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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Boundaries: An Old West Tale - 2. Chapter 2 Compadres

Some physical and sexual abuse is mentioned.





Virgil heard the young fellow draw breath as his gaze fixed on his cock, looking hungrier than a hound at a cook-fire. He knew that appetite well. This youngster was like him, sure and certain. Leaning his head back and lifting his arms to the ceiling, he stretched, letting Wyatt look if he had a mind to.

“Sure feels good to get out of those damn dusty clothes. Got a clean set in my saddle bags. Might be you could get them for me once I’m clean?” Finally looking his way, he saw a face redder than one what spent a day in blazing sun, and he still be staring with that same hunger.

It was nice to be admired in such a way, and Virgil couldn’t help smirking at the attention his whole body was getting. Wyatt noticed, and his hungry look turned fearful. “Ah, I… what did you say, s… sir?”

“My clean set of clothes? In my saddlebag on the gray mare out front? Her name’s Sally. I want to look decent when I go for a meal across the road. Suppose I should shave, but it’s only been two days since I took a razor to my face.”

“Yep, I… well, it ain’t no problem to go get them… I can surely do such for you,” he stammered in a voice what needed some wetting. He turned quickly and darted for the door.

Virgil couldn’t help but notice the fine shape of the man’s rump through britches that were a mite small for him. “Not now!” he said loud enough Wyatt stopped dead. “You can fetch them after I have my bath. Don’t want you pouring cooled-down water on me. Ain’t had nothing but cold creek-baths for months.”

“Sorry. I thought you were meaning me to….”

As his words trailed off, Virgil squatted down in the tub and stretched his legs best he could. It was bigger than some tubs he’d been in, but still cramped for a man his size. “I’m ready for pouring, if’n you’ve a mind to get started.”

“For certain… of course,” Wyatt muttered, his skin still holding a red flush to it. He moved out of sight behind him, and Virgil soon had the pleasure of heated water dribbled over his head. He was making sure his whole body got doused, and the feeling was heaven sent. Would have taken some strength to hold the bucket high and pour so slow, and after a time, he put the bucket down.

“You want me to suds up your hair or leave you be?”

“Ain’t had no one wash my hair in a coon’s age. Would be obliged if you would.”

Soon, soapy fingers were rubbing against his scalp, and this time he went higher than heaven. Wyatt was right the soap smelled good, better than most he’d used for washing. His touch was gentle, but he scrubbed him good, working up a lather that dripped down his body. He was sorry when the job was done.

“Gonna rinse now. You got hair what’s thick like mine.” More water was soon pouring over his head, and he sighed when those fingers returned, squeezing the soap until it was all gone. One more rinse, and then he heard the bucket set down again. “I got a cloth to scrub your back if’n you want me to?”

“I surely do. Reckon there’s some grime back there, and your hands do feel good on a body.”

“I’ve had me some practice, but it’s mostly fat, old men who want baths.”

Virgil chuckled. “I ain’t fat yet… or old.”

“No doubt for that. How old might you be?” Wyatt asked as he began soaping his back with the rough cloth. It felt damn good.

“Twenty-six… twenty-seven come this winter. That’s likely a lot older than you.”

“Not to my mind. I be twenty this week.”

“I thought younger,” Virgil said, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the feel of gentle hands doing good work. The cloth was no longer in use and Wyatt’s touch lingered in lots of places, even getting into the pits of his arms as they rested on the sides of the tub.

“No, sir, I’m for sure twenty, and come to think of it, this be the twenty-sixth, so today’s the day of my birth.”

“Well, good tidings to you, Wyatt.” Now those hands were soaping down his arms right to his hands, and Virgil, sleepy as he was, felt his cock grow hard as iron. He peered down, but sure enough, most of it stood above the cloudy water. Not much to be done about it, and he didn’t think it would bother Wyatt anyhow, seeing as how his job was to help bathe men.

“Ah, I’ll rinse you with the rest of the water, and you can soap what still needs it.” He passed the pale yellow bar to him, and when Virgil turned his head, their eyes met and held until Wyatt broke the connection. His gaze flicked downward and stayed there longer than expected.

“Sorry about my cock-stand, but your touch be what caused it,” he said with a grin. “I’m sure you seen such many times.”

