on his chest, my body shivering as Sam wrapped his strong arms around me to hold me close. I think I experienced a whole new level of climax today. Something about Sam just....drives me crazy. And I can't get enough of him.

I could have snuggled right there in the bed with Sam for the rest of the day with no problems. But after he caught his breath and slipped himself out of me...he kinda rolled me off of him and stared at the ceiling for a bit. It was weird. I couldn't quite understand it. I know that he enjoyed it. God knows that I did! Hehehe! But...I don't know...something went weird with him.

The next thing I know, he got up and went to the bathroom to wash up a bit, and then he came back into my room and started looking for his clothes. I'm like, "Dude, what's the matter?"

Sam just kept gathering his clothes off of the floor, and he put on his underwear. He's like, "Nothing. I've gotta...I've gotta go."

I said, "What are you being weird about? Come on. It's not that serious."

He says, "I don't think...we should have done this, Billy. I don't know how I feel about this."

I said, "Feel about what? It's just sex. You know you liked it. Hehehe! Come on..." I don't know what kind of 'line' I crossed all of a sudden in our friendship, but Sam was seriously bothered by the fact that he couldn't get dressed fast enough to get out of there.

He just said, "I don't want to get in trouble. I'll see you later."

I wasn't really angry about it, but he already wasn't into it that much, and now he's just gonna screw me and leave? So I'm like, "Fine. Whatever. See you tomorrow." Sam just gave me a strange look, and he left. Yeah...maybe he didn't recognize me because I wasn't begging and pleading for him to love me. Or because I didn't feel like shit or think twice about getting what *I* wanted for a change. But if he wants to be a baby about it, then fine. If he want to fuck me again some time, I'd LOVE it! If not....more boys where he came from.

In fact, I tried calling Lee again today, but he wasn't home. I wrote another email to Randall to see if he wanted to get together tonight and hang out for a while. I might as well start buttering him up now so when it comes to 'sex time' I won't have to play any mind games. I can just give him a ring, go over, and get off. The more I think about having sex with Randall, the more I like the idea. He just seems like the kind of boy that would be really sexy once you got him in your lap. Hehehe! So many flavors for me to taste! I even called Bobby Jinette, but he was taking care of his neighbor's kids tonight. I do miss that round, tight, ass of his though. The way he could move that thing when you were inside him..it was like fuckin' MAGIC! I'm definitely gonna hit that one more time before him and Ian become official.

I didn't bother to think of Brandon though. And I'm kinda glad. That would have been a total waste of time, considering as he's not offering anything more than a handshake these days. Fuck him. Sorry Brandon.

I'm gonna go. God, I'm soooo horny right now!!! I want some more! It's like...I can still feel Sam inside of me. My insides are having this weird phantom relapse of him, all hard and juicy, driving up into my hole. Ugh! I've gotta jack off just so I can sleep. I know he's being screwy right now, but I'm gonna see if maybe Sam wants to do it again before school tomorrow. I'd even ditch another day if we can spend it having sex again. Wow, that would be soooo hot!

I just hope I can wait until then! Because I've been walking around with a diamond density boner since dinner....and it's KILLING me here! Hehehe!

More later!

- Billy

Ps- Hehehe, I totally blew off my homework this weekend. I didn't do any of it. I don't even care. How weird is that? LOL!

Copyright © 2012 Comicality; All Rights Reserved.
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And that's what my dad did. So...you know, in that respect, way to go, Dad!... WTF? is this kid stupid or what? there's a difference between going looking for just a dick to fuck and cheating your espouse... what an ass

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Yeah, I didn't like this change in Billy's behaviour. Actually I was more concerned about him than before. He was screwing up really bad this time. He was just avoiding his pain without the knowledge that it would return to him like, so hard. He might hurt everybody in this process.

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What the hell happened to our sweet Billy.  He has literally become someone i don’t recognize. I think that he is going to get hurt or hurt others with this new attitude of his.  I hope he hasn’t caused permanent damage between himself and Sam.  He keeps talking over and over about how important Sam’s friendship it so him...you just don’t have sex with your straight best friend and it not change things between you, usually not a good change either.

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