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There is sexual activity between like minded teen age boys in this chapter

The Farm At Maple Hollow - 27. Chapter 27

A short chapter, interesting developments occurring!


The four of us lay quietly in our pile of blankets and pillows content with simple touches and caresses of each other. Sam’s head was on Pietro’s chest and he was tracing his finger idly in a lazy motion over his mid-section. Ethan was spooned tightly behind me holding me in his arms. Sleep came early for us this evening as we finished picking up after ourselves after reluctantly getting up. We were four tired, drawn out boys exhausted from our previous exertions. Giving both Sam and Pietro a hug and a heartfelt kiss I plodded along to the bedroom with Ethan close behind. I think I was asleep right after I kissed Ethan goodnight and my head hit the pillow.

I woke a little later than usual and as could be predicted the munchkins were in bed with us. Once again, I couldn’t figure out how they did it. I had heard Eddy and Bobby come in even though they had tried to keep the noise down. We were a jumble as arms and legs were intertwined. Looking down Old Spot seemed to be sleeping off the previous night’s labors. It was also clearly obvious that he was alone in that endeavor. Sam and Ethan were lying on their backs in full glory, the sheets poking up. Pietro was softly pressing against me; the excitement he was dreaming about was evident by the indentation he made against my thigh. Reaching out to a sleeping Sam I gently fondled his erection. I was somewhat surprised by the heat he gave off from his erect radiator. It moved slightly as I lightly touched him. I could see the reaction on his face while he slept deeply. His scrotum was fully distended, the skin paper thin as his testicles weighed heavily. Pietro’s arm found its way across my midsection as he pressed harder against me. As much as I would like to have had a mornings fun before getting up, we had company coming, the students who would be spending a couple of weeks exploring for Indian artifacts. I was told to expect them by noon and as such was the case, we needed to make ourselves and the cabin presentable. I could see that Sam along with Ethan were stirring and decided to help matters along. I gave Pietro a quick kiss on the forehead and did the same for Sam. As I did, Ethan reached out to me and clasped my arm. He had a mischievous smile and looked first towards Sam and then towards Pietro, I knew exactly what he was thinking. Sitting up and leaning over Sam, Ethan gave him a wet raspberry and I followed suit with Pietro. Both boys were startled at first but once we started tickling, they were trying to escape while convulsing with laughter. I grabbed the covers and lept off the bed and as I made my way towards the door, I pointed out everyone’s pee boners. It was like watching the Keystone Kops as the guys scrambled out of bed. When they came running after me in the main room I pointed towards the bunkroom and like wolves cornering their prey, both Sam and Pietro charged into the bunkroom to roust Eddy and Bobby. They came out nearly as quickly as they went in carrying sheets and blankets followed shortly after by our two latecomers. As our tradition we wrote our names in the dirt outside the cabin claiming our territory for another weekend. Directing the boys to pick up and clean the cabin I set myself to making our breakfast. As we were eating, I reminded the boys that our skinny dipping would be on hold until we figured out our student visitors schedules. There was a collective groan across the table as the reality of the next two weeks sank in.

It was well past ten in the morning by the time we had finished breakfast and finished cleaning up. Once everything had been put away, I suggested it was time to clean ourselves up. Ethan grabbed the towels and Sam managed to find the soap. The morning sun had sufficiently warmed our little world around us and as we approached the dock our nightshirts lay scattered like the trail of crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel as they went deep into the woods back up towards the cabin. Sam was the first to lose his nightshirt followed closely by Pietro, myself, Bobby, and Eddy and lastly followed by Ethan. Down off the end of our sheltered cove mother duck was taking flight as her children valiantly tried to copy her. We stood there transfixed for a moment and as the ducklings rounded the furthest corner out of sight a bass jumped and caught a lazy dragonfly for its breakfast. It seemed that no one wanted to go first, to jump in and spoil this morning’s silent reverie. Edging close to Sam and Pietro I dropped my towel and grabbed them by the waist and brought them with me as I jumped in. Bobby and Eddy gang tackled Ethan and brought him in sputtering vague curses. We splashed each other and played chicken and other silly games and somehow along the way managed to clean ourselves from the dirt and grime of the previous day’s adventures. At one point we found ourselves on the dock tossing one another into the pond by swinging each other but our arms and legs. We managed to make enough noise, so much we never heard our guests coming around the corner. There we were, all of us, standing on the dock in our birthday suits play fighting and wrestling when the canoe with our guests pulled close. Once we realized they were there we stood there transfixed, paralyzed as if frozen solid.