“Yep, I surely have... not one like that, what reaches as high as yourn, though. Uh… I’ll bring up the other pails so you can finish bathing.” He rose from his squat and hurried to the door, and Virgil caught a glimpse why. He had a cock-stand of his own, and it was pushing his thin britches out at his hip. For certain it was impressive on the smaller man.

Virgil chuckled after the door swung closed and clicked. He wasn’t one for getting involved during his travels, but that young man was powerful tempting. Getting kicked down over and over can turn a man mean, but there weren’t no hardness about him, ‘cepting the obvious cock-stand. He weren’t weak either. Virgil sensed a strength there, and there was proof in the fact he had so far held his own in a town what didn’t want his kind.

He worried for him, though, strong or not, understanding the ugliness of men. If his father and mother had been murdered, it was likely the culprit or culprits wouldn’t stop till the whole family was gone. He never understood hating whole groups of people, but he’d seen enough of it while roaming across the different territories, whether it be Indians, Mexicans, Negroes, or Mormons. Faith in God was never in question for him, but he had yet to meet a bible-thumper he trusted. Those were the ones what held the most hate in them.

Sighing, he stood to do a better job of scrubbing his nether regions. Wyatt wasn’t his business, and complications were something he’d learned to avoid. He’d accomplished his soaping, certain he was clean as he’d ever been, when the door opened slowly. The head that showed itself was not one he’d expected, though. The saloon girl was peering at him and being mighty brazen about it. She appeared even older than he’d thought, and the smell of her perfume was strong as a skunk’s. He sneezed.

“Stopping by to see if there was something I could do for you, handsome. You want a little company?”

“Sorry, ma’am, but what I really want is rest after some steady riding.”

“Name’s Lottie,” she said as she sashayed in, her skirt swirling with help from her hands. “You sure? I can take less for a stallion like you. Two dollars and you buy me a drink later?”

“Appreciate the offer, ma’am, but—”

“Lottie,” she said with a smile that showed her godawful teeth, something Virgil couldn’t abide.

“Look, Lottie, I have a sweetheart north of here, and I plan on waiting till I see her.”

“Don’t appear you can wait to me,” she persisted while looking him up and down. “She’s a lucky gal, but ain’t nothing wrong with taking pleasure when you can, is there?”

“For some, I suppose not. I’ll tell you what. If I go to the saloon later, I’ll send you a drink, but for now I’ve got things to take care of.”

“Oh, like what? Maybe I can help you.”

“I reckon not, ma’am. Getting my horse settled at the livery would be first, and I sorely need me a meal and some sleep, so if you would be so kind as to excuse me?”

“Not often a man turns me down, but I’ll hold you to that drink, handsome.” Her eyes glinted with anger at the rejection, and matched the hardness of her put-on smile. She turned around and sashayed back out through the door, closing it with a loud bang. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He’d have to keep his door locked tonight for sure.

His skin was starting to dry, so he used the washcloth to get hisself wet again. He welcomed the soft knock on the door, knowing it was Wyatt this time.

“Come in.”

The door swung open, and Wyatt appeared with buckets in hand and a large cloth draped over his shoulder. “Oh,” he said while staring at a standing Virgil. “You finished up? I thought you might want to soak in the hot water.”

“Nah, I’m cleaner than God made me, but can’t say such about the water left in the tub. Just need more rinsing.”

“Reckon I didn’t need this second bucket then,” he murmured, sounding disappointed. He sniffed. “Lottie was here?”

“She happened to come by, yep.”

“I reckon you’re in a hurry then.” His movements quickened until Virgil spoke.

“Ain’t in no hurry.”

“She not coming back?”

“Hell, no. Got no interest in a woman.”

“Oh.” He was no doubt confused by Virgil’s words, but left it where it was, and so did Virgil.

Wyatt appeared more composed than when he left, but his eyes were still busy. He walked past him till he was at his backside, and Virgil heard a grunt of effort before water started pouring over his shoulders. It was about as hot as he could stand, and ran down the front and the back, once again feeling heavenly.

The flow of water stopped, and Wyatt moved to his front. “Lift your arms,” he said before carefully splashing his pits. “You can put them down now.” He then rinsed his arms before moving further and further down.

He sure was thorough, and he was keeping the floor mostly dry too. Virgil helped by swishing the poured water into every crevice as it ran, and this time his cock behaved somewhat, even when he peeled the skin back for rinsing. By the time the pail was emptied, he felt truly clean. Bet he smelled good too.

