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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Weeping Lily - 23. Chapter 23

The boys were giggling like fools by the time they got to the limo. Cal whooped and grabbed Jayden, swinging him off his feet.

“That was awesome. Who knew you were such a bastard.”

Jayden grinned, squirming out of Cal’s arms. “I’m shocked. I thought I have made that clear on many occasions.”

“Never.” Cal sobered and reached out to Jayden , his eyes intense. “To me you’ve always been angel, and nothing’s changed.”

“Maybe more of a fallen angel then.”

“An angel nevertheless. My angel.” Tenderly Cal kissed him and Jayden melted into his arms.

“Ewwww. Get a room will you? I hope we’re not going to have to put up with the mushy stuff all the way home in the car.”

“You could always close your eyes.”

“Can’t close our ears though.”

“Ever heard of ear plugs?”

“Just behave yourselves.”

“Since when have we ever done that?”

Grinning they pushed each other about and essentially played like excited children until Jeff came out looking serious and stern. Uncertainly the boys stopped what they were doing and stood still watching him warily. Cal drew closer to Jayden and put a protective arm around him. Jayden, although sober lifted his chin and glared defiantly.

However, Jeff couldn’t keep his face straight and it collapsed into a huge grin. “That was a bad, bad thing you did.”

“You think so?”

“Actually no. But please, if you are going to do anything like that again, warn me first. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

“So what do you think they’ll do?”

“You didn’t leave them many choices Jayden. Of course they are going to have to show the footage pretty much as is. They are going wild in there. The producers and executives are excited about the publicity and Manya is desperately trying to persuade them to at least edit to make her seem less like an idiot. Not much chance of that though as the original soundtrack is already out there. It is out there isn’t it?” He asked hurriedly with a worried look at Jayden.

“Would you be upset if I told you it was all a set up and there was no one on the end of the phone?”

Jeff’s face fell and he groaned. “Jayden, do you realise what is going to happen when they realise there is nothing out there?”

Jayden’s eyes twinkled. “I just said ‘if I told you’.”

Jeff looked confused. “So was there someone on the end of the phone or not? Is the soundtrack on the internet?”

“You had better log on if it’s that important.”

“Jayden. Don’t mess me about, this is serious.”

Jayden’s eyes turned cold. “And so was I. No one fucks with my friends and gets away with it.” His eyes flashed. “Especially Cal, and especially when it’s a smug, self absorbed bitch like that who used what happened to me as an excuse to get some air time and the chance to take cheap shots at my boyfriend. Too fucking right there was someone on the other end of the phone and I think you will find that it has already been uploaded to a number of sites and I would be very surprised if your phone didn’t start ringing very soon.”

Coincidentally, while Jeff was struggling with what had happened and the change that seemed to have come over Jayden, making him far more aggressive and in control than he ever had been before, his phone rang.

On the way home the phone rang quite a few more times, although the boys had no idea of that or what was said during the calls as Jeff was in the passenger seat and they were locked away behind the screen.

By the time Cal and Jayden got home, which was much later as the journey had included a stop off at their local for a celebratory drink, Jayden was exhausted. The events of the day and the high sprits that followed had buoyed him and he had been animated and excited, but he was still far from back to full health and his energy drained quickly.

Almost as soon as the car dropped them off at home he crashed. They were alone in the house now, as Eileen had flown out to Africa the previous week to join Cal’s father who was based there for a year. Eileen and Patrick ran a small but high profile civil engineering business and they had been seconded by a much larger firm to work on a project designing and installing irrigation systems linked to desalinisation plants around the West Coast.

It had been a very hard decision for Eileen to go. She was well aware that for all he had bounced back remarkably quickly, Jayden was still fragile mentally and physically. She was also well aware that Cal was stressed by the desperate need to ‘get things right’ and he was walking on eggshells most of the time. Loving both boys desperately she hadn’t wanted to leave them at a time when they both needed support so badly, but neither had she wanted to be separated from her husband any longer than she had to be and she was needed to take care of the administration of the business. In the end it had been Helen who had persuaded her that the boys were more than capable of looking after themselves and that she would keep a close eye on Jayden. In the end she didn’t have much choice, under pressure from all sides.

Although it was early Jayden wanted to go to straight to bed but Cal insisted that he have something to eat first. He fell asleep on the sofa while Cal was warming a frozen Spaghetti Bolognese. Cal sighed and took the food from the microwave, allowing Jayden to sleep for an hour and a half before finishing the job and waking him to a steaming plate of spaghetti and a dish of Parmesan cheese.

“Sorry.”Jayden mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

“No need.” Cal smiled. “After your awesome performance today you deserve to be spoiled tonight. I just want to make sure you have something proper to eat and then we can do whatever you like.”

“Anything I want?” He asked with a twinkle in his eye.


“We...ell, I’ll tell you what I would really like to do.” He grinned wickedly at Cal.

“Ye...as.”Cal drawled, just as wickedly.

