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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

It's Always Something - 8. Chapter 8

Very hot and erotic chapter. Enjoy

A traffic jam in the home's entryway formed when the four young men hung their coats in the closet, then undressed, leaving their wet clothes in a pile at the foot of the stairs to be thrown into the washing machine later. Cameron and Taylor were in constant contact, their hands softly touching and leaning on each other, and they also spent a little longer than usual gazing at one another in their underwear and socks.

Because of his empathic ability, Fabien could feel the difference in the brother he'd known all his life. Similarly, due to the heightened senses of Rhylan's wolf, he could smell a change in the older brunette he'd grown up with.

Cameron and Taylor locked eyes and held hands as they mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually became one. They could feel their bond evolving and strengthening to create an even more unbreakable connection. From the look in each other's eyes, the men knew one was experiencing what the other was feeling. They both knew the God and Goddess had awakened the feelings of love for one another they'd locked away because of fear that if things didn't work out between them, they'd lose each other's love. Neither man wanted to know the pain of life apart from each other.

The pair closed their eyes, and their minds connected. They saw a beautiful meadow bursting with bright green grass and an azure blue sky with puffy white clouds that resembled cotton candy. The air was filled with intoxicating light floral scents, and behind them was a mountain with a flowing waterfall. Because of Alvora's and George's teachings, the Stormcloud and O'Leary boys knew the meadow was where their minds should always return to because it represented a state of health, calm, and blissful happiness. Coming over a hill, they saw two transparent figures bathed in a brilliant golden light, which the wolf and witch knew and could feel those beings were their spirits. They leaned their heads against each other as they watched their spirits happily skip along the grass and playfully chase one another, switching between wolf and human forms.

As they were brought back to the physical plane, they noticed another thing... well..., two other things, to be precise, growing in addition to the emotional and spiritual growth. When one touched the other's cheek, the now horny men felt their generous endowments stiffen, fueled by a burning desire to physically become one as their mushroomed heads peeked out from between the front of their underwear.

Fabien's empathic ability enabled the teen to feel and see what his brothers were experiencing. The force of the powerful love between Cameron and Taylor brought a streaming flood of tears down the youth's pink cheeks. His breathing became labored, and his manhood was like a steel rod as it leaked precum. Rhylan was in the same erotic state because he could smell everyone's hormones, and through his bond with Fabien, he felt his mate's arousal. Everything came to a volcanic earth-shattering, orgasmic eruption when the couples mashed their bodies into their respective mates. The scent of male sweat and arousal blossomed like flowers in springtime, glistening white skin blended perfectly with shimmering tan flesh, fingers pressed into damp, sweaty holes, and moist tongues slipped into eagerly waiting mouths. Primal moans and grunts filled the room, and raspy vocalized encouragement caused enough friction to bring out the sticky hot cum that coated the four males as they rode the wave of ecstasy and achieved the much-needed release. Two of the satiated males slid down the wall while the other two collapsed and braced themselves as their fabric-clad ass' plopped on a step. They panted and caressed their partners as the euphoria slowly receded and their energy returned.

Rhylan was the first to recover enough to move, so he got up, walked to the kitchen, and returned with four bottled waters. He gave Fabien his most adorable puppy eyes and asked, "Babe, could you please make these cold?"

Cameron shared a look with Taylor. "Rhy, Ian can't..." he started to say right at the same time he felt the temperature in the room drop.

Taylor's eyes widened and were the same size as his red-haired witch's. "Your active power kicked in," he and Cameron stated in unison.

Fabien and Rhylan leaned on each other, boisterously laughing at the reaction.

"We need to have a brohuddle," the four men said in unison.

There was a moment of silence as four pairs of eyes darted between each other's gaze before the snickering started and gave way to the full-blown laughter that followed. To show that no one had any strange feelings because of what occurred between them, they shared a group hug before going upstairs in a single file line to their bedrooms so they could freshen up.
Fabien and Rhylan smiled when they got towels from the hall linen closet and saw Taylor carrying clean clothes into Cameron's room.

