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Spirit Wolves - 3. Chapter 3

The moment of reckoning is here.

Donovan cleared his throat and Sebastian looked at him expectantly. He smiled grimly, “The impairment to both knees is significant. I think if he were human he would be confined to a wheelchair most of the time. The fact that he can walk at all is astounding. The damage is consistent with repeated fractures. His nose has been altered chemically and I doubt if he will ever scent much of anything again. Whoever did this needs to be punished for it. It goes way beyond cruelty.”

Sebastian’s eyes focused on his young mate who was trembling next to his friend. The fact that Kellan had an arm around his shoulder made him way too jealous, but at the moment he saw that it was reassuring to the young man, so he let it be. He could tell by his scent that Reilly was scared. Sebastian knew he was the cause of that reaction. He needed to do something.

He walked slowly over to his mate and knelt down so he could look into his face. Reilly kept his eyes averted but Sebastian spoke anyway. “Reilly, please don’t be afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you and I’m not going to reject you. I know you have no reason to trust me, but all I want is a chance. I think we can work this out, that is if you’re willing? Will you please give me a chance?”

Sebastian’s voice was low and gentle, his accent soothing to Reilly. Still not looking at him, Reilly slowly nodded. Sebastian felt like he won a victory, but it was bittersweet.

Kellan cleared his throat. “I need to tell you the rest of it. Then Reilly can decide what he wants to do next.” He quickly caught Donovan up to what had happened, Donovan having deduced for himself that Reilly had been tortured.

“So Altus basically confirmed that Reilly’s injuries would be permanent unless his wolf reappeared. It’s been eight years and he still hasn’t shown up. Reilly would occasionally sense him, but as soon as his wolf realized it he’d retreat again.”

He continued on, telling them that they had stayed with Altus through the winter while Reilly’s knees healed to where they were now. When the ice and snow started melting both Kellan and Reilly were antsy. Altus’ cabin was too small for three shifters and three months had been more than enough for all of them. Altus told them they needed to keep moving. He was the one who had advised them that they should stick to larger cities as shifters tried to avoid them. When he discovered that Reilly could shapeshift slightly, he suggested that Reilly disguise himself as a girl. He taught them how to make the tea that would change Reilly’s scent. They took his advice to heart and thanked Altus for all of his help.

They headed east and stopped in Banff. Altus had given them the name of a shifter who could create new identities for them. It had cost them five-hundred dollars each, but they walked out of there with new US passports and New Jersey driver’s licenses with the names Reilly Kaplan {female} and Kellan Lambert.

Rosalie chuckled at the play on the last names. Kappa-Kaplan and Lambda-Lambert. The boys smiled at her when she told them it was well played.

Kellan continued to relay how they kept heading east and crossed back into the US near Buffalo. They made their way into New Jersey where they found a crappy one bedroom apartment in a shitty neighborhood in Camden, which was across the river from Philadelphia. They figured being in an area as congested as the east coast would work to their advantage.

Kellan signed up for classes at a trade school and worked odd jobs while learning how to be an electrician. Reilly was able to find work at the front desk of a Hampton Inn. They had nothing but the bare essentials and a shitload of Ramen noodles, yet somehow they made it work.

It took over a year, but once Kellan had his electrician’s license he got a job with a company that contracted their employees out in a manner similar to traveling nurses. Kellan would get a contract for anywhere from six to nine months, and then they would move on. Reilly was able to get work at a temp agency wherever they landed and learned a variety of office skills. Because they had so little, and always had to be ready to move on short notice, he had developed a keen sense of organization.

In addition to New Jersey they had lived in Boston, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and Norfolk. The contract that Kellan had landed in Baltimore had resulted in a full time position offer. At that point they had been on the move for six years and they both wanted to stay put for a little while. Kellan accepted the job and Reilly had landed his position as an administrative assistant as well. They put down tentative roots and had been happy there for almost two years.

“Then you found us,” Kellan said, looking directly at Sebastian.

Uncharacteristically, Sebastian looked lost. He turned to Rosalie and asked, “So where do we go from here? You said you might be able to shed some light on this once you met them.”

“Patience, young Alpha, I need to see what happens when your Beta returns. When do you expect him?” Rosalie asked.

