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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Spirit Wolves - 25. Chapter 25

Let's see what Sebastian has up his sleeve.

Three months later.

“I hope Caleb is okay,” Reilly said as he folded a towel from the heaping laundry basket in front of him.

Sebastian took an arm full of clothes that Reilly had laid out and began to hang them in the closet. “I’m sure it’s not easy for him, but I think in time, he’ll settle in.”

In the weeks that followed the raid on the trafficking ring, Reilly and Sebastian had been busy from the moment they woke up until they fell into bed exhausted. Sebastian decided to spare Caleb’s life, considering the extenuating circumstances surrounding his betrayal. He did, however, insist on banning Caleb from ever being an Alpha of his own pack again. He also let Caleb decide whether he wanted to stay in Montana, or find a new pack willing to take him in. Reilly knew the decision had been extremely difficult. He was with Sebastian when he met with Caleb a few days after they returned to the Montana house, the conversation still reverberated through his mind.

"Have you given any thought to where you want to go?" Sebastian asked.

"Yes. I called my friend Chase. We've known each other since college. He lives with a pack in Texas now and I asked him to speak with his Alpha. I told him everything. Chase's Alpha would like you to call him and discuss the situation. He's not opposed, but I'm sure he's looking for some reassurance that I'm not some evil monster, although he wouldn't be far off base."

"Caleb, you're not an evil monster. You made some pretty shitty choices, but not out of malice. Give me his number and I'll call him."

Caleb looked at Reilly, then at Sebastian. Reilly knew he wanted to say something, but was afraid.

"Caleb, just say what's on your mind," Reilly prompted gently.

Caleb had blushed in embarrassment, which Reilly was sure added to his discomfort.

"I know that I have no right to ask, but I'll beg if I have to. Will you please promise me that you'll take care of Vann? None of this is his fault."

"Do you mean us personally?" Sebastian asked.

When Caleb nodded, Reilly’s heart raced. Was he prepared to foster a kid? For a brief moment he balked at the idea, until he remembered how Vann clung to him at the mine when he was rescued.

"We'll do it," he answered, without any further hesitation.

Sebastian's eyes widened in surprise. Seeing the conviction that Reilly’s eyes reflected back at him, he smiled softly.

"We'll make sure Vann is taken care of and loved," Sebastian promised.

Caleb's eyes watered, but the tears remained unshed for now.

"One more thing. Please don't tell him I'm his father. Let him think his parents were killed in a territory dispute. I don't want him to have to live with knowing his biological father was a traitor to his pack."

Reilly sensed that the request didn't sit well with Sebastian, and wasn't surprised at his response.

"I won't volunteer the information, but if he ever questions his paternity, we won't lie to him."

Caleb bit his bottom lip and nodded.

"I've also decided that as part of your probation, you'll be the one to personally contact families of any missing pups we identify."

Caleb understood fully that the phone calls he would make would not be to tell a parent that their child was found alive, but to deliver the devastating blow instead.

”It's the least I can do," he replied, somberly.

Caleb signed away all rights to the Montana pack and it’s holdings. Sebastian insisted on paying him fair market value for his share of the pack. It was a nice sum that would ensure that Caleb wouldn’t be left destitute unless he squandered it, which was unlikely. The man was humbled by Sebastian’s generosity. Caleb packed up his personal stuff and loaded it into a trailer. The confident, self assured Alpha was broken by his fall from grace and he had a long, tough road ahead of him before he could forgive himself and start to live again. It was a sad day when he drove away for the last time, but it was a new start for him, and Reilly sincerely hoped that everything worked out.

Reilly finished with the towels and put them away. As he stepped away from the linen closet he walked right into a solid wall of muscle.

Sebastian chuckled and hauled him in close, bringing his head down to claim Reilly’s lips in a heated kiss. They somehow managed to carve out a little bit of time for each other on the nights they weren’t completely wiped out, which were few and far between. Sebastian was a skilled lover and Reilly loved every minute of it. Lately though, his wolf wanted more.

As Sebastian kissed the hell out of him, Reilly slid his hands down Sebastian’s side and around to his ass, kneading the hard muscles. It was like trying to massage a boulder. He changed tactics and brought his hands around to the front of Sebastian’s shirt and felt up his pecs. Catching the big Alpha off guard, Reilly managed to push him back onto the bed, which was still rumpled from last night.

Sebastian landed with an oomph!’. “My, my, aren’t we pushy this morning?” he playfully growled, laying on his back with his legs splayed out.

