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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Spirit Wolves - 2. Chapter 2

Let's see how Sebastian reacts to the new version of Reilly.

Sebastian paced the floor of his office restlessly. He couldn’t believe he had finally found his mate. He also couldn’t believe that his mate’s insolent friend had stopped him dead in his tracks. Taciturnitatis Munimento. What the fuck were they trying to pull? He wished his Beta, Hunter, was here. He was currently in New Zealand helping a pack that they were good friends with set up a secure computer system in their company. Hunter wasn’t due back for another couple of weeks, but Sebastian had called him and told him to get his ass back ASAP. There was some pretty bad weather in Christchurch and Hunter had told him he couldn’t get a commercial flight out for several days because of the backup caused by flight cancellations. Sebastian told him to go ahead and charter a plane if he had to. He needed him back here. Hunter had texted him a little while ago, he had managed to charter a jet, but even with gaining back a day by crossing the International Date Line, the stops needed for refueling meant he probably wouldn’t get there until the day after tomorrow. His mate was due to arrive tonight. Damn it.

He thought back to the short interaction he had with his mate. She was gorgeous. Tall for a girl, which was good. He topped out at 6’7” and weighed in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds of pure muscle in human form. He had black hair that was thick and unruly if he let it get too long. His shoulders were wide and his chest was a solid wall. Abs of steel and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of added to his pure vibe of masculinity. He commandeered respect and not too many people, shifter or human, stood up against him. He knew he came across as harsh sometimes, and more than once had heard himself referred to as a bastard, but in reality, he was fair. He took the well-being of his pack seriously and wouldn’t put up with any shit from anyone, even within the pack itself.

Hunter was his counterbalance. He was more approachable. Pack members tended to seek him out first before taking their grievance or concern to their Alpha. It was just how things worked.

His mate however, had him stumped. He could tell that she was a shifter but for some reason was masking her scent. He could tell that the wet dog smell that lingered was a side effect of whatever it was that she used to hide her real scent. At least he hoped it was. He didn’t know if he wanted his mate smelling like wet canine fur all the time. He wished she would have looked at him. Her features were soft and she had nicely rounded curves. Her long hair had been pulled back in a ponytail, but he could imagine it spread across him. Damn, he was getting hard at the thought.

Just then his phone rang. Checking the screen, Sebastian didn't recognize the number. He answered with a terse, "Hello?"

He recognized the voice that spoke as belonging to his mate’s friend.

"We're about two hours away. Do you have a pack doctor available when we get there?"

"Yes, why?"

“It’s a long story, but Reilly has some medical issues that need to be documented. I’ll explain more when we get there.”

The call ended and Sebastian stared at his phone.


At least now he had a name. He had been so flustered the other day, he had stormed off before realizing that he didn't get his mate’s name.

He shot a text off to Donovan, their pack doctor who was at his clinic, asking him to come up to the main house. When Donovan got there ten minutes later Sebastian filled him in on what had happened and the odd request.

Donovan thought for a moment and said, “I think you should see if Rosalie can come up here. She might be able to give you some insight.”

“Good idea,” Sebastian replied.

Rosalie was the pack matriarch. She was his great-grandmother and the oldest member of their pack. She was also somewhat of a seer. Her insight and intuition often proved useful. Sebastian asked Donovan if he would mind seeing if she would come up to the house.

A half hour later a tiny woman entered the house with Donovan. She was spry and still walked with a little spring in her step. To a human she would look as if she were in her eighties. The pack knew she was seven-hundred and thirteen. Average lifespan of a wolf shifter was about 600 years. She had lived all over Europe during her first few hundred years and had emigrated with her pack sometime in the 1600’s as North America was being introduced to Europeans. She could speak a dozen languages and was familiar with shifter history going back roughly five thousand years. Shifters relied on oral record keeping and Rosalie was their pack’s Record Keeper. If anyone could help shed light on what Sebastian was facing she could.

“Sebastian, what brings you to ask these old bones to come up here?” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“I’m sorry to disturb you Rosalie, but I need your expertise. Are you familiar with the phrase Taciturnitatis Munimento?” asked Sebastian.