Sebastian sighed and answered, “Day after tomorrow.”

Rosalie nodded. “I am getting weary. These old bones need much more rest than you younguns. Sebastian, it is up to your young mate to decide the next move. You need to speak with him, not me.”

She then turned to the pack doctor, “Donovan, please escort me back to my cabin. I don’t think you’ll be needed for a while.” It was definitely more of an order rather than a request.

Donovan looked at Sebastian and said, “I’ll be back when I get her settled. I think I’ll bunk in one of the guest rooms tonight in case I’m needed for anything.”

Mate claiming could be rough and brutal, as is the way of nature. Even the most in-control Alphas couldn’t predict how their wolf would behave. Injuries during mating claims were rare, but not unheard of. Most of the time, when two wolves discovered that they were fated, they took some time to get to know each other. The pull between Reilly and Sebastian, however, was almost overwhelming in how compelling it was. Sebastian’s wolf would not be denied, unless Reilly directly rejected him.

Sebastian, Reilly and Kellan silently watched them leave. Once they were out the door the silence remained until Kellan turned to Reilly.

“It’s your move Ry. You know as well as I do that you have two choices. You let Sebastian claim you or we leave. He’s already said he wants a chance. What’s it going to be?”

Reilly looked at Kellan and at long last Sebastian heard his sweet voice. Reilly looked over to the big Alpha, not quite meeting his eyes before turning back to declare, “He’s my mate Kell, and if he’s asking for a chance I need to give it to him. I don’t have my wolf to rely on anymore. I have to go with my gut and it’s telling me I need him.”

Sebastian’s heart gave a leap at the words. His wolf perked up and his cock started to swell. Instinct would soon take over and he didn’t want to scare the young man, nor did he want to hurt him. He looked over at Kellan and told him, “Follow me, I’ll show you where you can stay. Please make yourself at home and if you need anything, Donovan will be back shortly.”

Sebastian then turned to Reilly and held out his hand. There was an instant jolt of electricity at the touch, as Reilly’s much smaller hand was engulfed by Sebastian’s larger one. Sebastian led them down a short hallway and passed through the large kitchen and dining hall. Several doors led off of the dining room, leading to the residential wings with two to four bedrooms in each one.

Sebastian pointed out a door to his right. “Donovan will be in this guest room in case you need anything. Help yourself to food if you get hungry.” He led them to the furthest door and opened it, revealing a hallway with a door on each side and one at the end.

Kellan inhaled deeply and commented “It smells really good over here, kinda like the salty breeze coming off the ocean and smoke from a campfire.”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow at him. “Um, well, It hasn’t been used too much since my Beta left. His room is there. He likes those wax warmer things, it’s probably what you smell. Makes the rest of us sneeze.” Sebastian indicated the doorway on the left that Kellan was standing in front of.

“You can use this room,” he said as he opened the door on the right. It was a large room with a king bed, two dressers, an oversized recliner, a closet and an ensuite bathroom. A large TV was mounted to the wall across from the end of the bed.

Kellan smiled and thanked Sebastian. After giving Reilly a reassuring hug, he went into the room, shutting the door softly.

Reilly knew that his life was about to change drastically. His nerves were shot and he knew as soon as he looked directly at Sebastian, there would be no turning back. Before he did that he needed to make sure that Sebastian understood a few things about him.

He let Sebastian lead him to the end of the hallway where his quarters were located. Sebastian’s room was huge, which he expected. There was a large California king bed facing floor to ceiling windows which offered an amazing view. The house was situated at the top of a small mountain that was part of the Appalachian chain. Sebastian’s room faced east and during the day, had a beautiful view overlooking the valley and the other mountains beyond, stretching north and south, as far as the eye could see. Now, the darkness beyond seemed to stretch endlessly.

The furnishings were simple, the solid pine headboard and footboard of the bed needed no other carvings or adornments other than the natural knots that created their own unique pattern. There was a matching nightstand on either side of the bed. There were no dressers, but Reilly could see a massive walk-in closet with built-in dressers along one wall. There was a nice sitting area that held two reclining chairs and a comfortable looking couch, all arranged facing a stone fireplace where a flat screen TV was mounted over the mantle.