The moment Taylor opened and closed the door, Cameron's emerald green eyes sparkled, and the room brightened from the smile on his lips. Glittery diamond-like teardrops dripped down his cheeks as the two open-armed bodies closed the distance separating them until there was barely enough space for a single sheet of notebook paper to fit between them. Taylor slightly bowed his head and slowly licked the salty liquid off each side of the redhead's face. Cameron's body quaked and squirmed, and he softly giggled as he buried his face in the muscular chest because the wolf's tongue located a spot that he didn't know was ticklish.

Taylor softly chuckled because of the cute reaction, "I love your giggles, Red." He placed his fingers under the slightly shorter man's chin, then gently raised the witch's head. "Being here, in your arms, is where I'm meant to be, Cammer," he whispered in a tone thick with emotion.

"I know, Tay. The God and Goddess have awakened and unchained our true feelings for each other. They've strengthened our connection and made it evolve from a bond of brotherhood into one of soulmates."

"Do you need time to process this change? If so, I'll wait for you to be ready."

"All I need is you, moving your things into this room tonight and making this our bed. The rest will fall into place." Cameron smiled and lightly stroked Taylor's tear-stained cheeks. He kissed, then sucked on the warm pecs and tits, and softly growled when the wolf gasped, and his body shivered at his touch. "We belong to and with each other, Wolfie."

Taylor moistened his lips, bent his legs, and swept his mate off his sock-clad feet. Cameron threw his arms around the taller man's neck, his legs lazily kicked back and forth as they dangled over the wolf's muscular arm. Suddenly, as they walked past the closet, Taylor's nostrils flared when he noticed an unfamiliar smell, and it set both wolf and human on edge because he'd never smelled it in the house before. Not wanting to drop his beloved passenger, Cameron was placed back on his feet.

Picking up on the change in the wolf's demeanor, Cameron placed his hands on the broad shoulders of his love and stared unflinchingly into the slightly darkened brown orbs. "What's wrong, Tay?" Despite wanting to appear calm and collected, he couldn't block the involuntary shiver going up and down his spine or the chills coursing through him.

Being more connected and attentive to him, Taylor instinctively pulled Cameron's slightly smaller frame into his arms and made sure they were as physically close as possible. The result was almost instantaneous because the moment their bodies touched, he knew they both felt a calming sensation wash over them. His wolf told him it was because they finally acknowledged and accepted the fact they were soulmates.

"Cam, we need to get showered and call Uncle John. Someone's been in this room, probably as recently as an hour ago."

Cameron's eyes widened as he broke the embrace and ran for the door. "Rhy and Ian," he cried.

Taylor moved quickly and blocked his frightened man. "They're fine, Cameron," he said as he gently removed the witch's hand from the doorknob. "C'mon, let your wolfie take care of you."

The wolf's arms supported the witch's toned ass as he lifted the redhead and carried him to the bed, and gently lowered him to the mattress. Cameron was curious about what would happen next but didn't have to wait long because before he knew it, the top of his sock was clenched between ivory teeth and slowly being removed. His eyes glittered with excitement as this was one of his secret fantasies. A long, breathy moan escaped him when Taylor's fingers massaged and caressed his newly bared foot.

Taylor's eyes reflected the desire to please his mate to the fullest extent of his abilities. He remembered one night a few years ago, he and Cameron got to drinking, and they revealed some of their fetishes. The pair were surprised that men's feet were among the top three. The broad of his warm, moist tongue licked slowly up and down the pale, creamy sole. His breathy chuckles mingled with Cameron's airy, boyish giggles when the tongue's tip slid across some of the wrinkles caused by the flexing of the redhead's toes. Taylor's eyes flashed as he glanced at his mate before five of his fingernails rapidly but lightly stroked up and down the center of the curved arch, then across the foot's ball.

Though he wasn't aware of too many tickle spots, feet were definitely among the ones he knew of. In fact, ticklish feet were something he and Taylor had in common. Cameron shrieked and boisterously cackled. His ass wriggled side to side and bounced up and down on the mattress, his back arched, and his trapped leg tried to break the vice-like grip while his sock-clad foot pushed against the wolf's hip. Before he could do anything else, his second foot was captured, and the remaining sock was whisked away. Sweat beaded on the witch's forehead, and his breathing slowed when the tickling subsided. The yelp was barely audible when his body was turned onto its front side as he was quickly hurled back into the bottomless abyss of ecstasy the second he felt Taylor's tongue gliding along his ass crack, expertly rimming him.

