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A few of you seem interested in my life-style so I thought I would give you more info.


The basics are food, water, power.


Food I grow my own pork and chicken, veg and salad crops. Besides the outside growing, I have a large heated greenhouse. I hunt for other meat sources like rabbit, pheasant, pigeon. Yes pigeons may not have a lot of meat, but it is rather nice.

Anything I cant grow, or make. I locally source and buy in. I have slipped a bit lately with take-aways the lads introduced too me. Note to self "cut them out!"

my pork, chicken and veg and salad are all organic. I also have a small orchard for apples, pears, plums and cooking apples. Black currants too.


Water Is provided by two large spring filled ponds. I think my grandparents must have installed this. But one is pumped through filters to the house. The other feeds several animal troughs, and an outside tap. I also have visiting ducks every year, I never eat those, they have their young and leave.


Power I have a wind turbine for electricity. I dont use much, it powers the house, and lights and heats the farm buildings. I also have a freezer room. So it powers that too. I sell quite a bit of electricity back to the grid. Thats another source of finance.


So thats the basics.


I have an aga to cook and heat the house, this is fueled by wood I grow, so it's sustainable. I get paid by the Woodland Trust for maintaining the wood. Another source of finance. The lighter side of that is I have badgers and foxes who live there.


Telephone, internet and TV

These are all perks from living next to an airbase. I get them for free. The signal isnt strong, but it is constant. It rarely cuts off. TV is global so many channels I DONT watch. I have a mobile too this isnt strong either, and cuts out completely in some areas of my land.

I have ten acres by the way, and a largish victorian farmhouse. with a multitude of out-buildings.


I/we used to have rare breed sheep as well as pigs, but I decided to become just pigs. Gloucestershire Old Spot, to be exact, a very freindly, intelligent breed, and a very good earner.


As I am a recluse, everything else is via the internet. Which is my lifeline.


Other things like healthcare, are sometimes difficult. My doctor, I have had since birth, is now in his 70's but he knows everything about me and how far to push me.


As for the business side of things, my lack of any formal education, is overcome by my wonderful accountant. My bank provided for me. It costs, but its worth it, He keeps me well in the black.


I think thats about it. Any questions dont be afraid to ask. Marky out :)

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Thank you sweetness smile.png I love you too wub.pnghug.gif


Dont worry, you'll soon be up to the knees in pig shit tongue.png

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Living next to an airbase...I guess it's like living close to railroad tracks, after a while you must get used to the noise of jets landing and taking off. Do you also have to put up with lots of helicopters?


As bucolic as your farm sounds, the noise of the airbase must be somewhat off putting.

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It's mainly Typhoons and Chinooks, and it's actually rare, they fly. They are always getting told off for low flying. I think its ace. Stood at the top of the hills, I can actually read the writing on them LOL. I have a love for anything military. Planes in particular. Stuby is always suprised, I know what the planes and helicoptors are on sight in the films or TV programmes we watch together.

I have never, once seen anyone at the base, but then, I am at the very back of it.

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I think the other questions are not suitable for this blog *rolls eyes*


Glad to hear from you again. You are missed in chat.

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I think the other questions are not suitable for this blog *rolls eyes*


Glad to hear from you again. You are missed in chat.


You have me wondering now LOL :hug:

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Not really Bleu :) It's how I've always known it. Lets just say I'm amazing LOL :P Sooooo not :*)

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So interesting. Thanks for sharing. I envy you the fresh food, especially the farm raised pigs and chickens. I never knew how different, and good, meat could taste until I ate some from hand raised animals.


Oh, and I once ordered pigeon in a French restaurant...thought I was on a culinary adventure at the time.

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GOS is a very tasty meat. :) I like the fact, I can walk into my greenhouse and pick a salad, or take a red pepper from a plant, and eat it like an apple, so so juicy. :)



Thank you all for your interest, much appreciated :hug::)

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Do you have much trouble with the abattoir regulations? i guess you can't slaughter your own meat anymore... which is better in some ways if you become attached to the animals I guess. And I guess I just worked out where abouts you are living.... and if I'm right, all I can say is.... Bravo.

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