Reilly needed those jeans off of him like, immediately. But first he needed to broach a subject that might be a little sensitive, but needed to be addressed. So of course he crawled up the bed and straddled Sebastian’s hips.

“Remember the very first conversation that we had?” Reilly walked two fingers up Sebastian’s hard chest. “I told you that my wolf wouldn’t be totally submissive. So far, we’ve had a great relationship. You always ask for, and welcome my opinions. I love you for that. But here, in the bedroom? Well so far it’s been the ‘Sebastian Show’. That needs to change,” he said, tweaking one of Sebastian’s nipples. He loved the way Sebastian's eyes hooded while they tracked his movements.

“Tell me how you’re going to fix it,” Sebastian snarled seductively.

“I’m going to fuck you, and your wolf is going to love it.”

Sebastian’s lips formed a perfect ‘O”, but no sound slipped out.

Reilly scooted back and reached for Sebastian’s zipper. He batted away the big hand that tried to help. “Uh-uh, I’m in charge. This…”, he waved his hand over Sebastian’s groin. “This belongs to me and my wolf right now. No touchy.”

Reilly adored the surprised smile that stretched across his lover’s face. Lust shone in his eyes and the front of his jeans moved suspiciously. Reilly reached for the hem of Sebastian’s shirt and tugged on it until the man sat up and allowed him to pull it over his head. He took a moment to admire the incredible torso before him. He couldn’t help himself, running his hands over the ridges and valleys of skin and muscle.

Sebastian’s nipples practically begged to be touched. Reilly pinched them, none too lightly, which elicited a groan from Sebastian. They were too tempting. Leaning down, Reilly took one in his mouth and let his tongue flick it back and forth. Once again, he swatted Sebastian’s hands away when they tried to interfere. He bit down on the sensitive bud, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to draw out a surprised yelp. He sucked hard, needing to leave his mark. Being an equal opportunity lover, he gave the other nipple the same treatment. Sebastian squirmed beneath him. Reilly loved it.

Sliding off the end of the bed he rid himself of his clothes, then peeled off Sebastian’s jeans and underwear. His gorgeous cock slapped against his abs, leaving a smear of clear precum on his stomach. Reilly leaned down and licked it clean. His own cock was starting to throb.

Crawling forward between his legs, Reilly let Sebastian’s dick slide across his cheek, knowing full well that the light scruff on his face lit up every nerve ending. Another string of sticky fluid proved it. Grasping the base of Sebastian’s hard rod, he slid his tongue along the sensitive underside. He loved giving head, loved the way he could make Sebastian try to fuck his face. He loved it even more when he was the one controlling how much and how fast the hard cock slid in and out of his mouth. Sebastian was at his mercy and it was a heady feeling.

He moved down and lightly sucked on Sebastian’s balls, careful not to put too much pressure on the sensitive nuts beneath the wrinkly skin. He loved hearing Sebastian’s breathing get a little labored. He jacked Sebastian slowly as he worshiped his balls, letting his saliva drip down until it reached the prize he was headed for. His thumb reached down and rubbed his spit around the puckered hole, which clenched tightly.

Reilly chuckled and repositioned himself so he had a full on view of Sebastian’s most sensitive area. Pushing those tree trunk thighs back and out of the way, his tongue darted out and swiped its way from the hole to his balls and then back again.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” Sebastian cried.

Reilly squeezed the base of Sebastian’s cock, thwarting its attempt to unload. Backing off, he let Sebastian drop his legs down to rest for a moment while he grabbed the lube from their nightstand. He coated his fingers liberally and dropped the bottle next to him. He went back to work, rubbing his index finger all around Sebastian’s opening.

“That’s it, just relax. Let me in Sebastian,” Reilly implored, slowly applying pressure, allowing just the tip of his finger to breach the hole. It tightened reflexively and then relaxed. Reilly gently slid it in further, up to the first knuckle and stopped, letting his mate adjust to the new sensation. He started the slow slide again, this time wiggling the finger just a little. When it was as far as he could go, he started making slow circles as Sebastian gradually got used to the feeling. He knew he hit the jackpot when he felt the knot of super sensitive tissue and Sebastian’s back arched and he gasped.

It was his cue to add another finger and Sebastian didn’t even tighten around him this time. Reilly pumped his fingers, dragging them across Sebastian’s prostate. His own cock thrummed in time with every push and pull. He slowly added a third finger and some more lube, twisting his hand to help speed things along.

“Fuck me Reilly. Please!” Sebastian begged, as he ground his ass down, trying to take in more of Reilly’s fingers.