Pulling the cloth off his shoulder, Wyatt held it out. “It’s just a tore up flannel sheet for drying, but it’s clean. I laundered it myself.”

“Looks clean. Can you dry my back for me?”

“Sure… ah… surely,” he answered, his shyness making him stutter.

Once again he disappeared from sight, and Virgil felt the roughness of the flannel start with his neck before slowly moving down. He decided this be the best bath experience he’d ever had as Wyatt finished drying his rump and moved down his legs.

“You have to step out now.”

“Murray don’t want no water on his floorboards,” Virgil said with a smirk.

“I’ll wipe it up. It’s my job,” Wyatt said as he handed Virgil the damp cloth. “I expect you’ll want to finish the rest.”

“Wouldn’t mind a’tall if you did it,” he said with a grin.

“Oh… well… I… I need to start emptying the tub… in case it’s needed again.” His eyes didn’t seem to want to leave Virgil’s nakedness, and his own body had reacted again. The younger man spun around, away from Virgil, and he headed for the door.

“Wyatt… could you wait, and set a spell?”

“I can’t… I need to… ah—”

“Wyatt! Be obliged if you’d turn around.” The man didn’t move, and his head hung low to his shoulders. “I’d be obliged because I got something to say I think you’re needing to hear.”

Virgil waited for a response, and it was slow to come. When Wyatt did finally turn to face him, his hands were doing their best to cover his privates. “That’s better. You ain’t never traveled far from this town, have you?”

Wyatt shook his head. “Never been anywhere.”

Sitting on the bed, he covered his own privates with the cloth for Wyatt’s sake. The room had gotten a mite too warm, and sweat could be felt forming beneath the hair on his chest. “I’ve traveled lots of places, and I think you need to be told there’s no wrong in being a man who likes men.”

Wyatt’s eyebrows lifted and his mouth opened, but Virgil had to be patient before any words came. “I don’t know what you mean. I’m not one to….”

“Well, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am, and I’ll tell you plain I’ve lain with men because that’s the way I’m made.”


For a second, Virgil wondered why he was doing this. Whatever the reason, he kept talking. “Yep. It’s a fact there be men like me wherever you go, and I thought maybe you were made the same.”

Wyatt’s shoulders slumped, and he looked close to tears. “Why do you think such a thing?”

“I think same can see same most times.”

A clearly distressed Wyatt sought out the chair sitting in the corner of the room. Burying his head in his hands, he attempted to hide—Virgil understood that feeling plenty—but more words did finally come. “Ain’t said this to no one afore, but I reckon maybe I am… like you… and that’s going to get me kilt ‘round here even more than for being a breed.”

“You could well be right. I know what it’s like to face who you be, and it’s a damn shame we have to be careful others don’t learn our nature, but folks is always looking for ones to hate.”

Wyatt nodded slowly. “That’s the truth of it, and I can see it in the people of this here town. I hear the things they say… about men like me.”

“The way we are… is that the reason you got yourself a beating?”

He nodded, eyes revealing his pain. “I had me a friend once, someone I thought was true and kind, who… he was always touching me when no one was around… and then one night when I weren’t ready, he took me.”

“Took you?”

“Like… like a bull takes a cow… and I let him because I was feared for what would happen if I didn’t.” He went back to groaning into his hands, and Virgil could see redness from his neck up to his cheeks. “I had a yearning for sure, but I didn’t know it was going to be like it was.”

“Look at me, Wyatt. No need for shame, you hear?” He spoke softly, like he was gentling a spooked colt. “It’s a lesson you need learning. You ain’t wrong for wanting such, because there’s plenty who want the same. I swear that to you, and your friend must have wanted it too, even if he couldn’t admit it.”

“That ain’t so,” he said as his head rose, brown eyes now flashing with anger. “He only wanted someone to be a bull with… man or woman. He hurt me bad, and when I made noise he only hurt me worse.”

“How did he do that?”

“He punched me. He punched at my head a bunch, but didn’t stop what he was doing, and it hurt worse than the beating.”

“It shouldn’t have, not if he was a real man, one who took care.”

Those troubled eyes met his and they cleared. Virgil could now see the curiosity there. “I… I don’t know much about any of that, but I did wonder a long time what it’d be like. Now I don’t want to think on it a’tall.”