Her eyes widened and she answered, “I haven’t heard that term used in quite a few decades. Why do you ask?”

Sebastian explained what happened when he encountered his mate and how he thought it odd that she wouldn’t look at him nor speak. He was baffled as to why she would need to invoke the right of protection of silence.

Rosalie looked pensive. Finally she said, “You said your mate was with another shifter who was protecting her?”


If it wasn’t for his sensitive shifter hearing, Sebastian would have never heard her mutter “That doesn’t make sense,” under her breath.

“Why doesn’t it make sense?” he demanded.

Rosalie sighed and said, “I forget that your sense of hearing is much better than mine. I didn’t realize I said that out loud. I have a theory, but I need to see this girl before I tell you. There are pieces that are missing and need to be filled in. What time do you expect them?”

Sebastian checked the time and replied “In about two hours. They should be here by seven.”

“I think I’ll go have a bit of a nap. Send Donovan to wake me in about an hour. I was up late last night and morning came much sooner that I realized. Why don’t we have a light supper when I get up, and then we shall greet your guests when they arrive.”

Donovan led Rosalie to one of several spare rooms and settled her in. When he returned he asked, “Do you want me to fix dinner for her?”

Normally meals here in the main house were shared by those who resided there. Currently most of the residents were out. Hunter was en route from abroad and had three others with him. Those three were staying behind to finish the job they had been hired for. His main enforcer was out on a date with his current girlfriend. There were two other enforcers who lived there as well and both had plans for the evening. It was a rare evening alone and he had planned on skipping dinner. He was too wound up, but Rosalie threw a monkey wrench into those plans.

“If you don’t mind? Something easy. I think there’s a container of beef stew in the freezer that’s labeled. You can thaw that out and put it on the stove to simmer. There should be a can of biscuits or two in the fridge. Thanks Donovan,” Sebastian said absently, his mind already getting ahead of himself.

Sebastian resumed his pacing. So many scenarios whirled through his head, but none of them made any sense. He was still deeply lost in thought when Donovan returned and told him Rosalie was awake and would be ready to eat after she freshened up. Sebastian thanked him and headed toward the kitchen, Donovan following behind.

The beef stew was bubbling on the stove and Sebastian scooped out three bowls while Donovan put the biscuits that had just come out of the oven in a basket. Rosalie came in and Sebastian pulled out a chair for her. Once they were seated, the two men waited for Rosalie to start before they dug into the fragrant stew. Somehow Sebastian managed to finish all of his stew along with two of the buttery biscuits, despite his earlier lack of appetite.

Donovan sat back after sopping up the last of the gravy with his biscuit, finishing his meal. After he wiped his mouth with a napkin and took a sip of water he asked his Alpha, “So your mate’s friend didn’t say what kind of documentation they needed?”

Sebastian pushed his bowl toward the center of the table and replied “No, he just asked if I had a pack doctor. When I asked why, he merely said that Reilly had some medical issues that needed to be documented, then he hung up. Dammit, this waiting sucks.”

Rosalie chuckled softly. “You are just like your great-grandfather. He had no patience either. Your father however, has the patience of a saint. He needs to, with you for a son!” she teased.

Sebastian’s father was the former Alpha of the pack. He had stepped down when Sebastian had proven himself capable of leading after successfully defending their territory against a pack of feline shifters who had lost their territory to human encroachment. That had been twelve years ago when Sebastian was seventy. He looked about thirty to a human. His father was three-hundred and twenty-two. He had ruled their pack for just over two-hundred years and decided that once he looked to be the proper retirement age for a human it was time to do just that. The pack had readily accepted Sebastian when the time came. The pack wasn't large, about fifty members all together. They had prospered under his father and continued to do so with Sebastian at the helm. Sebastian’s parents were currently traveling all over the world, visiting new places as well as catching up with old friends.

Sebastian and Donovan quickly cleaned up and then all they could do was wait. Instead of pacing his office, Rosalie and Donovan kept him company while he paced the large common area where normally the pack gathered to relax, read or watch TV.