“Hmm... maybe later.” He gave Cal a beaming grin. “What I would really like to do right now is see what kind of a stir that recording we made today has made.”

Cal grinned just as broadly. “Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but that sounds like a great idea too.”

Pulling up the computer table Cal snuggled up to Jayden on the sofa and they both almost choked on their dinners as they listened to a pretty good recording of the interview and read the comments, most of which said they were bursting to see the pictures that went with the sounds. A huge majority of them wanted to see the kiss but there were also many who were just as keen to see Manya’s face. It seemed that she wasn’t the most popular presenter.

There were one or two unpleasant comments but Cal and Jayden were used to filtering those as there were always those who seemed set on pulling down Weeping Lily at every chance they got; and in any event they were, without exception, shot down in flames by fans.

All in all it was a pleasant and buoyant hour filled with laugher, joking about and close companionship. Cal was also pleased to note that Jayden was so caught up in what he was doing that he ate all of his dinner without even thinking about it.

Afterwards, even though he looked as if he had recovered his energy, Jayden insisted that he was tired and wanted to go to bed. Cal was hopeful that he wasn’t so tired he would go straight to sleep but he really didn’t care as just the thought of falling asleep holding him close and feeling him breathe softly next to him was enough to look forward to.

Tonight Jayden didn’t want to shower together as he often did and he took a quick one, getting rid of the grime and caked on make up that went with a television appearance. While he was in there Cal shut down the computer, cleared away the meal and performed the rest of the nightly routine of switching off and locking up. He was a little regretful about going to bed early but still hopeful.

By the time he got to the bathroom Jayden was in bed and he hurried to get the necessaries done so he could join him.

He was deeply disappointed that, when he finished showering and went into the bedroom wrapped in a towel Jayden seemed to be sound asleep. Nevertheless he couldn’t help but smile as he stood for a few minutes looking down at his sleeping angel, before gently sliding into bed next to him and taking him into his arms.

It had been weeks now since they had slept separately. It had never been a conscious decision to start sleeping together; they had just come to a time when it had seemed the most natural thing in the world to fall asleep wrapped in each other, sometime after love making and sometimes not, and to wake up in the morning to the sound of their sighs.

Even when there was no sex involved Cal was made complete by spending his nights either holding or being held by his lover and soul mate. Just watching Jayden sleep made his heart flutter and spirits soar.

Very gently he snuggled down facing Jayden, staring lovingly into his sleeping face which, at that moment, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Almost without being aware of it his hand slowly reached out to touch the still damp hair.

Jayden stirred and opened sleepy eyes. He wriggled closer and settled into Cal’s arms with a sigh, nuzzling into his neck. Cal shivered but forced himself to relax and not react, afraid to disturb Jayden. However, it very soon became obvious that he was neither disturbed nor sleepy and Cal relaxed as Jayden’s lips teased his neck as his fingers teased the hair on his chest, tickling and gently tugging.

“I thought you were tired.”

“I am tired.” He whispered. “Tired of waiting for this.” He lifted his head and shifted so he could kiss Cal.

“Mmm,” was all that Cal could manage as Jayden took the words right out of his mouth.

At some point in their lovemaking Cal became aware of a change. He couldn’t have said what it was and it filtered gradually through his fogged mind until quite suddenly it was there and Cal had no idea what was going on. Jayden had always been a skilled lover but today he was playing Cal like a finely tuned instrument. He raised him up and cooled him down, making him shiver, then moan, then collapse shuddering. He caressed and licked and nibbled and...


Cal’s eyes flew open as Jayden began to caress him in a place he had never touched before.

“Jayden...” he gasped.

“Ssh,” he purred, raising his head to gently kiss Cal’s belly while, at the same time he increased the pressure of his caress and Cal whimpered. “Ssh,” he whispered again.

Smiling to himself Jayden stopped what he was doing and slid up over Cal’s body to kiss him on the lips. Cal responded shakily; ridiculously disappointed that Jayden hadn’t taken what he was doing any further. Still... He lost the disappointment when Jayden started to slide down again driving Cal to screaming point before he reached his belly and rubbed his cheek against the soft, hot skin.

Jayden inhaled deeply and that alone caused Cal to twitch and tighten. He was in an agony of anticipation as Jayden paused, his whole body straining towards the moment when Jayden would first touch his hot shaft. The moment never came and Cal let out a yelp of shock when, instead of taking him into his mouth as he usually did Jayden slipped a finger, slick with lubricant inside him.

“What the fuck?”

Jayden rubbed his face in Cal’s belly again and flicked the base of his shaft with his tongue.

“Don’t you like it? I could stop.”

“No!” Cal gasped. “No don’t... don’t stop. What... what are you going to do?”

“Just relax .Trust me and I’ll take you to heaven.”

“I’m already there babe.”

“Trust me, you’re not even half way.”

Cal threw back his head and moaned as Jayden gently worked his finger deeper. Cal experienced sensations that he had never experienced before, could never have imagined. Jayden knew exactly what he was doing and he built Cal to such a high that he barely noticed when Jayden stopped.

