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Christmas break at last



I'm skipping cross country practice right now because I feel like shit, so I can't run, but I felt good enough to make this entry. I am officially free from school until January 4th, which is when the scrooges of the world are making me go back.


We had an academic team Christmas party, which was a lot of fun. We played dirty santa, and people kept stealing my presents, which sucked because I got two really good presents the first two times I picked new ones. Then it was up to me to either steal someone else's or end the game by opening the last present. I chose to end the game. I wish I hadn't, because it was velveeta.


Also, I tried and somewhat succeeded at being nice to the asshole team captain. And just so all of you know, I really don't think he's gay. He doesn't twip at all. But back to the pont, I was pretty nice to him, and he was pretty nice to me, so this might work out in the end. We'll never be best buds, but at least we can be civil. I'm going to try not to get too angry when he messes up a science question. I mean, he's not perfect, so I'll be less critical.


We had a Latin Club Christmas party, which was a lot of fun. My sister and I were on a team for Cranium the board game, and we got second place because I got a question wrong that I definitely should have gotten right. It was like, "If you added up every whole number from 1 to 100, what would the sum be?" I was off by fifty, because I said 5100 when it was really 5050. I would have had time to check my math except that we only had like a minute, and I had a hard time remembering the formula thingie, about the sum of the terms in a sequence is equal to the number of terms times 1/2 the sum of the first and the last term. And my sister is no help on math questions, so I was on my own. But it was still a lot of fun.


-psychic psychopath


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Yay, Christmas break! :2thumbs: I get a break too, but only for a week :(


Sucking up is a useful skill, young padawan. And I applaud your healthy sense of reality; most guys are straight, regardless of the overactive imaginations/wishful thinking of all of us in your cheering section.


Bravo for knowing the formula! Here's how to visualize it very quickly:


S = 1 + 2 + 3 + .... + 100

S = 100+99+98+ + 1


2S = 101 + 101 + ... + 101 (total of 100 times)


so S = 101*100 / 2

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Awwww> I'm happy for you hun. And surprised for me :blink:

I stil have 2 days until christmas break. ( Lucky ) hehe.


Tootle Hun!




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Hey slaveboy,


Congrats on being out on break!


I'm going to be playing Dirty Santa tonight at a Christmas party! What a coincedence.


It's awesome that you were able to get along with the team cap. WTG. And yeah chances are he is straight, one question though?


I really don't think he's gay. He doesn't twip at all.


What's "TWIP" :blink:


Anyway have a great break and take care.


Kevin (who may or may not Twip :P )

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LOL so that's "twipping". Well yes I suppose I do twip a lot here. But I don't think I do that much in most other contexts. Anyway thanks for the info and take care :D

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