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  • Gay Author's Readers' Choice 2023

  • Summary

    Gay Authors has nearly 6000 stories on the site and finding what you want to read can be a daunting task. Everyone has different tastes and in the huge variety of stories on site can make finding just what you want more difficult.

    We decided to reach out to our readers and create a series of highly recommended stories across many categories. We will be polling members across this year and providing lists of suggested stories across many themes and genres.

    We give you Readers' Choice 2023!

  • Finding the right story can be like staring into the edge of a spooky forest.
  • Reader's Choice Categories

    1. First Love Gay Stories

    What are First Love Gay Stories? First Love stories are about falling in love for the first time or falling in love for real the first time. Of course, for Gay Authors, that means falling in love for the first time with someone of the same gender.

    In 2023, we asked the members of Gay Authors to recommend stories that they felt best fit the concept of First Love hosted here on Gay Authors. We had 66 stories submitted. We then asked members to rank them on how strongly recommended they were. We had over 200 members help rank the stories.

    Find out more here: First Love Gay Stories

    2. Sci-Fi Gay Stories

    What are Sci-Fi Gay Stories? Sci-Fi Gay Stories are any science fiction genre story with a gay theme.

    In 2023, we asked members of Gay Authors to recommend stories they felt were the best Science Fiction stories hosted here on Gay Authors.

    Find out more here: Science Fiction 2023

    This page was last updated on April 2, 2023.

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