The pulses of their bond working in tandem with the rhythm and motions of his mate's body fueled the fire of the wolf's desire. Taylor's human side was fighting hard to keep the animal at bay. He knew his wolf wanted to fully mate with Cameron, but there was a lot they had to discuss before that could happen. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum. "Fuck, I forgot to get lube while I was out," he growled.

Cameron's eyes glowed as he smirked. "We need to make love, so hear what I say. Now lube Taylor's cock, please don't delay."

Taylor jumped when he felt his manhood magically being coated. He grinned and turned his mate on his backside as his cock slid effortlessly into the warmth of Cameron's hole. Both of them sighed and shared a passionate kiss as they gave control of their bodies to each other and their bond. Cameron's legs rested on the wolf's shoulders, and his feet twitched and bounced along to the rhythm created by their lovemaking. Sweat dripped from Taylor's hair and splashed into the Irishman's deep belly button crevice as he rocked them back and forth. The power of their bond enhanced the euphoria the men's flesh and bones were bathed in. It wasn't long before Cameron's primal grunt and eruption of cum brought on Taylor's orgasm, which caused the wolf to throw back his head and release a deep, robust howl that made the house shake as his seed coated the walls of his mate's ass.

It took the couple about ten minutes to recover enough to shower and call their uncle. Their bodies were coursing with electricity and were so sensitive that neither one dared to touch the other... that is until Cameron's fingers lightly tickled Taylor's ass cheeks when the wolf was getting the water temperature right. The raven-haired man squealed and giggled like a little boy as his knees buckled and his ass plopped on the bath mat. The redhead yelped and laughed as the taller man got to his feet, growled, and stalked him across the room.

"That was just the cutest sound I've ever heard you make, Wolfie."

"Just wait, Red. I'm gonna tie you down and slowly exploit and discover every one of your ticklish and erogenous spots."

Cameron gulped as his body ached and his dick twitched from the erotic threat.

Taylor smiled and licked the witch's cheeks before kissing his mate's soft lips. "Make no mistake, witchboy. I'm gonna make you whimper, laugh, squeal, mewl, and scream my name as I own and control your helpless body."

Cameron licked Taylor's chest. "I love you, Taylor Laughing Bear Stormcloud, and don't ever want either of us to be with anyone else again. I'm your witch, and you're my wolf. This is a monogamous relationship."

"I love you too, Cameron O'Leary, and want the same thing," Taylor giggled.

"What's so funny, Wolfie?"

"You actually have a spell for instant lube."

Love y'all
Copyright © 2023 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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4 minutes ago, Greg said:

Wow….talk about sensuality on steroids.  The mating of these characters sparks my imagination to no end.  
Also,  this chapter was very well written with your word pictures exceptionally clear in my minds eye. Thank you for the story Andy.

Thank you, @Greg. I was really trying to push myself on the erotic nature of this chapter. This was all from my characters as they showed me what they wanted to happen.

Except the lube spell, that was all me. :gikkle:

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57 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Awesome chapter. Love the intimacy between the guys.


14 hours ago, BoyLove said:

Great chapter, love the intimacy between the characters. Shows the love they have the for each other.

Thank you, @chris191070and @BoyLove.

I really enjoyed working on this one. 

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Cameron and Taylor are a delight.  Glad they have given into the blessings of the God and Goddess.

No one seems to be as concerned as I would be about the transgressions.  Maybe having abilities or power gives them the ability to look past those things, but it would still concern me.

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6 minutes ago, centexhairysub said:

Cameron and Taylor are a delight.  Glad they have given into the blessings of the God and Goddess.

No one seems to be as concerned as I would be about the transgressions.  Maybe having abilities or power gives them the ability to look past those things, but it would still concern me.

@centexhairysub I've been working on changing my writing style and stretching things out rather than having a constant bombardment of action. I'm really glad you're enjoying this. It's been a gratifying challenge for me. 

Edited by Ticklishboy30
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