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Yay Published at Last



blog-0745163001325948772.jpgSo I now have two books published.


I have no idea if I'm allowed to advertise on here or not. No doubt if I'm not the blog will be removed and I apologize to the admin.


The first book I won't go on too much about becuase it is already posted here. ENIGMA but you can get it from All Romance just by clicking on Other books by Nephylim


So, the new one is The Unfairness Of Life.


It's along the lines of my usual stories but a little bit different as it dips its toes into the realm of the supernatural. Only dips its toes mind.


This book is dedicated to three GA members all of whom have helped me SO MUCH with this particular book



Renee Stevens



Here are the links.







If you go to the last one you can read a big chunk of it.



OH HELL I am SO excited. This is the best feeling in the whole world.


At the moment it is only in e-book but paperbacks will soon be available from Amazon. GULP I buy SO MANY thinkgs from Amazon and now I have my own book on there. WHAT a delicious shiver.


If you do get UOL you will notice that in the dedication I have made GA primary in my dedication and I meant every word I said. Without GA I would NEVER have got here NEVER have been published and so many of the works I am proud of would never have been published.


SO, whether the blog remains or is taken down. I hope that the admins at least get to know that I have dedicated the book to them and this site.


love you all



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YAY :) So proud <3 I remember sitting around a metal table with you and you saying 'Publishers don't like me.' Me: 'Why?' You: 'Because my novels have gay sex' :P

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  • Site Administrator

Congrats Nephy!! I'm so glad you found a great publisher (thanks for the tip, looking into them soon) and you've made this step. I've always said you should be published and I'm glad to see it finally happening!

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That's so awesome Nephy, I would like the download and the real book just for keepsakes :hug: And to read of course :P

You are truly wonderful Nephy, and I for one really appreciate you :hug::wub:

So WELL DONE!!! you :)

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  • Site Administrator

Congratulations Nephy hug.gif


You deserve this after all your hard work and effort to reach this point of your life.


Planning on retiring anytime soon to live off the royalties wink.png ?

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:D I am so proud of you darling!!!! I had no doubt in my mind you didn't make it.


Thank you for the dedication. *blushing here*

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Congratulations, Nephy!! Well done

You deserve this after all your hard work and effort to reach this point of your life.


BTW, many many thanks for your help in editing my story.

I'm proud to have such a fine editor...

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Wow, thank you so much. I am really touched.


I don't think I'll be living off royalites any time soon :)


Maybe, when I become the gay JK Rowling :) So keep your eyes on this space for, oh, twenty or thirty years :)

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Congratulations Nephy! You are pretty amazing, I hope you get many more published books, cause you deserve it.

(I'm buying the book when it comes out as a paperback)

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Neph, I followed your suggestion and went on the 'ALL ROMANCE' site.

So at last I learned more about you. Your bio is really an amazing story !

I will alsobuy the book when it comes out as a paperback.


And good luck for the writing and publishing of your next story.

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Hi! I had already seen "Enigma" at AllRomance, but I didn´t know you had another book published! Wonderful!

Cheers, Clara

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