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New Story & Look At The Past

Renee Stevens


I have currently started to work on the final book in the Encounter's series. Everlasting Encounters should be coming out in the near future, but it has raised some issues with the previous books in the series.


It's amazing how quickly we grow as authors. I for one am always learning new things and sometimes when I go back and look at what I have written in the past, I can't help but cringe. I know that I have said that I eventually plan to revise Eternity as well as a couple of other stories, and while that is still true, that has been put on the backburner.


In beginning to work on Everlasting Encounters, I had to go back and re-read both of the previous Encounters stories. Which leads me to this point. As I write Everlasting, I will also be revising the other two stories in the series. First up will be Chance Encounters. The biggest reason for this rewrite is the massive amounts of head hopping that are present in both stories. I didn't know better back then, but now that I do, it will drive me batty to have such blattant mistakes in my writing.


The stories will stay up and the text only will be replaced as I work on the revisions. This will ensure that story views and reviews will remain. If, once I am replacing them you wish to comment and already had on the previous versions, feel free to visit my forum and comment there. I will post in my status as each chapter is replaced.





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While I'm doing this so that it doesn't drive me completely nuts, it will also benefit those who have not already read "Chance Encounters" or "Deliberate Encounters". Both of which should be read before "Everlasting Encounters."

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Although it might benefit people to wait till you have revised them and then read them one after the other straight through to the end. :)

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You were just glad that you didn't have to wait if you didn't want to for the first two books... lol... but I agree with ya. For someone who likes to wait until something is finished, it will benefit them as well.

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