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Weekly Wrap Up!



The weekend is almost over - but at least NEXT weekend will be a three-day one for many of us in the states.


We've had a busy week with a ton of great feedback. For our "Tuesday tip", we did something different and had a poll as well as requests for open comments about this news blog. If you haven't chimed in, or if you have something new you want to add - please go and either post there or as a comment here.


One of the suggestions has even been implemented already. As we continually ask for reviews, MJ85 noted that we hadn't covered writing reviews as a tip in the blog. Well - now we have with our Thursday tip on reviewing. Now - heh, I'm not saying we're going to be this quick with all of the feedback, but this one was perfect and we just had to get it on deck as soon as possible.


In addition to these tips, we've had our usual great reviews of various stories on GA. Monday, Fozzie Bear gave a review of Hosted Author Lugh's story Catara. If you're looking for a new story and like Sci/Fi - Catara sounds like something you might want to check out.


Wednesday we had reviews of both Promising Author Rilbur story Choice, as well as a review of Author Houdinii's story Agoraphobia. Both stories are intriguing and and based on these reviews, I've already gone and read Choice myself, and looking forward to checking out Agoraphobia.


Our prompts this week both gave a snapshot of a background for a story, one called "The Oracle" and the other "The Sleeper". I am looking forward to seeing where people may take these.


Finally, we looked back yesterday on a writing tip from VLista that appeared in our December 2006 newsletter, giving advice on how he approaches the writing process.


So that was our week - how did yours go?


Anthology Announcements:

  • Summer Anthology “Choices” – Due June 8th
  • Novella Anthology "Secrets Can Kill" - Due July 31st



In Premium this week:


Displacement by DKStories


Chosen of Honorus by Quonus 10


By our Hosted Authors this week:


Hypnotic by Cia, Book 3 of Carthera Tales


Belovéd by Don H


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


The Secret Life of Billy Chase 6 by Comicality, Book 6 of Billy Chase Chronicles


Circumnavigation by C James


Perfect by Nephylim


Odyssey by Mark Arbour, Book 6 of Bridgemont


Forging Trust by Renee Stevens


By our Promising Authors this week:


Nemesis by David McLeod


Reach by CassieQ


GA Writing Prompts by Dolores Esteban


The Prompt You Say! by ComicFan


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!


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