Seven o’clock came and went with no sign of his mate. Sebastian was silently seething. He would need to control himself when they finally got there. He felt like ripping someone’s head off. He really wished Hunter was here. Part of a Beta’s job was to be the voice of reason for his Alpha and to calm him down.

Finally at seven-twenty, Sebastian’s acute sense of hearing picked up the sound of a truck coming up their long drive. Rosalie placed her gnarled hand on his forearm and reminded him “Stay calm young one, all things happen for a reason and what you may have thought, could be completely different from what will happen. Trust yourself and trust your mate. Keep your heart and your mind open.”

They heard the truck stop outside on the driveway and park. It was another three or four minutes before they heard two doors close, one right after the other. Next, was the sound of the doorbell as the button was pressed. Sebastian nodded to Donovan who went to open it.

Donovan opened the door to reveal the two young wolf shifters standing on the landing. His look of confusion must have registered as the taller of the two young men quickly introduced them.

“I’m Kellan Lambert and this is Reilly Kaplan, we’re here to see Mr. MacTire.”

Sebastian stepped out from behind the door. The two men standing on the threshold felt dwarfed by the huge Alpha.

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed and as he looked behind them searching for a girl, he informed them, “It’s pronounced 'MOCK-teer-en'. What the hell is going on?” Sebastian focused on the smaller man who stood there with his eyes downcast. His wolf screamed ‘Mate and Sebastian was confused. What happened to the girl he saw two days ago?

The taller one squared his shoulders and retorted, “Well, if you let us in I can explain, or shall we stand here on the landing all night?”

Sebastian heard Rosalie chuckle in the background. He stepped inside and let the impertinent young pup and the other one who smelled like his mate pass by. Closing the door he pinched the bridge of his nose before turning around. A headache threatened to roar to life inside his skull. His wolf had perked up as the smaller shifter passed by and Sebastian was struggling to struggle to control him as well as his temper.

Rosalie introduced herself and Donovan, then motioned for the two newcomers to come and sit near her on the long couch. Donovan took a seat in a chair and Sebastian remained standing.

“So please, explain. Who the hell are you and why is it that two days ago I scented my mate and zeroed in on a female? Now care to tell me why a male now sits in front of me, his scent completely different, but still calls out Mate to my wolf?” Sebastian asked.

Kellan took a deep breath and said “I’ll explain everything, but first your pack doctor needs to document his old injuries. Reilly has been through a lot and I want to see justice served, and we need legal documentation so his old pack can be held accountable.”

Sebastian tensed at the thought of his mate being hurt. He was also confused. Why didn’t his mate’s wolf heal him? He knew he had to remain calm and let this Kellan guy speak. Fuck, for the hundredth time, he really wished Hunter was here.

Rosalie spoke gently, but firmly, “Donovan, why don’t you take young Reilly here to your office and look him over. Sebastian, have a seat and listen to what the Lambda has to say.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened ‘Lambda’? Shit just got weird. If Kellan was a Lambda, then that could only mean that Reilly was a Kappa. Kappas were female. At least that’s what he thought they were supposed to be according to the old legends. He had never heard of a male Kappa before. He did know that Alpha-Kappa pairings were extremely rare. He also knew that they always held an extremely high ranking amongst all packs. Inhaling through his nose confirmed what Kellan said. He really needed to focus, it should have been apparent to him as soon as they had stepped into the house, but he had been distracted trying to figure out what was happening.

Sebastian looked at the young man who was destined to be his mate. He was more than a little shocked. Up until a few moments ago he had considered himself straight. He had fucked more than his fair share of females over the years and enjoyed it. He wasn’t homophobic by any means, he had just never thought about men in a sexual way. Now that he looked over the young man sitting next to Rosalie, he wondered why not. The younger man was gorgeous. Sebastian could feel his dick plumping up as he took in the features of the now masculine face that currently had his eyes downcast. He really wished Reilly would look at him. Damn, he shoved the image of a naked Reilly out of his head. That would have to wait.