Reilly took all of this in and let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding. Turning so that he faced Sebastian, but still not ready to look into his eyes he finally spoke directly to his soon-to-be mate. “Sebastian, before we go on, I need to know what you expect from me?”

Sebastian cocked his head to the side and looked a little puzzled. “I’m not sure what you mean? I expect you to be my mate. I’ve never been mated before so I guess it’s something we’ll have to figure out as we go. What’s bothering you?’

Reilly steeled himself before answering. “Do you expect me to be submissive and obey everything you say?”

Sebastian’s eyebrows pulled together as he frowned. He looked at Reilly who still had his eyes cast downward. The proverbial lightbulb went off as he figured out what his little mate was worried about. Pulling his thoughts together, he answered “Reilly, I’m an Alpha and expect everyone to submit to me. Now just wait before you panic.” Sebastian could see the unease that Reilly felt flicker across his face. “You, however, are my mate, and a Kappa as well. I think that will add another entire dimension to our relationship. I don’t expect you to be an Omega mate. I wouldn’t want that, not even if you had truly been female. One thing that you need to understand is that Alpha wolves are naturally dominant, my wolf will need to exert that dominance in order to please you.”

Reilly interrupted, “Are you sure about that?”

Sebastian hesitated. His mate certainly seemed to exude an air of confidence that intrigued him. “Why don’t you explain how you feel about all this? It may help me understand what we need to sort out, in order to make all of this work.”

Reilly walked over to the couch and sat on one end and stretched out both legs. He missed sitting with his feet tucked up underneath him. He missed a lot of things. He knew that he had to put all of his cards on the table so to speak, before he could move forward. Sebastian sat on the other end of the roomy couch.

“I’ve spent my entire life listening to others tell me how I should live my life. My father demanded respect, rather than try and earn it. My siblings and I were expected to obey every command of his, especially after my mom was gone. After everything went down when I shifted, and Kellan and I went on the run, it was Kellan who kept me safe and provided for me. I’ve always had someone looking out for me. I need to know that we’ll be equal partners. I have no idea what being a Kappa really means other than in my heart I feel like I have to be in an equal relationship. I have no problem submitting to you in bed, but know this, at some point you’ll have to do the same. If your wolf can’t handle that, then I don’t know if I can really go through with this.”

Sebastian’s mind spun. Submit to his mate? It was something that he never considered. He could feel his wolf whining inside him. The more he thought about being taken by the gorgeous man in front of him, the more intrigued he became. Could he get his wolf to submit? He wasn’t sure, but as he pondered the situation he realized that it was something that could become a real possibility.

Sebastian was honest in his response. “Reilly, it’s a lot to consider. I’ve never contemplated submitting to my mate because I thought she’d be female. Now that you’ve brought it up, I can’t give you a definitive ‘yes’ right now, but I also can’t say that it isn’t a possibility in the future. My wolf is uneasy at the thought, but I’m curious. It may take a while to win him over, but I think it may just be worth the wait if you’re willing?”

Reilly considered his words. Could he commit himself to mating with a man and a wolf who ended up being completely dominant, or should he take the leap of faith and bond himself forever, hoping for the best? Knowing that his decision was completely his own, he paused for only a moment before finally raising his bright blue eyes to look directly into the deep, chocolate brown ones that had him pinned in their gaze.

The second their eyes met was like an epiphany for Reilly. Without being able to scent anything, he relied on his sight more than wolves usually did. He was mesmerized by the overwhelming emotions that suddenly gripped him. For the first time in years he could sense his wolf, deep down within himself. His wolf stayed hidden, but Reilly knew that he was aware, even though he remained silent. He now realized why Kellan was so insistent on him not making eye contact. It was the only sense that he could truly rely on, and earlier, the depths of emotion in those beautiful brown eyes would have been too much to process.

Sebastian felt an overwhelming urge to taste his mate. He stood up and for a moment towered over Reilly, before holding out his hand. He was pleased when Reilly took it. Sebastian pulled the smaller man up with ease and lifted him up. Reilly locked his legs around Sebastian’s waist, their bodies pressed together from hip to chest. Sebastian’s arms locked beneath Reilly’s ass, keeping him close. Reilly’s breath hitched as Sebastian’s lips descended upon his. It felt like a bolt of lightning as Sebastian claimed what was his.