Reilly was more than ready. He withdrew his fingers and dribbled some lube over his cock, smearing it along the length, pumping the hard shaft a few times because it felt so damn good. He held onto the back of Sebastian’s meaty thighs and pushed them out of the way. It tilted his ass up and splayed him wide open. Lining himself up he pushed his hips forward and grunted when Sebastian thrust his hips up and Reilly slid in, nearly all the way.

“Ohjesusfuckingchristthatsamazing!” Reilly breathed out in a rush of air as his lungs tried to function properly. His dick nearly exploded, but with sheer willpower, he managed to hold off shooting prematurely.

Deep chocolate brown eyes met his own blue ones and Reilly was certain their expressions matched. Sebastian’s eyes were filled with wonder, lust and love. Reilly had no words, his brain had short circuited, so instead he showed Sebastian what he was feeling. He pumped his hips back and forth, filling his lover with his cock, bumping his prostate every chance he had.

Sebastian’s wolf whined for more. Reilly’s wolf gave it to him.

Thrust for thrust the two matched each other’s pace, the tempo increasing rapidly. Breaths came in short pants. Growls were mixed with whimpers of ecstasy. Reilly knew he couldn’t hold on much longer and the look on Sebastian’s face reflected the same. This time, when Sebastian reached down to stroke his dick, Reilly let him. He double downed and pistoned his hips faster, Sebastian’s hand matching his pace.

Together they reached the crescendo, Sebastian crying out Reilly’s name as he erupted between them. Reilly answered with a shout of his own, calling out to Sebastian as he filled his mate with his seed. Pulse after pulse jetted out of both of them, finally tapering off as Reilly collapsed on top of Sebastian’s sturdy bulk. He reveled in the knowledge that the tables were turned and Sebastian was the one who was beneath him, completely and utterly debauched.

Reilly couldn’t move. He lay there, just enjoying the feel of Sebastian’s giant hands rubbing his back. His cock softened and slid out, letting his spunk leak out of his mate. It wasn’t until Sebastian’s sticky cum between them threatened to seal them together like super glue, that they were finally able to pull apart. Sebastian got up first and Reilly enjoyed the view as his mate walked toward their bathroom. A satisfied sigh escaped him as he followed his mate into the shower to get cleaned up.

They had taken over Caleb’s suite, as it was the largest bedroom in the house. So far the only change they made was to get a new bed. Changing decor was a lot further down on the list of priorities at the moment. Eventually they would redecorate and make the room their own. Reilly knew that Sebastian missed the more rustic look of his bedroom back in Maryland.

Some of Sebastian’s original pack volunteered to go back to the big McDen and hold down the fort. Milo’s parents were two who made the decision. Milo was having a hard time dealing with being stuck in half wolf, half human form. Michael and Lynn thought it best that he was in an environment that was familiar and comforting. The quieter pace and the fact that there weren’t as many people around to gawk at him was much better for the boy’s mental health.

Gary Powell, the scientist who had led the research team, decided it was in his best interest to cooperate with the Council’s not so subtle request to work on a cure for the hybrid youngsters. He knew damn well that if he didn’t he would meet the same fate as Harold Alberts and Oswald Belland.

Reilly didn’t mourn the family that he’d been born into. They most certainly deserved what they got. He would never forget the night those ties were severed in the most permanent way. The aftermath of the battle in which Alberts, his father and brothers were defeated had serious repercussions.

Sebastian took his senior Alpha position seriously. The conversations he and Reilly shared were eye opening for them, especially the one which centered on the actual execution methods.

"Sentencing Alberts, Nichols and his sons to die is the easy part," Sebastian had said.

Reilly drew his brows in confusion. “How do you figure that?"

"Law dictates it. It’s absolute. Figuring how to carry it out has me stumped.”

"Then let's look at it together," Reilly suggested.

The look of relief that crossed Sebastian's face starkly reflected the turmoil that was plaguing him.

"As you know, there are no specific guidelines for what kind of death blow they should be dealt. The unsolicited suggestions from the general masses are calling for an eye for an eye solution. They want them injected with the same drug they used on the pups."

"That's too dangerous."

Sebastian looked at him curiously. "Why do you think that?"

"We don't know enough about the drug. What if it interacts differently with an adult? We could end up dealing with a monster we couldn't control."

"Damn, that's a good point. I didn’t think of that. So what do we do? General consensus says they should suffer and I'm inclined to agree. It should be something slow, so they have time to think about what they did. The families of the pups also want something painful."

"They're not asking for too much now, are they?" Reilly asked wryly.

Sebastian smiled a bit evilly, his left eyebrow quirking upward, as inspiration hit. "I think I know what we can do."

