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What Does It Feel Like to Be Published.



Okay, so I've just had my first novel published online. Enigma is out today on Smashwords and in the next few days all over the place


So how do I feel?


Excited? Elated? Proud?


Erm... no. I feel sick and scared and slightly guilty. Go figure.


There are so many things to do. I have to 'get it out there' and I am SO scared that I will miss something or do something wrong. God I'm scared. Anyone have any advice. This is my baby, you know, my Silver. I don't want to let him down.


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You can't possibly let Silver down, you silly lady. You are the medium, the mother and the ultimate lover of him. I'm so proud of you :hug:


I will buy Enigma <3

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Well, first - i'm jealous, BUT you deserve it. So pish posh with all this all over the place stuff, just make your list, check it twice and ask for help if you need it because there are tons of people - myself included - who will be happy to help you if we can.


Congrats again. :2thumbs:

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Good luck with this endeavor and congratulations. It is only the beginning of greater things for you.

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Just hang in there. You are the artist and the writer. However, the publisher is the one that gets to decide what you baby is going to look like. Keeping my fingers crossed and don't panic too much.

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Well, this is my first toe dip in the ocean of published work. It's something that kind of happened and it's all been done by a good friend who happens to have an indie publishing co. It's as professional as we can make it and it's getting 'out there'. I'm pretty excited, especially as I did the cover art as well so i am now a published artist too.


I have another finger in the pie but that is not coming out until March next year and is a completely new story which will be published in paper book form too. I will be able to autograph those :)


Whilst I like the idea of being the gay JK Rowling I don't think that's going to happen. Although, i am working on Enigma IV so it's on it's way to Harry Potter-esque proportions.

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You couldn't let Silver down if you tried, Nephy!

That said, I'm SO very jealous of you, but also SO very proud! You deserve it to have such an awesome story published biggrin.png

Congratulations! :hug:

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Well done Nephy :) Little steps :) You have your toe in there so you are getting your name out there :)I will buy the paper book :D Sign it for me! :D


Only if you come visit :P

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I'm so excited to read your book Nephy. I have marked it to read in Goodreads. Would you like to honor me with an author interview on my blog? I know that it isn't Gay Authors, but it could give you some exposure and would allow me to pick your brain on your writing process.


If interested, please email me at kavrik (at) hotmail (dot) com


Your fan,



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OMG!!! This is so wonderful - I've just seen this entry today and I know I haven't written any reviews for Enigma I and II (due to not having an account on GA at the time) but I love these novels so much! Congrats! Might be the first e-book I buy, after I find out how that works ;-)

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