Reilly felt his cock harden instantaneously. His need was acute as he tried to press himself into the wall of steel muscle that he was currently latched onto. Sebastian walked them over to the bed and deposited Reilly on the mattress after pulling the covers back. Reilly licked his lips which were slightly swollen already from the brief encounter. Sebastian kicked off his loafers and pulled his shirt over his head. Reilly’s eyes widened at the sight of the expanse of skin and muscle that was suddenly on display right in front of him. Sebastian’s chest was covered in beautiful black hair which tapered down to an enticing trail leading to the waist of his jeans. Reilly didn’t even realize that he had reached up to touch it until he saw his hand thread itself through the soft pelt.

Now it was Sebastian who’s breath hitched as Reilly drew his fingers along the trail, feeling the steely muscles that were tensed in anticipation. Reilly’s fingers hesitated for only a moment before deftly popping the button of Sebastian’s jeans open. The metallic snick of each tooth of the zipper sounded like firecrackers popping as Reilly drew them downward. He licked his lips as the outline of Sebastian’s penis became more evident as his boxer briefs were exposed.

Sebastian took over and stuck his thumbs into the elastic of his briefs and slowly slid them down along with his jeans, revealing a long, hard cock, which bounced up against his stomach as it was freed from its constraints. A single drop of fluid appeared on the end.

Reilly sat, frozen at the sight of what he thought was the most gorgeous specimen of male flesh he had ever seen. Being on the run, disguised as a girl for so long had effectively forced him to suppress his natural sexuality. He couldn’t exactly take the risk of having sex and exposing the truth about who he was. So at the age of twenty-four, Reilly was still a virgin. His only experience had been with his own hand and fingers. Looking at Sebastian’s cock was like the scene from The Wizard of Oz when everything went from black and white to technicolor. It suddenly became real.

Reilly didn’t realize that he was damn near whimpering at the sight of Sebastian in all his naked glory. Everything about the man was perfection to his eyes. Yes, he was huge, but everything was nicely proportioned, including the cock that now dripped a clear line of fluid down its length. Sebastian’s cock was a hefty eight inches, which at first scared Reilly a little until he realized that the girth was perfect. He was thick, but not so much that Reilly would be split in two, like he initially feared.

Sebastian’s wolf was fighting to take control and Sebastian had to force the beast to back off. Reilly was still fully clothed, and that was not acceptable. Not to Sebastian, nor his wolf. Looking to remedy that situation, Sebastian quickly divested his mate of his clothing. His eyes swept over the lanky form that made up his mate. Reilly had never liked the fact that he wasn’t as big as the rest of the men in his pack. Even among humans he was considered small for a guy. The retreat of his wolf had effectively stunted his growth and instead of filling out like a normal teenager does, Reilly’s body was stuck in that awkward stage where limbs seemed too long and thin. He had gotten used to it over the years, but now, lying naked in front of Sebastian, his old insecurities started to resurface and he felt completely inadequate.

Sebastian saw the look of insecurity that flitted across Reilly’s face and asked, “What’s troubling you Mate?”

Reilly’s bottom lip was caught in his teeth, and Sebastian watched as his pink tongue came out to take a swipe at the plumped up flesh before he answered, “I feel so stunted and awkward. My wolf abandoned me and I have no clue what I’m doing.”

Sebastian smiled and told him, “I have no idea what I’m doing either. I’ve never made love to another man before. I was straight until a couple of hours ago. Tell you what, let’s just do whatever feels good. If you don’t like it, say so and I’ll stop. I’ll do the same for you. OK?”

Reilly nodded in agreement and had one request, “Just make sure you get me good and ready. You’ve got a big cock and I’d like to be able to sit down afterward.”

Sebastian’s answer was to push Reilly back onto the bed and half cover his body with his own. Just feeling skin upon skin was igniting feelings that neither one of them had ever experienced before. Even though Sebastian had plenty of sex with women during his lifetime, feeling Reilly’s lanky muscles and coarser body hair was turning him on like no woman had ever come close to doing. The new sensations awed him.

