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Grad School Update



I got my acceptance letter to my back-up school yesterday. It's

this mid-sized public university in western Pennsylvania called Indiana

University of Pennsylvania, or IUP. Now I'm just waiting to hear back

from my first choice, Millersville. Either way, it's great to know I

have a place to go to no matter what.


All I have to do now is just make sure I pass Italian, and

things are good from here on out. It's strange how that's parallel to my

experience of the spring of 12th grade- I got into my back-up school,

and I was flunking French II, but I managed to graduate by studying

extra hard in French and getting that passing D. Although I'm not doing

as bad in Italian as I was doing in French lo those many years (cinque)

years ago.


So at this point, I'm just thinking about whether or not I'm

planning on going to my college graduation. 63 dollars for a gown I'll

wear once? Dunno. And my friend Steve isn't going, so I'm thinking about

just going to the department convocation instead.


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gratz on the acceptance! And waiting for uni's to get accepted sucks XP though you can actually do something for it, I was just waiting to hear if they accepted my qualifications or not....

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