I had forgotten that our archeological students were of the opposite sex…girls!!! And there we were, trapped like deer in the headlights. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. It was as if we forgot how to breathe as standing there, we had no more secrets. It was all on display and it took some time or so it seemed to realize that. I was silently cursing myself for sleeping in this morning as somewhere in the furthest recesses of my mind a tiny voice was screaming, I was standing naked in front of not two girls as expected but three!

The girl, if you could call her that, in the back of the canoe was the first to speak. She said her name was Pam. Now Pam had a boy’s regular haircut and was very thick, not fat but muscular. She introduced us to the girl in front of the canoe as Sally…her girlfriend and she hoped we didn’t mind. Sally was the opposite of Pam and every bit of a young woman with a sweet, very sweet killer smile. As Sally said hello, Pam introduced us to her younger sister Mary who appeared to be all of thirteen or so close to Sam and Pietro’s age.

I don’t know why it took so long for the others us to realize we were naked but they stood there blissfully unaware of their nudity until Pam asked us to help unload the canoe and Mary giggled and whispered just loud enough if she could go swimming naked like us. It’s a wonder we all didn’t faint with the sudden rush of blood to our cheeks, we were blushing something fierce, and to our lower extremities. Pam laughed and said of course once the canoe was emptied. All of us shyly tried to line up behind one another trying as innocently as possible to cover ourselves with our towels. She pointed to Sam asked him to grab the first bag out of the canoe and as he leaned over, she flipped him over the back of the canoe into the pond. When Sam surfaced, he was laughing as well exclaiming “Just how cool was that!”

In that brief instant, Sam and Pam connected on a deep level; there was no fear of a stranger, just the undying trust of two friends, coconspirators in many devious games to come. It was so palpable I swore it could be seen; it was like spark of static electricity. Jumping back onto the dock Sam asked to be tossed again and instead to tossing him grabbed him in her massive arms and said loud enough to be clearly heard “If I wasn’t a lesbian, I’d make you mine!”

“What’s a lesbian?’ Sam asked squirming in her arms.

“It means I like girls, silly.” Pam replied.

“I like Pietro, he’s like my boyfriend, and does that mean I’m a lesbian too?

I snorted and Ethan choked back his laughter. Bobby and Eddy stood there stunned and Pietro looked as if he wanted to crawl into a hole. Sally god bless her, covered her hand with her mouth and Mary smiled shyly as if hiding a secret.

“Well, it’s like this” Pam replied in a soft, kind voice “When girls like each other they are called lesbians and when boys like each other they are called gay.”

“You hear that Squirt…we’re gay, all of us!” Sam exclaimed. Sam’s filter was clearly off and it only seemed natural that his raw naked honesty led the way. He was comfortable enough in his surroundings that there couldn’t be any room for deceit or half-truths. I walked over to the side of the canoe and extended my hand. I introduced myself and the others. Once the names were out of the way I had to jump into the discussion Sam had started. Taking a deep breath, I also told the three girls that Ethan was my boyfriend and that along with Sam and Pietro, Bobby and Eddy were boyfriends as well. Once the ice was broken so to speak the tension seemed to evaporate. The guys realizing that we were among kindred souls visibly relaxed.

Pam gave Sam another toss into the pond and he went in laughing. Once he surfaced, he jumped back up on the dock and grabbed the rope from the front of the canoe and tied it off. Pam looked up at us and started tossing their two weeks’ worth of gear up onto the dock. Sally asked for a hand up and as Ethan reached out his towel fell off. That brought a chuckle from Sam and he reached out to help Mary out as well. As we got their stuff, we also managed to grab our towels and put them on as we helped them carry their stuff up to the tent platform. It didn’t take long to get them situated and to give a quick tour of the cabin and the outhouse. Sam took pride in explaining all the various details including the Pooplight and told them they should have one as well. Between Sam and Pam there wasn’t much room to get a word in edgewise. Finally, once we had shown them the lay of the land Mary nudged her sister and asked if they could go swimming now. Lugging all their stuff had been some work and we were hot and sweaty. Sam seconded Mary’s request to go swimming and Pam announced that it would be a good idea for all of us to go get cleaned up and then have lunch. We followed Sam, Mary, and Pietro down to the dock and when we got there the girls shucked their clothes. Pam once again grabbed hold of Sam and they went running off the end of the dock as Sam struggled to pull his night shirt off. Sally and Mary followed Pietro then Bobby and Eddy, myself and Ethan jumped in.

