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Do You Ship Us? - 56. Chill Out

“Where’s Ryan?” Simon asks as soon as Jasper walks into Daniel’s office on his own, the other three already sitting and waiting.

“He’s at home, not feeling up to all this crap.” Jasper answers, taking a seat in front of the desk beside Blake. “Gotta get use to being on my own anyway right.” He fakes a smile at Blake.

“On a scale of being fine to being a sobbing mess on the floor, where are you at about him leaving?” Blake teases.

“First person to make me crack over this, will get punched, so proceed with caution on those kinds of questions in future. Consider that your warning.” Jasper advises.

“Is Ryan ok?” Luke asks.

“He’s not having a very good day, his depression is getting him down.”

“His depression? I thought he was ok now, like since he’s so happy with you.” Luke comments.

“Well, yeah, he’s happy with me, but he’s still got depression. As much as I’d love to believe I’m gods’ gift to him, I’m not a cure for mental illness. Being depressed doesn’t have to mean you’re not happy, just that your brain isn’t able to see the good stuff when everything else feels so overwhelming. I’m learning that his depression Isn't a reflection of our relationship and there’s nothing I can do differently that will spontaneously fix it.”

“Just thought he’d want to be here, since his entire job was manipulated by Chris.” Simon comments, to which Jasper just shrugs his shoulders at, the bitchy voice in his head was saying that Ryan never follows up on punishing the manipulative people in his life but he decides to keep that to himself, blaming the thought on his frustration tiredness of the last few days along with the confused feeling over Ryan leaving.

“I’ve gotta tell you guys something, Flynn has been looking into the leaked photos of Ryan and Jasper and he has been able to trace it back to Chris.”

“Oh fuck him.” Jasper scoffs, sinking back in his chair and shaking his head. “We all fucking knew it was him, but hearing it is sickening. Add that to the list of bullshit things he’s done.”

“Who’s Flynn?” Daniel asks as he notes the new information down.

“My brother.” Blake answers.

“And who does he work through? Can he send through the records so we can add it to the case?”

“Uh he found out through unconventional ways.” Blake admits. Daniel smiles and sets his pen down.

“Ok, unfortunately we’ll need solid evidence to be able to take that claim through the courts. If your brother can find a ‘conventional’ way to prove it, that’d be great. Otherwise whatever method he took to get to those conclusions could backfire on him and I don’t want to cause more problems to any of you.” Daniel taps his pen on the note pad before him. He didn’t want to

The meeting took up a few hours, compiling all the issues they felt necessary to take action against Chris with, working out the best way to word their claims. Jasper was trying to focus and not worry about Ryan, but he snuck a few texts to him while the others were talking. When they finally get finished Jasper gets his phone out again to check up on Ryan, to see a text that he’d gone to the gym. Jasper sighs with disappointment, he’d wanted to spend as much time as he could with Ryan but he was glad to hear Ryan was at least not just at home being miserable, left alone with his dark thoughts.

“You ok?” Blake interrupts Jasper’s train of thoughts. Jasper looks up at him and squints his eyes in thought.

“What are you up to now?” He asks.

“Having a conversation with you, idiot.” Blake jokes, Jasper just rolls his eyes. “Do you need a lift home or something?” Blake asks.

“Ryan’s gone to the gym so can I come and hang out with you for a while?” Jasper suggests, though it came across much more like he was inviting himself over.

“Oh, well...” Blake hesitates, making Jasper frown.

“Ok then, I know when I’m not wanted.” He says, faking offence dramatically.

“No, I’d love to hang out, it’s just Flynn, he feels really guilty about the whole incident with David drugging you and he kinda assumes you hate him.” Blake shrugs and slips his hands in his pockets and waits to gauge Jasper’s response.

“You mean Damien?” Jasper asks.

“I make an effort to fuck his name up, make him feel unimportant, you know?”

“He’s not Voldemort you know. Anyway, I like your brother, I’m not mad at him.” Jasper answers, Blake smiles, clearly relieved, he turns and starts walking out of the building, gesturing at Jasper to follow him.

“That’s what I’ve been telling him, but to be fair he did bust his ass getting evidence that Chris put those cameras in your room, to try to make it up to you. It’s just a pity his tactics weren’t legal and it can’t help you. He’ll be so mad about that, though he’ll work it out for you. I mean he knows the right person to go to but he’ll have to get him to admit it in a more appropriate way.” Blake states as he and Jasper reach his car.


Flynn walks into the room, looks at Jasper then turns to walk out again straight away, though Jasper catches him.

“Hey.” Jasper calls out.

“Oh, hey, I was just...”

“Avoiding me? You know you aren’t to blame for Damien being a dickhole, right?” Jasper states with a grin. Flynn walks back into the room and leans against the doorframe, looking at Jasper sadly.

“It is kinda my fault your boyfriend’s ex had the drugs to start with.” Flynn argues.

“Well it’s not your fault what he did with the drugs, but maybe don’t sell to him again.” Jasper jokingly advises but Flynn didn’t seem to find it amusing.

“Yeah actually I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately and decided I’m selling up what I have left then I’m going to look into some respectable paid work.” Flynn shrugs.

“Just because of what Damien did?”

“Well I mean, initially I only got into the drug game because Blakey needed weed for his seizures but now he gets that shit over the counter so my original reason is gone and when he finally brings Emo back into style and makes millions, he’ll surely give me some money as compensation for having to put up with his shit for just about my whole life. I never got into this with the intention of being a dealer and I only know he drugged you because Blake realized, but what if there’s other people that have bought stuff from me and it’s hurt other people? I didn’t think Damien would have since he usually bought off me for clients, but I can’t be sure who it’s being used on and why so it’s just best not to have that guilt.”

