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Weekly Wrap Up!



The deadline for our big Novella Anthology "Secrets Can Kill" - the deadline is July 31 (although if you need a few extra days, just contact Lugh in advance)


We started our week looking at Topher_Lydon's Carter's Army, his first story of his Carter series. Not only did we get a good look at the story that started his series, we also saw news that he is planning ANOTHER Carter book!


Our Toss-up Tuesday gave us an interview with the multi-talented Radiant Renee Stevens. She gives us some insight on her many roles that she plays here at GayAuthors.


Midweek, we looked at Dare by Promising Author KingdombytheSea as well as Queertown by Author CarringtonRJ.


Our weekly tip was on Pen Names, with some great insight and ideas.


Our Writing Prompts both gave great creative premises and I can't wait to see where people take them - be sure to share your prompt responses with the community in the Writing Prompts forum.


We ended the week with a Blast from the Past looking at Nick Cringle by Myr, from our first anthology back in 2004.


So - how was your week?


Anthology Announcements:

  • Novella Anthology "Secrets Can Kill" - Due July 31st - TWO DAYS TO GO!!!
  • Fall Anthology “Friends and Enemies – Due Sept 4th



In Premium this week:


Chosen of Honorus by Quonus10, Book 1 of Champions of The Gods


By our Hosted Authors this week:


Legacy by Altimexis, Book 29 of Naptown Tales


Odyssey by Mark Arbour, Book 6 of Bridgemont


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


The Secret Life of Billy Chase 7 by Comicality, Book 7 of The Secret Life of Billy Chase


Forging Trust by Renee Stevens




By our Promising Authors this week:


The Guild Book I by JMH


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!

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