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Writing Prompts #106 & #107



Time to go haunt Comicfan and see what he can drag out of the inspiration file for this week. Seems we have two new challenges. One is a Point of View challenge -- those are always interesting -- and one has the goal of animating an inanimate object.

You've got a week. Make life interesting.

Prompt 106 –
Cue – The Fight

Remember the last argument you got into? Change it into a story about two other people. The challenge is to tell the story from the other person’s point of view.

Prompt 107 –
Cue – Inanimate Life

Everyone knows the old saying, “if these walls could talk.” Well imagine something that would be around someone for a while. Is it the blanket on the bed, a child’s beloved toy, or maybe the morning coffee mug? Bring that object to life and let it tell about the person it is always around.

Our featured prompt response this week is by JOeKEool,


AND just what the hell am I supposed to do with this?
JUST dealing with sadness. Alone and amiss
WHAT, now I start over. Start dealing with bliss?
THE odds are against me. Do I get a kiss?
HELL! Why do I feel like this might be my bris
AM I gonna go for it? Then get a dis?
I could not handle a boo or a hiss
SUPPOSED to be here? Just me, vis a vis?
TO let you see me? My soul looks like swiss
DO I have a choice. I'm your Bro. You're my Sis
WITH out reservation. It is what it is
THIS is my new home. But no more of this!

If you would like to leave him specific feed back please leave a review on his poem page. Thank you.

Good Job JOeKEool!

So who will it be next week?

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Fascinating entry! As a reader, I have never paid attention to "writer prompts". Why would !? These are just "practices". I only want to show up for game day - the serial stories, anthologies, etc.

I've been missing out on some good stuff here!

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  • Site Administrator

Some of the prompt stories, while generally under 1.5k at most, are very vivid and well told stories. I can't really judge poetry since I don't get it but I'm sure those who do enjoy those submissions as well. If you do write, check out the past prompts if these two aren't something you are interested in. Sometimes one will grab you, and you'll be writing before you know it.


Thanks Lugh, Comicfan, and Joekeol for their work on this blog page.

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Loved the poem done by JOeKEool! Thanks to everyone for all the work put into the blog!


Prompts 106 and 107 are completed :)

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