After a few moments Jayden’s hands returned and lifted him up almost to the point of climax but pulled him back at the last moment. Cal thrashed helplessly, moaning as Jayden positioned himself between his legs, manipulating his unresisting limbs while keeping him so high he didn’t even notice.

When Jayden leaned forward and kissed his stomach Cal shuddered and moaned, his eyes rolling.

“Just relax now babe ok. Trust me and just keep relaxed.”

“What...?” Cal raised his head and blinked dazed eyes which widened when he realised what Jayden was doing.


Jayden laid one hand on Cal’s stomach, kneading encouragingly while he used the other to maintain his own erection which was encased in a condom.


“Sssh.” Jayden said again, grinning.

With a long low moan Cal let his head fall back and surrendered as Jay kept his promise and took him to heaven.

It was just as well that Eileen wasn’t there because there was no way Cal could have stopped the cries that were ripped from his body as Jayden continued to play it; stroking him, pumping him and royally fucking him until there was no way he could stop the tide rising and engulfing him. Sobbing and moaning he convulsed and bucked uncontrollably as his hands clutched the sheets and knotted them in his fists.

It was a very good thing that he couldn’t see Jayden’s face at that point as it was twisted with something that looked very much like pain.

As soon as Cal climaxed Jayden rolled away, removing the condom and throwing it carelessly onto the floor. When he had recovered a little Cal wiped his chest on the first thing his questing hands could find, a discarded tshirt, and turned over, spooning into Jayden’s back.

For the briefest of moments Jayden stiffened then he relaxed and leaned his head back with a sigh.

“Are you okay?”

“Okay? Fuck Jayden I am so far past okay it’s unreal. I never, ever expected anything like that. I never knew I could expect anything like that.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jayden asked softly, wriggling around in his arms to face him.

“A little but it doesn’t matter, hell you could have ripped me to threads and it would still have been the best ... the most wonderful experience of my life. I never imagined... I didn’t think you were ready to give such a gift to me.”

“I wasn’t sure I was, which is why I didn’t say anything and hid the lube and condoms. I didn’t want to disappoint you.” There was a shadow in his eyes that tugged at Cal’s heart. He smiled and laid his hand against Jayden’s face, burying his fingers in the soft hair that cascaded over his hand in wild abandon. He’d had it done for the interview and it was glossy black with a single wide strop of blue at the front which matched the blue in Cal’s hair which, along with the candyfloss pink and acid green, were threaded through his golden mane.

“You could never, ever disappoint me Jayden. You are totally awesome and I love you to distraction.”

“I think you were definitely distracted just then.”


Jayden gave Cal the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and he could have died right then and been satisfied.

After a while a thought occurred to him. “Jay, did you...did you... enjoy that?”

“I enjoyed pleasuring you.” Jayden responded carefully.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“I know it.” He said softly. “Do we have to go there?”

“Only as far as promising that it didn’t hurt you; that you didn’t hate it.”

Jayden smiled gently although the shadow was still there in his eyes. “No Cal, I promise you that you didn’t hurt me, and I didn’t hate it. I love you. I love you so much and I love to bring you pleasure in every way I can. To see you in ecstasy and know that I took you there is the biggest rush of my life.

“Sure I hope that one day I will be able to share it, that I will be able to experience the pleasure with you,” He smiled wryly, “that I can let myself.”

Cal looked infinitely sad. “Didn’t you...?”

“Cal; leave it there. I got so much pleasure from pleasing you. Let that be enough – for now.”

Cal smiled and wrapped Jayden in his arms with a kiss. He held him close and watched him slowly fall asleep, stroking his hair as he did so and then he followed, the smile remaining firmly on his face.

Copyright © 2010 Nephylim; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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I think the next time in ur stories u should pick a country in Africa instead of the whole continent which is vast I tell u😂😂😂 am in Ghana 🇬🇭 which is in west Africa there is also eastern , southern  ,central ,northern  Africa etc they all have beautiful countries in them so look it up and pick one ok thanks 😀 it will be great to read about a country in Africa u don’t really have to write anything about that country just say the name that’s all 

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1 hour ago, Sussins said:

I think the next time in ur stories u should pick a country in Africa instead of the whole continent which is vast I tell u😂😂😂 am in Ghana 🇬🇭 which is in west Africa there is also eastern , southern  ,central ,northern  Africa etc they all have beautiful countries in them so look it up and pick one ok thanks 😀 it will be great to read about a country in Africa u don’t really have to write anything about that country just say the name that’s all 

The problem is that I have never been to Africa (and will never go because it would mean getting on a plane of which I am deadly afraid) and I don't know anything about it. I'd need to research terrain, where and how people live, customs, language. My books are set in the UK because that's where I live and what I know. For the same reason I don't set my books in the US or Finland or Australia. 


Have you thought about writing a story set in Africa. I'm sure you could make it very rich in culture and character. There are many people who would read it, for sure.

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