"You going to share?"

Sebastian whispered his idea and Reilly thought it was a good choice.

"You don't have to watch," Sebastian offered.

"Bullshit!" Reilly scoffed. "I wouldn't miss it for anything."

He wanted to watch the life drain from the man he once called ‘Dad’. He didn’t give a rat’s ass about Alberts’ death, other than feeling relief that the shithead scumbag was gone from this life.

The other members of the High Council were brought to Montana for a brief, but required formal hearing. It wasn’t a trial per se, there were no lawyers, attorneys, or barristers. A list of grievances was presented, discussed and judgment was handed down. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were guilty, and the death sentence was officially handed down accordingly. Sebastian’s choice of capital punishment was met with approval.

Reilly’s brothers were also found guilty. As accomplices, the charges were different, but the outcome the same. They would die.

Sebastian turned to Reilly more than once for advice. Reilly could see the toll that it took on his mate. The night before the deaths were to be carried out, he’d cajoled Sebastian into going for a nighttime run. The full moon was the following night, which is why it was chosen for the executions. Wolves felt the energy from the moon more acutely, and because of this, the condemned wolves would feel everything more intensely.

Hunter, Kellan, Zev and Ben joined them. Winter in Montana was harsh, but that evening, the moon was bright, so close to peak. It cast an ethereal glow that lit the way through the forest. The woodland creatures sensed something special as six wolves, all connected, not just in coloring, but in their awareness of each other, ran through the trees and meadows, kicking up snow.

They stopped on an outcropping of rocks, similar, but not the same as the one in the painting. This time, only nature was around to see it. The run had done them all a world of wonder. It gave them the focus they needed for the following day.

A crowd of roughly three-hundred gathered the next evening. Executions such as these were open to all shifters, but Sebastian had limited it to those who had been directly affected and their families, as well as the remaining High Council representatives. Only a small handful of pups that had been tortured were there, all over the age of fifteen. Another thing that Sebastian insisted on. Family members of those who were still missing made up the majority.

Alberts, as ringleader, was brought out first, to be held up as an example. He held his head high, not showing one bit of remorse for his actions. Hunter and Kellan escorted him to a chair, where he was secured with silver handcuffs and leg shackles, rendering his ability to shift useless.

Donovan quickly prepped his arm before injecting him with colloidal silver. In humans, small amounts were thought to boost their immune system and it was readily available. In shifter wolves, it acted as a poison, destroying red blood cells and causing immense pain. It didn't kill unless vast quantities were used, but Sebastian had something else planned for the final encore.

It didn’t take long before Alberts started to squirm as the pain hit. Reilly watched, devoid of emotion as the twitches gradually turned into spasms and Alberts began to writhe in pain. As the asshole’s body contorted, Reilly felt a push of emotion, primarily satisfaction. He didn’t need to look at Sebastian to know it came from him.

Sebastian allowed the torture to stretch out over an hour before nodding at Donovan. The doctor handed him a clear plastic bag, which he placed over Alberts head and secured with duct tape around his neck.

Death by suffocation, somehow it felt right. He would see it coming.

They watched as his breathing became labored, even as his body wrenched itself against the restraints. Gradually the lack of oxygen slowed his breathing down, until his eyes closed and there was no more movement. Donovan checked his vitals, and called the time of death.

A low murmur rippled through the crowd, spreading like wildfire as word passed from shifter to shifter that death had been confirmed. The murmur gained momentum, gathering volume, until it became a roar of celebration.

Ding dong, the witch is dead’, thought Reilly cheerfully.

The celebration only lasted a few moments before a hush descended once again as movement caught their attention.

Reilly stiffened as he pushed back the anger threatening to well up within him when Peter Nichols was brought out. He gloated gleefully when he saw Nichols’ eyes widen upon seeing Alberts body still secured to the chair, bag over his head.

Hunter and Kellan secured him to a chair, repeating the ritual they’d used on Alberts. Nichols' eyes dared to glare at Reilly.

Reilly didn’t blink.

Instead, he allowed the barest hint of a smile as Donovan prepped Nichols for his injection, tightening a tourniquet on his bicep and swabbing haphazardly at the crook of his arm where his vein bulged. There was no need to worry about infection. Nichols didn’t flinch when the needle pricked his skin and delivered the noxious element into him. When the silver hit his system, and the first muscle contraction of pain hit, Reilly outright grinned.

When Kellan nudged his Kappa and Reilly turned to see what he wanted, the grin slid off his face as Kellan held out a metal baseball bat.

