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oh, the things I could've done without



So the object of my intense dislike who I was complaining about in my last post called here this evening. She was actually looking for the bf, who was at work, so she decided to talk to me instead. Talk about weird. At first she seemed really confused about who I was and why I was answering the phone, and she seemed to think my name was Sarah. I finally got her straightened out and reminded her that we'd met once before, and then she was just off and running and I couldn't get a word in. I guess it could've been worse-she still seems extremely ditzy, but she was nice, and apparently wants to try to be friends with me or something. Eh...we'll see. She did talk for almost 7 mins and I'm already way over my cell phone time, so I think she owes me like $5 now. :devil:


I finally have more than one piece of furniture in my living room. Someone the bf knows had this beast of a loveseat, that pulls out into a bed, that she'd been trying to unload forever. He got two of his friends to help him carry the thing, down like 5 flights of stairs, to the car, and up four more flights to the apartment. The thing weighs a ton, and the bed kept unfolding while they were carrying it. And there were a few casualties- someone took a tumble down a hill, someone sprained a wrist, a few knuckles got skinned, and my floor got scratched. Oh, and I discovered that one of the guys has a VERY hairy butt, which is something I definitely could've lived without seeing.


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