“Don’t let that man change how you see yourself, Wyatt. Life be hard enough for us without giving over control to another. It never should have been such a way, I promise you.”

Wyatt sighed. “I appreciate hearing that, from someone who has knowledge for what’s been twisting my insides.”

“My experiences have mostly been good ones, and I would wish such for you. Was there anything about being with him you did like, before he got mean and took you?”

Wyatt looked surprised at the question, but he was forthcoming. “At first, the weight of him settling on me felt good. It made me feel excited, but calm too, I reckon. I thought it would be something… different.” His face changed as he met Virgil’s gaze, and his voice turned bitter. “Then I found out the truth of who he was.”

What the man had endured brought on a protective feeling for Virgil, one that had surprising strength to it. “And he was terrible wrong. What I can tell you is when men truly care for one another, it ain’t like no bull with a cow. I swear to you, it should be about pleasing, and not a thing like what that man did to you.” He had Wyatt’s attention, but he was still looking troubled.

“Weren’t nothing about pleasing, I can tell you that,” he said softly. “When he finished, he got meaner. Kicked me till I couldn’t breathe. Called me a filthy Mexican whore and said I made too much noise… warned I better keep my mouth shut and stay clear of him if’n I wanted to keep on living. Thought I knew him, but I weren’t nothing more than a damn fool.”

“You ain’t the fool. Is he still around?”

“Surely is, but I stay out of his way. He don’t do nothing but stare… so far.”

“Then you should leave, and go where folks don’t care who your ma was.”

“Don’t have enough money yet, but I reckon I can tell you I have a plan.” His expression had finally lightened, and Virgil understood just how badly he’d needed to talk to someone made the same.

“You can trust me.”

“No doubt for that, mister.”

“Virgil. Call me Virgil.”

“Well, Virgil, I ain’t got no horse since they took our gelding for my ma’s burial costs. Can’t leave here on foot, but I got a mare I started paying for at the livery. She’s small but she’s fast, and she’ll be mine with nine more dollars, ‘cepting he won’t hold her for me if someone pays in full. Don’t know where I’ll end up, but I’m going somewhere.”

“You ever figured you might be safer in Mexico? Lots of good folk across the river.”

“Surely there are, but my ma’s family would have nothing to do with her after she chose to bed my pa. They’re some kind of highfalutin’ family where they live, and she was too proud to go back after Pa died. She wouldn’t want me to go there either. She said I’m an American, as American as any other Texan, and don’t let nobody tell me otherwise. I ain’t ashamed of my blood, but she were right about this is my country.”

Virgil nodded, pleased what happened to Wyatt hadn’t torn away his heritage or confused him about where he belonged. “A man needs to know who he is. So you’ll head north then?”

“I suppose that be best. Maybe find a ranch willing to hire me on, or a place in a town I can earn a living… one what ain’t cleaning up other folks’ shit.”

“Or helping them scrub dust and grime from their backs?”

“Helping you was no chore a’tall,” he answered with a more sure expression.

“You know how to work cattle?”

“If I said yes, I’d be lying, but I’m a fast learner and I can ride bareback better than most. Practiced with my dad’s rope plenty when I was a kid, but it burned in the fire.”

“Speaking of such, I need to get my mare settled at the livery. She’s been in the street for hours now and she’ll need some feeding.”

“I can walk her over to Bill’s stable if you want. Won’t cost you nothing.”

“Don’t you make money for doing chores for folks?”

“Most times, but ain’t no one talked to me like you have since my ma passed. Wouldn’t feel right taking money from you.”

“Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

“That’s from the Bible, ain’t it? I remember that part.”

“You remember right. Pride can be a hurtful thing… you don’t owe me nothing for the pleasure of sharing words with you, and I’m obliged for the offer, but I’d like to see her settled myself. Need my clothes from her saddle bag, though, unless I want to put my dirty ones back on. Can’t sit here naked all night,” he said with a chuckle. It was rewarding to see Wyatt’s lips part in a wide smile. His teeth were well took care of, strong-looking and white against his tanned skin.

“You naked is quite a sight, I must admit.”

“Is that right?”

“Surely is. Never saw a man put together as fine as you. Be right back with your other set of clothes.” His face flushed again, and he was out the door like a chased rabbit.