Sebastian took a moment to look Reilly over from head to toe. Reilly seemed a little on the skinny side, but with the pressure of pretending to be female gone, Sebastian figured a few more pounds on his frame would do wonders for his self-esteem. Sebastian drew his fingers across Reilly’s chest. There was a light smattering of blond hair between two very pert, rosy pink nipples, both of which were standing at attention. He skimmed his hand lightly over his ribs, which were visible, allowing his fingers to trace each one. He continued to explore, letting his hand glide across the light ridges that made up Reilly’s abdomen. The blond hair trailed down in a thin line, leading to a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair.

Sebastian took a moment to really look at Reilly’s cock. He had never really paid attention to any other guy’s dick before. Never had a reason to. Now he marveled at Reilly’s. Reilly’s cock was a little better than average, especially for someone who was slightly built. Sebastian figured it was a little over six inches, give or take, and when he reached out to take it in his hand, he discovered that his fingers fit perfectly around the circumference.

Reilly’s breath hissed as he felt Sebastian’s hand wrap itself around his cock. It felt exquisite. They both watched as a drop of clear fluid oozed out and dripped onto Sebastian’s thumb. Reilly held his breath as Sebastian brought his thumb up to his pink tongue to taste the nectar. Sebastian’s wolf immediately demanded more than that little taste. Reilly groaned as Sebastian’s head descended and then his mouth engulfed the steely shaft.

It wasn’t perfect, there was some scraping of teeth and some awkward rhythm every once in a while, with the occasional gag, but they both enjoyed the learning curve. Once Sebastian figured out what made Reilly’s body react, he definitely improved his technique. Reilly let his body call the shots and he was awash in new sensations with every lick and pull of suction. He still had enough wits about him to warn Sebastian as soon as he felt his balls start to draw up tight. To his surprise, Sebastian stayed latched on and seemed determined to send Reilly over the edge. It really didn’t take much before Reilly cried out his release and unloaded onto Sebastian’s tongue.

As Reilly spurted out his load into Sebastian’s waiting mouth, all Sebastian could think was how amazing his mate tasted. He stayed on Reilly’s dick until the last drop was drained and then gently pulled off with a soft pop. Reilly was still mostly hard and his cock gave one half-hearted twitch as it bounced against his flat stomach as he sighed with deep contentment.

Sebastian scooted up and gathered Reilly in his arms, letting him rest his head against the solid wall of chest muscles. Reilly settled his head on Sebastian’s chest and listened to the strong beat of his heart while his body recharged itself, which didn’t take long at his age.

Despite an amazing orgasm from Sebastian’s blow job, Reilly was still horny. Once he had sufficiently recovered he took the initiative and started exploring the incredible body next to him. He couldn’t hold back when the urge to lick Sebastian’s nipple became too strong. Now it was Sebastian’s turn to groan at the new sensation. He had always been in control of his own pleasure, as well as his partner’s whenever he had sex with a woman. Feeling Reilly’s hot tongue flick across his nipples was definitely something new. He liked it. He liked it a lot. Even his wolf was enjoying the new feelings. He could sense the animal’s curiosity. For now he just let his wolf observe, He’d get his turn soon enough.

Reilly continued his exploration with both his hands and his tongue. He spent long moments just savoring the feel and taste of Sebastian. He took his time when he finally reached the coveted prize. Reilly had inched his way down until Sebastian’s beautiful cock was staring him in the face. Unlike Sebastian, Reilly had watched, and beat off to, plenty of gay porn. Blow job clips were some of his favorites. Lucky for Sebastian, Reilly was a quick study and the chemicals that had damaged his nose had dulled his gag reflex too. He slowly worked Sebastian’s leaking cock into his eager mouth, letting his tongue explore the sensitive skin. The tip bumped the back of his throat and he instinctively swallowed. Much to both their surprise, the rest of Sebastian’s length slid down until Reilly’s nose was buried in the wiry, trimmed bush at the base of his cock. Reilly would’ve smiled, but his lips were stretched to their limit. Sebastian threw his head back and let out a long, growly rumble as Reilly kneaded the shaft with his throat.

Knowing he was close, Sebastian gently pulled back until he was free of the sweet suction that he could see himself getting lost in. “In you, I need to be in you when I come,” he managed to rasp out.

Reilly’s eyes flashed a darker blue as the desire built at Sebastian’s words.

