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Vampire Jared Premium

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Jared Dells has a highly successful career in one of the most dangerous professions that few people even know exists. He knows what few people know: Vampires exist, and they hunt humans for their food. While the vampires hunt humans, Jared hunts them, earning a quite comfortable life with the bounties put on them by the secret Foundation. Jared enjoys a life turning the tables on the hunter, but can he survive when the Vampires decide to hunt the Vampire Hunter?

This story is dark and violent and for mature audiences only.

Copyright © 2011 dkstories; All Rights Reserved.

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Message added by Myr

Mature story contains dark themes involving graphic violence and taboo topics that may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Please do not read further if this bothers you.

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This is a dark story.  It is a rewrite of the much darker original.

There are interesting twists and a crazy dark fantasy kind of ride.  Definitely worth the read.

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