Virgil chuckled as he stood and stretched. The room was getting warmer by the minute with the heat from the water, so he slid up the loose-fitting window to let in some air. Wyatt was getting to him, no doubt about it. He felt stirrings that weren’t only physical, and that hadn’t happened in the four years since he’d lost Norrie. Maybe it was time to think about opening his heart again. Maybe it already was opening, and that thought carried some fear with it. Yet, if he be honest, there was a thrill to thinking he’d come across someone special again. Was that loco?

Wyatt was back with his clothes in no time, but something had changed. “I best be taking this water downstairs now,” he said before averting his eyes from the nakedness in front of him. While Virgil dressed, he busied hisself with filling a bucket from the tub, using the other pail to scoop.

“Something got you tied in knots?”

“No… ah… not really, no. Just got called some names out on the street is all. I’m used to it.” Straightening up, he scooped what he could into the other pail and lifted both after opening the door.

“Who called you names?”

“It don’t matter. Be back for the rest, and I’ll get your room sorted nice after I clean up some mess in the saloon for Murray. I got keys for the rooms, so I can finish up out of your way. That’s a fine mare you got, and she’s stomping out there, I reckon wanting some food.” He went through the door and down the stairs, leaving it open this time.

Virgil sat down to put his boots on. He had some thinking to do. He wouldn’t feel right leaving his new friend alone in this town, but would the young man come with him, at least to a safer place? He had that same pride he talked about his ma having, and could be a hard thing to let go of.

His mare could handle being rode double, but a man should have his own horse. Would Wyatt let him pay the difference on the one he was working on owning? Damn, this was getting too complicated, too fast. He’d only been here long enough to have two glasses of whiskey and a hot bath, and here he was thinking thoughts he had no business considering. Still, he couldn’t shake what he was feeling, or that Wyatt would soon pay the big price in this tension-filled town. 

Combing his hair with his fingers, he put on his hat. A walk to the livery might help him sort the confounding thoughts he was having. A downstairs ruckus coming through the open door caught his attention and had him quickly strapping on his holster. Raised voices were coming from the saloon, so he stepped quietly to the top of the stairway to get an eye on the situation.

What he saw shook him bad, and angered him to no end.


Thanks for continuing with this story. Comments are appreciated. Cheers!

Copyright © 2022 Headstall; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

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Chapter Comments

On 9/17/2022 at 12:13 AM, Mrsgnomie said:

Wyatt is just the sweetest thing. I wouldn’t say he’s innocent (kind of), but given his past, he is incredibly genuine and open hearted even though he tries to be tough and closed off.

Maybe it’s just the chemistry between him and Virgil. 🔥 

Great chapter. Can’t wait to see what happens next. 

No, I agree. Wyatt isn't innocent. He's seen the worst in people, but he is naive about matters of the heart. He has been a victim, but he hasn't folded up. He proves that by being so open to Virgil. He wants to believe there is a place for him in such a harsh world, and he needed to hear that love between men should be good... pleasure shared, and care given. 

There is definitely chemistry there, but Wyatt does seem a man entrenched. :unsure:  Thanks for the kind support, Mrsgnomie. Cheers! :hug:  

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17 hours ago, Doha said:

Yep, it is like that. In Afrikaans rhey say "Soort seek soek soort" or "same seeks same".

It is a universal thing. Long standing persecution puts a look in our eyes that others recognize. Evolution has its purpose. :)  Cheers! 

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17 hours ago, Doha said:

Well I suspect that the elderly where has something to do with whatever is going on. She is not going to let the rejection just go. Let's see. 

Virgil and Wyatt will be good for each other and seven years is a blink of an eye.

Your speculation is interesting, but :X . I will say Lottie is a fixture in that place, and probably has not had a lot of respect given to her. I see her as sympathetic. There were not many ways for a woman to earn money in those towns, especially if you were alone with no family. Cheers and thanks for your engagement in this, Doha. :hug: 

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I would have read the next chapter with all the preparing the stage without a cliffie.  ;) Great chapter, Gary.

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8 hours ago, Aditus said:

I would have read the next chapter with all the preparing the stage without a cliffie.  ;) Great chapter, Gary.

Lol. What can I say, Adi? Cliffies happen. :P  Glad you liked the chapter. Cheers! :hug: 

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Sensual and subtle sexuality is very nice, especially with a bath scene.

It's too bad Wyatt's first time was with an abusive lover, but hopefully Virgil can show him the gentler approach at some point :) 


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