It was amazing how fast our inhibitions faded as we quickly became accustomed to our new friends. We had chicken fights and the tag team of Sam and Pam made quick work out of the rest of us. We frolicked for some time till we all found ourselves sitting on the side of the dock. There was a rather loud rumble of from Sam’s belly and we all got a chuckle. It was time for lunch and as we toweled off there was a fair share of examining each other. It was more a case of curiosity rather than lust and we all knew it. I can’t speak for the others but despite living in close proximity and never having an interest, I had never seen my sister in any other stage but clothed. Here in front of me were three girls standing around nude. For me it was more of a clinical observation. I wasn’t excited or bothered by what I saw and I know for the most part, neither were the other guys.

Pam was built like a wrestler. She had sturdy legs and a very muscular mid-section. Her breasts while big weren’t overly so. They were full and yet there was little to no sag to them. Her sandy blond hair was cropped short, almost cut in a ‘boy’s regular’ style. She had a thick thatch of pubic hair forming a V where her legs met her hips. Pam’s arms were thick, evidence that she had not been a stranger to hard work. Stocky was the word that popped into my mind when I struggled for a word to simply describe her. Sally on the other hand was about the opposite of Pam. Where Pam was more like a member of women’s softball or basketball team Sally was the epitome of femininity. She was tall and lithe with long light brown hair and eyes. Her complexion was of that you would expect to find in the English countryside, skin the color of milk and without a blemish to be found, her hair when let down, easily reached the middle of her back and her ruby red lips were perfectly contrasted against the creamy milky color of her skin. Her breasts were smaller than Pam’s and proportioned to her body. It was as if someone had taken a grapefruit and sliced it in half and placed the halves where her breast should be. There was no hint of sag and they were so firm that in our games they appeared not to move at all. I found it intriguing to say the least that her nipples were chocolate brown. The thatch of pubic hair that Pam had, contrasted with the smaller patch that appeared on Sally. Sally was gifted with long arms, legs and torso and was very graceful, feminine in her movements. It was in noticing the contrasts between the two girlfriends who assumed which role in their relationship.

Pam’s sister Mary was in fact a curious hybrid of both her older sister and Sally. She was under her sister’s care for a good portion of the summer while their parents were off on a tour of Europe. She was as I found out, just fourteen and attended a private school for girls in New Hanover, run by the Sisters of Perpetual Sorrow. As we were to discover, Mary was the least inhibited of our guests. It was I supposed her personality. Where Pam by nature was gregarious and outgoing and Sally shy and demure, Mary was a classic tomboy yet kind, inquisitive and interested in everything around her. She was the first to visibly relax and see the island the way we saw it. She peppered myself Sam and Pietro with all sorts of questions and wanted to know everything about her home for the next two weeks. She was easy to talk to and you could see she shared a mischievous similarity to her sister. Her auburn hair was cut midway between her ears and shoulders. Mary was more like Sally in body shape and was no taller than Sam and just shorter than Pietro. She was a late bloomer as her breasts were nothing more than a suggestion; they were just beginning to bud. Her pubic mound had whispers of hair beginning to come in and unlike her sister or Sally the definition of what made her uniquely woman was clearly visible. She was and remains to this day the least self-conscious person I have ever met. In many respects she was the female version of Sam.

Another rumble from Sam’s perpetually empty stomach snapped me out of my reverie and reminded all of us that our lazing around was over and it was time for lunch. Ethan asked our guests to join us up at the cabin. While they protested Sam convinced them that there was plenty of time to finish setting up after we finished. The next few days were a blur of activity as the girls got their camp and dig started. It seemed that Sam and Pietro had vanished into thin air. Bobby and Eddy had gone off to a weeklong bluegrass festival in my car with warnings to come back intact and in good condition. Ethan and I enjoyed some serious alone time, something I had not thought possible with the influx of visitors and guests. We had to meet with Luke Swenson, the new farm foreman and get him situated.

As always...thanks for reading! Your thoughts and comments are most welcome!!!

Copyright © 2020 drsawzall; All Rights Reserved.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your reactions and comments.

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An interesting introduction to the archeology students, quite memorable for all involved.  Well written as usual, but the flow seemed off a little bit with this chapter.

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2 hours ago, centexhairysub said:

An interesting introduction to the archeology students, quite memorable for all involved.  Well written as usual, but the flow seemed off a little bit with this chapter.

Thanks for the kind oerds and thoughtful comment...it is appreciated!

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What a surprise when the students arrived unexpectedly early! Seems as if the boys have made some new friends there and they should all have fun while the dig is going on.

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What another great story i love reading them hope the next few chapter's will be posted soon see what the students find and how Sam and Pietro

work with them well written lets have more 

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