Donovan stood by the door and Sebastian watched as Reilly stood up and followed him out to the cottage that served as a clinic as well as Donovan’s home. He couldn't help but notice the pronounced limp in his mate's gait. He saw Rosalie pat Kellan’s hand to reassure him. Sebastian tried to school the scowl that he knew was on his face into a more friendly countenance as he sat down on a chair across from Kellan.

Kellan looked at Rosalie who gave him a small smile of encouragement. Taking a deep breath he told their story. “Reilly and I grew up in northern Idaho near a tiny little town called Bonner’s Ferry. We were part of the Meadow Creek Pack. Reilly’s father is the Alpha. He has three older brothers and a younger sister. Reilly’s dad is an asshole, plain and simple. His mom was killed in a territory dispute when Reilly and I were nine. Up until then his dad wasn’t that bad. His dad and brothers are major homophobes. Reilly came out to me when we were thirteen. It was really tough for him, having to keep who he was a secret."

"Since his mom died, his dad ran the pack with an iron fist. Shifters have been known to disappear after crossing him. The pack is relatively small, at least it was while we were there. Roughly twenty to twenty-five members at any given time. My dad wanted to leave many times, but after Reilly’s mom died, he knew I would never abandon my best friend. Reilly spent a lot of time at our house. His dad ignored him for the most part. He was always on the small side and his dad and brothers referred to him as a runt.”

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed and a low growl emanated from the back of his throat. The word runt was pretty derogatory amid all wolf shifter packs. Rosalie shushed him and nodded her head at Kellan to continue.

“I had my first shift right before I turned fourteen. Reilly didn’t shift until well after his fifteenth birthday. He was closer to sixteen and you know that’s pretty late for a first shift in our world. Unfortunately his dad and brothers were around when it happened. I was too young and they were all so much older and stronger. I couldn’t protect him,” Kellan’s voice hitched as the memory took over.

He took another deep breath and continued, "As soon as Reilly's father saw his wolf he pretty much went ballistic. He knew by his scent that he was a Kappa and he correctly figured out that Reilly must be gay. He wouldn’t tolerate it. He ordered his two older sons to get me out of there. They dragged me out kicking and screaming, and then beat the snot out of me and dumped me off at the end of my driveway. My dad found me and made me shift. They hadn’t broken anything so my wolf was able to heal me pretty quickly. However, by the time we got back to Reilly’s house they were gone.”

Kellan looked directly at Sebastian who looked like he was barely containing his anger. That much was true.

Kellan spoke directly to Sebastian “What I’m about to tell you are Reilly’s words, not mine. This is exactly what he told me, word for word, when I finally found him and he was able to speak.”

Kellan closed his eyes and relayed Reilly’s story “My dad grabbed me after I shifted back. He smacked me across the face and dragged me across the floor. He put on gloves and then handcuffed me with silver cuffs. It burned and it really hurt. He told my brother Derek to blindfold me. The next thing I knew they were dragging me outside and threw me in the back of the truck and tied me down. They drove for at least an hour, I guess. I’m not really sure. It was dark when they finally stopped. I have no idea where they brought me. They kept me blindfolded most of the time and when I wasn’t blindfolded my eyes were mostly swollen shut so I couldn’t see much anyway. They beat me. Repeatedly. Someone, I’m pretty sure it was my dad, kept hitting my knees with a bat. At least I think it was a bat. It was metal and broke my knees easily. Every time they broke them, they would force me to shift to make my wolf heal them. After a while, it took my wolf a lot longer to heal me. Toward the end, I’d get stuck halfway before he could finish. They squirted bleach up my nose too. Do you know how many times a wolf will shift to heal the same injuries? Fifty-seven. My wolf healed my knees and my nose fifty-seven times. They broke me fifty-eight. I can’t summon him anymore. I can barely remember the last time I could even sense him.”

Kellan’s eyes opened up and he saw Sebastian standing up shaking with fury, his wolf close to the surface, eyes glowing brightly and teeth bared. Rosalie stood next to him with a hand on his arm.

She said to him, “Alpha, calm yourself. You need to hear the rest of it.” She looked at Kellan who nodded.