“How should we do this? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Please tell me you have lube,” Reilly answered.

Sebastian opened a drawer in the nightstand next to the bed, waggled the bottle of lube and grinned triumphantly. “Now what?"

Reilly scooted to the middle of the bed and pulled his knees back as best he could toward his chest, exposing his most intimate place to Sebastian. His eyes widened slightly as he caught a glimpse of amber flash across Sebastian's irises, his wolf close to the surface.

“You need to stretch me.”

Sebastian pushed hard against the beast within, just barely holding him at bay. He flicked the cap open on the bottle of lube and coated his fingers liberally. He shook slightly as his index finger touched the pink, wrinkled skin. His breathing was uneven as he gently stroked the soft skin. He was mesmerized as he watched the tip of his finger disappear into the welcoming heat.

Reilly moaned at the slight pull he felt as Sebastian's finger breached him. He held his breath as the invading digit slid silently inside. The breath that he was holding exploded from him as the finger was joined by another and they both grazed something inside that ignited his nerve endings.

Sebastian held himself together by some sort of miracle and managed to slowly work a third finger into the exquisite hot flesh that seemed made for him. He gently stretched the tight muscles until they were pliant at the slightest touch. When Reilly started humping into the thrusts his fingers were making, Sebastian knew it was time.

He removed his fingers slowly and reached for the lube, this time coating his weeping cock as well as squirting some more onto the hole that was now winking at him. He grasped Reilly's ankles and pushed them up over his head, mindful of his knees, fully exposing the prize beneath him. He lined up the turgid head of his cock and pushed, stretching the ring of muscle until it gave way and the mushroom head popped into the molten channel. Both men groaned loudly at the sensation.

Sebastian stilled for a moment, letting Reilly get used to his ass being stretched. It was Reilly who moved first, thrusting his ass up, urging Sebastian to move. Sebastian did not need an engraved invitation. He slowly slid forward, pulling back every so often, savoring the sensation of the tight, searing heat that surrounded him.

Reilly hooked his legs over Sebastian's shoulders, freeing the man's hands to roam over his flesh at leisure. It was only moments, or maybe it was an eternity later, that the intensity of what they were experiencing became overwhelming. Sebastian couldn't hold back his wolf much longer and Reilly could actually sense his own wolf watching intently.

As Sebastian's wolf finally took control, his eyes changed from dark, chocolate brown to a golden amber and his thrusting became almost frantic. Sebastian's cock was nailing Reilly's prostate, driving him quickly to the brink.

What happened next was like a bolt of lightning striking them. Reilly cried out as the first wave of the most intense orgasm he ever had hit him. The second his hot cum hit Sebastian's chest, Sebastian shot forward with one hard thrust and started to explode, his own searing cum eager to fill Reilly's channel.

As soon as his balls had started to draw up, Sebastian's wolf took control and his canines elongated and sharpened. Sebastian struck with precision, the sharp teeth piercing the soft skin of Reilly's neck, planting themselves firmly into the pulsing jugular. Reilly screamed as the excruciating flash of pain immediately morphed into rolling waves of pleasure, every nerve ending flaring to life, igniting sensations right down to the cellular level.

Their orgasms crashed over both of them, lasting forever and yet over too quickly. As the last drops of cum were coaxed out of him by Reilly's tight ass muscles squeezing him, Sebastian regained control and pulled his teeth back from Reilly's neck, gently licking the wound until the bleeding stopped.

Sebastian pulled his head back just enough to look into Reilly's eyes. What he saw there was pure amazement at what had just happened.

Sebastian started to speak, and before one word could leave his lips, Reilly suddenly arched back and let out a god-awful scream. Sebastian jumped off of the bed and watched in horror as his mate's body bowed itself and then contorted with loud cracks and pops as bones started to break.

It seemed to go on forever, but in reality it was only a moment or two, until Reilly's body had transformed into a twisted, mangled ball of fur. His wolf finally came back. Broken, definitely broken.

Sebastian threw open his bedroom door and bellowed, "DONOVAAAAANNNN!!"

Now that's a cliffhanger!
My timing must be good, they just added 'cliffhanger' under recommendations, so what are you waiting for? Go click it!
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