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  1. Unexpected Gift

    By Lee Marchais, in Fiction. 10/30/2018 (Updated: 03/18/2019)

    Josh Matheson decides to take a holiday cruise to get away from his family. With a mix-up in luggage, his whole world is opened to a load of unexpected gifts.

  2. Role Playing

    By Lee Marchais, in Fiction. 08/23/2013 (Updated: 10/25/2013)

    After breaking up with his long-time girlfriend, Ryan Archer's life changes: he is diagnosed with herpes, he lands a lead role at the community theatre he has been working with for months, then he meets a man who changes his life completely.

  3. In Defiance

    By Lee Marchais, in Fiction. 08/23/2013 (Updated: 09/16/2013)

    At Daventry School for girls, Simon Holroyd lives comfortably. His best mate Luce is nearby, and his brother Matt is just a phone call away. The only problem: the small Welsh village they live in isn’t exactly bursting with potential lovers. He’s beginning to feel like there never will be the one for him, until a new teacher joins the staff and his whole world changes. Concrit and feedback welcome.

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