Kellan told them that Reilly and his family were gone for almost a week. His little sister, who was only seven at the time, had been at school and Kellan’s mom had picked her up and taken care of her. Peter’s Beta must have been in contact with him, as he took control of the pack temporarily and told the rest of them that the Alpha and his sons were following a lead on who had killed his wife. The pack had no reason to question him.

While this was happening Kellan and his dad tried to search for them without arousing suspicion. Kellan’s dad knew that if Reilly was found alive he would need to flee. He and Kellan came up with a plan. Jack Porter was a financial genius and handled all of the pack's finances. He suspected that Peter was into some shady business dealings and had been trying to gather evidence without incriminating himself, to no avail. He was able to shift some funds around and create a fake LLC holding to divert funds to. He explained to Kellan that he couldn’t divert too much without raising suspicion but they would have enough to flee.

Kellan had been parked at the local grocery store when he saw Peter Nichols and his three older sons drive into town. Once they were out of sight, he drove out of town on the road they came in on. He kept his window down and about twenty miles outside their territory, he finally scented Reilly.

He found him lying in a mud filled ditch, broken and unconscious. Kellan managed to get him into the backseat of his SUV without damaging him further. He called his dad and they put their escape plan into motion.

Jack Porter advised Kellan to lay low and head up into the Canadian Rockies. He told him the general area to head for and that there was an old shifter who might help them. He had once belonged to the pack and had left before Kellan was born. His name was Altus and if he was still alive he would be pushing the upper limits of a shifter’s lifespan. Jack said he would try to contact him.

Kellan already had supplies in his SUV. There were clothes for both of them, food and water to last several days and his dad had stuffed a couple of envelopes with five-thousand dollars in cash from the money he had diverted, plus a little extra from his own savings. He left their cell phones behind and would pick up a prepaid one along the way. His dad was going to pretend to be outraged that Kellan had abandoned them. It was the only way to keep his family safe and alive. They both knew that if Reilly’s father knew of his involvement, all of Jack Porter’s family would be killed. Kellan would have very little contact and it tore him apart. As it was, he had to leave without being able to say good-bye.

Kellan paused and looked at Sebastian again. The big Alpha was still seething but seemed more under control.

“So what happened next?” Sebastian asked.

Kellan explained that he used an old logging trail to get into Canada undetected and headed north toward Banff and Jasper. He was able to splint Reilly’s knees and kept him pumped full of over the counter painkillers. They were three days into meandering around the Canadian Rockies when Kellan had to stop for gas. While he was filling up, an ancient truck pulled up to the pump next to his. He watched as the old shifter filled his tank and then nodded at Kellan to follow him. Altus had found them.

Altus had a cabin deep in the mountains. It was an hour of jarring bumps over what was barely recognizable as a trail. Reilly had gritted his teeth and tears had slid down his face nearly the whole way. Once they arrived at the cabin Kellan had to carry Reilly inside. The old shifter assessed his injuries and tried to coax Reilly’s wolf out. The wolf never answered.

Altus was able to set Reilly's knees properly after making him drink some herbal concoction that had knocked him out. He told Kellan that the longer Reilly’s wolf remained in hiding the more likely it was that the damage would be permanent.

Kellan saw both Sebastian and Rosalie frown. Rosalie told Kellan that he looked like he needed a break and had Sebastian get some bottled water for them. Kellan was grateful for the break. Remembering the events that had led them to this moment had his emotions running high, and he still had quite a bit of story to get through.

He was halfway through his water when the front door opened and Donovan and Reilly came in. Reilly looked resigned. His face wore a defeated expression. Kellan figured that Donovan must have realized how extensive the damage was and that it was probably permanent. Reilly was afraid the big Alpha would reject him.

Kellan snuck a glance at Sebastian and from the look on his face he thought the possibility of Sebastian’s rejection was real. ‘Fuck’, he thought to himself as Reilly walked over with his head down and sat on the couch next to him. Whatever happens next would be pivotal to both his and Reilly’s future.

So there you have it, Reilly and Kellan's background.
Comments are always welcome and if you like the story so far, please reccommend!
Copyright © 2021 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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