“Wait, for his clients? What do you mean?” Jasper frowns.

“Oh he mentioned it once when I was picking on him for being in here like 4 times in one week for the same product. He said he was buying on behalf of different people and given that he always bought with cash I’d say he must work for some rich people.”

“Maybe he just has a rich sugar daddy.” Jasper shrugs. “Speaking of buying drugs though, how much does is it cost for a joint? Before you sell out I really wanna try some.” Jasper tells him confidently but Flynn and Blake both laugh at him. “What?”

“I love it when people that don’t do drugs, try to ask for drugs.” Flynn teases, walking out of the room.

“Seriously?” Jasper frowns at Blake.

“People generally ask for an amount, like in grams. You’re meant to buy it, then go home and roll your own joint dipshit.” Blake shakes his head at Jasper and walks over to the couch, sitting down and waiting with an amused smile. “So, does Ryan know you wanna do weed?” He asks.

“It’s not up to him what I do.” Jasper replies annoyed as he sits on the couch beside his best friend.

“Are you trying to sabotage the relationship because your scared that he wants kids?” Blake asks bluntly.

“Honestly, there’s just a lot going on right now. When we went to see my family, it was because my sister was ‘sick’ turns out she was actually in labor and Ryan and I had to sneak her to the hospital so they could stop her from giving birth. I’m more stressed about that than anything right now. Like how and I supposed to get her back here when she’s let out of hospital without anyone noticing me driving around with a pregnant woman? The court case will put attention on us again and if she’s not out until Ryan goes, there’ll likely be more attention on me because people will be talking about him more too. We’ve fallen out of the spotlight in the last few weeks but that’s all going to disappear and we’ll have no privacy again soon.” Jasper sighs, his attention going to Flynn who was walking back in the room with a little box in his hands and a smirk on his face.

“Have you ever actually smoked?” Flynn asks as he places the box down on the coffee table, kneeling in front of it and opening the box, Jasper sits forward curiously peering into the box and watching with fascination as Flynn starts rolling a joint for him.


“Well then you’ll have to smoke it here. I don’t like letting people take drugs they aren’t use to, when they aren’t in company of someone who can look after them if something goes wrong.” Flynn states, passing the joint over the coffee table to Jasper who takes it excitedly.

“Weed’s safe though isn’t it?” He asks.

“Yeah unless you have some kind of allergic reaction or choke on smoke or something.”

“Also I want to see what you’re like when you’re high.” Blake teases, leaning back in his seat and watching as Flynn lights the joint.

“Doesn’t it just chill people out?” Jasper asks before putting it between his lips.

“Yeah, it’ll help you relax. I overheard you talking about your sister, if you want I can pick her up? No one knows who I am.” Flynn offers. Jasper coughs on the first breath of smoke before thanking Flynn for the offer. “It’s all good. Just let me know if you need me. I owe you one.” Flynn shrugs, leaving the room briefly and returning with a glass of water, handing it to Jasper. Jasper is just about finished when his phone buzzes.

“Oh shit!” Jasper gasps and covers his mouth before bursting into laughter. “Fuck me, Ryan’s home. Can you take me home Blake?” He asks.

“Right now? Are you sure?” Blake asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Jasper gets up and takes a deep breath.

“Is he gonna be mad at you for getting high?” Flynn asks.

“I don’t feel ‘high’, besides, it’s not up to him what I do with my life.” Jasper says confidently. Flynn and Blake share a look of amusement. Blake gets up and pulls his keys out of his pocket.

“At least Ryan’s probably use to taking care of someone like this.” Blake comments and nudges Jasper.

“Thanks Flynn, how much do I need to pay you?” Jasper asks.

“Nothing dude, just take care and if you decide you wanna do this again some time, let me source it for you, because I don’t want you getting dodgy product.” Flynn winks at Jasper who just laughs and walks out with Blake, looking forward to getting home to Ryan.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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Chapter Comments

To say the least this was an interesting chapter, now Jasper is trying weed for the first time. I hope it doesn’t become a problem for him. Now Ryan is having issues with his depression again, he needs to worry less about what he has no control over and focus on his relationship with Jasper.

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I can understand Jasper being upset about Ryan leaving on this trip, a little upset that Ryan doesn't seem to have any strong interest in being in the band anymore(if I recall correctly he said in the previous chapter he wasn't ever truly interested in vocals and/or music, at least not to the extent the others are, so he's not against the idea of leaving the band for a dance oriented career), nervous about Ryan wanting kids when he currently doesn't want kids himself, etc. but he needs to be careful in how he deals with these feelings. Maybe Jasper needs to find a therapist or some healthier outlet for dealing with how he feels. There's nothing wrong with weed exactly but this just has me worried that Jasper might start using other drugs going forward. I mean, he was giving some members of the band an alcoholic vibe already and now he has started using weed to help him relax which just sends off warning bells even though there's no evidence things will go any further. Even if he doesn't progress to harder drugs in the future it does feel like he's setting himself up to sabotage his relationship especially if he goes home to Ryan with his current attitude as his defensive statements about it essentially being none of Ryan's business what he does is not exactly going to put Ryan in a good mood. The casual comment about Damien's "clients" has me curious what the story is there as you know there's more to it than we've heard and it makes me wonder if he's maybe his so called clients were in actuality other victims.

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