Reilly never considered himself vindictive, but his father, the man who was supposed to protect him and failed, needed to know once and for all that Reilly would never forgive him. He wouldn’t have another chance.

Reilly grabbed the bat and without thinking swung as hard as he could.


"Take that you FUCKING BASTARD!" Reilly snarled savagely.

Peter Nichols screamed as both his knees shattered under the force.

In all his young life, nothing had ever felt so cathartic as the negative energy that had festered in him for so long was purged. Reilly was both horrified and proud of what he did. The brief moment of horror was immediately overridden by the memories of his own torture and subsequent painful misery for eight years. The other five Sentinels pushed their own feelings of pride at him, validating his action.

Sebastian gave him a subtle nod of approval.

Nichols was kept in the throes of silver poisoning for well over an hour, longer than Alberts. Reilly knew it was his mate’s way of extracting his own revenge. The crowd was getting a little restless, partly from the uncomfortableness of the proceedings and partly from boredom. To many it was like watching golf, not much action until the little ball dropped into the last hole.

Sebastian once again took a clear plastic bag from Donovan and secured it tightly with the sticky gray tape.

Unlike Alberts, Nichols didn’t hide his panic. Eyes wide, he thrashed against his restraints until the truth of his predicament settled over him. Calming down, he forced his breathing to slow. Inhaling as shallowly as he could, trying to make what little air was left, last.

Reilly stepped in front of him. Their eyes locked as Nichols drew his last remaining breaths. Right up until the end, hatred harbored there, moored in whatever inner contempt had taken root and ulcerated inside. Reilly would never know what triggered his father’s vitriol toward him, but he’d be damned if he’d let his father know how much it had once hurt him.

As Nichols’ lungs struggled to find life sustaining air, Reilly leaned down until they were almost nose to nose. He stared at his father, making sure the last thing the man saw was the happiness that his son felt watching him die.

He hoped the last words he spoke to his father cut deep. "I hate you. If Mom was still here, she would too."

Nichols’ eyes widened before blinking slowly, once, twice. Reilly smiled his brightest smile as he watched the life drain out his father, his eyes dimming as death claimed him.

After a minute or so, Donovan gently nudged him out of the way so he could confirm the death. Sebastian pulled him into his strong embrace.

“I’m so proud of you.”

Reilly buried his head against the strong chest and sighed. He shook slightly as adrenaline dissipated throughout his body.

They weren’t through. There was still Danny and Dylan to take care of. Reilly had mixed feelings about their impending deaths. The decision to execute them wasn’t made lightly.

During the discussion which they had, Sebastian took into consideration the fact that they were under their father’s influence for so many years.

"But don't forget, we were raised under the same roof during our formative years. Mom taught us, all of us, the difference between right and wrong," Reilly pointed out.

Understanding dawned. The brothers knew what they did was wrong. Their fate was sealed, and they would pay for their choices with their lives, just like their father.

"You're right. Do you know you're wise beyond your years? Maybe we should trade places. You can be Pooh Bear, and I'll be Piglet."

Reilly laughed long and loud. "No thanks," he snorted, setting off another bout of giggles.

When it was time for their execution, Sebastian showed a modicum of mercy and decided they would die by lethal injection. They would still feel pain, but their demise would be quick.

Reilly still felt nothing as his siblings were strapped into two chairs. He couldn’t bring himself to feel one iota of pity when Danny started crying and Dylan pissed himself as Donovan tightened the rubber tourniquet over his bicep.

”Reilly! Please!" They pleaded.

Reilly shook his head, a little sadly. Once upon a time he'd looked up to his big brothers. Now, he looked down at them. Disappointment pushed past the anger and resentment. Disappointment that they turned their backs to their mother’s memory and disrespected everything she'd taught them.

The Grim Reaper came silently and claimed it’s latest offerings.

“Burn them.” Sebastian ordered. He took Reilly’s hand and led him into the house. It was easily the most restful night’s sleep they both ever had.

As they slept, the bodies were incinerated into gray ash, picked up by the wind, disappearing without a trace. Even though they were physically gone from this world, the repercussions of what they did would echo for a long time to come

I know I said that this would be the last chapter, but, the original draft sucked.
So there's one more to go. Massive thanks to @Mrsgnomie for putting up with my last minute changes along with the near panic attack at the realization I had to split the draft and basically rewrite the chapter. In two days.
Thank you to my beta @Danilo Syrtis for his honest assessment of the story as a whole. I think it'll make the ending much better than it was.
So don't forget to recommend and comment!
Copyright © 2021 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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