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your mom's face!



So, I had a startling realization today. I was talking to this girl who is on academic team with me, and the evil team captain has decided that we need to get our coach a Christmas Present, which I'm fine with, but this girl said that I need to ask him...let's call him Frank...about what to bring, I think it was five dollars or something.


So I say, "No. I don't talk to 'Frank'".


And she says, "Why don't you talk to 'Frank'?"


And So I'm like, "Because he's a super arrogant butthole. He's cocky and rude, at least to me he is, and he totally stole my saying." Some background info: I say "Suck it!" every time I get a particularly amazing question right at academic team practice, and once he got a question about the density of water right and he said suck it and then laughed at the look of horror I had on my face when I heard him.


So she's all, "Kinda like you. I mean, you and he are exactly alike, and it's actually kinda funny because everyone sees it except you two."


:blink: Why didn't I notice this? I mean, I know I sometimes miss the obvious, but not something THAT big. And the more I think about it, the more true I see it is. We are pretty much exactly alike. But I'm still better at science.


However, the good news is that if we are exactly alike, then there's a good chance that I'll be the team captain when I'm a senior. Good news.


That's all for today. Please comment. I like comments.


-psychic psychopath


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Well, idk about "super arrogant butthole. He's cocky and rude" being what ur like...


maybe if we take out the word arrogant, and He's... then change all the rest of the "y"s to "s" and all of the "d" to "l"....



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It's been my experience that people who are exactly alike either love each other or hate each other profoundly (and this is especially true with gays). I know two girls who hate each other so much I find it hilarious, and they are the same person! I say to others, "don't they realize that they are acting like two gay men?"

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Hey Slaveboy,


Well perhaps now that you know you can make an effort to get along with him better. I mean it's sometimes easier once you understand someone. Anyway good luck.

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I think He likes you :devil:




I agree with Jules and ever since you started telling us about the Team Captain/Leader and his interaction with you..I thought hmmmmm (sorry Jules, it fits here) that Guy is into Slaveboy big time and is masking it with the old "punch the boy in the arm" 6th grade version of "I like you" except he is doing it with the intellectual stuff..


And he is turned on by your mind and by your smile (or your sexy scowl as you grimace at him and in general he is turned on by you:)


Beyond all that as Friendly Face said, at least you now understand him...why not make the effort to get to know him socially (allay his fears that even though you are just as smart or smarter then him you still like him and want to get to know him...try some of that Slaveboy Charm and Magic..I bet it works:)



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Three years from now when you are the arrogant captain dude, be sure that the poor freshman you pick on is gay, and give him the URL for this site. Maybe he'll start a blog so we can read his laments about your highhanded and heavyhanded behavior.


And he'll say things like, "The boy is so cute that it is all I can do to hate him. And he sure knows his science."

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